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Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000

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    3 Reviews
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      20.09.2009 22:31
      Very helpful
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      Thumbs up

      The Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 has been my webcam of choice for five years. This little camera has stood up to all video conferences, voice conversations and other features without fault. The unit's construction, however, leaves something to be desired.

      The Quickcam Pro 4000 was first made available to the public in 2001. It boasts minimal system requirements and software comparability dating back to Windows 98. The camera comes bundled with a software disc containing the drivers for Windows to interact with the camera and a recording facility dubbed "QuickCapture". The installation process is simple and generic to most Windows applications. The user first inserts the software CD into his or her optical drive and is guided through a series of menus which state what will be installed where. After the installation process is complete, the camera is ready to begin shooting.

      I found the camera to integrate easily with popular instant messaging software including MSN Messenger. When I went to have my first video call with a friend, MSN was able to detect and configure the camera without any further input on my behalf. Of course I read the "If the indicator bar turns yellow" phrase to set up the built-in microphone but the process beyond that did not pose any sort of challenge. Immediately after connecting for the first time I was amazed by the picture quality. The camera was able to clearly capture my face and objects around my office without difficulty. I was also shown a second window during my video call which controlled the cameras pan and digital zoom; both working very effectively. The zoom does distort the image as the percentage increases, but even at maximum remains generally clear and visible. The built-in microphone is also a winning feature of the item. I have been able to use it for dictation purposes without any issues in playback or clarity.

      Where the camera loses points is its construction. While this camera was able to stand up to a few falls to the floor, one critical tumble caused the camera itself to pop out of the base. There is a small plastic screw which holds the two components together but this now does not reattach properly. At the moment my camera is sat upside down next to the base as I've grown tired of continually trying to reconnect the two parts before use. In the rare instance I do require a webcam nowadays, there is a slight tilt as the camera no longer rests in a leveled spot. I also find that the adjustable lense focus is very sensitive to touch. Even the slightest jolt will rotate the physical setting and distort the image.

      When new in box, this camera is fantastic and could likely be found for a bargain price given its age. The software is very easy to use as it quickly detects the camera and offers the user the option of taking a photo or capturing video at various image settings. The frame rate is high and captured all sudden movements without flaw. Very little expertise is required to operate this camera as both options are clearly labeled with both text and images respective of their actions. For more advanced users, there are further advanced options which allows the tweaking of brightness, contrast and saturation. There are also filter options including low light and colour boost.

      Overall, I recommend this camera with slight hesitation. I would be extremely cautious about buying this product used given its somewhat flimsy construction. If the item can be located new in box then it could prove to be quite a good buy, but due to its age has had numerous successors which may offer more solid construction and up to date features.

      Further details:

      System Requirements

      IBM or compatible system
      Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP
      Pentium II 400, Celeron, AMD Athlon processor (500+ Mhz recommended)
      Available USB port
      64 MB RAM
      200 MB free hard drive space
      CD-ROM drive
      16-bit colour display adapter
      Windows-compatible sound card and speakers (full duplex sound card recommended).
      For Web activities and to send or receive video e-mail
      Web browser
      E-mail application that supports file attachment
      28.8K modem or faster and Internet connection with e-mail account
      Sound card and speakers needed for audio playback

      Package contents
      Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 camera
      Monitor base
      Software and documentation
      2-year guarantee

      Product Specifications
      Video capture: Up to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA CCD)
      Still image capture: Up to 1280 x 960 pixels, 1.3 megapixel
      Frame rate: Up to 30 frames per second (with recommended system)
      High-quality VGA CCD sensor, built-in microphone


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        20.04.2006 19:09


        • Reliability


        Definitely recommend for Apple users

        My first webcam was a logitech quickcam, but of another kind. I also tried one of those small cheap webcams from HongKong. But since shifting to apple, I had difficulty choosing webcams because there are very few choices available for apple users. I couldn't use i-sight to chat with non-apple users, so I had to serach everywhere to find what was best for an apple user like me. Some complain how hard it is download installers, etc.

        Logitech QuickPro 4000 is soooo easy to use. I ordered mine from Amazon.com by a French company (Pixmania for about £40-50)and it arrived about a week later.

        I had a bit of a problem installing because the instructions said I would recieve a prompt, but after putting the cd, I still did not receive the appropriate prompts to plug the camera, so I just restarted the computer and plugged the camera after and voila! It took maybe 5-10minutes. All I know was how relieved I was that it works!

        Great things about it: 1.3 megapixels means good resolution, quality pictures and videos, light-adjustment (there's no flashlight in it though, but it's just like a pupil that dilates in the dark), it has a manual zoom, it has a built-in mic, pictures go straight to your my documents file, there's a privacy cover which you can flick up (it's removable though so you can remove it if you like) and it has a sensor so you can use it as a detector. It also comes with a panel clip for desktop users so you can have it dangling off your pc. And it has a 2 year warranty.

        The best thing about it is i can chat with non-apple users through Yahoo messenger. It still won't work on MSN or Skype as there are no video options for mac users.

        Disadvantages: you can't clip it on a laptop and need to place it somewhere else.

        I would recommend this to anyone, especially those using Apple computers. :)


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          01.02.2005 19:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          I've never had a webcam before this one it has to be said so I can't compare it to another but I am very impressed and not even tempted to get another.

          I've always been a fan of Logitech so I thought why not try their webcam out. Sure its not the cheapest available but it will get a fair bit of use and you wont go out a year down the line and change it that’s for sure.

          Had mine probably 2 years or so now. Not broken, not packed up still looks new.

          Now to the details:

          Setting it up. Well I’m on XP so like most things it was detected just like that. It loaded itself up, set itself up with MSN and it was ready to go just like that.

          It appears under my computer so you can look at the cameras view, adjust brightness, mirrors manage the color settings everything. It has a zoom feature as well as black and white mode, sepia etc in the odd event you want to use it. Its packed with features that most people wouldn't use but nice to know its their.

          This webcam works with video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, and Windows Movie Maker. All of them recognize it and you can record direct into the program with the camera.

          It works with Yahoo, MSN Messenger and other MSN conferencing tools, no problems with those either.

          The camera resolution isn't to bad either it can go as high as 640x480 which is plenty for what the webcam needs to do (bearing in mind that most DV Video Cameras are 720x576 which isn't that much more)

          The camera comes with software to allow stills to be taken at the max resolution. In addition the camera has a button on the top to take stills as and when you want. These are stored on the cameras memory and do not take up Hard Disc space, but can be easily transferred to the computer and appear simply as files when you open the camera from My Computer.

          The camera comes with a privacy cover just incase you don’t trust it which is nice. When in use there is a green light on top to remind you that it’s on and your being watched. This light also comes on when the camera is being used to import video or take stills.

          One final feature which is quite useful is the camera can automatically adjust brightness levels so if in a dark room it will brighten up a bit but if you shine a bright light in the camera it will darken. Recently found this out when messing around with torchlight while camera was on. Transitions between the brightness’s are smooth with a gradual fade between them.

          Finally this camera works in both USB1 and USB2 connection ports. I have both types on my computer and they all work fine. It’s normally connected to a USB1 port to free up my USB2 ports but works fine in either. No noticeable difference between them.

          That’s it. Fantastic camera. Lots of features, easy to use. Great piece of kit. Get one if you want one you wont regret it. Don’t get a cheap one! That’s something you will regret.


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