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Alice: Madness Returns (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2011-06-17 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2012 03:42
      Very helpful



      Unusual and a nice twist of a classic fairytale.

      So we've all been brought up to think that alice was a sweet little girl who ventured into wonderland with no gore, violence or mental distress and an inevitable happy ending - This version allows us to see things from a completely different point of view as we are thrown in at the deep end of a creepy and macabre style game where Alice is experiencing, visions, flashbacks and haunting memories which all are extreme hallucinations and illusions in connection with the death of her family and how she blames herself for it. As desperate as Alice is; she is continuously finding herself fighting these memories and literal demons time and time again.

      Admittedly I presumed by the trailers and the cover design that the game would be significantly more creepier and scary than it actually is. I'd say it's more on par with Tim Burton style creepiness, rather than something like resident evil. It's quite tame for what I thought it was going to be but nonetheless, I enjoyed it - even If it did take me a while to pass a couple of levels through failure to grasp the ability of hovering and jumping and so on.

      The storyline basically unfolds bit by bit and we come to learn that a fire had broken out in her home and had killed her parents and sister - which undoubtedly left both her mind and her imagined Wonderland turned upside down, far from the wondrous place she remembered before.
      She concquered the Red Queen and regained sanity, or so it seemed. Evidently that this victory was a temporary one; Alice is shown to be under medical care by her Doctor and is struggling to remember what exactly happened the night her family died.
      Her doctor finds less than constructive ways of dealing with these issues she has and encourages her to 'forget' her past. Yet forgetting proves a formidable task.
      Alice finds herself once again lost in her imagination where Wonderland slowly crumbles away. To save herself Alice realises that she must save Wonderland - a far cry from the original depiction by Lewis Carroll.

      There are six chapters in this game, each of which are based in different visual concepts such as Underwater theme, but of course is all based in one world; Wonderland. Alice's clothing also changes in each chapter and co ordinates with the surrounding scenery.

      The game is visually entertaining and inspiring however I did feel that there was a lot of repetition and recycled ideas as I found that each level was becoming more predictable as I knew how to defeat every single "boss" level - as it seemed I had done the same beforehand. In regards to enemies, it didn't provide me with much of a challenge due to the fact that once you found your technique (which is usually in the first chapter) you can glide your way through the enemies and find it way too easy! The only thing I did struggle with was jumping and landing on platforms correctly.

      Madness Returns isn't exactly my favourite games, but It is in my top ten. I wouldn't however spend more than £15 on it, as I feel like it was a bit boring at some points - even with the bizarre scenery. I wouldn't dismiss it though because of a few boring points - Definitely give it a go!


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