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Tesco Vino De Mesa

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Brand: Tesco

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2010 13:34
      Very helpful



      Tesco value products can be hit or miss. This punt worked for me and I have found a great wine.

      With so many different types available I find choosing white wine a difficult task especially when looking for something 'new and different', therefore I usually end up buying what I know I like which is a bit boring.

      Standing in the wine aisle of a local Tesco waiting for the other half to choose a 'new' bottle (although I knew for a fact we would end up selecting one of the normal brands we buy) I noticed a carton which, being amongst a sea of glass bottles, caught my eye. The carton was a Tesco value branded Vino De Mesa wine which, according to the carton is "An uncomplicated, light and refreshing white, with fruity apple flavours".

      Getting bored whilst waiting for the inevitable to happen, I put a carton in the trolley and with the decision made walked away to the checkout.


      This wine is only available in a carton, and since there aren't too many litre cartons of wine available spotting this product amongst the rows and rows of wine in glass bottles is not a problem, however if you still can't find it the corporate red, blue and white of the "Tesco value" brand is stamped on the top left hand corner.

      It is normal for Tesco value products to be packaged in a tin, box or carton that is solely red, white and blue and it is blatantly obvious that it is a value product. The packaging of this wine, however, is different. The value branding is discreetly stamped in the corner of the carton and the rest of the carton is liveried up in an attractive green grape colour scheme which is actually quite sophisticated. If you could only see the back and sides of the carton most consumers wouldn't even know that this is a value product, making it ideal for the label and brand snobs to grab a bargain product without jeopardising any reputation they think they may have.

      I should point out this carton is recyclable, and in my opinion cartons are the way forward and I think that all manufacturers should use them. A carton has many advantages over a glass bottle including;

      i) Cartons can easily be stacked on top of each other without the risk of breaking (the oblong shape also helps).

      ii) Cartons are smaller, lighter and easier and safer to transport than glass bottles.

      iii) Cartons are easier to dispose of than glass bottles since everyone has a recycling bin at home but very few have a bottle bank on their door step. In addition, you can fold a carton in to a small parcel to maximise bin space, which is something you can't do with a bottle.

      ****Nutritional information****

      Whilst the carton is stamped with lots of useful consumer information, such as a brief description and sourcing, serving, storage, suitability for vegetarians and allergy advice, Tesco promise and unit guidelines there is no nutritional information or ingredients list at all.

      This is not unique to this wine, as nearly all wines omit the nutritional information, but in this day and age when food manufacturers are forced to let consumers know what is in their products I find it amazing the same requirements aren't imposed on alcohol packaging. Maybe it's not such a bad thing as I think I, along with many other consumers, would be horrified knowing exactly what was in the beverages.


      Given the low price I was half expecting this wine to taste like cooking/throwing wine, or worse still vinegar, however, I have to admit that I was surprised by this wine and found it to be light and thirst quenching. There is a distinct taste of fruit, which is refreshing, but I found it made the wine seem like fruit juice consequently making it go down a bit too quickly for my liking. That said, this wine does have a 'dry' edge, which is sharp but not too harsh, so you're quickly reminded this is an alcoholic drink after all.

      At 11% it is not a very strong wine, which isn't such a bad thing given how quickly it seems to be consumed, making it an ideal drink for a quick 'pick me up' after work without too much of a risk of over doing it. There are 1.4 UK units per 125ml glass, so the ladies amongst you can enjoy 2 small glasses and the gentlemen just under 3 small glasses and still stay within the recommended daily units.

      ****Price and value for money****

      At less than £3.20 a litre this wine is cheap. Cheap wine is fine but if it doesn't taste good then it is false economy and you'd be better off spending extra on something half decent. This is not an issue with this product since it tastes great and with such a low price represents excellent value for money.

      ****Would I recommend it?****

      I have to admit that I took a punt on this product and it was an impulse buy. With so much wine for so little money it was worth the risk since if the wine was not good enough to drink on its own then it could be used as a cooking wine. "Fortune favours the brave" and I have to say that I have found an absolute gem in this product and it is a wine I can't recommend highly enough. It is dry but not harsh, fruity but not too sweet and very drinkable, although with a relatively low alcoholic content this is not such a bad thing. I am starting to prefer this wine to many of the more expensive and 70cl bottle brands we usually buy, which is great.

      I would not recommend this wine to the wine connoisseurs out there, but then true wine connoisseurs wouldn't be buying wine in the £3.00 - £5.00 per bottle region any way.


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      Brand: Tesco / Type: Wine

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