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Marcel Hubert Vins de Table Blanc

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2002 19:02
      Very helpful



      Oh Look!!! It's been ages, reviews in the community forum and on shampoo - haven't you missed another wine/alcohol review from me?? LOL! *hic* OK, maybe it hasn't been THAT long, oh well, whatever, here goes with another one... As ever I bought this wine at an offer price - only £3.29 for a standard 75cl bottle at my local Alldays store. As most of you know I always either opt for what I know and love or what is on special offer as I like to sample different wines now and then in the hope that I make a pleasant discovery. This time, after perusing the shelves, I noticed this Marcel Hubert Vins De Table wine on offer and available in either dry white, medium dry white or red. I prefer a medium white wine with a dry edge so I decided to opt for that one. It didn't look particularly remarkable, an average shaped green bottle with a relatively plain label giving minimal information but I went for it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised for once as some of these cheaper, lesser known brand wines can be a big disappointment as I know from experience. It was very drinkable albeit a little bland but not overly sour like some of its kind. It's produced in France though they give no more details than that other than describing it as "fresh and lively". Fresh maybe but I didn't find it that lively - rather bland in fact. Probably one of those wines that could benefit from a splash of lemonade or soda to liven it up although I don't generally like to do that! On the dryness scale it is rated at a 3 (the scale runs from 1-9 going from driest to sweetest) although I would say it was a little drier compared to some more fruity number 3s I have tried. It has an alcohol content of 11% volume which is fairly average for such a wine although it did not leave me feeling any the worse for wear after a few glasses. The aroma is pretty bland too, just a sort of alcohol fume with a tang of citru
      s, much like the taste really - certainly nothing special in my books and I would certainly not rate it as one of my favourites unless you are after an inexpensive innocuous wine to have with a meal maybe. It's certainly pretty unremarkable to drink on its own. The label recommends serving this wine chilled as an ideal accompaniment for dishes such as chicken or white meat. It may well suit them but I have only drunk it on its own and was not greatly impressed as you may have already gathered. Not one I would particularly look forward to drinking again (and I do look forward to drinking!!)


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