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Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Gateway With SpeedBooster WAG54GS

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2010 20:43
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      A Router for Life

      I purchased this Linksys box after having no end of trouble with the box I received from my ISP. I picked it up for £40.00, which seems to be the standard retail price. This box supports ADSL 2, used by some providers such as Be Internet to provide superior connection speeds.

      Linksys is owned by Cisco, a large international company that focuses of networking and communications equipment. I like to think of them as the Microsoft of networking. Cisco tend to produce the business grade networking equipment that you see in businesses, therefore I was reassured that I could trust this product.

      The appearance of the product was better than I expected. The plastic is matte silver, and not as shiny or cheap looking as images suggest. The box can be lay flat or stood on its side with the stand provided. There is also a 'hook' so you can attach it to a wall - if you wish!

      I found the LED status lights to be plentiful, and a useful indication of the status of your connection; turning red when there is a problem or flashing green when attempting connections. They're bright enough to see from across the room. There is a separate light for power, wireless, each network cable DSL, and internet.

      The angle and direction of the wireless antennae can be adjusted, but I found the signal to be strong enough whatever the direction.

      One thing to note if you do purchase a router, is that it may not be supported by your ISP. They tend to like you to use the box they provide to keep support simple. It can also be a bit tricky to locate your internet settings, and this may require a call to your ISP.

      On setting up the box, I found the interface to be very simple - not as graphic heavy as other interfaces. It offered a massive range of settings split into common categories - more than I felt I'd ever use. I liked these features as it made it simple to get the job done, enabling you to configure the produce *exactly* how you want it to behave. I was happy to see in-depth access control / security settings. The interface is consistent across the range of Linksys products, so plenty of help is available via the internet. However, some novice users may still feel a bit intimidated by the weath of settings on offer.

      An extremely useful feature of this router is the 'Secure Easy Setup' button. My main source of problems when setting up internet connection has been getting wireless connections working quickly and reliably. The 'Secure Easy Setup' feature allows you to click a button on screen - then press a button on the box - allowing you to sit back and enjoy a cuppa whilst it sets up a secure wireless connection. It works!

      The 'Speed Booster' feature attempts to improve the speed of your wireless connection. This does seem to work, but didn't have the dramatic effect I'd hoped for. It helps to provide a more consistent speed, stopping it from fluctuating wildly when you walk past the line-of-sight of the wireless connection. However, a wireless connection is still going to drop the odd packet, noticable when playing online games. I don't think that this feature is as great as the marketing suggests.

      Overall I have found the router to be very reliable with all the internet connections I have used it with (three in all), and I have never had any issues with it losing my configuration or behaving oddly. The professionalism of the presentation makes me feel that the box offers excellent longevity over coming years.


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