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Trust Cuby Webcam

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    3 Reviews
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      30.03.2013 12:16



      A very good product, would recomed to all my friends. Exellent, clear and crisp sound and picture.

      I bought this product just over 2 weeks ago, it arrived very quickly and has been a joy to use! Its easy to set up with simple and basic instructions. Great for a christmas or birthday present, the sound and picture are both crisp and clear! I used the webcam on both MSN and Skype and it works wonderfully. My husband and I are both over joyed what we can talk to each other when he is away on long business trips. The video quality is also sharp and smooth and can be used on YouTube and Skype. The built in microphone and driverless technology make this product both easy and hassle free to use! At only £10, this product is amazing! I would recomed this product to my friends, based on the quality and price. The product can be used by children/adults and can be attached on to almost anything!


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      24.11.2011 18:07



      Not bad

      This isn't a bad webcam, although the picture can be a little unreliable at times. It's easy to use and easy to set up. It comes in secure packaging and comes complete with a USB cable and jack. I found the packaging itself a little hard to get into, however I see this as a good thing when it's being delivered to you (I ordered mine online with free first class delivery).

      As I said, I found the webcam easy to set up and the drivers installed themselves automatially. I use this webcam for Skype and MSN. It works well but the picture can be a little fuzzy and snowy at times. This is usually a rare thing, however I have to be honest when writing a consumer review. If this does happen I just unplug the camera from the USB port and reconnect. This usually solves the problem.

      The webcam is of a good size and shape. It's nice to look at. Some webcams I have bought in the past have been big and bulky but this one isn't too bad. Okay, it's not the most compact of webcams but it does it's job and is easy to put away when not being used. The microphone works brilliantly. Sound quality is excellent.

      Not bad for the price. Average when it comes down to picture quality but it's easy to install and idiot proof. Would I recommend it? Probably.


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      17.09.2011 00:28
      Very helpful
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      It may look like a camera but the pictures it gives are like looking through jelly

      My 'main' laptop, which has all my works data , doesn't have a built in webcam so when I have to talk to someone face to face, so to speak, I have to either use my personal laptop, which I don't like using for work purposes, or actually drive to the office and see my boss, (which I hate doing even more than watching soap operas).
      So a while back, to stop these hassles, I invested in a portable webcam, or two, thinking, nay hoping, that I could get a good enough webcam without breaking the bank.
      I tried out a few webcams, being disgusted at some and feeling really let down by others, but one in particular, which I used for a while, worked quite well and managed to keep my face in the picture when chatting to work colleagues and friends, whilst allowing them to clearly hear exactly what I was saying.

      This particular webcam I was using at the time was from a company whose equipment I had used before, finding the products they sold to be quite good indeed, especially as the price was aimed more towards those on a budget. The webcams itself being the Trust Computer 17340 Cuby with its rather sleek design and petite size, but alas, things aren't quite as good as they seem.

      When it arrived I was a little shocked about the size of the box it came in, as the actual camera looked lost in the middle of the mass of cardboard, but the whole box is recyclable so there is a silver lining in the proverbial cloud, so to speak, even if getting the camera out of the box took some effort, and some plasters afterwards.

      But once out of the box setting it up is just a matter of plugging the USB into the port, then, if you want sound, as you most likely will, plug the 3.5mm audio into the port. Your PC should then find the required drivers and, if you have the right software to use a webcam, you should then soon be seeing an image of what ever the camera is pointing at. (I use Roxio Creator on the lap top that has no built in webcam as it works a treat, but there are many programs out there which will help with webcam usage).

      This 1.3MP camera is a nice size, being approximately 160mm high, 180mm wide and 70mm thick, weighing in at a very lightweight 250grams and comes in a few colours, including blue, as the pictures shows, red, green and black, which I have.

      As for the looks, well, it actually looks a little like a digital camera, having a lens on the front, with a built in microphone right beside the lens. But you'll notice the main difference when you see the little dial on the top, which is the manual focusing.

      It runs on most modern windows system, such as XP, Vista and 7, although drives could be found for older OS. But, according to the user manual supplied, it does not work on Mac so be aware.
      The lens optical sensor is 640 x 480 and is supposed to give a clear and sharp image, but alas, the image it does give is not sharp and not that clear.

      The wires are a good length, one being a USB type, which is the power source for the camera, the other being a standard 3.5mm Jack, but if you have a microphone port opposite your USB ports then you will have to get an extension of some kind as the wire's not that long.
      The camera clip, or clasp, itself sticks out from the rear and sort of swings out, allowing it to simply 'sit' over most sizes of monitors, whilst the camera body 'dangles' over the front, without causing any damage.

      As for its uses, it's compatible with Skype, apparently, which I don't use so can't really comment on, but if setting it up for MSN is anything to go by then setting up for Skype should be a doddle.

      Sadly, for me, this particular camera was a bit of a let down and I'm glad I didn't pay over the tops for it.
      The picture quality was 'fuzzy' most of the time, and even when I focused the lens, managing to create a clear picture, it soon became 'fuzzy' again for mo apparent reason. I though it might have been the drivers at first but, after I uninstalled and re-installed, there was no real difference. Then I tried a different program to use the webcam on, but this made matters worse, so I tested a different webcam on Roxio and found that the other webcam was clear quality and stayed that way.
      And as for the audio, this was as clear as mud, although every so often I managed to make out a few words, (many of them were not fit to be aired on here as my frustration kicked in).
      So, after many attempts at getting this webcam to act as it should do, making me visible and audible to other people on line without having to keep repeating myself, I gave up on this particular modal and started using a different webcam to see if it was any better, and it was, but that's a different story.

      As for the price of this nice looking webcam, it sell for around £12.00 but for me that's £11.00 too much if I'm honest as the picture and Audio quality really let it down and, due to the fact that the picture quality is quite important for a web cam, the value for money goes right down.


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