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Westbeach Pommer Toque

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Brand: Westbeach / Equipment Type: Hat / Sport: Skiing

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    2 Reviews
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      22.01.2013 14:11
      Very helpful



      A good sport hat

      I bought the Westbeach Pommer Toque hat only a few months ago as I'm learning to ski in a local real snow skiing place (and yes it's as cold as the real thing in there!!) but I've also used it in the recent speight of bad weather we've had. Here is my 6 month review.

      **What is it?**

      The Westbeach Pommer Toque is a long, slouchy sort of style of hat, which I much prefer as it gives you room to tuck your hair into if you have long hair as I do. It's primarily a cold weather sports hat rather than a standard every day hat but of course, if you like the style there's nothing to stop you using it as such.

      **Price and Availability**

      The hat costs between £10 - £12 and can be found online and also in specialist sports shops - where there are plenty of at the place I'm learning to ski!


      It's a nice looking hat, a good cuff around it, with a huge pom pom detail on the top. Mine is a navy colour chosen purely because it has a bright pink pom pom on top but it is available in other colours - black and white base colours and a range of pom poms including a turquoise blue and a forest green colour, basically it's down to what the shop stocks but it's the navy / pink combo I see most of all.


      It's a well made hat, very strong with no loose threads or possibility of the pom pom coming loose as I've had happen with cheaper hats. It's certainly built to last.


      Well, I can vouch for it's warmth, it's a lovely warm hat and it's protected my bonce (including ears!) from the cold many times both skiing and out and about.

      It washes well, I turn it inside out when washing so it doesn't bobble and I've washed it about three times, it's still as new, held it's colour well and no colour bleed between the blue hat and pink pom pom.


      It's a bit pricier than your average hat, but if you're into winter sports, or say hiking, outdoor sports and the like it is a lovely, hard wearing warm hat, which you can then use in your day to day life. You won't need a range of cheap hats becuase this one does the job on all occasions, will last you, and is a good fit which is nice to look at, too.

      It's not for everyone - if you're not particularly outdoorsy and a more fashion sort of hat is your thing, fine but for £10 it's a great multi purpose hat which keeps you warm. Job done. I give it four stars out of five (I would have preferred it to have a tie for under the chin as it's come off a few times when I've fallen over!!)


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      17.01.2013 14:21
      Very helpful



      This is a very good hat even in very cold climates

      WHAT IS IT?

      A beanie hat for wear while taking part in outdoor sports in cold conditions.  I bought mine in 2011 for our most recent skiing holiday.  


      This is a slouchy beanie hat and I like the style very much because it is not too baggy at the top.  My hat is dark blue and has got a pink pompom, the hats that are available are white, blue and black but each of these colours have got a selection of coloured pompoms to pick from.  I had the dark blue hat to help conserve energy when I am cold and also because skiing clothes get very dirty so I didn't want a light colour.


      This is a very good hat and it is a style that you can wear out shopping in cold weather as well as for winters sports.  I have been wearing mine a lot in the last week because it has been very cold and the hat has kept my head warm.  It has not gone thin or lost its shape even though I have washed it many times so I think that says a lot about the quality.


      This hat is only available in one size but it is stretchy because of being knitted.  It feels big on my head but does not look silly at all, my husband wore it while we were on holiday and he said it was a bit tight but the hat stretches so that it's not uncomfortable for him to wear.  When he gave it back to me the hat sprung back to its normal size and shape so one size will fit all.  

      It hasn't gone bobbly and the stitches have not pulled at all even though I've worn it quite a lot and for long periods. The pompom went a bit floppy but my mother sewed it back down tight again and that was easy for her to do because the core of the pompom is thick.

      The hat fits secure on my head so when I am skiing or walking in cold windy conditions it will not fall off to go into a funny shape. It pulls down nice over my ears to protect them from the cold and the hat is long enough so that I can pull it down low over the sides of my face, I like that it's baggy on the top because it stops me getting an unsightly bump when I am wearing my hair in a ponytail. 


      This hat cost £10 from a camping and outdoors store that is local to me, I think that is very good value for a hat that has lasted for such a long time. 

      5 Dooyoo Stars. 


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  • Product Details

    The Pommer Toque beanie hat from Westbeach will add style and warmth to your snowboarding outfit and has / cool pom pom to top it off.

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