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Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

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    4 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 19:38
      Very helpful


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      This webcam is great! Its small but powerful! If you see from the picture the base of it moves back and fourth which means you can clip in onto your laptop however I found that this did not work well at all!! In fact it is terrible for that when I clip mine on its very wobbly which is annoying!

      So if you have a desk like mine where it has a shelf to sit it on that is your best bet. You can also put the webcam on the floor and it stands perfectly whether its wooden or carpeted it won't fall over (unless you kick it of course)

      The quality of the webcam itself is great! Crystal clear!!! Audio also works well with it, though if it is on the floor and you're speaking you will have to speak up a bit! That's the only thing.

      As said you get a really good clear picture with it, not blurry at all! :) It also focuses itself quickly and does not jutter (if that's a word) just free flowing so your movements are clear all the time. If you move your hand up close in front for example it will focus on your fingertips and you'll see how clear it is!
      Also has a function to follow your face (I don't use that - don't see any point)

      You can also take photos with it which come out fine and better still record with it too.

      Definitely worth purchasing!


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      17.03.2012 06:26
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Well worth the price

      My old Dell laptop was on its last legs, there really is no doubt about it. It was three years old and if i'm honest, I didn't really treat it very well over the years. I spilt coke on the keyboard, dropped it off my bed, carried it around by just the screen and even picked keys off of the keyboard. It was slowly but surely dieing on me and the in-built webcam was also unfortunately awful quality (and to be honest, always has been!)

      This isn't good, because I absolutely love Skyping, MSN'ing & taking pictures of my self for Facebook (webcams are much faster than a digital camera as they store the image straight onto the laptop) so the fact that my old laptop's webcam was crappy and bad quality wasn't great. I actually got this webcam about six months ago now when my old laptop (the Dell) was working - before I got my sparkling brand new laptop with an in-built webcam (a macbook pro - yay!) and so have had lots & lots of use out of this webcam.

      Logitech C910 Webcam
      This webcam is made by Logitech, a very well known company who sell all sorts of computer accessories. Logitech is a brand that I trust as I have had many computer related items from them over the years, which is why I chose to get a Logitech webcam. This particular webcam has pretty much everything that I needed from a webcam - not only is the design very sleek and modern, but the quality is amazing - much better than the in-built webcam on my Dell and I couldn't believe how clear the image is - the difference is actually ridiculous and I don't think I even realised how bad the in-built webcam's quality was until I got this!

      The webcam is full HD with something called 'Logitech Fluid CrystalTM Technology' built into it. I'm sure not many people will know what this actually is (I didn't until I read the booklet that came with the webcam!) But to explain as best as possible, it is basically a technology which automatically adjusts the colour, sharpness and frame rate of the webcam's picture, resulting in the best possible pictures and videos, as well as great quality webcam sessions on Skype etc. The technology also stops the webcam from lagging, which I love. Lagging is horrible and really embarrising when it freezes at certian times - eg mid-blink, lol (lagging is when a webcam freezes).

      Logitech describe this webcam as providing a sharp, smooth, rich and clear picture. They use the word 'real' alot, due to the vividly clear detail that the webcam picks up on. Also, because the webcam blocks out any horrible lighting (eg a dimly lit room or a very bright background) and adjusts it, it has a more 'real' colour tone if that makes sense rather than a really horrible grainy type of image that's hard to make out and makes your eyes hurt!

      It also has a good quality, easy to use microphone built into it, which Logitech state provides clear sound which lets people on the other end of a call (eg on Skype) hear you clearly in rich HD quality stereo. I love this microphone - before I got this webcam, I had been using my old laptop's in built microphone which was hideously bad quality. It picked up on the sound of me breathing, typing, etc which isn't good as it made the person on the other end struggle to make out what I was saying, and get ear ache after a while lol.

      The Technical Bits
      - HD 1080p video recording & smooth HD 720p video calling
      - 5 MP HD sensor with precision Carl Zeiss lens
      - Autofocus & intelligent auto light correction, resulting in clear video & great quality 10 MP photos
      - Built in dual noise cancelling microphone
      - Compatible with Logitech VidTM HD, Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger

      Setting It Up
      It's a simple process to set this webcam up and it took me two minutes if that - I am not very tech savvy at all but had no problems with it and unlike so many other devices and programmes that i've installed, it didn't leave me feeling frustrated or confused. The installation wasn't too complicated and the navigation and instructions were simple. Despite the fact that I installed this on an old computer, it didn't make the computer lag or struggle. It comes with a disc which has all of the software on it. To use it I simply inserted it into my laptop's disc drive and it installed automatically.

      Once the installtion was complete, I was able to have a play with the features, some of which include: Face recognition login, free video editing software, video effects and one click uploads to Facebook and YouTube. Skype (the programme that I used the webcam on mostly) recognised it straight away and I didn't have any problems with 'no webcam detected' etc. The webcam lens lights up when it's active, which I like. I have many times left my webcam on without realsing where as with the light (which is bright red) I know it's on and don't forget to turn it off!

      Price, Value for Money & Availability
      Prices vary for this webcam as it's available from a large variety of shops (eg Tesco, Currys, etc) and websites (including the official Logitech website). Prices range from £60-£90 and I paid around £69.50 for mine. I think that despite sounding quite expensive, it's good value for money. £69.50 is more than enough for a digital camera, nevermind a webcam, but considering the quality of it and how easy it is to use I think it's reasonably and fairly priced. It's really speedy and much better than any of the other webcams I have ever owned. I've had webcams in the past which made my laptop freeze and even crash due to the memory they took up, where as this ran very smoothly on my laptop and the quality was evident - it is clear from the picture and sound quality that it isn't a cheap webcam.

      Packaging & What Comes In The Box?
      My webcam came securely packaged in a cardboard box which had a flip up lid, meaning I didn't have to tear the box open in order to get the webcam out - this is good because an undamaged box will usually result in being able to get a refund if the product is faulty. The box has a picture of the webcam on the front along with all the details clearly listed on the back. Inside the box there's a five foot cable, an installation disc and an instruction manual along with basic health and safety information (eg don't dispose of it in a household waste bin).

      Physical Appearence
      This is a very neat, modern webcam which is black with minimal blue detailing. The logitech logo is on the right hand side of the lens and the lens is very neat. The webcam's compact and very minimalistic while still looking modern and it doesn't clash with my laptop's colour scheme - sounds vein I know, lol. The webcam attatches to the top of the laptop screen as it has a little 'stand' thing which rests on top. It's easy to put on or off and doesn't take much effort to attatch. It stays on securely so doesn't wobble around, although it's important to remove it when closing the laptop else it'll get trapped between the laptop's screen and the laptop's base. I was concerned that removing the webcam would uninstall the webcam (i'm a bit ditsy at times) but obviously it doesn't.

      To install this webcam on your computer or laptop, you will need 512 mb of ram or more along with 200 MB hard drive space and an internet connection. You will also (obviously) need a USB port, which all laptops and computers have anyway. The webcam is compatible with windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and it can be used on Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher.

      My Opinion
      I love this webcam! It's fabulous quality and so fast and easy to use. Instant messaging is great as it allows friends and family to see me clearly and properly - with low quality webcams they can make someone look totally different where as with this all of my features etc are prominant and I actually look 'real' on the webcam if that makes sense, rather than just a grainy, blurry image! It doesn't go blurry or out of focus at all. The mic is brilliant too and it picks up sounds really well, without picking up on little sounds such as my breathing or the sound of typing. Taking pictures with the webcam is easy and the pictures are 10 megapixels which is very high quality. The pictures are as good quality as pictures from my iPhone and digital camera to be honest and it's easy to edit them or save them. Uploading them straight to Facebook is quick and easy by following a few simple steps and it's easy to change the file name so the picture is easy to store on my laptop.

      The features on this webcam are quite basic but I love the face recognition as it's so futuristic and really clever. As soon as I had set up my webcam I was able to use the features, with my favourite been the video effects. This feature allows me to add cartoon features to my face - for example a moustache, glasses, a mask, etc. People watching my webcam are also able to see this if I play around with the feature while on webcam to somebody. It is also possible to change the colour to any colour under the rainbow and I love the feature which transforms my image into a chartoon character. It's fun but does get a little boring after a while and after around 3 months I didn't bother with it again.

      The webcam comes with photo and video editing software (this is on the disc) which is suprisingly sophisticated and good quality rather than just basic. It took a while to get used to but I soon got the hang of it. I am able to add pictures to videos that i've recorded either on my webcam, phone or camera (as long as the video file is on my laptop) and I can shorten them and mash them up which is good for making Youtube videos. The photo editing tool isn't as good as photoshop but has a wide range of features such as adjusting the colour, shape, etc - it can zoom in and all sorts and it is completely free. I used this webcam for six months, almost daily (before I got my new laptop), and the webcam is still working fine - my Mum now has it on her computer as she likes to Skype with my siblings who have flown the nest, and she finds it easy to use and has never complained about the quality once.

      A webcam which is stylish, packed full of features and easy to use. Well worth the price!


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        06.03.2012 00:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Logitech webcam, this is an extremely great product.

        The Logitech HD pro C910 webcam, it's been a while since I owned a webcam that wasn't on a laptop so I thought I would give one a try as I have to Skype regular with people from all over. I picked this up straight from the Logitech site for a nice price of £54.99, this was an offer price and I'm not sure how long that it's going to last but the regular price is around £80 or so I believe.

        This was delivered within 2 days so I can't really fault the delivery service there, it was nicely packaged and really secure within the box to protect that expensive lens I paid for. Also in the box was the disc with all the software, but I would highly recommend ignoring this disc and installing the software straight from the Logitech website. This is to ensure that you have all of the up to date software and drivers, here are the general requirements you need to use this webcam.

        * Windows XP or higher.
        * Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
        * 1GHz CPU.
        * 512MB RAM or more
        * 200MB hard drive space.
        * Internet connection.
        * USB 2.0 Port.

        This is really basic stuff and I wouldn't worry about having this on a computer as its near impossible not to, what I noticed in the manual as well was to video call at 720p you need.

        * 2.4GHz dual core CPU.
        * 2GB RAM.
        * 1Mbps upload speed internet connection.
        * 1280 x 720 screen resolution.

        These extra things are also basic stuff apart from the internet connection which you will have to check with your service provider if you are unsure about what you are getting. The boring stuff aside let's take a look at the webcam, first things first I really love the look of this product the webcam has a hinge like stand to allow you to adjust this how you want it. This hinge feels great and really sturdy, not like you would snap it accidently at all. To add to this the wire is 1.5 meters long which is more than enough, but if you find yourself needing more you can always use a USB extender which can be picked up for a couple of quid.

        This webcam can record at full 1080p which serves really nicely if you intend to do any recording; this will serve me well when I start my video reviews in the future. You can only do video calling at 720p so not quite as good as video capture but this is still really good, I used this during Skype and I really can't fault this webcam. Its miles better than anything in a laptop and I honestly don't see the need to ever upgrade this product unless they invent like a 3D webcam, (not a bad idea). To add to the recording you can also take still images using the high quality lens which is up to 10 megapixels.

        Logitech have added fluid crystal technology into this product which is a feature which provides you with much smoother video, sharper pictures, richer colours and clearer sound. This is a really nice feature and I'm sure is like 80% of what makes the recording brilliant. Also implemented into this webcam are dual stereo microphones which are designed to take away the tinny robot voice that you can sometimes get when talking to people online, this is just superb I have now replaced my headset microphone in favour of this one when talking to people online.

        The software that you get with this product comes with features that I haven't really had chance to play around with much yet but here are the things that I know you can do.

        * One click uploads to Facebook and YouTube.
        * Face-recognition login.
        * Free video editing software.

        I have uploaded to Facebook and it was really simple and easy and I imagine it's just the same for uploading to YouTube. The face-recognition login software I haven't used because I am the only person that uses my computer so I don't really use login software's, however I know my friend uses it and he was singing its praises. Personally I think a lot could go wrong there but I could be wrong, technology can do wondrous things and this is just the beginning with more secure ways of logging into things. Again I've not used the video editing software because I don't do much of that but I'm sure this will perform at least the basic functions and more. Knowing Logitech I'm sure the software will work great and edit videos really easily and simply.

        Overall I am really happy with this product and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a new webcam, or even a video recorder or home camera or even microphone. This is just a great little product that has so much packed into it, this is a nice addition to my computer system and I'm sure I'll be using it for years to come.


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          02.05.2011 21:24
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Great camera that will not steer you wrong, just watch the price!

          A couple of months ago a friend of mine managed to break (read: step on) my Logitech C160 webcam. He offered to replace it, and having a few pounds myself we combined and I ended up with the Logitech C910 HD Pro webcam. A bit of a step up let me tell you.

          First Impressions

          The C910 is not the usual "Globe" webcam, instead being a candybar shape with a fold out clamp to attach to your monitor. The USB cable is long enough to reach any nearby USB port so no complaints here. Build quality is good, with all of the components feeling strong and professional in your hand.


          As with any logitech camera the C910 comes with an installation package which makes getting your camera running a cinch. Just pop in the camera and run the installer and you'll be taking videos in no time at all. As always, you receive the Logitech camera suite application which allows you to use the C910 as a standard camera, possibly useful if you want to video things in your apartment?

          Attaching the camera is another story unfortunately. This clamp is probably the only downside to the C910, it never quite 'bites' onto your monitor. The fold out clamp is a nice idea, that you should only have your camera lightly sitting at the top of your screen with no danger of damaging your trusty laptop or screen. Unfortunately this aversion to damage also has an aversion to staying steady on your screen! Some customers have resorted to blu-tak and other such things to keep the C910 steady, solutions which seemed to have worked but surely should be unnecessary for a top-end camera?


          The video quality is fantastic, very clear and sharp. The camera auto-focusses well and even has a fixed step zoom to allow you to sit further away from the camera or to show something in the distance. I only tested the camera with Skype, and it work wonderfully. I have quite a fast internet connection and so had next to no lag even when transmitting at 720p for HD Video calls. My partner on the other end reported that my picture came through very clearly, in fact probably too clearly if you wanted to hide any blemishes! The camera itself is capable of 1080p video but as far as I can tell Skype is unable to transmit this thus far. The onboard microphone is no slouch either, working very well to pick up even my softest conversations.


          A great camera which is packed with functionality. It is pricey for a webcam nowadays (£66 on Amazon) and seeing as how most laptops come with an integrated webcam it may seem like an extravagance to some. The quality is superlative however and it is transferable to any computer or Mac. So if you want to upgrade your computers webcam or simply purchase a great one to begin with, you could go much further wrong than the Logitech C910.


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