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Band Hero - Game Only (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Parental Guidance / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-11-06 / Published by Activision

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 17:49
      Very helpful



      Something for everyone, no matter what you're into.

      Released in 2009, Band Hero is a spin off from the popular series Guitar Hero. It was released across all consoles before Christmas 2009. Personally I think it's aimed more at the younger geeks amongst us, and the ones who aren't into the more heavier stuff. As there is a fair bit of pop on Band Hero. Some songs in fact would make most hardcore Guitar Hero players, or hard rockers, feel sick, or just be disgusted in.

      Gameplay :

      It's the same setup as Rock Band/Guitar Hero games supporting the full Band Controller Set Up. Drums, Microphone and guitars/bass. Alternatively you can rock out with just a couple of guitarists, or just singers. You can still use your Rock Band/Guitar Hero instruments, or you can use some of the newer instruments which were brought out for the game.
      There are many ways to play it. Structurally the game is most similar to Guitar Hero 5 as it has the same options/menu's/multiplayer options, but it's certainly not rocket science to pick up the game and understand it. There are countless items to unlock, such as playable avatar characters, including Taylor Swift, No Doubt and the lead Singer of Maroon 5. There's also outfits, new instruments and tonnes more to unlock and use for your character in game.
      You can create your own character from the start, with endless customising options available. However if this isn't for you then there are lots of pre-made characters to choose from, or you can use your Xbox Avatar just like Guitar Hero 5.

      Graphics :

      There isn't a lot of things different from the other Guitar Hero games really. Sure things look a bit more polished, smoother, brighter and more colourful, but whether that's because it's more pop orientated instead of the gritty heavier Guitar Hero games, I'm not sure. There isn't a lot more they could have done to make it more visually attractive.

      Sound :

      The songs on the game include some more main stream rock songs, as well as a large dose of pop and old classics. The DS version of the game has totally differen't songs to the Xbox/Wii/PS3 release. There's also songs on the American version which aren't on the European release, and vice versa.
      Anyway, the selection is pretty good to be honest, there's something for everyone, young and old. Whether you're into rock/pop/indie/80's or earlier, it's a more family friendly game in my opinion. There's over 65 different songs, as well as a shed load of DLC available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Songs from artists like The Jackson 5, No Doubt, Lily Allen, Culture Club, The Rolling Stones, Poison, Marvin Gaye, Queen and soooo many more.
      The sound itself is really crisp, and you can customize the setup if you want to hear more or less of an instrument, or you want to hear the vocals more etc. This is available in the options menu.

      Longevity :

      This will depend on the person really, and if you are able to/want to download songs from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It takes a fair amount of time to complete the career, and if you're a bit of a completionist like myself you may want to repeat the career a few times using different isntruments. It's a great party game if you have people round and you fancy a giggle though. Bit like Karaoke but more than 1 person can get involved really. It doesn't matter what skill level you are either, you can start at beginner or if you're a die hard Guitar Hero player, you're probably better playing on the higher difficulty levels.
      If you're an "achievement junkie" like a lot of people on the Xbox it seems, then this will be a game for you, I think I'm on just over 800/1000g but if you're wanting to really go for it, getting the full 1000g on the game is quite easy as most of the achievements unlock just through playing the game.

      Downloadable Content :

      As with other Guitar Hero releases there is a shed load of DLC. There is new stuff added each week, from full albums and song packs, to just individual songs. Depends on how much you're willing to spend really. Any other DLC you have downloaded for previous Guitar Hero titles is transferrable onto Band Hero so it's worth the money really.

      Overall :

      I'd recommend the game to anyone who is a fan of the Guitar Hero series, or if you're wanting to buy your kids something they can all play together and enjoy. Or even if you want to play it with your kids yourself, it's great fun and is pretty cheap now as it's been out for over a year.


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        25.04.2010 14:21
        Very helpful



        Good for multi-player, not as much fun alone.

        Band Hero. I bought this as I was starting ot get bored with Guitar Hero.

        This is a good game for those who want to play instruments to it but don't necessarily want to play Guitar Hero or rock music. The instruments used with Guitar Hero are compatible with Band Hero, s oit won't cost too much more to get the game

        Band Hero works on the same premise Guitar Hero does, there are different difficulty levels, and you need to finish all the songs in one section before moving on (well, you don't NEED to, but it's advisable as some of the sonds are harder and push you more) By defeating songs, you also gain achievements and money that can be spent in-game on accessories, players or new instruments. Band Hero is also compatible with the mike, and has a variety of songs on there, from pop-rock to Hilary Duff for example.

        This game is good for younger players or those who don't like rock/metal music. It's also a good multiplayer game as 4 of you can play at once.


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