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Lec DF50G Beverage Cooler

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2 Reviews

Type: Beverage Cooler / Total Volume: 50 Liter / 2 shelves / Door Opens to Left and Right

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2010 16:43
      Very helpful



      A lovely looking small sized fridge, perfect for when you don't want to overstock your main fridge.

      I originally bought a Lec Drinks Cooler back in November of last year; I had a bonfire party organised and it wasn't until the last minute that I realised my usual method of keeping cold drinks cold wouldn't work. Living in a ground level bungalow meant I would usually fill the bath with very cold water and allow the bottles and cans to bob around in the water until needed - a brainstorm led me to forget that I no longer had a bath in my property, so with just an hour until my guests started arriving I had to pop to my local electrical store and find a small fridge.

      This DF50G model was actually somewhat larger than I had in mind, and costing £90 it was far more expensive than what I had originally planned to pay for a small sized camping-style fridge. It was the design which originally caused me to consider it, followed by the realisation that if I bought this it wouldn't necessarily be a frivolous purchase as I could make use of a decent sized (but relatively small) fridge in my brick shed, where I already have a small sized kitchenette installed for ease of making a drink and/or snack while gardening.

      The colour scheme for this Drinks Cooler is black and silver, this will go nicely in most modern kitchens and also (rather surprisingly) blended in beautifully with my more traditional country style kitchen. The glass door allows you to see the contents of the fridge at a glance, and please be aware that this is also suitable for the storage of food as well as drinks. There is no visible temperature marker within the fridge, however using a simple shelf sitting thermometer I was able to ascertain that it would be fine for keeping my ham and salad produce in.

      The Drinks Cooler has two wire shelves; the uppermost shelf has a 'wave' design for keeping bottles safe without having them roll around the fridge, and the lower shelf is a basic flat wire shelf. At the bottom of the fridge there is a fixed two-tier rack which will enable you to store up to four standard sized cans, be it beer or soft drinks.

      I find the shelf arrangement perfect for the intended use of a drinks cooler, however I personally could have lived without the top shelf having such curved apertures as this can make life a little awkward when I come to store foodstuffs in the fridge - as obviously these are not rounded as a bottle is! Another minor irritation is the rattling which occurs intermittently, since purchasing this fridge I have realised that it is indeed the shelves rattling as the mechanical aspect of the fridge kicks in. This could have been solved by perhaps coating the shelves with some kind of plastic, admittedly this doesn't overly concern me as the fridge is now installed in my outdoors kitchenette but I can imagine it would be rather grating if it were in my home.

      I also find condensation can be a problem with this fridge, sometimes it's quite literally steaming up the inside of the glass door and I can watch beads of water slipping down the glass. This is a nuisance when I am using the fridge to store my freshly picked vegetables in readiness for taking them up to the house for freezing as the brown paper I generally wrap the vegetables in can get sodden very quickly.

      This Lec fridge features an automatic defrost function which will help prevent any build up of ice on the chilling element. Frankly, as good as this fridge is I honestly do not think it gets cold enough for the risk of ice to be a problem -although perhaps this small addition will give the fridge a little extra life as ice build up can be devastating mechanically for these small sized fridges.

      The size of the Lec DF50G is perfect in my opinion, it's much more slim line than the Stella Artois fridge my daughter has and looks far nicer in my opinion. It stands a shade over 49cm high, is 47cm wide and has a front-to-back depth of 45cm - looking at those figures you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an extremely 'boxy' fridge, but despite the squareness of its dimensions it actually looks rather sophisticated and stylish.

      The glass door can be fitted to open from either the left or right hand side, my handle is on the left (as shown above) and that is perfect for my kitchen space so I haven't actually tried to change the door over. However, glancing at the hinges it looks to be a simple job so don't worry if you prefer a door which opens the opposite way.

      I do recommend you place the fridge on some type of non-slip mat as I don't find it the most stable appliance to use. Particularly when the fridge is quite empty it will slide around on my worktop, this is especially worth thinking about if you are planning to install you fridge above the washing machine or in a high traffic area of your kitchen as banging around nearby can lead the fridge to slide around more than you imagine it is going to.

      Overall, I do recommend this fridge. Considering there are a few niggles with it I do think it's slightly overpriced, however now summer is coming to its end I suggest you have a look around as now may be the time to pick up a bargain.


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        22.01.2010 17:20



        The cooler plate at the back curves round to the top so it's horizontal, where water vapour condenses and instead of running out the back like it should, water droplets accumulate and drip on the contents of the fridge.The chrome-plated shelves / bottle combination rattle when the compressor is operating (plastic-coated would have been more suitable).Not very well thought out at all. Mine's going back.


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      Fresh Food Volume / Short name: Lec DF50G

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