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Zoggs Little Zoggy Goggles

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Brand: Zoggs / Type: Children's Goggles

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 09:51
      Very helpful



      Excellent children's goggles.

      This is a review of the little Zoggy goggles.

      ~~~ The back story ~~~

      My love of swimming stemmed from regular lessons from the age of four and water activities I experienced growing up in Australia. I have always swam whenever possible, have a pool at home, and have a three year old daughter who has been having lessons since she was five months old.

      Approximately six months ago our daughter's eyes seemed to mildly irritated by the chemicals in the pool where she has her lessons. She was rubbing her eyes often and no longer wanting to open them underwater.

      This is her first and only pair of swimming goggles she has owned to date. They were an impulse buy at Tesco.

      ~~~The product~~~

      Zoggs is an Australian company that originally only produced and sold swimming goggles before branching out into numerous other items.

      "Zoggy" is the name of the cartoon-like seal character that is part of many children's items produced by Zoggs. The company states that all their items are designed to build confidence in water.

      These goggles are described as being suitable for children up to six years old. They have a multi-fit adjustable nose-bridge and a latex yoke-split head strap. The large eye-pieces have soft padding.

      The goggles are available in just two colours: pink and blue.

      ~~~ My experience and thoughts ~~~

      These goggles are just what every pink-loving three year old child could possibly want. They look cute, are easy to put on and take off, fit well and most importantly they work.

      We have one pink pair. The eye-pieces, straps and swim-vest worn by the 3D Zoggy character on each eye piece are all pink. Only Zoggy's actual body is not this colour.

      Although Millie is in the mid-range of the supposedly suitable age range for this item, we have the nose-bridge at the smallest setting. I don't think that they would be suitable for an average-sized two year old (or younger) child.

      Millie still needs help with getting these goggle on and in the right place, although she is improving with the latter. From a parent's point of view, these goggles are very easy to put on a child due to the padding of the eye piece (where it contacts the child's face) and the split head strap.

      Once on, it is easy to adjust the head straps - Millie likes to wear one quite high at the back of her head and the other quite low, towards her nape. The "eye pieces" are large and easily surround the eye socket, giving the child a "bug eyes" appearance.

      Our daughter lifts the eye pieces/goggles off her face and onto the top of her head multiple times during her lesson while she waits at the edge for others to take their turn. She is usually able to replace the goggles onto her face easily and comfortably.

      She reports them as being very comfortable in use and that she can see underwater much more easily. Importantly, she no longer rubs her eyes or finds the chemicals to be irritating.

      These goggles have been used 2-6 times a week for six months and show no signs of wear or tear. In terms of caring for them, when we remember we give them a quick rinse in tap water when Millie is having a post-swim shower. More often than not the goggles are simply flung into the swim bag where they are left until the next use.

      Finally, I prefer to avoid gender stereotyping. I would strongly prefer these goggles to be available in a gender-neutral colour scheme such as those used for the dive rings and dive sticks: red, yellow and green.


      Another highly recommended product from Zoggs.

      ** Not for anyone with a confirmed latex allergy **

      From memory I paid £10 at Tesco. They are currently available on Amazon for £5.00 + £2.95 UK delivery (July 2013).


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