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Linksys Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N Broadband Router WRT160N

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 12:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Reliable internet networking

      Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Networking Kit

      In addition to my laptop we have a desktop computer located on the first floor of our house and our cable internet connection is on the ground floor. We don't like to have wires trailing all over the place so we have been using a wireless router with an adapter for the desktop.

      After the original adapter was involved in a "hit and run" collision recently (no-one has yet confessed) it suffered terminal damage and the search began for a replacement. Considering the fact that the wireless connection with the old router was a bit hit and miss at times, I decided to get a new and improved router too.

      My desktop is Windows XP but the new laptop has Windows 7 so after studying the compatible products I plumbed for the Linksys Wireless N Broadband Networking Kit which includes a Dual Band Wireless-N USB adapter.

      So you're wondering what's with the Wireless-N stuff - I know I did. Well apparently its the speed and range of operation of data throughput, it's pretty up to date and effective. So that's alright then. This router gives you enhanced speed and range, allowing you to share files, print wirelessly, and access the Internet across a larger home. Not that I have a particularly large home but given the problems of connection with the old router this was an attractive option.

      The router is sleek and unobtrusive in design being roughly 8 inches by 6 inches in size and sits flat on the desk. My old router stood vertically taking up less space on the desk but didn't look anywhere near as good as the Linksys.

      Connection to the internet is via the internet port in the back and a light on the front indicates a successful connection and flashes during internet activity.
      There are 4 ethernet ports in the back to connect devices and correspondingly numbered blue lights on the front tell you when each device is connected through that port. The blue LED lights flash with network activity through its associated port.
      The power light flashes during boot up whilst the self diagnostic runs and then remains steady when this is completed.
      The other lights on the front of the router relate to wireless connection and activity. When these flash the router is actively sending or receiving data over the network.

      Installation of the router and adapter is simple even for a novice like me. There are leaflet guides inside the pack along with CD Roms to guide you simply through the installation and set up. I found this process very straightforward with no problems and it was easy to follow but I confess to having my clued up son peering over my shoulder and pointing out what should have been obvious from time to time.

      The Wireless-N Broadband Router can help parents create policies for each PC in the house, to control access by time and day, specific website, keyword, protocols, or applications. They can block specific applications, like online games, by communication ports used.
      I don't pretend to fully understand all of the available functions of the security features but I believe any measures assisting parents to control or manage their children's internet access is a bonus.

      The system uses advanced wireless security and firewall protection to help safeguard your home network and computers from most Internet attacks and the WI-FI Protected Setup Button automatically configures wireless security for your wireless network.
      If you have client devices, such as wireless adapters, that support WI-FI protected setup this is simplicity itself to use and completes in minutes.

      One small niggle would be the fact that the plastic case scratches very easily and already shows a few scratches simply with dusting, which is a shame because this really is a smart piece of design.

      So far I have had no connectivity problems at all and everything is running smooth as clockwork or should that be network?


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      06.12.2008 12:20


      • Reliability


      my ever reliable linksys router

      Hi everyone, i just bought this router a while ago and i have already set up a small network in my home complete with security and all.

      What i like about this product is that it is very stylish and color black. I like black. It is very stylish especially when it is being used, you can see some green LED lit up and it's so cool. Another thing about this is that it is very easy to set up. I followed the step and made a little configuration for my preference about 30 minute and boom! my home is now a hotspot. And i also think that it is reliable it is a product of cisco, you know!

      What is don't like about this? hmm...actually nothing LOL

      It comes with an adaptor and two plug cords: one with two teeth and the other has 3 teeth. And what to use is basically up to you. It also has a cd installer with it for easy configuration and set up. Aside from those, it also has a crossover cable included but only one. It has 4 ethernet ports and i'm using port 1 right now. It also has the internet port. It is where you plug in your DSL connection from the ISP.


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