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Timex T7B1514E

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Brand: Timex / Watch for: Kids

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2010 16:54
      Very helpful




      I find myself wondering where the time has gone when I look at my little girl. She will be 4 and a half in December and before me is a little girl who is growing up fair to quickly for my liking. I want her to stay my little baby forever but she starts school for the first time next week and she asked me for a watch like a "big girl" so she can "tell the time" when she is at school. I think part of her want to grow up is her aprehension of starting school when she has never been apart from me and my husband since the day she was born. I actually thought that getting a watch was a pretty good idea as although she cannot tell the time properly (though she can read it off a digital clock) I thought it would be good for her as a bit of comfort to point out to her which numbers the hands point to when it will be time for her to come home from school.

      I started searching Amazon for a watch for her and came across this Timex Time Teacher watch which I thought would be a good start for a first proper watch. I paid £11.38 for it and when it arrived it came in a little red box. Inside the little red box was the watch itself and a set of instructions.

      Design wise, the watch is bright pink with a pink casing to the watch face and a pink strap which has ballet shoes on it and little stars. This watch is not like basic watches in that it has a clasp and holes to tighten it and loosen it. Instead it has a strap which you can loosen and tighten in the same way that a bra strap or vest top strap tightens and loosens. The strap is made of elastic and once you have got it to the right size you will not need to readjust it again as it will just slip on and off the wrist easily. It is a very pretty looking watch and very appealing to girls in that it is bright pink.

      The watch claims it is a time teacher so I was pleased to see on the actual fase of the watch the two halves which represent "past " and "to" (one side is purple and one side is pink) with the hands both indicating which is the minute hand and which is the hour hand. For a child who is just starting to learn how to tell the time this watch is fabulous as it is all laid out in a easy and conciese way to understand it. And for the seconds there is a pair of ticking ballet slippers which I thought was a nice little touch.

      My daughter has been using the watch since it arrived last week and she loves it. I have asked her if it is comfortable and she assures me that it is. And my daughter is not one for discomfort and is sure to let you know whether something hurts her or not (I wish she had spared a thought like this to me when I was in labour! I could have done with a little less pain!). The material of the strap is very soft and delicate and it never rubs her wrist and leaves any sort of mark.

      If you press the winder on the side of the watch in then the watch has a back light which will light up and allow your child to see it in the dark which I think is a nice little addition to the watch.

      I much prefer this watch to the digital type as I want my daughter to be able to tell the time properly rather than just rely on being able to read the numbers if that makes sense. I really do think that this watch will help her to do so.

      My daughter hasn't managed to cause any damage to the watch yet though school next week should be the test for that. I under no illusion that it will return in as prestine condtion as it is now! I don't think this watch is scratch resistant at all and my daughter is one of the clumsiest children I have ever known so she is bound to fall over and the watch is sure to go with her! I shall update this review once I know how it fares.

      As it stands at the moment though, my daughter is starting to pick up the idea of time and she has managed to tell me the correct time on a couple of occassions and I think this is great considering she has had it such a short amount of time.

      Highly recommended watch.


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