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Oregon Scientific BAA968HGS Ultimate 7 Line

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Brand: Oregon Scientific / Type: Weather Stations

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2011 15:23
      Very helpful



      Endlessly interesting and a great present option for "what on earth can I buy them people"

      We are all fairly obsessed with the weather, being involved with boats in all aspects for over 30years we are mega obsessed and the first thing I check in the morning ,(even before my review site!) is the on line weather forecast.

      If you want to add even more local info get yourself a weather station and you will soon be able to tell the neighbours when they can put out the washing or have that long awaited BBQ!

      We bought the Oregon Sientific 7 line weather station for my Mum and Dad at least 5years ago and they rank it amongst one of their best presents ever. It sits on the bookcase in their back room with the display upright and the control panel horizontal.It is very presentable in its matte silvercase and everytime you go in and out you automtically glance at it. This version is wireless and comes with one outside sensor which is easy to mount and is battery powered. This suited my Dad who this year is 87 as all he had to do was attatch the outside sensor to the garden shed,no wires involved.

      The inside unit shows,
      line 1 A visual forecast ie clouds, sunshine ,rain in an easy to see cartoon form.
      line 2 Temperature inside,temperature outside is selected by pressing a button on the
      side unit.
      line 3 Humidity this is shown as a percentage and a smliey face if the humidity is low
      and a frown if it is high ie the washing won´t dry well today!
      line4 The all important 24hr pressure record ,with this you can tell just how fast a
      weather front is passing ,watch out for the rise in pressure meaning it is on the
      way out.
      line 5 The actual pressure in millibars.
      line 6 Moon phases ,if you are going fishing a full moon means Springetide (that´s
      me!) stronger tides make some fish harder to catch.
      line 7 Time and alarm.

      Mum and Dad both have poor vision now but the display is clear and can be enhanced by a blue back light.

      Weather stations have moved on a long way since we bought this for 79.00p from Nauticalia. Additional features you can think about when buying are wind speed and direction. (Be sure to mount the sensor in an area not obstucted by buildings which will affect the wind flow.)
      Rainfall sensor are also good fun and resemble an open ended bucket,make sure the cat doesnt take a liking to it though and make sure it doesnt blow away.

      My opinion . Great for young and old alike and a good option for difficult to buy for people.


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    • Product Details

      The BAA968HGS Ultimate 7 Line Weather Forecaster with 3 Sensors combines a wireless weather station with a radio controlled alarm clock and calendar. This fully featured Deluxe 7 line Weather Forecaster provides all the facilities to accurately measure and forecast the weather. A clear easy to read animated display provides information on indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, current barometric pressure re and barometric pressure for the last 24hrs.

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