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Timex Classic

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Brand: Timex / Watch for: Men

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2012 17:14
      Very helpful



      Cheap and simple is always the way

      As a kid it was Clark's shoes and digital watches all the way, the watch the only choice of attire we had as a kid as mum picked the rest. A bowl haircut, your bothers hand me down jumpers and flares it was. Like it or lump it. Clark's children's shoes were cool as you would be specially measured in the shop for them by a nice lady and then the shoes would slowly reveal their secrets as you unpacked them in your bedroom from the big green box. They had special soles that left a unique print and some shoe models had a secret compass hidden in the sole, which you could slide out when you got last in the woods, if the cops haven't already tracked you down by your print. Digital watches, of course, were dead cool and James Bonds choice of wrist ware was essential for young lads in the 70s and 80s. Who will ever forget that moment Sean Connery lit up the LCD display in bed with that beautiful woman. But the moment came for all guys when you watched the latest repeat of Thunderball and stopped looking at the watch and started looking at the girl and the moment you didn't want that watch as much as the girl, girls not that impressed with guys who wear digital watches as it was a sign of immaturity.

      So baring that in mind it's was time to go classical in your life, the traditional watch face and mechanism the way to go to get the girls. No more chords and home cut hair for me! As 'gadget centred' digital watches were back then, all those thermometers, world time clocks and crush depths, they didn't have a magnet to attract the crumpet. Chicks didn't want to know the time in Krakow. One digital time piece I saw had a universal TV remote control on it! Star Trek fans only.

      Timex was and is the most famous brand of watches and my current model. It has a gold plated frame (silver option) and a round face with a leather strap. I don't like those 'blingy' ones with big faces and chunky metal straps as they always pinch my wrist hairs. The leather strap is much more adjustable and you don't notice it. The metal strap is either to tight or too loose and leave room for germs to gather.

      It's a battery watch with a discrete trap door on the back to extract the lithium cell like the All-Spark from Optimums Prime and, as you are well aware, specialist batteries tend to cost as much or even more than the electrical item it's powering. My watch cost thirty quid from Argos and so the battery will be at least half that and so best to buy a new watch when it does die down, a ten year guarantee on the battery looking somewhat precarious. Presumably the industries idea of making those batteries so expensive is so you buy another watch instead - the throwaway society. Bring back the wind up days of what are beautiful and intricate mechanisms inside the old style watches. You needed to be a Harley Street surgeon to fix one of those. It always amazed me how wind up watches worked so well with no real power source. Somebody very clever must have thought that mechanism up.

      I have had my Timex two years after my previous model from the same company suffered what turned out to be a catastrophic failure when I caught it on the lamp post and the glass face cracked. Like one of those deep sea submersibles, a crack in the windshield means its game over, be it a slower death and no eye balls exploding for the watch wearer up on terrafirmer. Little shards of glass get inside the face and block the hands and once you make the hole bigger to empty the glass out the weather gets in and so does the rust. It's just not worth the effort trying to save them once the glass fractures. Gawd knows how much it would cost for anew glass face.

      It keeps good time and only occasionally needs a little nudge if it's a bit behind. It also has an optional day date counter on the face. Durability wise I have whacked it a few times on hard things but it hasn't cracked yet. As far as the cost goes it's not an expensive model for its classic and comfortable look and feel and top end forty bucks. I am not a showy person and cringe at people who are. The recent male trend to have those huge neckties and watches made people look silly, as demonstrated on The Apprentice. A watch should be hidden most of the time and only exposed like a beautiful ladies thigh when its time to go.


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