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Netgear DG834GT 108 Mbps Super G Wireless ADSL Router

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2008 09:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good modem good conection faster internet connection

      Last time I mentioned the Internet there were a number of things that I did not mention which may be of use, I now hope to rectify that this time. This is for hard-wired modems not for wireless systems, although it might give you some helpful information.

      The Modem is the Netgear DG834GT supplied by SKY and is wireless, wired so if you have a laptop and a desktop in the house then you can all use this as well. I prefer to use the hard wired system as it's faster and more secure than wireless and as my computer is a desktop it's no problem. I find it's very reliable and can handle speeds of up to 108Mb and have had no problems whatsoever. It's clean looking white with a stand. Information of what is happening including up and down speed is available by typing into your internet explorer, you can also disconnect from the internet without unplugging the modem if required from here, there is also a lot of other information for the technical minded to be found. Over all highly recommended couldn't find a fault with it. This is Netgear's home page with more infomation and a lot of other information for example trouble shooting and actual specifications and firmware upgrades.


      I use SKY Broadband as it is the cheapest for 8Mb at £5 per month or free for 2Mb but you do need to have SKY for your television as well and this must be the easiest I.P. to set up as the CD that comes with the package does every thing to set it up for you

      Internet speed.

      Download speed is dependant of numerous parts, one is the connection speed at which the I.P. (internet provider) allows, another is the speed at which the data is coming down the line and this is dependant on how much traffic (users sending data) is on the same connection as you and the speed at which the host computer runs at, your line is shared by other users and a third variant is the connection itself going from your computer to the host computer and lastly the telephone connection in the house.

      When your 2Mb (Megabits) connection is running at 2Mb, this is when everything is running fine, but some I.P's. try to put too many users on the same line, this is the reason why 4am any day you will get the best speed but 4pm on a Sunday it slows down, the connection itself does not slow down it just takes longer for the information to get to where its going.

      Another problem is the Broadband connection itself i.e. how far you are from the telephone exchange, and yet again you could have problems with the connection in the house although this is easy to check, for this you will need a program to let you know just what your connection speed you have, there are a lot out there, some are free, one of which is :-)

      Some modems such as Netgear will show you the upload and download speed, this is the speed which your I.P. controls, check your handbook. Mine at the moment is showing 7.5 Mb but the abeltronica is showing just 3.5 Mb which shows that 9.30pm the Internet connection is very busy with lots of users.

      One way to check your connection in the house, is to use the speedtest or modem test and if it is very low check how many connections you have to the telephone line. What's ideal is one connection from the main phone box where it comes into your house, connected to your computer without a break your internet firewall may distort the actual readings disconnect for a second and do another test if you get problems.

      If your connection is showing very slow, I would suggest a little bit of WD40 spray on the metal connections on the telephone plugs which connect to the telephone system and check for breaks in the wiring where the cable goes under carpets etc if it is still slow ring your I.P. and get them to check your speed.

      If you have a number of connections and a slow speed then you need to get a cable long enough to go from the phone main box to the computer, connect this and see if the problem still exists if it does then again contact your I.P. and get them to check your speed.

      If your speed does improve then keeping the single connection to your computer add the other connections, one at a time using a multi adapter to connect your modem lead and your telephone cable into the main telephone box and check the speed again after each connection and this should have your system running at top speed.

      One last thing any equipment using a phone line must have a filter fitted, telephone extensions, sky boxes, fax machines etc this is very, very important.
      A helpful Tip.
      Passwords are very important and how many times do you scratch your head to think of one, something I learned a long time ago is to make up a short sentence for example - my beautiful daughter Ann is 13 and this becomes mbdai13 the longer the sentence and the more numeric characters you have the better the password also including capital letters does help as the above could become MbdAi13.
      And if you fancy running you own web site, its easy, cheap and fun check out my Get yourself a website review here on DooYoo.

      http://dooyoo.co.uk/internet-sites/3ix-org/1102616/ or visit


      for infomation on owning your own site


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