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Gray Fox Grenache Rosé

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Brand: Gray Fox

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2010 16:34
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      Beautiful, delicate wine

      When it comes to wine, no matter how hard I try I just can't get into the stuff. I feel a woman looks sophisticated drinking a glass of wine instead of holding a pint however I know which I prefer! lol

      The other night however my boyfriend and I were out in Sainsbury's and he suggested a bottle of wine for me and some cans for him to relax with later that night. I was about to say no I want cans too when I thought no, lets be ladylike and off I trotted to stare blankly at the wine!

      I didn't know where to start...I mean there's so much choice isn't there! I was swinging between red and white when I spotted rose so I went for rose. Then you have to chose where it's from, strength...... I was getting boggled down when I spotted this one and being called Gray Fox seemed apt and so I went for it besides which it looked a nice bottle and had a screw top lid to the top of it and considering I have just moved into my new flat and have no bottle opener seemed a good plan to me lol

      The Packaging:

      750ml see-through glass bottle and as I have just said it has a screw top lid/cap to the top of it which is gold and has an embossed leafy pattern on it. On the front of the bottle there is a picture of a fox standing amongst some leaves and I'm told that it is Gray Fox Vineyards 'Grown In California', 2009-,Grenache Rose. On the back of the bottle I a told a bit about the wine (and in a foreign language), the size is stated (as I've listed already), I'm told it contains 11% alcohol and then at the bottom of the bottle there is a dimple. Nice looking simple bottle that is informative as it needs to be!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Our winery is named in honour of the Gray Fox that plays a vital role in balancing the eco-system surrounding our vineyards. Our Grenache Rose us bursting with flavours of fresh strawberries, with a clean crisp finish. Ideal served chilled as both an aperitif or with chicken salads.

      The Wine:

      A light rose pink in colour this is not a bubbly or fizzy wine but totally flat as a pancake. As soon as you open it up you get a rich grape aroma that smells alcoholic but inhale it deeply and you get a fragrance of fresh strawberries in the background.

      I was totally surprised by this wine though to be honest...I loved it...so mush so I went back to Sainsbury's the following day and stocked up on a few bottles for the future!

      It is slightly tart and very grapy. It has rich intense flavours and is best served cool/cold. It is naturally sweet but well balanced with sour notes and immediately you can't detect the strawberries, it's only once swallowed you get that light flavour..

      This really is lovely drank alone and savoured but I have eaten light meals and had a a glass or two of this along with it and it really does accompany white meat, fish and pasta dishes very well. This is not a dessert wine however but it is refreshing and although I as a none drinker of wine love it I'm sure established wine connoisseurs would love it too (even though it has a screw on/off cap to it lol).

      Fresh, refreshing and slightly sweet and tart this is now my chosen wine. I think it is completely delicious though do be careful it is alcoholic and because this tastes so great I don't half get hammered quickly without realising! Lol.

      Available in all good supermarkets priced at about £3.99 a bottle.


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      Brand: Gray Fox / Type: Wine

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