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Trust Communicator Webcam WB-1400T

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    4 Reviews
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      23.11.2010 21:28


      • Reliability


      Find a later version of this model or splash out on an upmarket piece

      While there are many webcam's out there this one I still find useful after the many years I have had it, making it very good value for money. As I am at university budgets are tight and I still want to keep in contact with friends, and while I did not want to be a new state of the art webcam I managed to find this one in my cupboard before I left. It is not amazing quality but you can make out most of the detail in a persons' face and the other end can see everything that is going on without problems.

      While it is old and cheap it is useful in the day time when I contact friends and family but I seem to have a lot of trouble when it gets dark, as the lights in my room create shadows on the one half of my face. So this camera does not react well with light differences and can make it very hard for everyone else to see what is going on. While it can sometimes be corrected by twisting the front part of the camera to adjust focus which sometimes stops glare from external sources, differences in light is this products downfall.

      In short if your not on a tight budget I would aim you to go towards more up market webcam's as they will last longer in the future. However with this camera being so cheap there are probably better budget alternatives to go for than this, perhaps a later version of this model.


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      21.01.2009 22:52
      Very helpful



      great value for money for those testing the water

      The Trust WB-1400T webcam is first and foremost a budget webcam. It is designed for those looking to enter into the webcam market whose requirements are for a good price and easy operation.

      The first thing to notice about the webcam is its looks. Whilst its not especially stylish it isn't a bad looking webcam. The design is also well thought out for attaching and setting up. It comes with a drop down bar at the back which allows the front to be hooked over the front of the monitor. This allows for easy and secure setup. For those who operate older monitors the drop down bar can be folded in fully to form a stand which the webcam can be sat flat on.

      The quality out of the picture on the webcam isn't bad when considering the price this can be purchased for. It provides a good image in the standard window which is about 4"x4". There is plenty of scope for adjustment as well with a manual focus and software which can compensate for low light. This all helps to sharpen the image to and acceptable level. Allow the image is relatively grainy when measured against the cost it comes out looking very good.

      The gem in the package would have to be the software provided. With it you can record and edit movies from the webcam which is ideal for any budding video journalists just starting out. The software can also be used to add effects to the image including adding frames which is great fun to play around with.

      Overall the Trust webcam is a great webcam for those looking for a budget offering. It provides great value for money along with a good software package which adds to the overall appeal and allows those starting off to get a good intro into the world of webcams.


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      11.09.2008 20:16
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      At this price if you haven't already got one - get one.

      About six months ago I had to organise training on vodcasts (like a podcast only with video) in work. I needed to order 30 web cams to allow each of the employees being trained to access the training material and record their vodcast.

      I rang up our usual supplier and told him what I wanted, the budget I had, and asked for his suggestion. He recommended the Trust WB-1400T webcam and could supply 30 for around £8.00 each. I checked his recommendation out online and came back with some good reviews on it, plus at that price and only having a few days notice I was kind of going to have to go along this route anyway.

      A couple of days later a large cardboard box turned up with my webcams etc. in it and I was like a kid in a toy shop. I had ordered an extra one for myself as I figured if anyone wants to know how to use it I can't help if I haven't used it myself, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

      - - How does it Look - -

      It's black, silver and gunmetal grey and while its not exactly small and unobtrusive it looks like a serious webcam, not one built into the belly of a darlek or C3P0 as many others seem to be. It is about 7cm high and about 5 cms wide where it clips on to the LCD monitor.

      - - Set-up - -

      It has a little tripod type stand which allows it to balance very well on a CPU case, one leg is like a clamp and allows the camera to be clipped onto your LCD screen or laptop. Once in position it has great staying power although you may want to play around with it to get the lens focusing in the correct position. You can move the camera through 360 degrees if the notion takes you.
      Once positioned you simply connect the camera to your computer with the usb cable supplied.

      - - Loading the Software - -

      I can't really comment on this in much detail as I had to get a man in. Not through my own stupidity I hasten to add but due to being networked we don't have admin rights to install software. I was present and it seemed a simple enough affair, once the technician was logged on as an admin user he downloaded the software without any messing about or settings needing to be changed\created. I believe at home it would just be a case of putting the cd on and simply pressing download to get both the driver and video capture software.

      - - Software - -

      The software supplied doesn't allow for video editing etc. but can capture video and save it as an avi file which can then be used in various software packages.

      - - Manual - -

      The manual is tiny and has very little information within it, but the fact that this is so easy to operate means it doesn't really matter. The pictures showing the installation of the device drivers are probably the most helpful.

      - - Uses (additional mic required) - -

      Vodcast -

      This is where people can record short training or informative videos etc. mostly for inclusion on powerpoint presentations or for files that can be sent by email or downloaded from a website.

      Skype Chat -

      This is where you use skype to phone for free over the internet but with a webcam you can also see and be seen, makes for a better and more interactive experience.

      Good point - its nice to be able to see who you are speaking too
      Bad point - who wants to put on make-up when they are sitting in the house on the PC.

      During our session the trainer called his friend who had recently moved to New Zealand to show us how little lagging there was and how clear the picture from New Zealand could be, unfortunately it was about 11:00pm and his wife came in to see what he was doing. She was wearing fluffy dressing gown and slippers, no make-up and had her hair scraped back. Of course she was in full shot of the camera and the trainer thoughtfully rotated the camera to show her 30 people watching her. She called hubby and our Trainer for everything while running from the room while we collapsed in fits of laughter.

      Messenger Chat -

      Add a little spice to your online chatting by letting yourself be seen by others - this isn't recommended for everyone obviously only really available for those who rate a 5 or more out of 10.

      - - Taking Pictures\Video - -

      Click on the Trust camera software to start the livefeed from the camera. This will be confirmed by a little blue light under the lens, this light is a great reminder not to pick your nose or do anything else untoward while it shows. The software shows on screen with the livefeed from the camera appearing in a box.

      Or you can click the button on top of the camera it automatically starts the photo\video capture software, a second click will take a still photo.

      The camera was easy to focus simply play with the little lens at the front until you are happy with the result

      - - Quality - -

      How to describe the quality of the video in laymans terms. Good enough to take an "ahhhhem" risque video of yourselves but not of a decent enough quality to sell it as the new Debbie does Doncaster, and no I haven't tried this.

      Being honest the picture is a little bit grainy but certainly watchable if you have worked on the focus and very good for the price of the camera.

      Ideal for

      Video messaging
      Online Dating
      Messaging Services
      Showing symptoms to a Doc.
      Feeling closer to overseas relatives

      Technical specification - for those technical people

      USB Webcam 640 x 480 352*288 resolution interpolated
      Max video speed 30 frames per second
      System requirement - Pentium 200MHz CPU
      32 MB system memory, 100MB free harddrive space
      Windows 98 SE (or newer)

      There is no built in microphone on this web cam, but I have found that you are better off with a separate mic for clarity anyway.

      I mainly use this with Microsoft Office Communicator software and it works really well.


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        20.06.2007 16:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Cheap simple webcam

        As requested by my male I went out today and bought myself a webcam, so that he can see me when we chat on MSN, not having much money my criteria was that it would be cheap and simple to use. As I also had to visit Asda to buy a couple of blouses for working in I decided to have a look at Asda's range of computer accessories discovering this webcam in the process.

        The box is small about the size of a mouse box so wont be an overly large item - which on the cluttered PC desk is a good thing. So opening the box at home there is simply a CD Rom, small instruction book and the webcam itself.

        Putting the CD in to the disc drive it asks you to install the necessary software, I simply clicked the relevant yes or next buttons and the software was installed in less than a minute.

        The webcam itself is a USB plug in, so after restarting the PC I plugged it in.

        After the symbol on the display said 'USB device recognised'
        Opening the accompanying software I had to change the settings under the device menu to Trust WB1400T, then in the box magically a video image of me appears. But even without fiddling with the settings the colours are very true to life. But it is worth checking the 'mirror image' box since otherwise it all appears backwards! To focus the image you need to twist the black surround from the lens.

        When the software is open the camera has a blue LED light below the lens so show that it is on. Above the lens is a silver button which operates the image capture section of the software, this isnt the best in fact nowhere near the quality of a photo from my digital camera plus is awkward to use as you need to press the button yourself (so you are likely to end up with an arm in a strange position.
        Apparently the webcam is compatible with MSN messenger, and most other online messenger programmes, but I have only tried it with MSN.

        The siteing of the camera is really easy, it has an attached stand but the stand doubles as a 'clamp' so it can be used with laptops or LCD screens. Mine is sitting on top of the house PC but I am confident that I can use it with my laptop should the house PC be in use. The camera itself looks quite nice if a little plastic, as it is made of two shades of silver metallic plastic the stand is black which is a shame as if it had been one of the silver colours it would look better. At top the stand you can angle the camera almost anyway you want to, as it swivels 360 degrees around and up and down through around 30 degrees (rough guestimate so probably miles out).

        My main gripe would be that the consists of a single page with basic instructions for installation (disc in and follow the on screen instructions). Also there is no real help file with the software but luckily it is very simple to operate.

        The technical specs (from the box) since Im sure these will make sense to someone somewhere.
        USB Webcam with 352*288 resolution (100k)
        Max video speed 30 frames per second
        System requirement
        Pentium 200MHz CPU
        32 MB system memory
        100MB free harddrive space
        Windows 98 SE (or newer)

        And now I hear you asking what was the cost of this item, well it was a whole £7.97 yup thats right less than £8. I know that ciao tells usit is avaliable for £5 but asda was the cheapest I found in a quick search online. For the money then no matter how cheap the product might be it cannot be complained about, the image is sharp and clear as long as you play with the settings, it can be used to make short videos and take pictures. Im sure its limitations will be such that other people will only be happy with an all singing all dancing camera but since I simply want a camera to transmit images of myself to my boyfriend while we chat online and I dont want to make films then there is no need for expensive features which would get used once then forgotten about.


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