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Assassins Creed II: Game of The Year - Classics Edition (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Suitable for 15 years and over / Release Date: 2010-09-03 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 09:34
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable but flawed stealth/action game

      You can get this game of the year edition, which includes the DLC that was released, for about £10 on amazon. The game was originally released in 2009.

      This is published by vile pantomime-villain games developer Ubisoft, which believes all its users are criminals waiting to illegally copy everything they buy onto torrent sites. I'm boycotting them on PC because their DRM measures are so vile. I'll still play their console games, though, at least until they do something similarly vile there.

      This is a game where you get to be an assassin running around renaissance Italy killing people. Which as a basic idea sounds great. And this is so nearly a brilliant game. If it only had the courage of its convictions and eliminated some of the clunkiness it could have been magnificent.

      The main problem with it, and one that almost made me give up before the game even started, is the framing narrative. It starts in the present day. You control someone called Desmond, and you have to... I dunno... break out of some kind of hi-tech prison and then go somewhere else and lie on a space bed and get plugged in... and then you can 'remember' all this Italian 15th century stuff, at which point you start actually playing the real game. There is a whole pointless layer of meta going on here.

      This hi-tech memory conceit is monumentally unnecessary. This is obviously the sequel to Assassin's Creed, which I've not played, so maybe it was explained then. It was presumably made when people still thought The Matrix was cool (I assume all those people feel pretty silly about that now), so instead of playing an Italian assassin, you're actually playing an American bonehead experiencing the memories of an Italian assassin. There is no reason for this - it diminishes the main game. At about the halfway mark you're dragged out of the main story and forced to go and jump around a warehouse as Desmond. This infuriated me so much I was basically bellowing in incoherent and pointless rage the whole time it was happening. We've all read The Sound and the Fury, yeah? Well it was like the end of that.

      I could just - just! - forgive the pointlessness of the framing narrative were it not for the fact that it contains the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a video game, and some of the worst voice acting (the worst voice acting ever is in the Heroes of Might and Magic series, also made by Ubisoft). The 'wacky' English guy is particularly trying, to the extent that I began to feel murderous rage towards the poor actor who was doubtless underpaid for voicing him. Sorry, whoever you are, but if we ever meet, one of us will die.

      Anyway, if you make it through the first 20 minutes you're golden (more or less, we'll get to the other problems later. Any subsequent problems are just regular game problems, not catastrophic misjudgements like the framing narrative).

      There's a storyline. You play a guy called Ezio. You uncover a conspiracy (by Templars, just to make sure the zeitgeist from five years ago is preserved like a fly in amber). Your family is executed on trumped up charges, leading to revenge, murder, and all the rest. The story isn't terribly important; it simply gets you from one mission to the next. You start in Florence, and later on get missions in a couple of smaller cities before you end up in Venice. There's pretty good variety in the missions - sometimes you have to sneak around in disguise a bit, other times you just turn up and slaughter anything that moves. (Well, except civilians. For a game about an assassin this is weirdly squeamish about killing civvies. I don't need my assassin anti-heroes to have a social conscience, thanks.) There's nothing too violent or vile in the game.

      The cities themselves are very well realised. I've no idea how realistic they are - I assume there'd be a lot more filth in the streets, to be honest - but they look good, and there are distinctive architectural styles to each city you visit. The big palaces and churches look right (I'm pretty sure that one church is the same one as in the Civilization IV loading screen. I have no idea what it's actually called. It's in Florence, if anyone wants to enlighten me).

      You can climb pretty much anything, and running around the rooftops is fun (and illegal, you have to kill hundreds - literally hundreds - of guards in this game, who really are only doing their jobs. Where's your morality now?) Although you're provided with lots of different weapons, including guns and throwing knives, I generally just used my sword and, later, a big hammer I was awarded for collecting lots of feathers. I'm a simple fighter - I just find what works for me and stick to it remorselessly.

      Also, if you suffer from vertigo (I do, a bit) this might make you genuinely cringe. There are lots of times you'll find yourself climbing absurdly high church towers, hanging on to the tiniest of ledges by your fingertips.

      One weakness is that it's the kind of game that will introduce you to a new power, weapon or type of jump and then immediately give you a mission where you need to deploy the new skill in order to succeed. This kind of coincidence rarely happens in real life, and slightly annoys me. Although the basic game controls are very easy to pick up, there are plenty of more complicated functions that still elude me (I keep jumping off rooftops and dying instead of performing an elegant, non-fatal swan dive into a haystack).

      And the game gives us quite a bit of variety. It's not all killing. You can race around the rooftops in time trials, get in fist fights, and ride horses (and for once riding horses is simple and fun - much more so than I remember it being in Red Dead Redemption). There are quite good one-off missions involving racing a carriage through bandit-strewn mountains and piloting Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine (a hang-glider, basically) around Venice. It also offers Tomb Raider style obstacle courses and various collectibles (including the feathers that earn you the cool big hammer; you're notionally collecting them because they might make your mother recover the power of speech, but I wouldn't worry about that. She doesn't have much to say). There are also sigils that unlock often fiendishly difficult puzzles - I must admit to having looked up the solutions to most of them online.

      It looks great throughout, except in the modern-day sequences, which are as visually unimaginative as they are irritating. Characters' faces look great, but hands are misshapen and unpleasant. Some of the music is annoying (the stuff which tries to be 'exciting'), but the general 'just mooching around' music is charming and unobtrusive. The voice acting in the main game is much improved from the framing narrative (a lot of heavy Italian accents on display). The script is still dodgy, sadly - I think Mass Effect has set the bar a bit too high for most games to match. It's the kind of thing where the characters all speak perfect English, apart from the really simple words, for which they lapse into Italian. The best example was probably 'Are you Leonardo da Vinci?' 'Si.'

      You get Leonardo as a kind of science geek sidekick, like a younger version of Q in the Bond films. He's a jolly sort of chap, and seems completely unconcerned that everything he helps you with allows you to kill more and more people. Machiavelli also makes an appearance, as do Rodrigo Borgia and Savonarola (if you have the edition with the DLC). Other characters are probably real as well. You get to kill an awful lot of them.

      Sadly Ezio is a total buffoon. Why can't we have a hero for once who doesn't fit the nauseating 'charming thief' mould? Why does he have to hump hookers and behave like a total creep? (You hire prostitutes to distract guards at various points. This led to me frequently running around (onscreen) while shouting (in real life) 'Goddamn it, I need prostitutes!' I hope the neighbours didn't hear that. The game assures us that lots of women in renaissance Italy chose to become prostitutes. So that's alright then.) I always vaguely resent games that don't let me play as a woman. If I must play as a man, at least let me play as one I wouldn't hate if we actually met.

      Apart from the unlikable hero, there are a few small problems. Cut scenes can't be skipped (this is a massive problem at the start of the game, obviously, but is also annoying later). You often have to walk sloooowly through the city with a companion who briefs you on a mission - these bits should also be skippable so you can just get on with things. It's pretty good on loading times, unless you've just died, in which case it takes longer than it feels like it should. And you can't save as far as I can tell - you just have to wait for a moment when it autosaves (there are plenty of opportunities to force a save, by grabbing some treasure or a feather or whatever, but I'd still like to be able to save things when I want to).

      The difficulty level is generally stable, and it's perhaps a bit too easy on the whole. But one of the tomb raider levels is suddenly, out of nowhere, immensely difficult, and introduces a new, hard-to-master move that you'll need to complete it. I hate it when games that have been relatively easy suddenly throw something that difficult at you. It feels like bad design. At least Rock Band 2 built up to Visions. This comes out of nowhere.

      But otherwise this isn't bad at all. If it lost the framing narrative it would almost be a classic. It's certainly good enough for me to want to buy the sequels (which take Ezio to Rome and Constantinople, I believe). Perhaps not Assassins Creed 3, though, which moves the action to colonial America.

      Anyway, for the price you can't go wrong. I guess I got about 40 hours of play out of it, but can't see myself playing it through again. Fun while it lasts.


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        17.03.2012 13:21
        Very helpful



        Well worth buying and overall the game is fantastic!

        Assassins Creed II Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)

        I bought this game about eight months ago from play.com as it was on sale and I had not tried any of the assassins creed games before this - I probably should I bought the first game in the series before this one! But not knowing the previous game or any background information about the game series did not inhibit the game play or progression though the game. I love this game, it is the game genre that I like the most as it is a historical FPS game (and I love the Tom Clancy splinter cell and prince of Persia games too) and I am definitely going to buy the two other games in this series - 'brotherhood' and 'revelations' for my Xbox. This review contains spoilers and mini hints about game play.

        - Information about the game series and specifications of this game

        The assassin's creed game series is owned by Ubisoft, a French company. This is the second game in the assassin's creed series, with assassin's creed brotherhood as the third game and the latest game in the series is called revelations. Assassin's creed II was released in 2009 and it is available on multiple platforms such as Xbox, PS3, PC and Mac. This game has an age rating of 15 as it 'contains strong bloody violence and infrequent very strong language'. This game is a single player game (I would have preferred this game to be a single and multiplayer game) and this game of the year edition contains additional game sequences and Templar secret locations which I presume the original assassins creed II does not contain.

        - Basic plot (the plot is a bit difficult to describe)

        The basic plot of the game is based around a character called "Ezio Auditore da Firenze" and this is the character that 95% of the game play will be through. Ezio is the far distant ancestor of a character called "Desmond Miles", Desmond uses a machine called 'the animus' to go back in time and Desmond lives the life of Ezio (this is the best way I can describe the whole two characters, two time periods interacting situation). The animus makes history come alive. Desmond is using the animus to go back in time as one of his ancestors to find the 'apple', which in the game is one of the pieces of Eden. In the game there are two main groups of people, the assassins which is what you play as (hence the name of the game) and there are also the Templars (which was actually a group of people, crusaders). The Templars have this 'apple' and it keeps the Templars in power, therefore the assassins need to obtain this apple - this is where Desmond/Ezio come in.

        - Beginning of the game/introduction

        The game starts with Desmond explaining the whole situation with the animus, Templars and Ezio, which is useful, especially as I didn't read about this game or the game series when I bought it. After Desmond explains the situation, you then go to 15th century Italia and to Ezio' s birth, which in my opinion is just ridiculous - as you have to press the controller buttons 'A, B, Y, X' in the order in which they come up on the screen to move the babies limbs - as if you are the baby moving. So the game started off well with the explanation then quickly turns laughable by the end of the introduction to the game with the baby thing!

        The first part of the actual game play is when Ezio 17 (according to the booklet that came with the game) and he is getting into a fight with others, this is one of the main themes within the game - fighting, as you would expect, as you may as well start as you mean to go on - by killing everyone! The first part of the game play is located in 'Repubblica Fiorentina' and it is 1476. I like that the first section of game play/mission before the title screen is a fight, as it gets you ready for the rest of the game - as you will quickly learn what buttons to use. Also while playing the game little hints pop up at the sides of the screen, most of which are really useful. Another mission before the title screen and the main game is a race - this is also a main component of this game - racing. Racing in the game could take the form of: running away from guards, running to catch someone or an actual race. The first race in this game is to reach the top of a building before Ezio' s brother, this is very slightly difficult if you are not used to the game play - as Ezio can jump for building to building, from pole to pole and Ezio can also swing, run, jump, dive and many more things. The title screen then shows up after you have won the race and reached the top of the building.

        - Game structure: levels/sequences

        Firstly, the game structure and levels. The game begins with sequence one (sequences are just levels). The sequences carry on up until sequence 13, the completion of which will be the end of the game. In each sequence there are so many minor/major assassin contracts/missions within them, from: sending a letter to someone on the other side of the city, assassinating someone/s and following someone without being detected (this is one of the missions I am not good at as I am not very good at being stealth like!) The sequences are really quite long, because of all of the short and longer missions and also you can just roam around the cities buying things from shops or climbing buildings if you want - you don't have to rush through all of the missions in the sequences as there is obviously no time limit. The first time I played this game I completed the first sequence fairly quickly, then the second sequence was harder (as you would expect) and I got bored with trying to complete the same mission over and over again, so I did not play it for a few months but when I started playing this game again (about two months ago) I have been addicted to it and I completed the other 11 sequences and the game within about two months or less. I wouldn't have normally played on a game for about an hour or two a day but I have had multiple kidney infections over the past five/four months so I have been playing this game a lot more and I have completed it now so I will definitely be buying the other two newer games in this series.

        - Locations/cities within the game

        There are various cities/locations and also historical sites and buildings throughout the game. The first location you start in is in 'Repubblica Fiorentina', which is where Ezio and his mother/father/sister/brother live. Other cities within the game include: Monteriggioni, Florence, Apennine Mountains (which is the most boring location in the game, as it is just a mountain pass with occasional treasure chests) and Forli. Roma and Venice are my favourite locations by far. I have been to both Roma and Venice last summer, so it was interesting to see what the makers of the game thought that the cities would be like in the 15th century - and you can go to the Rialto bridge in the game (it is obviously nothing like it is now, although in the game there are lots of people there, like there were when I went to Venice last summer). In this game I do like Venice, as it is interesting and you get to go to carnival too (and you get a mask and have to compete in different mini games) but one thing about Venice in this game is that: if you are in a mission or you have a symbol on your mini map at the bottom of your screen that you want to get to, you can't just run there as you end up in a canal, which is what happened to me. So I do like Roma a little bit more as a location because of the lack of canals and swimming! Swimming is fun and unusual at first but later on in the game swimming just gets boring and it is quicker to just run from rooftop to rooftop!

        - Game play: characters and weapons

        The main characters in this game are as follows: Desmond/Ezio and Lucy (who is in control of the animus, as well as two others). Other recurring characters include: Ezio's brother/sister/mother/father/uncle and Leonardo Da Vinci. Another recurring character/individual in the game is that of doctors, which can have actual shops or stands in the city. The doctors are obviously a necessity in the game but I hate their appearance as they wear the plague doctor 'bird beak' masks - which after a horrible day at the 'York Dungeons' when I was about 13 has made me absolutely terrified of the plague doctor masks, so this game does not help my irrational fear. Also there are quite a few 'enemies' in this games and some of which are as follows: Guards (the main 'enemy' as well as the Templars), archers (very annoying as they can make you fall off buildings), brutes (stronger guards) and some minor others.

        In terms of weapons, Ezio has many but a lot of them, as well as weapon upgrades have to be purchased from the armourers located around all of the cities in the game. Other shops in this game include: clothing stores, art/painting suppliers and doctors/apothecary's. Weapons in this game start of as fists, then daggers and as you progress you are able to buy more and more weapons such as: knifes, swords and hidden blades (which you get from Leonardo Da Vinci later on in the game and they come in very useful in missions and for killing guards). Other weapons include: poison blades, hammer/axe, and smoke bombs (not really weapons, they are used to distract people so you can get away without having to kill everyone! I don't use smoke bombs). And towards the end of the game you also get a pistol, bullets, a mace, throwing knifes and more. Using the weapons in this game is quite good, the weapons that are boring to use in my opinion are fists and smoke bombs so I don't use them - the best weapons in this game have to be the hidden blades from Da Vinci which start out as one blade then it is improved to be a double hidden blade, which allows you to kill guards/enemies really quickly and easily. It is easy to use the weapons in this game and it is also easy to swap between different weapons (with the RB button on the top of the controller) and the game pauses while you are selecting a weapon too.

        - Game play: actions - climbing, fighting and dying!

        Climbing buildings, running and jumping are quite difficult at first, especially if like me you have not played the first game in the series, but they get easier the more you play the game and this is the second best thing about the game after fighting in my opinion. I really like this game and the characters abilities/movements to jump, swing, and run from rooftop to rooftop, building to building are so fluid and easy, it makes the game really nice to play. Being able to climb buildings, run fast, jump and dive are skills needed throughout the game. For example, you will need to run away and hide from guards, jump off buildings into conveniently placed piles of hay, climb buildings to retrieve feathers/mini statues or to escape guards, to jump on and assassinate people, etc. As for the fighting, it is really quite fun, although in the process you can actually kill civilians such as prostitutes, shop owners, random people carrying boxes or monks...

        The fighting is really easy when you get used to the buttons and which ones do which movement. The fights can last quite a while and this will obviously decrease your health so you have to see a doctor and get healed. The best thing to have with you in this game is a medicine pouch, with can first hold ten bottle of medicine but later on in the game it can be upgraded (if you have the money, which you will as you get money from completing missions - short or long and you can loot dead bodies) to accommodate fifteen bottle of medicine which come in so handy are they are essential if you want to survive some of the fights later on in the game. Also after getting into fights you need to have your amour repaired. And the more fights you get into, especially guards, the more your characters notoriety will increase; this is displayed during game play on the assassin symbol at the top left corner. The assassin symbol will be white if you are anonymous, green if you are hidden, red if you are in open conflict with the guards (in this case you either have to kill the guards around you, that are attacking you or you need to escape, which is easy when you are in Venice as you can swim away!). Yellow indicates when you are in conflict will the guards but they do not attack you and finally if the assassin symbol is blue then you are 'vanishing', I don't think the assassin symbol has ever been blue when I play this game - it is usually yellow or red!

        Other actions that Ezio can perform include: stealing from people as you pass by them (you can also loot dead bodies by holding down the B button), attack, sprint, tackle, dive (into hay and water), dodge attacks, taunt guards (which is something I don't do, as I find it pointless) and you can pick up weapons off the floor. Ezio does have a special assassin ability which in the game is called 'eagle vision', this makes the screen blue and it is really useful at various points in the game. For example, when on eagle vision guards show up as red and in some missions you have to find someone that is in disguise/undercover so 'eagle vision' is needed here as these people show up as gold in eagle vision, so you can find them.

        Also when you die in this game, you will go to where ever you were at the time. Although if you are in the middle of a mission and you die, you will have to start that missions again - which can be very annoying, especially with the difficult Templar/tomb locations towards the end of the game. When you die the screen goes red and you are taken to a loading page, before you go back into the game. The loading page is strange as you have to make the character run while in this white loading page to make it load back to the game. I find that sometimes it loads on its own but other times it can take a while.

        - Game play: assassin contracts/missions and collecting items

        There are various assassin contracts/missions in this game and they obviously become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Although there are so many mini missions throughout the game that are not difficult, such as delivering letters, which you get money for. Some of the missions that I hate in this game are the ones in which you have to follow someone without being detected, as I always end up being detected! For example, in one mission you have to follow some Templar's to their meeting and that mission took me at least four attempts to complete as I hate these kinds of missions (but you get to kill the Templars at the end of their meeting anyway!). Another type of mission that I don't like are timed ones, as I always end up jumping to another building and missing, or running into guards - then I have to complete the mission while guards are chasing me and throwing stones at me to cause me to fall of a building! I personally like the missions where you have to kill people, there is one mission towards the end of the game where you have to kill seven people and they are all in different locations across the city and there is a different situation for each assassination - I like these kinds of missions.

        Another mission I like, well it is not really a mission, but it is the Templar locations which are specific to this game of the year edition. The Templar secret locations are a series of difficult places in which you have to complete a series of movements though a location with no mistakes otherwise you will start from the beginning. Some of the Templar locations include: 'Arsenal Shipyard' which was really quite difficult and it involved chasing a Templar knight! Another secret Templar location is 'Palazzo Medici' and 'Santa Maria del Frari'. The 'Santa Maria del Frari' location was one of my favourites to complete as it is not just a series of difficult movements through this massive church, as you have to complete four different tasks within the church in order to complete it. At the end of each Templar mission you get some treasure chests to loot from and you also get a Templar seal - I have obtained all of the Templar seals as I really like these features of the game. Throughout the game (although not in the Templar locations) there are items you have to collect. For example, there are treasure chests located around all of the cities/locations and you can buy treasure maps from the stores in all of the cities in the game. You can get up to 1000f in each treasure chest, although most of them only contain 300f (I have no idea what the 'f' stands for). Other things you have to collect towards the middle/end of the game are feathers and mini statues - and codex pages. Codex pages, of which there are 30 to collect, are pages of a journal with information on about the apple - pieces of Eden. In this game this is one of the on-going missions/things to collect and there will be multiple codex pages in each city/location.

        Also occasionally, Desmond has to get out of the animus, which means that you stop playing the game as Ezio for a while and I find this part of the game to be incredibly boring and pointless! This is the only main negative point about the game in my opinion. The small parts of the game where you have to be Desmond are so boring and I wish that this game did not have these sections in it!

        - Horse riding, swimming and Leonardo Da Vinci...

        In this game some of the more unusual things you have to do, well they could be considered unusual when compared to just wandering around 15th century Venice...Include: Horse riding, swimming, rowing a gondola and having a chat with Leonardo Da Vinci and test piloting his first flying machine! The horse riding, swimming and the flying machine are later on in the game but you meet Leonardo Da Vinci fairly early on (maybe in sequence 3 or 4, I can't remember exactly). The horse riding in this game is quite good and the best thing about horse riding is that it is so much quicker than running. Horses are very useful as in some missions you have to reach various people in a fairly short space of time and the people are spilt up all over the city. Also, as with the horse riding, swimming in this game is later on - you don't get to do this early on in the game at all and most of the swimming you do in this game is in Venice because of the canals.

        As for Leonardo Da Vinci, in this game he is a friend of the family and you occasionally bring him 'codex pages' for him to decode. When he decodes them you get more information about the apple and the pieces of Eden. Also Leonardo Da Vinci gives you the hidden blade (and later on the double hidden blade) which are very, very useful. Also in one small section of the game you get to control a horse and carriage as you and Leonardo have to get away from a lot of guards who climb on the carriage and they are throw fire things on the road so you have to dodge them - and the road is very winding anyway! This section of the game was really quite entertaining and I liked this addition to the game. Then the flying machine, you get to fly the flying machine towards the end of the game and I thought that it would be fairly easy - but it is not! The flying machine will lose altitude unless you fly over a large fire, which are conveniently placed around the city as you fly over it. The flying machine section really wasn't as good as I thought it would be and I found it really quite boring unfortunately. I think the makers of the game thought that just assassinating people in a game all of the time would be quite boring and it is a little bit and I think that it why they have added these different tasks occasionally throughout the game - some of which I like, other like the flying machine I don't.

        - End of the game and after completion

        The ending of the game was quite disappointing in my opinion, as one of the main things you need to do is discretely infiltrate the place where the last (?) Templar is - which I am not very good at as I mentioned before I am not good at missions where you have to remain undetected by the guards (which are everywhere in all mission, cities and locations). Then you have to assassinate the Templar leader and this takes ages! Usually when you are fighting someone in this game, it does not take too long and you can see their health decreasing with the health indicator above the character but this old Templar it takes ages to assassinate him - which was really quite boring, a bit ridiculous and it made my thumb hurt for pressing the button a lot. After this annoying, boring section, another one of the main things that you need to do before you can complete the game is to find all of the remaining codex pages that you have not found. This is the easiest part of the game, as you can just go to all of the cities (using the transport/ticket stand at the gates of each city) and use the map to look across the city and find the codex symbol on the map. Until this point in the game I had not used the maps at all as I didn't need too, but the maps come in so useful when finding codex pages. Also on the maps, you can lock onto a symbol that you want to get to, so that when you go off the maps, you will be able to see where you need to go - instead of having to go back onto the map to see if you are going in the right direction.

        Once you have found all 30 codex pages, you go back to Ezio's uncles home to convene with the other assassins and you have to rearrange the codex pages that are on a wall - this seemed easy at first but it was fairly difficult - hint: turn on eagle vision and the pattern you should be trying to make with the lines of the codex pages is that of: a map of the world, showing the continents. You have to get all of the codex pages exactly right, otherwise you cannot progress and you also can not leave the room until you have finished it as the doors will be 'locked'! I completed this game about a month ago and the credits will show up on the screen when you have finished the game. But then the game goes back to Ezio and Italia, so you can carry on playing the game and completing mini assassin contracts when the game has ended but you don't get missions to complete.

        - Additional information

        There are some scenes in the game that you cannot skip which is a bit annoying (especially at the end of the game) but it does help tell the story of the game and Ezio. The characters do swear fairly often and the characters usually speak in English but they do quite often speak in Italian. There is an instruction guide with the game which is fairly useful and there are hints that pop up while playing the game and also on the loading page. Later on towards the end of the game you go through fighting/training (at Ezio' s uncles house in Monteriggioni I think) which I think should have been added at the start of the game, as it would have made the rest of the game a little bit easier. Overall, I find the story of the game interesting (apart from the Desmond parts) and the game play itself is entertaining and engaging.

        - Overall positives

        The overall positive of this game in my opinion are as follows: I love this genre of games as I find them fun and interesting to play. Also I like the characters movements in this game, as they are so fluid and easy (most of the time). The characters themselves are fairly engaging and entertaining, although they do swear a fair amount, which does not bother me but it may bother others. The graphics in this game are very good, although at some points when the characters are talking the mouth can look really quite strange and also skin tone can look odd too. The abilities of Ezio are great as it means that you can run, jump, dive, fight and swim your way through the game with relative ease. The missions are great, some are easy and other are more challenging but if they game was really easy all of the time then it may get boring. The fighting missions are fun although I don't like all missions - sound track is good too. This game was really cheap from play.com too and there are more games in the series that I am now definitely going to buy!

        - Overall negatives

        The overall negatives about this game are as follows: there are not a lot of negative points about this game as I really do like this game, although there are some flaws. For example, the loading page can take a while to load; the beginning scene in the game with the baby is just ridiculous as is the ending with the old Templar that will not die easily. Also I am get bored with this game if I cannot complete a certain mission.

        - Price and availability

        I bought his game from play.com for only £5! Which is a fantastic price, in my opinion, as the game lasts for a while, there are loads of missions to complete and you can carry on playing the game after the credit show up. The price of this game is now at: play.com, game station, and amazon - £10. And you will probably be able to find this game on eBay too.



        *Mostly it is not too difficult and the game genre is great
        *Characters movements are very fluid and it makes the game really nice to play
        *Sound track and graphics are very good
        *Cheap! And fairly widely available to buy online
        * Abilities of the characters: jump, run, dive, swing/run from building to building
        *Large range of weapons to use, lots of cities to explore (my favourite cities: Roma and Venice)
        *Lots of minor characters to interact with - as well as great recurring characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci
        *Some of the dialogue is in Italian, although most of it is in English
        *So many missions so you definitely get your money's worth from this game! And you can still play the game and practice after the game has finished


        *If I cannot complete a particular mission, the game can get a bit boring and frustrating
        *Sometimes the graphics are slightly off and the loading screen can take a while to load and go back to the game
        *The ending is a little bit of a disappointment and in my opinion the first scene with the baby is just ridiculous!

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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