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Weleda Medicinal Gargle

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Brand: Weleda / Type: Mouthwash

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2011 16:43
      Very helpful



      Perfoms well - smells and tastes great

      Weleda Medicinal Gargle

      Why Weleda?
      A company that has years of commitment to producing ethical and natural, cruelty free products. A big appeal and combined with competitive pricing in this market it was an easy choice.

      Why the medicinal mouthwash?
      I developed an issue with my gum which needed addressing. After a long search for cruelty free preventative and curative products I stumbled upon this mouthwash. I quickly identified that the product was exactly what I was looking for and trust the company.

      As with anything I do like a purchase to be aesthetically pleasing and be of a high standard. I was not disappointed with Weleda - but from experience I really didn't expect to be. A 50ml glass bottle is contained in a neat box and is supplied with instructions for safe use. Nothing extravagant here - minimalist, clear marketing. That is what I like.

      Two days after commencing treatment with this mouthwash my gum issue had resolved! I was very impressed and relieved. It was only a minor concern but none the less I wanted to nip it in the bud before infection or worse prevailed.

      It is simple to use the product and instruction is easy to follow. For sore throats and mouth issues such as gum inflammation, ulcers and gingivitis you apply 20 drops from the bottle - this is the same as an essential oil container and flows similarly. This is mixed into boiled cooled water of 200mls and then gargled and rinsed around the oral cavity until all is used. For daily use the amount of water is reduced to 100ml and the drops from the bottle are halved. I found that I have maintained this routine easily and normally use the mouthwash at night before I retire to my bed.

      The product contains a wonderful variety of essential oils in a safe therapeutic mixture and it leaves my mouth refreshed and smelling sweet and inviting. I feel really confident to be speaking at close range when I have treated my mouth and my husband has noticed the lovely smell.

      Lavender, peppermint and geranium are included in the impressive list of natural ingredients - I really do like the aroma of lavender and have been aware of it's healing properties for a while so I was pleased to see the inclusion of this wonderful plant. Myrrh is another favourtie of mine and appears on the list of ingredients. Peppermint is easily picked out but does not dominate the concoction. I think the geranium is most prominent to my nose and it gives the bouquet a wonderful taste and appeals to my senses - smell in particular. I feel fresh as a daisy when I swill my mouth with this and what began as a short term treatment for a mild gum issue has turned into a daily - well nightly actually - regime that I very much look forward to.

      The bottle will last a good length of time for me especially as I just need to use the mouthwash measurement for the most part. I consider this to be excellent value for money as the product is very high quality and made from natural goodies and does not include alcohol.

      Adverse reactions?
      This product is a joy to use. A pleasure. I have had no reactions to it.

      Value for money?
      At 50mls - and using only drops at a time in a volume of boiled cooled water - this product is lasting me ages so it is great value for money.

      Where can I get it from?

      A google search will highlight more options.

      Well worth a visit - lots of gorgeous stuff on here and easy to navigate. Paypal option for payment as well as the usual visa and master cards.

      At the time of writing Naturisimo have 25% off all Weleda and Free Delivery which is a good saving, however if you are planning on spending more than £40 then Weleda have free delivery and some good offers at present.

      Final words...
      I am very impressed with this product and can highly recommend it. From a long standing cruelty free and ethical company who use natural ingredients this is an attractive item. Fit for purpose it performs well and is economical as you are using drops and making a mouthwash with water. The aroma is perfection and attractive when smelt on the breath. Whilst in the mouth and following the wash a pleasant and fresh taste is noted. You do not swallow the product so all is dispensed into the sink following the gargle and wash. Part of my dental hygiene routine now and a very pleasant experience.

      Thanks for reading - also published on Ciao.


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        27.06.2009 19:31
        Very helpful



        Natural product that aids oral hygiene and can help relieve sore throats/ mouth ulcers

        This product is advertised as 3 in 1
        It does 3 jobs for the price of 1 or put it another way-
        1- Mouthwash for daily oral hygiene- Put 10 drops in 100ml of water( cool boiled water is recommended)
        2- Mouthwash to help treat mouth ulcers- Put 20 drops in 100ml of water
        3-Mouthwash/gargle to help relieve sore throats and sore gums- Put 20 drops in 100ml of water.

        How to use-
        We then give it a good swish round the mouth and/or have a gargle, depending on which symptom we are treating. Don't forget to spit it out in the sink, its not to be swallowed.

        Easy enough directions, the bit that made me snigger was-

        Tincture of Krameria- krameria extract is used in dental products and is prepared from the root of the precious ratanhy plant (ratanhia). Its used for easing swelling and redness and strengthening the gums.

        This endangered plant is now protected on 5,000 acres of certified organic land.
        Weleda buys 1 ton a year of dried root and in return provides education and a guaranteed fair-market wage for farmers and also creates a sustainable life for the krameria plant.

        Ratanhia is also used in one of Weledas toothpastes - Ratanhia Toothpaste, again to strengthen the gums.

        Myrrh, Clove, Eucalyptus,Geranium,Lavender,Peppermint,and Sage.

        Homeopathic remedies.

        How does it smell?-
        It smells medicinal hence the name -Medicinal Gargle.
        To me it smells like the cough mixtures my Mum always used years ago, I like the smell but can imagine it putting some people off, it is quite strong.

        Who can use it?-
        Its for Adults and Children 6 -12 yrs. Not recommended for younger children, cant imagine any one trying to use it for young children.
        Must shake well
        Can stain clothing so dont be dribbling when your swishing it round your mouth or splashing it everywhere.

        It comes in a dark brown glass bottle (to protect the homeopathic ingredients from the light) with a white label and a touch of pink.
        This is housed in a white box with a touch of pink.
        Cost approx £6.40 for 50ml

        Can be purchased on line and usually in certain independant health stores, Sainsburys sells some Weleda products, but not sure if this is one of them.

        www.weleda.co.uk if you want to have a look.

        The Big Question- did I like it?
        Over-all it was ok, wouldn't be any good for a very bad sore throat or bad ulcers I think you need something more potent and I find the only products that really get rid of ulcers are the gels that you apply straight on them or, if your very brave/ daft (like me) neat salt kills them but boy does it make your eyes water!
        As far as mouthwash goes I prefer a good minty one, they seem to freshen the mouth up best of all.

        Would I buy it again? Probably not.

        How many stars can I award? Probably only 2 overall.

        Thanks for reading my review.


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    • Product Details

      3-in-1 product to soothe sore throats, ease mouth ulcers and use as a daily mouthwash / A concentrated medicinal gargle and mouthwash for the symptomatic relief of sore throats, mouth ulcers and tender gums / For daily freshness and oral hygiene /