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Weight Watchers Purely Pink Wine

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2 Reviews

Brand: Weight Watchers

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2010 21:35
      Very helpful



      You will be surprised how nice this is.

      I had no idea that Weight Watchers did wine and was convinced that even if they did, it would taste like vinegar in a bottle.
      So on a recent shop to Asda, I picked up a small bottle of Purely Pink Rose wine to 'treat' myself to on a Saturday night.

      I was so surprised at my own reaction.

      When you're trying to watch your weight wine is one of the hardest thing to give up! With Weight Watchers you can choose from Fruity White, Refreshing Rose, Zinfandel, Purely Pink or Smooth Red.

      1 point per 125ml glass. And 80 calories per 125ml glass.

      ****Price and packaging
      This is £5.99 per bottle and £1.99 for the smaller one (you can get 4 for £4 in Morrisons). The bottle itself is quite plain and very boring. It has the logo on it, what points it is and a picture of greenery. Its nothing special. However the taste is much better than the appearance.

      Taste & alcohol content*****
      It has a subtle fruity taste and is more of a sweet wine than a dry rose. It almost has a sherbet after taste with hints of pears.
      The wine is only 9% and I am used to more of a 12%, but I still found that this made me a little tipsy. I honestly couldn't taste the difference between this and other Rose's like Gallo Rose wine. But in all honesty, I would buy this again as it has less sugar and calorie intake than other rose wines.

      Wine is a personal preference and not all would agree to my opinion but you should at least give it a try, even buy the smaller bottle in case you dont like it.

      Great for a girly night in or even to accompany a meal. If you can ignore the cheap looking bottle and get past the Weight Watchers name on it, then it is a great tasting wine.


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      28.01.2008 23:03
      Very helpful




      It was my birthday last week and as I am always trying to watch my weight, a friend of mine bought me a bottle of WeightWatchers Purely Pink Wine.

      To start with I considered it as an insult, haha, but I always see the funny side of things. Seccond, Weight Watchers do wine, I wasn't aware of that and personally whether I wanted a low calorie wine I don't think I would have purchased it myself if it was my choice, however, being a lover of a glass of vino or two, it would be rude not to drink it.

      The wine itself is a Rose wine and is in a clear bottle. The packaging is dreadful really, not very attractive at all. I know it is Weight Watchers and the brand has its own identity but to put that brand on a bottle of vino just isn't right. It made the wine look cheap and tacky and to be honest I aren't too sure how much it costs but purely because it is Weight Watchers I can imagine it being a little bit more expensive than the normal bottle of wine. The good thing about the packaging which does put a smile to a females face is the amount of calories per glass, a bare minimum of only 80 calories per 125ml glass or if you are familiar with the weightwatchers scheme, its just one point. I have and never would join a Weight Watcher class, Fat Fighters on Little Britain out me off a little. I could imagine its nice to have a support group though which I think Weight Watcher is aimed at too.

      The wine itself was only 9% so not quite my normal 12 / 13% vino that I am acquired to. I have never been one for Rose Wine however this was fairly nice, I wouldn;t go over the top, it was very sweet and you could certainly taste what I ciould describe as pears within in it. I prefer a dry wine as opposed to a sweet, so I wouldn't rate it as highly as I would the likes of Mateus Rose.

      The Weight Watchers wine offers various varieties including:

      Refreshing Rose
      Fruity White
      Purely Pink

      Nice for a one off and to be honest with the small amount of calories I didn't feel guilty when I finished the bottle but not one that I would get acquired to and buy on a regular basis.


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