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Lambrusco Emilia Roscata (Rose) Wine

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2 Reviews
  • Low Abv
  • Easy to drink
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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 20:02


      • "Low Abv"
      • "Easy to drink"


      Great drink to relax with .....no hangover as it is a low percent

      Im a big fan of Lambrusco as it is a nice light drink.This one is on par with the same version Marks and Spencers offer but at a slightly cheaper price.Ideal with a meal as it is not as heavy as drinking a bottle of wine or cava.


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      11.06.2008 18:40
      Very helpful



      A nice cheap wine, thats very easy to drink.

      I have never been much of a wine lover, finding that after only a couple of glasses I feel extremely drunk, also the fact that I only ever get a really bad hangover after drinking wine puts me off somewhat!
      I have however always been a fan of Lambrusco, it was one of the things my mum and dad would let us have a glass of at Christmas, well that and peppermint cordial, I was convinced for years that it was highly alcoholic, actually getting "tipsy" on it one year at my grandma's house!

      So a few months ago, after having a particularly heavy weekend on my beloved Tia - Maria, I decided I needed a change, not only was I getting a little bit bored of my afore mentioned favourite and also because it gets bloody expensive drinking a liqueur as my drink of choice constantly, it's nearly £16 a bottle, so on my daily jaunt to Asda, I decided to keep my eyes open for a new drink to tide me over on one of mine and my husbands "sessions!".

      My sister is always raving about cherry lambrini, I don't actually like lambrini, as it taste like cider to me, but I did like the idea of cherries.
      I spotted this wine in the rose section, and it had the added bonus of boasting the fact the wine tastes like strawberries, ok now I am interested!
      I purchased the bottle and looked forward to trying it.

      The bottle itself is plain with clear glass, the label at the front is pink in colour with name "Lambrusco Emilia rosato" written across it, apparently the Emilia part is the region the wine was made in France, yeah like I'd know that!
      The wine is obviously visible through the bottle and is darker in colour than bog standard rose wines, the colour of this being more like a bottle of red, I'm not being stupid though, it definitely is not red, as there is a red version in this brand which when compared together is very visibly darker in colour!

      When opened, ie the metal twist cap is unscrewed off, the wine fizzes up, the fizz being a beautiful pink colour, you pour the wine into a large wine glass, my glasses are so large that you only get three glasses out of a bottle!
      The smell is slightly fruity, but not necessarily strawberry scented.
      The taste is superb, you take the first .... Ok I want to say sip but that's just not the case is it, ok the first mouthful and the taste hits your tongue and almost takes your breath.
      The first taste almost cleanses your palate of whatever you had in your mouth previously, (please no rude comments, that normally comes after I,ve drunk the bottle...lol!), the taste is sharp and sweet at the same time, with strawberry taste not being apparent until the second taste.
      On the second gulp the fruity nature of the wine shines through, and in fairness the wine becomes as easy as pop to drink, not that that is a bad thing, there's nothing worse in my opinion than a wine that strips the skin off your tongue, not enjoyable at all!

      As I mentioned earlier the wine is not very strong and as the bottle states is only 4% per bottle, making this only 3 units of alcohol for the entire bottle.
      This makes the perfect drink to have at the many barbeques happening at the moment, you could have a couple or three glasses and still be the designated driver, I have to be honest I don't trust myself driving after a single drink so I don't actually advocate doing this, I,m just giving you the option!

      The wine was purchased from Asda for the sum of £1.82, not bad compared to what I normally spend weekly on booze... ok I sound like a lush now don't I!
      As the product is supplied exclusively for Asda stores ltd, Asda's nominated master of wine Phillipa Carr has put her two penneth on the back of the bottle, with her suggestions for meals to eat with it also featuring on the back, she suggests -
      "Sweet and flowery and full of strawberry flavours. Refreshing with salmon salad or strawberries and cream".

      This product is also suitable for vegetarians and states the bottle is glass and therefore recyclable.

      Asda also promotes responsible drinking for more information on this subject visit -


      For more information on this and many other wines in Asda's extensive range visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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