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D-Link DSL 604+

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D-Link DSL 604+ - Wireless router + 4-port switch - DSL - EN, Fast EN, 802.11b

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  • Product Details

    The DSL-604+ Remote ADSL Router is a versatile all-in-one networking device that provides high-speed broadband Internet connection, wireless user access and dedicated LAN bandwidth server connection. Designed to link a branch office to a corporate network or to the Internet, this device incorporates a built-in broadband ADSL interface, IP packet routing capability, cost-saving Internet functions, wireless LAN access and Fast Ethernet server switch ports, all in one compact-sized box.

    The Router connects your office to a remote network or the Internet via a broadband ADSL line. An interface supporting G.dmt, G.lite and auto-handshake for different ADSL flavors is built into the Router. This allows your office to flexibly hook up DMT full rate DSL service (8Mbps), or make use of the economic G.lite rate. With the built-in DSL interface, all you need to do is plug the phone jack to the phone line wall socket to connect to the WAN.

    The Router supports IP packet routing. Data can be efficiently transferred between two Windows or UNIX remote networks with little bottleneck on the remote link. The Router also supports transparent bridge, allowing non-IP data to pass between two remote sites.

    Cost-saving Internet functions like NAT and DHCP server are built into the Router, permitting your entire office o share one single broadband line and one single ISP account. The Router automatically assigns IP address for all office users, while masking their addresses on the Internet. This kind of firewall makes it more difficult for a hacker to target a computer on your network.

    With a built-in IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN interface, the Router connects all wireless users together while providing them with the broadband WAN and Internet access. Wireless LAN speeds are up to 22Mbps, with backward compatibility with earlier 2Mbps IEEE 802.11wireless networks. Seamless roaming from cell to cell and across Access Points, as well as WEP security is supported.

    This Router comes with four built-in 10/100Mbps switch ports, providing instant connection to Fast Ethernet servers and workstations. All switch ports support auto-sensing of network speeds and full/half duplex. For server connection, flow control is also supported, allowing 200Mbps full duplex data transfer on the wired network with minimum data loss.