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D-Link PersonalAir DBT-122

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2006 14:28
      Very helpful



      An useful tool for your PC...

      I think this is the tinniest product I ever reviewed...but being so useful to me I thought I'll write some words about it.
      D-Link DBT-122 USB Bluetooth Adapter it is a very helpful tool for those people who'd like to transfer some files from one machine to another. Me I use it to transfer mp3 music from my PC to my telephone.

      I bought this small item from www.expansys.com.cy and I paid for it only £12, a bit expensive but what's cheap today?
      It came in a very big box (I really don't understand why it has to be so big) which had inside:

      - The USB Bluetooth Adapter
      - CD-ROM
      - USB extension cable
      - User Manual

      Driver Installation

      After you get everything out from the box, the first thing you have to do - as I did - is to insert the CD in your CD-ROM Drive and to follow the steps which will appear on your Desktop. The installation it's pretty simple, you have to chose: Install Driver > Next > Accept the terms in the license agreement (this is something that you have to do almost all the time when you install a new program) > Next > Destination Folder (the best place to save it is Program Files) > Next > Install > OK.
      The software finished its installation, and will start to look for the Bluetooth Device...which of course will not be found because it is not inserted in a USB port, and will appear a small windows warning you that you have to insert the small item in one of your PC USB ports. After this small operation it's done, you click ok on that warning window and a final step window will appear which will announce you everything is done. Now you can do your job with your new tool.

      *Note*: If you have Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98SE, you have to restart your computer after the install in order to use your Bluetooth.

      I love this tool, since I have it I changed all my music from my phone and not only; I can transfer my small videos from my phone into my computer, the same thing with my pictures and voice recordings.

      To connect D-Link Bluetooth Adapter with another Bluetooth Device, you have to follow some small easy steps:

      - if you have a phone which has Bluetooth, activate it;
      - go on the toolbar and look for the Bluetooth icon (this shortcut was automatically made during the installation), once you found it - click the right button from your mouse, go on Quick Connect > Bluetooth Serial Port > Find devices.
      - when the device will be found you have to click once again the mouse right button on the small blue icon and go on Explore my Bluetooth Places option which will open a folder with some other small folders letting you to chose the right one, meaning to chose what you'd like to transfer from your phone on your computer or the other way around.

      Some tips when using D-Link Bluetooth

      If you are surfing through web pages on the internet and you'll find something that you'd like to have it on your phone then you'll have to follow other small steps...
      - You'll save the picture, video, mp3, ring tone in your Bluetooth folder, in the sub-folder more appropriate for what you are downloading from the internet. But if you get lost and you don't find this folder, then you'll save it in My Documents and after you'll click on the item you saved, on the mouse right button, selecting copy option; after you'll go on the toolbar, Bluetooth icon, right button click, and get into first option that you'll see on the window will open: Explore my Bluetooth Places, and from the main folder you'll chose the sub-folder you want, again right click button and chose paste and your item you saved earlier will be copied now on your Bluetooth Folder and after you can transfer it on your phone.

      D-Link Bluetooth Adapter can be bought from:
      - Excite IT £10.66
      - amazon.co.uk £10.54
      - PC World £11.29
      - Pix Mania £11.90

      Product warranty
      The warranty for this product it is for one year and during this time if something goes wrong you can change it for free.

      My opinion

      I really think that this was a great deal, because now I don't have to buy anymore a ring tone that I like or an Mp3, all I have to do is to connect my phone with my PC and I'll have what I wish. The user manual and the user guide from the CD-ROM are very easy to follow and there for are very useful. If you are looking for a Bluetooth device to help you transfer some files from a PC to another PC or from a PC to a phone and/or the other way around, this tool can be very very useful, and believe me can make you life easier. If you have a phone with big space on it you can have your on Mp3 player and you can change all the time the songs; and now you don't have to send your phone pictures in your e-mail through your MMS service, pay once and transfer you pictures into your PC in the most easiest way possible. If you'll get to purchase D-Link Bluetooth Adapter you'll not regret it!

      Thanks for reading.



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