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Timex Time Teachers Cars and Trucks Watch

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Brand: Timex / Watch For: Kids

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2009 10:48
      Very helpful



      A brilliant first watch

      For quite a few months now, Harry has been showing a real interest in clocks and the watch that I wear all the time. He kept asking to wear mine, so I dug out an old one from when I was younger and he has been wearing it proudly ever since. When my mum asked me what she could get him for Christmas, I decided that his own watch would be the perfect present for our time-conscious child, and left the design and make of watch to her. So imagine his (and my!) delight when he opened up his present to discover this very cool Cars watch, and it was all his! He gasped and said "my special watch!", put it on with the help of Grandad and he's proudly been showing it off to anyone who will look ever since!

      Timex have been making quality watches since 1864, and are very well known around the world. Timex are a brand I see regularly when I look in jewellery shop windows, and they do a nice range of products from a cheaper range through to more expensive ones. Harry's watch is part of their children's "Time Teachers" range made for young toddlers for their first watch. There are many designs available to suit any toddlers likes, and as Harry is a massive fan of cars, my mum thought that this would suit him perfectly. Harry's face was a picture when he opened it, and even now calls it his "special watch". The noveltly still hasn't worn off two weeks on, which is pretty good going for a near 3 year old with a short attention span!

      The design of the watch is quite striking, and looks so good on Harry's wrist. The main face of the watch is plastic so that it is completely safe for young children to wear without worrying about damaging it or them harming themselves. This particular watch has a bright red frame, with a green and yellow interior circling the face. The numbers are written in a nice bright blue so they stand out nicely on the white base, and are simple in styling for those just learning their numbers like Harry is. The hands of the watch are also blue like the numbers, but have words written on them. The small hand has the word 'HOURS' on it, and the larger one has 'MINUTES'. This writing is pretty small so perhaps more something for the parent to pick up on for their child rather than them on their own.

      The watch also features a thin second hand but this comes with an added extra! The second hand is red, and has a little car that follows it all around the face as you can see on the picture! Harry is fascinated by this little car moving around his watch, and always asks me if its still moving. The white background of the watch also has words on it to help toddlers tell the time. On the right hand side of the watch it says PAST, and the left says TO, indicating how you would interpret the time. Again, this is something for the parents to help their child with, and these reminders will help in the future for younger children.

      The strap of this watch is superb, made of black elasticated cotton, and has vivid images of cars and trucks on it. The cars are red, yellow, green and blue and there are several of them along the strap. They really make the watch look fun and attractive, and definitely makes it appeal more to Harry. As I mentioned, it is elasticated and this helps it adjust to fit any wrist size. Rather than a complicated buckle as adult watches have, this has a metal sliding mechanism, through which you adjust a free section of strap to tighten or expand the watch strap as required. My dad found this easy to do for Harry, and it didn't seem fiddly at all. There is quite a long bit of strap left over as Harry's wrists are tiny but it sits nicely under the main strap and face of the watch. It seems very hard-wearing, showing no bobbling or wear yet which after 2 weeks on an active toddler is pretty good. The watch is water resistant to 30 metres (in case you have a deep sea diving toddler) but remember that if it gets wet, the strap will take quite a while to dry out as the material is thick.

      My dad found out completely by accident that the watch comes with a button-activated night light, and its quickly become Harry's favourite feature on the watch! You simply have to press the silver knob used to adjust the time in slightly and the face glows green! Harry did this himself after my dad showed him how and now loves to regularly check it still lights up, especially when I'm reading his bedtime story! He keeps asking people if their watch lights up, and is proud to show that his does when they reply that theirs does not! We also got Harry's cousin one of these watches with tractors for Christmas and Harry eagerly showed him the light function when they met up just after Christmas, so sweet! We thought it would keep Harry up all night because he was obsessed on the first evening with flashing it, but luckily it didn't and he's just happy doing it 100 times a day lol.

      I think for the money that this is an absolutely superb watch that Harry will treasure as he gets older and I hope will go into his memory box as a keepsake. It came in a lovely little red square presentation box, with Timex written on and it does look nicely done. It's in the box on a plastic circular stand with a label about the Indiglo night light I managed to somehow overlook, and in the box is your guarantee so don't throw it out! As I bought one for my nephew, I know these watches retail at £14.99 but sell on Amazon.co.uk for around £9.99 each. The childrens styles aren't available on the Timex website, but there are lots of styles on Amazon so its worth having a good browse. The watch is great quality, looks fantastic, wears well and most importantly, Harry absolutely loves it and is so proud of it. I'd highly recommend the Time Teachers series as a child's first watch.

      Dimensions (in case you're interested):
      Model number: T711224E
      Band width: 15 mm
      Watch face diameter: 22mm
      Watch face thickness: 7mm

      Company website: http://www.timex.co.uk/

      Thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Timex holds the heart & minds of many when it comes to their first watch, and this super model shows us why. The high quality fabric strap only needs to be adjusted once. Children can then easily slip the watch on and off withourt the fuss of a conventional buckle. The strap also features Teflon fabric protection for better dirt and stain resistance. The dial is easy-to-read with labelled hour and minure hand and children simply love the INDIGLO night-light.