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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360)

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8 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Suitable for 15 years and over / Release Date: 2010-11-19 / Published by Ubisoft

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    8 Reviews
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      19.06.2012 13:30
      Very helpful



      A good game and worth playing but it is not as good as assassins creed II

      Assassins Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360)

      I purchased this game as soon as possible after I completed assassins creed 2 (previously reviewed) as I am a little bit addicted to the Assassins Creed game series - I need to finish revelations and then I cannot wait for the release of assassins creed III in October this year. I completed this game a lot quicker than the previous assassin's creed II game and I completed the full game (until the credits) in about two weeks - so overall a bit disappointing in terms of game length and difficulty.

      - Information about the game series and specifications of this game

      This game is the third game in the assassin's creed series, the previous games are as follows: assassin's creed, assassin's creed II and then this game. There is also assassin's creed revelations after this game and assassins creed III being released in October this year. This game is a single player and it also has the capacity for 6-8 players but this is online (Xbox live) only. This game is rated 15 by Pegi as it contains strong violence and language. There is an instruction booklet included which I have never really looked at - it just contains information on which buttons do what etc.

      - The basic plot (this plot is a continuation of the story from the previous two games)

      This game begins where assassin's creed II finished. Ezio escapes to Rome with his uncle (one of the main characters at the start/middle of the game) and family. The main aim of this game concerns the Borgia's, a powerful family that has consumed Rome and its people. The main Borgia in this game is Cesare Borgia who now has 'the apple' - the apple is a piece of Eden and needs to be kept safe and away from the Borgia family. The assassins, including Ezio and now his sister Claudia, generally protect the Italian people and they keep 'the apple' safe. The Borgia family is based on real people I believe with Rodrigo Borgia becoming Pope Alexander VI - Ezio is also based on a real person too I think. The game is set over 4/5 years and in this time Ezio must regain 'the apple' from Cesare Borgia and liberate Rome from the Borgia's rule - and Ezio must restore and upgrade Rome as well throughout the game. The story line is a bit more complicated as Desmond is not featured a lot in this game, which I think is a positive point as even though the Desmond/Ezio dynamic is one of the main features of the game series and it makes the game very unique, in my opinion. Although I find the parts of the game with Desmond and the others (Lucy etc) a bit boring, others may not though. This is not the whole story line as it is complicated and a bit difficult to explain and if you have not played/read about the first or second game you may not fully understand this game. I would definitely recommend playing the first or second game before this one as each game is a continuation of the last.

      - Game structure: levels/sequences

      The structure of this game is basically similar to the structure of assassin's creed II, as it has sequences/levels and the story is just a continuation of the previous game. In assassin's creed II, the game before this one, there were 13 sequences/levels but I was quite surprised to see that this game only has 9 sequences/levels. This game feels really short, especially in comparison to assassin's creed II which is longer and a lot more difficult than this game. If you are familiar with assassin's creed or assassin's creed II then you will be familiar with the layout, structure and overall design of this game. Although overall I am disappointed by this game in terms of its longevity as it is so short, with only 9 sequences it feels like half a game, not the full game. Also I find that this game is really quite easy, obviously there are some difficult missions, but on the whole this game is easy - especially in comparison to assassin's creed II. I completed this game in about two to three weeks at the most (with a good few hours of game play every week), which is far too short in my opinion and a bit disappointing. Although there is still a lot of gameplay to be had after the credits have passed, e.g. the three to four Leonardo war machine missions which were some of the best missions in the game - and they happen after the credits have passed, so they are not part of the main story line or game really!

      - Beginning of the game/introduction

      The beginning of the game, as with assassin's creed II, is a movie/story montage of where the story and game is currently and what happened previously. There is the shortest of fight scene in the beginning of the game concerning Ezio and Cesare Borgia. Then there is a scene in the Vatican with Ezio and this is where the game play first starts. Ezio joins with his uncle and the real first fight scene in the game involves the guards - as always the guards in the world of assassin's creed are relentless and a bit annoying after a while. Ezio gives 'the apple' to his uncle (one of the assassins) and then the 'Ubisoft presents, assassin's creed brotherhood' appears and the game fully begins! The game begins fully in the city of Monteriggioni if I remember correctly and one of the first mini tasks is to...run after a horse! Some of the missions/tasks in this game are a bit ridiculous but fairly easy, such as running after a horse and waiting for Leonardo Da Vinci for hours! Another one of the first missions/tasks in this game (in sequence one) is to use the cannons of the castle/fortresses walls which is not very easy but it is not really difficult either. Cannons will feature in later parts of the game a couple of times so it is good practice for later missions/tasks (e.g. on the boat Leonardo built after the credits and while using the tank in the mission named 'Hell on wheels'). There is a sex scene concerning Ezio in sequence one which is not very graphic at all but I don't think it would be suitable for younger individuals/children to watch. Then it is interrupted by the Borgia and their soldiers attacking the castle/house with cannons, isn't that always the way...

      The attack on the castle/house in which Ezio is staying (Ezio uncles house) leads to a siege of Monteriggioni which is the main part of sequence one. The siege/attack from the Borgia leads to a fairly long fighting scene in which you need to use the cannons - which is not that easy and there are a lot of targets you need to shoot including siege towers and the enemies cannons. Ezio's uncle (one of the main character at the start of the game, and a main character in assassin's creed II) is killed at this part and as a result Cesare Borgia takes 'the apple'. Ezio gets shot by the Borgia soldiers in this part of the game but obviously as there are still many sequences after this one, Ezio does survive. After the siege the towns people are safe, Ezio's remaining family (namely his mother and sister) travel to Firenze and Ezio travels to Rome - although he falls off his horse unconscious due to his wounds and sequence one is then completed. A little bit of a rushed sequence/level but an entertaining and combat filled section of the game.

      One of the few Desmond (and Lucy) sections is then started (sequence two) which does involve some climbing and running etc but on the whole I found this section of the game a bit boring and tedious - unlike the rest of the game with Ezio as the main character. There is one particular part of the game play in sequence two involving Desmond that I find particularly tedious and it is the section in which Desmond has to use 'eagle vision' to locate power routers (electric boxes on the walls of Monteriggioni - modern day Monteriggioni). Desmond then gets back in the animus (the device that allows him to go back in time and interact with that world through his ancestor, Ezio). A new feature of this game is the 'virtual training' section of the animus whereby you can pause game play and practice fighting, e.g. kill streaks - you cannot skip this section at this point in the game, unfortunately, as I do find this section a little bit boring and I don't use this new feature of the game at all. The game then picks up with Ezio, injured but being treated, in Rome.

      - Main game play: Rome, map and exploring Rome

      Unlike assassins creed II which was set in numerous places across Italy, this game is only really set in Rome. There are a couple of other minor places in this game such as Monteriggioni, where the game begins and also Naples for a very short period of time. Although about 90% of the game is set in Rome which is huge in this game, well fairly huge, and there is a lot of roman ruins in the game environment. There is only one map for this game, the map for Rome, which comes in really useful when looking for: Borgia towers, the six Romulus locations, the Romulus treasure and for Leonardo (located on the map as an 'L'). The new additions to the environment include some historical sites such as the coliseum and Castel Sant'Angelo. The coliseum is a great location and it is one of the main locations for one or two missions - you can climb to the top of the walls of the coliseum. Also one of the things I do not like about the location of the game is that there are more fields/open spaces and the towns/villages are more sparse which means that the shops and services are spread out more - which in turn means traveling by horse more to get to where you need to go.

      - Main game play: missions, weapons, assassin recruits and the ending of the game (spoilers)

      The first part of sequence two is Ezio not at his best, he is still suffering from the injuries sustained in sequence one so you cannot do some of the things you normally could such as running fast, jumping off buildings etc, which is a little bit boring and not the most exciting start to the main game. Also Ezios dialogue at this part of the game is frequently complaining about his injuries, not great for an assassin, although he soon recovers and you are able to carry on with game play as normal. Then some of my least favourite missions need to be completed which include following people without being detected. I hate these kinds of missions as I always get detected then I have to start the mission again from the beginning - this becomes very tedious after the third attempt. There is also a couple of sections in the game (e.g. in sequence two) where you follow one of the other assassins and Ezio and Machiavelli just talk as they are walking through Rome...not very assassin like, having a stroll through Rome and chatting!

      One of the main types of tasks/missions in this game is to release the hold of the Borgia family (namely Cesare Borgia) on Rome and one of the ways in which this is accomplished is by killing the Borgia captains and destroying the Borgia towers located all over Rome. I have destroyed all of the Borgia towers now but this continuing mission goes on after the credits roll so don't think that the game finishes when the credits appear. Killing the one Borgia captain is easy, firstly as it is just one man and he is easily identified as he will have a flag above his head which is red with a white cross on. The hard part about this task is that the Borgia captain is always surrounded by lots, and I mean lots, of guards! The guards in this game and in the previous assassin's creed game are relentless and some are harder to kill than others. Although the new weapons in this game really help with killing the pesky guards. For example, the cross bow in this game is really useful and fairly easy to once after a couple of tries but you only have six arrows at one time. Also the hammer/axe in this game is very, very useful - the axe in this game can kill a normal guard with a couple of swings and the stronger guards only take a few swings of the axe before they fall to the ground - very useful in a fight!

      Although some of the guards keep jumping out of the way when you try to kick or attack them which is what anyone would do but in this game it is just annoying as you are an assassin! One item that is very useful in this situation, as well as the large axe from the armourer, is a medium/large medicine pouch which is very useful in a fight! Once the Borgia captain is killed you have to run to the Borgia tower, climb to the top of the Borgia tower and ignite it - although there is the small matter of about ten or sometimes more guards following you and throwing stones at you to make you fall and they can shoot you will their cross bow as well. The Borgia tower/Borgia captain tasks in this game are quite entertaining and a bit challenging too, which I like and it makes a change from some of the boring/easy missions in this game.

      Another one of the main tasks in this game is to renovate/update Rome; this is accomplished by upgrading shops/services and destroying Borgia towers. Also you can pay an architect (tent symbol on the map) to rebuilt/restore the cities aqueducts, one by one, which increase Rome's wealth and quality. There are many shops and services around Rome that need to be updated such as tailors shops, armourers, doctors stores, buildings (which can be made into a thief's guild, brothel etc) and there are also banks in this game. The banks in this game are fairly useful and a new edition - and you can withdraw money from the bank. Also you can sell items you have obtained from missions/treasure chests/looting dead bodies. You get money from selling these items and some of the items are a little strange such as: tomatoes, shrunken heads, silver ore and leaches! Money plays a much more important part of this game when compared to assassin's creed II. You need money to buy health/armour/weapons like the previous game but you also need more money of your own to upgrade the shops/services/buildings throughout Rome too - and there are a lot of shops/services/buildings that need to be upgraded/renovated.

      There are various new features of this game, when compared to the previous assassin's creed II, such as banks, the thief's guild, pigeon coops, assassin recruits, new weapons from Leonardo da Vinci and assassins tunnels/portals. Firstly, assassin recruits can be recruited by saving a civilian surrounded by guards - this is really easy and it adds another recruit to the brotherhood. Assassin recruits are male and also female - also a couple of the brotherhood/main assassins are female - including Ezio's sister now. Assassin recruits come in very useful when in fights or when you are in a fight with a lot of guards or have low health. Assassin recruits come almost instantly to where ever you are and they kill alongside you - very useful and a great addition to the game. The list of assassin recruits can be found when you go to the pigeon towers located around Rome. The pigeon towers are a new feature of this game and they do look fairly unusual and in my opinion this feature of the game has limited usefulness. When you interact with the pigeon tower (press B on the Xbox controller) you can see the assassin recruits and you can send them off to complete missions in other cities around the world such as: Lisbon, Paris, Venice and Moscow, although you yourself cannot take part in these missions. I think the game would have been a lot better if you could go with the assassin recruits to other places around the world and complete missions!

      Another new addition to the assassins creed game is that of assassin tunnels/portals which once entered you can choose a destination within Rome to travel to in a few seconds - this is quite useful although a lot of the tunnel/portals have to be restored so the locations to travel to will be dependent on money. Also the tunnels do lead to a lot of locations but the locations have specific names and it is difficult to know which location is which as there are so many (although there is a map beside the location list which is fairly useful).

      There is one sequence/mission that I do really like as it was fairly challenging and it is in sequence 4 (den of thieves). The mission in question needs you to infiltrate the Castel Sant'Angelo and eavesdrop on Cesare Borgia and his sister, Lucrezia Borgia, and their plans (this mission is called 'Femme fatale'/'the burdens we carry' I believe). Although there is a couple of sections in this mission which are tedious such as carrying Lucrezia Borgia around the castle and having her run away as you kill the guards - then having to carry Caterina (a friend and assassin, who was held captive by the Borgias). This mission is a bit challenging but fun too and it is very similar to some of the types of missions/assassin contracts in assassin creed II. Out of all of the sequences/levels sequence four is my favourite as it is the longest and one of the most interesting/action filled/challenging - also in this sequence new weapons/gadgets from Leonardo are gain such as: poison darts, a double blade and the best gadget - a leap climbing glove which is invaluable when climbing Borgia towers while being chased by guards. Another great addition to this game, along with the new weapons, is the ability to call your horse to you - where ever you are! This feature is great when you are trying to get away from lots of guards or when you need to travel across larger fields/expanses.

      Quite a lot of the missions in this game are fairly easy in my opinion, expect sequence four missions which are fairly challenging, is the mission involving Ezio, his uncle and the French army - this is in sequence six I think. This mission is fairly difficult as there are a lot of French soldiers to kill and at one point in the game Ezio, his uncle and some of his uncles soldiers have to impersonate French soldiers - dressing up as French soldiers and entering the French camp/area. Also in this mission most of the time you have to remain undetected which I don't like in any mission, basically as I am not very good at it and I had to repeat some parts of this mission a couple of times due to being detected. The basic aim of the mission was to rescue Ezios uncle's wife who was taken by the French army and towards the end of the mission the assassin recruits came in very useful for completing the mission - as even though Ezio must remain undetected, it does not desynchronize/end the mission if the assassin recruits are detected.

      There is one main fight scene in this game, well it is not the biggest fight scene but in terms of the story line and the Borgia influence in the game this fight scene is important. The fight scene is between Ezio and Cesare Borgia. This fight scene is fairly long and you have to kill Cesare Borgia although there are waves of guards that also attack you as you are trying to kill Cesare. It took me a couple of times to complete this fight scene and a full medicine pouch is definitely needed before this section of the game in order to compete it. This scene is towards the end of the game and it is the last major fight scene really.

      Towards the end of the game there is a Desmond section, which I wouldn't normally like but this section was ok. This section of the game reminds me so much of tron - the film, which by the way is awful, in my opinion. This section of the game reminds me of tron because there are neon blue lines on the objects in this section and you have to jump along many raises ledges - you have to land on all of them at some point to unlock 'the apple'. Long story short, Desmond and the team go back to where Ezio hid 'the apple' 500/600 years ago and then 'the apple' freezes time and forces Desmond to kill Lucy - the women Desmond has a thing for (or so I think). Then the credits begin - I didn't like the ending to this game as I found it left a lot of questions unanswered and it didn't feel like a full game; it felt like half a game!

      - Lairs of Romulus (of which there are six)

      There is a group of people in this game called the followers of Romulus. The followers of Romulus are being paid by the Borgia to make people follow and support the Borgia, I believe. The followers of Romulus are men dressed in the skin/fur of wolves, they look really strange and a little bit scary when they first appear (the have the first appear in some roman ruins, near the coliseum). The followers of Romulus have six lairs within Rome and in each one there is a key/treasure chests and once you have collected all of the keys from the lairs you can then go to the Romulus treasure (a golden wolf head symbol on the map). I have completed all of the lairs and they are really similar to the Templar locations/mazes in assassin's creed II. The lairs of Romulus are similar to a maze and they need to be completed in a certain path/way and then you will reach the treasure chests and key at the end. I liked the Templar location mazes/challenges in the previous game but the lairs of Romulus were a bit of a let-down after the previous game. The lairs of Romulus are a fun and interesting section of the game and they are located all over the city so you need to look on the games map to find they - they are identified by a wolf head on the map. The lairs are a bit too simple and easy in my opinion; it does not take long at all to complete them. Although the first one was fairly difficult and the last one was packed with combat - the rest were incredibly quick and easy in my opinion. Overall, I think these additions are a welcome change from the assassin missions in this game but as with most of this game, they are too easy!

      - Leonardo's war machines - tanks, machine guns, ships and fly machines!

      One of the best sections of the game in my opinion is the missions in which you have to destroy Leonardo war machines that he was forced to make for the Borgia family. Leonardo asks Ezio to destroy his war machine of which there are four I think including: a tank, a flying machine (similar to the one in assassin creed II only with the addition of cannons!), a boat with cannons and a large machine gun. The flying machine is not new, it was featured in a mission in assassin's creed II and I hated it then and I still hate it. The flying machine is one of the more difficult missions in this and game and it does get a bit frustrating trying to complete this flying machine mission. The machine gun war machine is the first one and it is a mission that you complete before the credits - the others are after the credits so it is definitely worth continuing with this game after the credits have passed! The tank is a little bit difficult but unusual and new. The tank is a bit difficult to steer and shoot from at the same time but it is a fun mission - the mission is called 'hell on wheels'. The boat which contains cannons is the last war machine and you have to shoot at the Borgia ships sails with the cannon to destroy the ships - this mission was fairly easy but entertaining too. Overall I really like the Leonardo's war machine missions and in my opinion they are some of the best missions in the game - except for the flying machine mission which for me is really difficult and annoying.

      - Additional information (mini missions)

      There are a couple of really small missions in this game. If you see an individual that if glowing you can interact with them and some of them will have small missions for you to complete, if you want to. For example there are a couple of mini missions where you need to beat up a cheating or lazy husband and there is a mini mission to kill an individual who is stalking the prostitutes.

      - Overall opinion

      Overall, I really like the assassin's creed games series; it is my favourite game series ever! But this game was definitely a bit of a disappointment, especially when compared to the amazingness of the previous game. Firstly, in my opinion, the game is far too short - it feels like half a game, not a full game. Secondly I found this game overall to be really quite easy and not challenging enough - although there are some really quite difficult missions such as the flying machine mission but the challenging missions are limited and sparse throughout the game. There are some new additions to this game, some of which I like and others I don't like but overall a good game - if short and easy - but I would recommend it.

      - Price and availability

      I purchased this game used from eBay and it was under £10 but this game can be purchased from: play.com for £11.49 (Xbox classic version), asda for £15, Argos for £16.99 (new), game station for £10-15 and Tesco entertainment for £10-15. You may also be able to find this game on eBay as I did or from amazon.


      *The amazing assassin's creed story line and game play - it is a little bit confusing though, especially the abrupt ending of the game
      *Hardly any scenes/game play with Desmond, which is a positive point for me but it may not be for some
      *New features: thief's guild, assassins tunnels/passages, banks, pigeon coops, assassin recruits
      *New missions: restore Rome and destroy the Borgia influence/towers
      *New weapons: cross bow, poison gun/darts, hammer/axe (aka. the best weapon in the game!)
      *Fun game play and entertaining on the whole!
      *Historical places/sites to explore in this game such as the coliseum and the Castel Sant'Angelo (castle of the holy angel)

      *Too easy! - Only a couple of missions that where difficult, e.g. Leonardo's flying machine (not a new mission as this was a mission in assassin's creed II)
      *Too short - only 9 sequences, whereas assassin's creed II was 13 sequences
      *Quite a few missions where you have to follow people and missions where you have to remain undetected

      Thank you for reading my review obviously I could not include everything I wanted in this review as the review would be even longer than it is now but I have included the parts that I feel are the most important and useful - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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        29.12.2011 05:12
        Not Helpful
        1 Comment



        Good Game, to bad that there is an end to it

        I believe the game is very good. The story of Ezio is continued in this installment of the story. In this game, you play as our badass assassin named Ezio who is out to destroy the Borgia and to liberate Rome. Throughout the game you are encountered with the main memory sync (main quest) and secondary memory sync (secondary quest). The story is very entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The one thing I love about the game is the executions and counter kills that you are able to use on your enemies. Isn't it satisfying when you stab a man in the back, then throw a knife into another man's face? Wouldn't it be amusing to see how many men you can kill with one bullet? Anyway, I also love the integration of assassin recruits. At the click of a button, you can send 2-6 recruits to attack or defend against enemies.The one thing that I never really took to was the online multiplayer. It's satisfying, but it isn't my cup of tea. The online multiplayer is just a big cat and mouse game with amazing executions and weapons.


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          06.11.2011 15:48
          Very helpful



          A fantastic game from Ubisoft.

          === The game ===

          This is the third game in the Assassins Creed games and once again features the character of Ezio and his story. You will start the game in 2012 and once you complete a few actions you will once again find yourself in the past, 1499 to be precise. This is a stealth based game where you are an assassin (the clue is in the name!) and this game is from Ubisoft, again, like the previous games.

          === Game play ===

          The main difference between this game and the previous games is that you have the option of playing as more than one character. You can now play as Ezio and as Desmond you will probably play as Desmond more than Ezio for the majority of the game play.

          The game is well laid out, you just need to follow the markers to find the next mission or what your current objective is. The game is well laid out with a good quality map system that works well and is easy to follow. You will find numerous places to visit on the map but the majority of your time will be spent in Rome as this is a vast area of the maps. You will find numerous markers on the map and can even find yourself a doctor if you need fixing up quick!

          Basically the aim of this game is to go around assassinating people and completing missions. There is plenty of different actions to make the game fun and lots of different things can be going on at any one time.

          === Graphics ===

          This game is visually stunning. Rome looks amazing and this is the main area that you will see in the game, however, Venice is also another particularly stunning place to explore. The detail is amazing and you can really feel like you are travelling around a stunning location. The ledges and buildings that you explore are fantastically detailed which makes for an increased game play really. The characters really stand out for me and look totally amazing!

          === Sounds ===

          Firstly I must start by saying that I love the Italian accents in this game and they really do not disappoint for me. The music is intriguing, it's interesting and it's interchangeable with the activities that are going on at the time. This really helps to build up the excitement of the game and works wonderfully well. When duelling with an enemy or assassinating someone you will really hear the amazing sounds of the weapons and of people being killed which brings an added element to the game if you like that kind of thing.

          === Achievements ===

          There are 60 achievements on this game ranging from the fairly simple to the ridiculously difficult! Most achievements will naturally be unlocked while progressing through the game and there are a few for the multi-player part of the game. The achievements are quite varied and add a nice challenge to this game, although the game itself is probably challenging enough! The total points that can be earned from achievements on this game is currently 1250.

          === Where can I buy this & for how much? ===

          This can be purchased from numerous stockists. I believe we paid £34.99 not long after launch, however, this is now just £12 in our local CEX store.

          === Overall opinion ===

          Well firstly it is fair to say that this is the best of the 3 current Assassins Creed games. It is long lasting, has a multi-player aspect to it and has fantastic characters. The different missions and achievements bring a great longevity to the game and it will take a fair amount of hours to be able to complete the game fully, even after that you can still enjoy the multi-player for fun and to increase the longevity of the game. Once you have completed the actual game you will probably need to play for around 50% more time just to earn the rest of the achievements, but this adds a little something extra to the game for me and was the reason that I kept playing it, I love completing games, if I can, and this really pulled me in!

          I love the fighting, the sounds, the scenery, the beauty of the game. While the actual game play is a little graphic and violent, at times, it is ridiculosuly fun and I found myself wanting to spend more and more time playing it to ensure that I unlocked all of the achievements. Some missions can be incredibly difficult but this just presented more of a challenge to me and helped to increase the longevity of the game.

          I feel that this game is definitely the best of the series, so far, and I am now ridiculously excited to play the Assassins Creed Revelations game when it comes out next week!


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            25.08.2011 13:00
            Very helpful



            One of the best action packed games around with a lot of variety in the game!

            Assassin's Creed has been a game that has come out of nowhere and surprised a whole lot of people and to be fair I am one of those people. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is the third game in the series and by no means the last. Assassin's Creed is a historical third person, stealth action-adventure game that has been developed by Ubisoft. The game is available on the PC and PS3 as well as the Xbox 360. I love the Assassin's Creed games especially this one because its much bigger, its better and even contains some form of multiplayer that is actually really good. The story is as good as the previous Assassin's Creed games because it follows the events of the second game. The game starts in 2012 where the second game left off. Desmond and his group of friends that are also assassin's have escaped the Templars attack for now and the group have found a new hideout in the ruins of the Villa Auditore. After you restore the electricity in the old tunnels under the villa you once again gain control of Ezio Auditore through the genetic memory of Desmond Miles using the Animus 2.0. Now Ezio's story continue in the year 1499.

            === GAMEPLAY ===
            Assassin's Creed became one of my favourite games because of the gameplay overall. Its simply fantastic and the game plays really well. In the previous 2 games you really only play as Ezio but in this new game you play a lot as Desmond as well as Ezio. Desmond is basically Ezio but in the Animus 2.0. The Animus 2.0 is basically a project that allows Desmond to travel back in time. The story is fantastic and pretty easy to follow. When your in the Animus 2.0 the game actually starts properly and you have to follow the explanation points on your map to find your current mission objectives. The map is very easy to follow and the good thing about it is the fact you can set a way point to help you find your way easier. The map is fairly big and the places you visit are all in Italy. Places like Rome, Florence and Venice can be explored but most of the game takes place in Rome because its huge.

            There are a lot of places, missions and other bits that appear on the map some of these include shops, viewpoints which help reveal the map more, assassination contracts which are usually people you have to assassinate, you can also find doctors scattered on the map who sell medicine or can heal you, art merchants who sell paintings for your home, Borgia Towers that you have to scout and kill the commander then light the tower in flames. There are also tunnel entrances which can be used as quick travel to get closer to your current objectives and a lot of different missions types in which most are side missions and can reap tremendous rewards such as money and other bits. There is so much on the map its unbelievable. Now the game is third person style and it works really well for this game. The camera angles are pretty much perfect and are easily changed. With Ezio/Desmond you can sneak, run, walk, climb absolutely anywhere, jump to hard to reach places, fight, stealth kill, takedown, swim, ride horses and quite a lot of other things. One of the worst things in the game is the flags and feathers you have to find and collect. There are no clues where they are and most are hidden really well. There are over 100+ in total and they can get really annoying.

            The killing is my personal favourite because it can get bloody and it can get hectic at times. Stealth killing is fantastic. You can stealth kill someone from high buildings if there on the floor or you can just sneak behind them and stealth kill them. There are numerous ways you can do it and there are also different outcomes too. Sometimes you will be in a full on battle with numerous guards and your only option is to battle to the death. Use your skills to sin the battle. If you time it right you can counter your enemies attack which leads to death for your opponent and there are so many different ways your enemies can be killed. Free roaming is also one of my favourite bits about the game. You can run absolutely anywhere and climb almost everything the game has to offer such as really tall buildings and monuments. Along with all this there will be times where you need to hide. Certain things appear on the map that you can hide in. Huts or hay piles can be used to hide from your enemies. All of this takes place in the story mode to the game.

            I have to say what impressed me most about the game was the new multiplayer mode. Previous games didn't have a sniff of multiplayer action and now at last we have something. The only thing is that its not the best the developers could of done but at least its a start. In this mode you can gain levels and unlock secret stuff such as costumes or other bits. Your aim in this game mode is to eliminate other gamers. Your all put into a level (up to 8 players) and then your given a target that you must find and eliminate. These targets are fairly simple to find because a radar points to where they are and gets bigger as you get closer. If they spot you they will run and you must kill them within the time limit. If you can do it without being detected then you gain more experience points and valuables. Overall the game is fantastic. Two good game modes a lot of missions to do and a wide range of variety altogether.

            === GRAPHICS & SOUND EFFECTS ===
            I have to start with the graphics because they are incredibly beautiful especially when your in the Animus. Rome looks stunning and beautifully designed and very well detailed in every way. The buildings looks magnificent, the rivers looks gorgeous, all of the scenery is spectacular and stands out really well. Every part of the game is detailed fully especailly the buildings because all of them can be climbed to the very top and the way Ezio climbs fits in well. There has to be bits sticking out of the buildings for Ezio to climb and not one part is out of place its actually inch perfect. Also I love the way the character looks. Desmond looks a little plain and boring but Ezio looks fantastic and stands out from any other character in the game. I have to say the graphics are some of the best I have seen to a game.

            The sound effects are really good as well and barely disappoint. All the characters are voiced and most have Italian accents but it suits the game really well. The music to the game is fantastic. It changes depending on what is happening in the game. If your being hunted and chased down the music gets really fast and serious and to be fair the music plays a big part in giving the gamer a full on feel for the game. When your climbing with Ezio the sound is great and you can even hear him making grunting noises when he has to climb up to those hard to reach places. Also when in a battle against enemies the sound effects come out fully and make the game pretty much perfect because you can hear the clashing of weapons or the impact they make. You can even hear the sword going through somebody you've just killed. It really is something special.

            === DIFFICULTY & LONGEVITY ===
            This is probably the hardest Assassin's Creed game so far but to be honest its still suitable for most. By far the hardest part of the game has to be the stealth in my opinion. Some missions will require you to be stealth all the way through to unlock bonus features. The fighting is simple and the climbing is even easier. Multiplayer all depends on who your playing against. Side missions in story mode are pretty easy and shouldn't cause any problems. The Assassination contracts are simple too. So overall I would say its really simple but the stealth does make it a little challenging.

            The length of the game is probably the same as the other Assassin's Creed games. If your like me and like to get 100% completion then your looking at around 30+ hours of gameplay. If you just want to finish the game and that's it your looking at 20 hours. However I still think this is great because of the added feature of online play so overall the game would last a while with that alone. I have to say I am pleased with the length of the game and would say its better than the previous games mainly because of online play.

            === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
            Assassin's Creed Brotherhood features 60 achievements overall and most are easily achieved whilst playing through story mode. There are the odd few achievements in multiplayer mode but they're not entirely hard to get. The achievements in story mode come naturally as you play through but there are the odd few where you have to do certain objectives such as so many stealth kills or so many counters and so on. Overall 60 achievements with a total of 1250 gamerscore is really good in my opinion.

            === PROS ===
            *The graphics are beautiful especially when your in Rome.
            *The fighting is fantastic especially the ways in which you can kill your enemies.
            *Climb literally everything from small buildings to massive buildings!
            *Some stunning sound effects bring the game to life and the music fits in well.
            *Lots of variety in the gameplay, missions and story!

            === CONS ===
            *I hate having to find and collect the feathers and flags.
            *Some of the missions can be annoying at times and some can be quite difficult!
            *I would of liked a few more multiplayer modes or options.
            *Blood and guts if you don't like that sort of thing!

            === FINAL THOUGHT ===
            Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is definitely the best so far in the series and to be honest its going to take some beating. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has so much different stuff to offer than the previous 2 games from the series and to be fair I cant wait for the next installment. Compared to the other games this one has more action, a lot more climbing but it features less places you visit and the main reason for that is because Rome is massive on this.

            Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has an age rating of 15+ because of everything the game has to offer in terms of blood and gore, strong violence and strong language. The game manual is a massive let down and the only thing it offers are certain controls from the game. Its terrible for a game manual and lacks any relevant information.

            I would serious recommend any of the Assassin's Creed games and would probably say its better to start from the first one because the story follows on into each game. However this one is definitely the best for action and the story just gets better and better through the games. I would also recommend these games if you like the Splinter Cell games because they're very similar but set in different years!

            I was lucky enough to win an eBay auction for this game and won it at the price of just £10 including postage. The game usually sells for around the £15 price mark on Amazon and in shops and to be honest its definitely worth every penny. I love the game its fantastic!

            I would give Assassin's Creed Brotherhood a solid 9/10!

            Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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              17.06.2011 00:25
              Very helpful



              This a game for singleplayer or possibly multiplayeri in private matches.

              This was my first time on one of the games from the Assassin's Creed series, and what at a time to join the band wagon. I enjoyed every part of the game in every way possible and spent to much time on it if I was to be honest.

              --Story and setting (8.7/10)--
              I'm not to sure on the whole story because this is part of a series, but I am aware it's supposed to be a spin-off so I tell you what I know from playing this game alone.

              You are an character named Desmond Miles, as him you will attempted to find the Apple of Eden which would allow him and his friends to prevent a foretold disaster. You will use what I thinks a computer named Animus 2.0 to relive the memory of Ezio Auditore in hope that it would reveal the location of the Apple of Eden. Unfortunately, or fortunately in that we get live this memory also, you go to far back and have to go through his memories until you find out where the Apple is hidden.

              This is set some time in the future but when you playback the memories of Ezio, you will be in Rome in 1499. At this current time there is a battle ongoing at the Villa Auditore, to which is lost as Ezio is falls unconscious at some point. He later wakes up to see that Monteriggioni is overrun with Borgia. You then relive the liberation of Rome through Ezios eyes and memories.

              --Gameplay (9.1) --
              The game play was probably one of the best I've seen for a game based on stealth and melee combat. The 3rd person camera accommodates perfectly with these two main game play features as it allows the player to appropriately take full vantage of all their surroundings. I also expected to be disappointed with the melee combat, but to my surprise I wasn't. I flowed perfectly and the point that I thought would ruin the game, being the combo's and finishing, was well executed. I didn't feel like the game was showing me the same animation if I was button mashing to kill waves of enemies which made me feel like I was better at the game somehow. The reason really would be because it made me look good at the game and I certainly hate doing bad in games which is a downfall in many games these days. I also enjoyed the allied assassins you could recruit, they made me feel more powerful in the game as I could literally complete memories (levels) by planning when to call in my trainee's and who to attack without getting caught. It added for more game play elements for when the game started to seem the same during it's objectives. I definitely wish some more games where out like this where I don't necessarily have to do everything, but feel as if i contributed dearly to it's succession

              --Multiplayer (6.9/10)--
              I really did not enjoy the multiplayer much on this game and it was mainly because of the abilities higher levels would have when I first started. Take Templar Vision for example, it allowed opponents to see me in crowds, making it pointless to even try and blend in which is the main objective of the game. I have of course missed how how multiplayer is plated and set out.

              You basically have a class to which you will unlock others as you will progress through the levels. On your class you will have two slots for abilities, such as the mention Templar Vision to the longer sprint burst (i forget it's name). You also have some character customisation for some reason that will help you stand out from the crowd, so i never used that feature. There is also a choice of perks when you reach higher levels which improve you stats such as faster climbing or amount of time one is stunned by his/her targets.

              The game mode are as follows

              Wanted involves 6-8 players. Each player has a target to pursue, and one or more pursuers chasing them. This is unlocked by default. I never actually played this as free-for-all never

              -Advanced Wanted-
              Advance Wanted is extremely similar to Wanted, however you will receive less information on your target. Unlike the standard Wanted, this mode is only accessible to players above a certain level, and the compass will not indicate whether your target is above or below you. I never ever played this for the same reason above.

              Manhunt involves two teams, with each team composed of 3-4 players. The game is divided into two rounds, wherein, in turns, one team will be pursuing, while the other will be hiding. By far the most played as I loved the ideas of you all hiding together an nervously waiting to see who would be assassinated and who would get away from the assassin. I had great fun at first until I came across the high levels, but this game mode is what even allowed multiplayer to be rated above 6. This is unlocked by default thankfully.

              Alliance involves 6 players, with 2 players on each of the 3 teams. The game is divided into two rounds, in which each team will have one team pursuing them, and another team hiding from them. Stupidly unlocked at Level 10 so there is even more of a reason not to play multiplayer.

              -Advanced Alliance-
              Advanced Alliance is identical to Alliance, aside from the fact that it is not indicated if your target is above or below you. This is weirdly unlocked by downloading Animus Project Update 1.0. I played this a few times, but it isn't how it sounds as I always found it to be basically free-for-all with a partner as nobody went for their true target or help allies from their assassin.

              -Chest Capture-
              Chest Capture, like Manhunt, involves two teams, composed of 3-4 players. Chests are deposited around the map. It is the job of one team to guard the chests, while the other team attempts to retrieve their contents. There are two rounds, with the roles swapping in the second round. I never played this either but it is unlocked by downloading Animus Project Update 2.0

              Overall I think it's worth a 4.1/5 if I'm to go off the star rating but a solid 8.2/10 (which is just double the star rating :P)


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              04.04.2011 17:19



              An amazing game

              Iv loved the assassins creed games so far and this being the third makes me even more drawn into one of the most complex story lines iv seen in a video game (its like inception).

              You play as Desmond Miles when you are based in 2012 and as Ezio Auditore when you are playing in the past in Italy. I would recommend if you haven't already playing the other two games in the series as doing so will help make the story very clear. This game is the only game I actually look forward to playing the single player mode as the story line truly engrosses you.

              However on top of the huge single player experience that ubisoft offers in this game they have also made a single player mode which is beyond any expectations I had for this game. It offers multiple game modes and a whole array of characters to choose from all with their own unique assassination moves, and the hide and seek element really gets your heart pumping whilst being chased over rooftops and through crowds.

              Id recommend this game to anyone looking for a truly amazing story line


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              20.03.2011 17:18



              A definate must buy as it's my number one game, perfect for everyone.

              Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (The third in the series set in Medieval Italy) delivers all out action game play in new and amazingly realistic environments. Whether you're scaling a huge building or assassinating a baddy this unique gaming experience nver fails to keep you entertained.

              You play as Desmond Morris (as him you sit in a machine called the animus and control your assassin ancestors. In this case Ezio Auditore a highly skilled assassin from the previous game.) As Ezio you move to Rome where you have to complete a plot far larger than you can imagine. You have to bring down the destructive and deadly King (Cesare). To do this you must complete a wide variety of evr interest grabbing missions such as:
              Climbing to the top of his castle unnoticed and kidnapping his wife.
              Eavesdropping on his friends and assassinating them silently.
              Taking the role of one of his head guards and leading others round the city without being discovered.
              Jumping from the highest height into a cart of hay.
              Tailing his guards around to locate him.

              But wheres an assasin without his tools? Nowhere, thats where, thats why in this game you get the choice of hundreds of weapons and machine to use against your unsuspecting enemys. You can have a:
              Assassins blade or two (hidden blades used for silently killing your victims)
              Throwing knives
              A gun (made by Da Vinci)
              Smoke bombs
              Cross bow
              (all these have different qualities and different types, some lighter some deadlier so you can choose whats right for you, from any blacksmith.)
              And of course armour witch includes:
              Shoulder guards
              Chest plate
              (all of which have different weights and defence capabilities and again better versions can be obtained from blacksmiths from leather to metal.)

              But the game doesn't end there, Oh no, far from it.
              As well as all these satisfying missions you'll always be busy with other tasks all of which unique and fun.
              You can recover six keys from dungeons where you'll have to explore the popes old house or climb to the top of an enemy ridden palace. On collecting the sixth one you can unlock the games best armour from a highly guarded cage.

              Destroy enemy towers in order to regain control in that area after killing its protector of course.

              Rebuilding Romes vast amount of Shops and aquaducts (using the money you make from missions)including:
              Blacksmiths (to buy armour and weapons
              Artists (to buy paintings which increase your villas value)
              Banks (to collect money)
              Famous atttractions (to bring in money)
              Stables and (to keep horses available for riding)
              Warrior barracks (to house warriors)
              all of these yield money which you can collect from your bank.

              All of this whilst gaining rebelious citizens used to fight in your brotherhood and aid you in combat, they are trained on a contract which they may die from where they might have to steal some jewels for example. All can reach there highest level and become an official assasin.

              Collecting Eagle feathers and enemy flags.

              Finding some of the highest points in beautiful Rome.

              Aiding citizens and killing rather skillful enemys.

              Finding some of Da Vinci machines and destroyin them and there plans so they cant be used against you such as the 5 cannon tank and flying machine.

              And with all of this you're never stuck for something to do.

              The new multiplayer provides a fun yet interesting way to see how you stack up to your fellow assasins where you can play such games as:
              free for all (in which whilst you hunt enemy players down without being noticed, you to are being hunted by a different amount of people depending where on the leaderboard you are)

              co-op (the same as free for all apart from the fact you have a partner who hunts with you as you too are being hunted.)

              Team (teams take turns in hunting and evading enemys gaining points for kills and hiding unnoticed.)

              In these you play as characters and the game duplicates these so your enemty don't know who to kill unless they get close.

              As well as this in Single player everything you do has an effect on how much memory you recover so you may have to do a mission in under four minutes for it to be succesful.

              If you manage to finish all this (which I doubt you will) there are several expansion packs.


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                07.02.2011 18:01
                Very helpful



                If you loved Assassins Creed 2, you'll love this one aswell!

                Following hot on the heels of Assassins Creed 2 is Assassins Creed: Brotherhood which is not really a sequel but more of an Assassins Creed 2.5.

                Again in this game you are playing as Ezio, a warm likeable character from Assassins Creed 2. Following the events that unfolded at the end of the second game, Ezio heads home to Monteriggioni for a well earned rest. However, his past events soon catch up with him and his home is attacked by Cesare Borgia who is looking for some revenge following the end of the second game as well as an ancient treasure called the Apple of Eden.

                After recovering from the attack, Ezio decides to get revenge and heads to Rome to do this. However, when he reaches Rome, he realises that the whole city is in tatters because of the ruling Borgia's. Ezio, being the good soul he is, decides that he not only has to kill the Borgia's but needs to eliminate their influence from Rome. In order to facilitate this, he recruits assassins from the assassins guild who assist him in his quest.

                In order to eliminate the Borgia in Rome, Ezio must destroy the various towers where the soldiers oversee the area. In total, Rome is split into twelve areas and there is a tower in each area. Other than the gratification of destroying Borgia influence in certain areas, destroying the towers has one major advantage. In the area's with the towers there are various shops which have had to close down. Once the tower is destroyed, Ezio can renovate these shops. In turn, you get both income (as in the second game) and the more shops you renovate, the more items that are available to you. One of the massive benefits to this game over the second one is that in order to collect your income, you only have to go to a nearby bank as opposed to your villa which at times proved to be a massive pain!

                As I said earlier, Ezio is now able to recruit fellow assassins. Basically, for each tower that is destroyed, another assassins slot opens up. When you first hire them, they are just normal people but you can send them on separate missions in order to gain experience and money (for you). They can also be used to kill people at the press of a button. Just find the person you want, target them, press a button and your assassin(s) will take them out. At times this can be far easier and cleaner than doing it yourself. While the recruits side missions are actually not particularly strenuous, there is something extremely satisfying turning your average Joe into a super sleuth killing machine!

                In terms of plot, I found that while the second game was very addictive and interesting, I lost some of my interest with this one. The story is still solid enough but at times I felt like it went on a bit long and just wanted to play the game! It could have also done with a twist or two along the way. After completing the game you can look back at the story and realise that's its all a bit simple and maybe needed a bit more oomph!

                In terms of actual gameplay, not much has changed from the second game really. Ezio's free roaming abilities are as great as ever and if anything, some of the niggling annoyances have been addressed and fixed. The only thing I would have liked to be improved on is the graphics when people speak as there are still a few bugs in there though. Not a big problem though.

                As with the gameplay, both audio and visuals remain similar to the second game but have been tweeked in a good way. Don't get me wrong though, it still looks great!!

                One of the big gripes about the previous two games were the control system. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you view it) this remains the same in this game. However, they have added a neat little trick which means that when you are in combat you don't have to endlessly attack people. Instead, once you kill your first victim you can begin a chain where one strike will kill your targets. However, this takes a bit of mastering and the chain is broken if one of the guards hits you.

                Apparently the story mode can be completed in about 15-20 hours but I certainly spent closer to 25-30 hours as I went through doing a lot of the side missions.

                As I said at the start, this is more of an Assassins Creed 2.5 rather than Assassins Creed 3 but that is certainly not a bad thing. The game builds upon the previous ones and makes some good improvements. I would recommend that if you are going to play this one, you play Assassins Creed 2 first.


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