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First Cape South African Rose

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Brand: First Cape

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    3 Reviews
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      05.02.2013 18:19
      Very helpful



      Gentle refreshing and light this is a good wine for those who take things slow and easy

      This is a review on a bottle of wine we bought from Morrison's. Firstcape crisp and fresh rose'. from the cafe collection.

      I and my husband decided that we needed a decent bottle of wine to go with our special meal we were making for our guests. Not knowing what would work well with a Nepalese dish we were a little at a loss as to what type would work so we plumped for this one and two others which I will review later.

      We mainly picked this one because as always it was on offer, we generally go for the best deals we can get, but this was very cheap at £3.99 and would have been £8.99 so was on a half or near half price deal at the time, We were chuffed to bits. Not only looked the business but tasted good too.

      The bottle stood out on the shelf as well being a nice pink rose' colour and the bottle was a nice straight tall thinnish one ,much like many others, but had a red top and seal with a heraldry seal on it showing they were the proud sponsor of the British and Irish Lions rugby teams written on it. This was also sporting their web address included here:- www.lionsrugby.com.

      The main label is predominantly white with faint black stenciled writing on it saying FIRST CAPE and has three little badges above this also there is a little red disc to the right of them with the 4% proof mark and telling you it is a refreshing choice to pick.

      Which of course it is. Very nice with a fruity flavour.

      There is more smaller writing underneath the main part stating that the wine is one of their first cape cafe' collection range and has 30% fewer calories than standard first cape rose' wines which for us was Perfect for all occasions and at 4% alcohol suits today's busy lifestyle.

      In red under that is crisp and fresh rose' and then a biggish dark red band with cafe collection in white writing.

      This wine is made by the clever bods at First Cape who have packed this luscious pink wine with taste, but they've cut out a lot of the alcohol and killed a lot of calories - there are only 60 in one glassful. The grapes are grown by a group of farmers who co-own the First Cape winery in South Africa's Western Cape where the fierce sun ripens the fruit to perfection and packs it with light fresh flavours.

      This wine is delicious light refreshing and slightly sweeter than other rose' wines I have tasted. But because it is low in calorific value I feel it lost something of a punch. Which on this occasion was OK as it went really well with the meal we were cooking. Our Nepali Curry (Poor choice of words for the dish but the longer version is too difficult to try and explain) needless to say it went down a storm and we were totally happy with the choice.

      This is a fresh fruity and pleasant wine without being too acidic or sweet and as I don't enjoy really dry wines this one came somewhere in between sweet and dry making it just right for mine and our guests pallet.
      We also bought darker wines and had some home brew to fall back on if this was not liked but fortunately we all did.

      The evening went really well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal and wine. This will be bought again and hopefully next time we will be able to get a case of it at a reduced price. But even at the original price I would buy it again.

      Of course there is a plus side, which I almost overlooked and that is where this wine is low in calorific value, those like myself, who find themselves having to diet to get into their summer wear, can drink this with some impunity as it is a good choice with less calories than most other wines. It goes hand in hand with the weight watcher wines you can now buy that are on the shelves in our local Morrison's'. What more could you ask for a tasty wine with less to worry about when you are dieting.


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      11.11.2012 10:29
      Very helpful



      a nice wine

      ==First Cape South African Rose Wine==

      I do like a drop of wine from time to time and so does the other half. Luckily we tend to share a bottle at dinner time and usually opt for a rose as we both seem to see this as our wine of choice. We do have our favourites and again as luck would have it mostly we prefer the same ones. Of course we are always a bit begrudging when my mother comes to dinner as a bottle of wine split 3 ways never seems to really go very far.

      More often than not we tend to buy what ever bottle of wine is on the best special offer and usually we are lucky enough to get one of our favourites a cheaper price than the recommended retail price. This First Cape South African Rose wine is one we have quite a bit as it always does seem to have some money off or be included in some deal or another in the supermarket. Generally speaking you would look to pay between £4 and £5 for a standard 75 cl bottle of this pink wine which is the price we tend to pay for most bottles unless its a little bit special and comes with bubbles!

      The wine itself is a little deeper red colour than a lot of the other rose wines we drink and this does indicate the taste somewhat as it is a little richer and more intense than others with a stronger flavour which isn't always to others liking (my mum doesn't like it that much - although that never stops her having a glass but complaining!)

      The wine has a 12% alcoholic content to it which is not as weak as others but then again it is not the strongest I have ever drunk either. The flavours that the wine captures are those of fruity strawberries and raspberries and it is described as a medium dry rose wine.

      The taste to me is really rather crisp and quenches that wine thirst very nicely indeed. The bottle is best severed very chilled and I always like to pop the wine glass in the fridge too just to give the drink that little bit more of a chill that really does make for a better taste. The strawberries are rather noticeable and the berry mix together is very refreshing and gives that summer sort of feeling.

      This wine can be drunk with most meals and on its own too. Although sharing is advised I think the times when I have drunk a bottle I get nicely squiffy and although I get a terrible headache in the morning it doesn't affect me as bad as some white wines I would drink.

      Overall I do enjoy drinking this wine. It is not the lightest and most crispest wine I drink but when it is on special offer it is well worth picking up a few bottles for the wine rack as it always goes down well at dinner time! I think although not my favourite I am still happy to award a very good score of 4 out of 5 stars and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone (over the age of 18 of course).

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      25.10.2009 21:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Give it a try

      South Africa's First Cape
      Cape of Good Hope
      Rose wine

      I have just tried this wine, and felt a review was in order. I am no Oz Clarke, so please bear in mind that this review is purely a layperson's point of view.

      I bought this from my local tesco's, as part of their 3 for £10 offer, although I am not sure how much it usually costs.

      No longer corked, now it is usual practice to have a screw top bottle for all but the finest wines, and this one is no exception.

      This wine contains a full-on 12% alcohol, which is always nice ......

      The blurb on the label tells me that this wine has character "with delicious strawberry and raspberry flavours" and is recommended to pair with chicken, fish or salads.

      It hails from the Western Cape region of South Africa.

      Okay, the taste - well, the first sniff inside the glass gives a scent that is both fruity and woody at the same time. Drinking it, I cannot honestly say that I taste strawberries, raspberries or any other fruit - to be honest, I can't even detect grapes !

      It's quite bitter, in fact the word that springs to mind is "earthy".

      In fact, I would go so far as to say, I swear I could taste soil.

      For those who are not sweet-toothed, this will be a good wine to drink with a meal, or on its' own - for me, I like my wines to be a little more honeyed than this one seems to be.

      However, having said all that, it's okay - I didn't stop at the first glass, and am well into a second, so it's clearly drinkable.

      Those with more sophisticated palates than me will probably love it!


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