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O'Neill Psycho 3x2 Split Toe Wetsuit Boot

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Brand: O'Neill / Type: Wetsuit Boots

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2012 13:49
      Very helpful



      Well made boots... Split toe a bit pointless

      The O'Neil Psyco 3x2 Wetsuit boot is an ideal boot (or bootie) for surfing, scubua diving, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and pretty much any watersport you can think of.

      ---Build and Features ----

      The boot uses similar technology to the latest wetusits in that it uses tapes seams for maximum seal. Tapes seams are essentialy an extra peice of material sealed over the section where the main boot has joins to seal closed the holes where the join has been sewed together. This improves the water tightness of the boot. The boots are made from neoprene so water will soak through, but minimum leakage means the water heats up quickly towards your body temperature and acts as an insulator to keep you warm.

      The anti-flush straps ensure that the boot is tightly fastened to your feet and stop water from flushing in and out via the ankle hole. Again this helps to keep you warm and will help you to stay in the water for longer as your feet are one of the first places to freeze.

      There is a heel pulll tab on the heel which aid in getting the boots off. I find most boots are easy to get on but once wet I can spend ages hopping about trying to rip them off. If your after a quick change in a carpark after going for a surf this is an essential and often overlooked feature.

      I have never really understood how a split toe helps. It means that the boot fits well, but personally I find the material between your toes uncomfortable. I guess it is supposed to help with flexibility of your feet when trying to get up on a surfboard, but I can't really tell any difference between these boots and other non-split types.

      The base of the shoe is rubber which has good grip when climbing about on rocks to find a good point to get into the sea and also offers some protection on stony English beaches.

      I have used these boots year around for surfing and in the summer for scuba diving. They are fine in winter at surface level on a surfboard down to water temperatures of about 8 degrees and more then enough in the summer. Personally I go bare foot in the summer, but these would offer for the stones on the beach.

      The build quality of these O'neil boots is excellent. They are an experienced manufacturer of wetsuit products and that really shows in these boots. Mine have taken a battering already and look practically brand new.

      As with all wetsuit products rinse them off with fresh water after a dip in the sea as the salt will rot the neoprene...and the smell won't be pleasant.

      They only come in one colour scheme as far as I know, but I prefer the graphics to the older o'neil boots, and unless you have a gareish neon wetsuit they are going to fit with most standard wetsuits well.

      I have these in a size 12 although a quick web search seems to suggest they are available in a range from UK 7 to UK 12. For ladies with smaller feet O'neil do a decent range of Female boots too.


      These boots are expensive. They are sold for nearly £40, however you are paying for quality. I also have a few pairs of £20 boots of other brands which are definitely not as long lasting or as high quality as these boots. They are great boots and if they weren't overpriced would get 5 stars.


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