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Whiteway's Apricot Wine

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Brand: Whiteway's

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2010 05:20
      Very helpful



      Not for me this one

      When it comes to wine, I occasionally enjoy a drop but I'm really not a fan of alcohol as a rule. Don't get me wrong I do occasionally over indulge and when I was younger I was such a party animal and maybe I just had my fill of the stuff which is why now I'm not bothered by the stuff at all.

      However one cold night me and my mate were on holiday in a caravan. A bit bored and watching tv she mentioned she had a bottle of this in a cupboard and that we should crack it open and that is exactly what we did!

      Like I say I'm not a huge fan of wine as a rule (unless it's really expensive stuff actually!) however I really did fancy this as it sounded unusual being apricot flavoured and I had this idea it would have a sort of taste of summer to it!

      The Packaging:

      Clear bottle with a gold screw on/off lid/cap to the top of it. On the front of the bottle there is a cream and orange coloured label and I'm told that it is Whiteway's Apricot Wine 'Serve solo or long with ice, tonic water or lemonade' and I'm also told that it is 13.5 vol and 70cl. On the back label I'm told a bit about the product and contact details for Whiteway's are given. All in all it's a nice enough bottle and of course you can see the wine through it and all in all it's informative enough and looks nice actually to give as a gift if you so desire.

      A Bit About The Wine According To the Information Given On The Bottle:

      Apricot, Cherry, Damson & Peach. This is one of four varieties of Fruit Wine made by Whiteway's in their West Country Winery. Enjoy delicious Apricot, Cherry, Peach and Damson by themselves or for a refreshing long drink try them with ice and lemonade or tonic water.

      The Wine:

      This is a deep and rich golden coloured liquid and as you open the bottle it has a really strong smell of fresh apricots to it. Nicely sweet smelling it also has a sort of creamy smell to it and isn't fake smelling at all. I drank this alone and mixed it with lemonade. For me though I really didn't like it and would say it's like medicine in taste! Slightly bitter and not sweet enough I can't say it has a cheap taste to it and it is better mixed with lemonade this tasted slightly sour to me and left an odd tinny after-taste after drinking it.

      My mate on the other hand adores this wine and couldn't understand why I didn't. For me though although it is apricot flavoured and in my opinion that flavour is distinctive and distinguishable in taste and in smell it really does lose some apricoty flavour by the sheer alcohol flavour this has to it. Do not imagine for one minute this is like a soft and sexy alcopop it really isn't and to me is too much like alcohol.

      If you want a fruity but strong wine by all means try it but for me it's too bitter and not refreshingly fruity enough and this really could do with a slight sparkle to it and it doesn't. It's just a flat and rather dry wine and probably best served alone or with desserts or if you dare with pork or a white meat!

      Not for me this one sadly though I really did like the thought of it!

      Available in all good supermarkets costing about £3.89 a bottle.


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      Brand: Whiteway's / Type: Wine

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