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AC/DC Live: Rockband (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Music & Dancing / Release Date: 2008-12-19 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2011 05:10



      Good for ACDC Fans!

      So, there are good points and bad points, the good points mostly consist of ACDC songs, the Rockband francise and the Rock you can bring. Sadly the bad points outway the good...

      If you are a Rock fan, then you will have heard some of the powerful rifts of ACDC. Infact, you will be Thunderstruck by how amazing it is to belt out your favourite ACDC song on a plastic guitar with your tie tied round your head. Understanding that this is a track pack, you can forgive the mere 18 songs on the disc, but Hells Bells it's great to thrash these out. The good points are nearly done with! There are some easy achievement points to be earned here, but also alot of hard ones! Another good point is the ability to import the tracks to your harddrive to be played with Rockband 2, although this makes me wish they just realeased a trackpack DLC instead of a disc.

      Unfortunately for this trackpack, it has left consumers feeling Rockband has done dirty deeds dirt cheap! 18 tracks isn't enough to justify the original full price, as a very basic port of Rockband. No efforts made in character design, or stage concepts, just RockBand with ACDC songs, that's it! If you rate this game on individual merit, it is no different than the Rockband game itself, you still play the band instruments, Guitar, Bass, Drums and vocals just like the original game. No real new innitive or rewarding ideas in the game.

      In summary, if you are a back to black fan of ACDC, and love your plastic guitar, you will love this add on for the Rockband francise, and be left like you were shook all night long! If your not into ACDC specifically then you should probably give this a miss, are you will feel empty by the lack of content for casual Rockband players.


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