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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2010-03-05 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    13 Reviews
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      28.03.2011 23:53
      Very helpful



      A fantastic 1st person shoot em up- great storyline and very funny

      I bought this on amazon for little over £3 and I thought by the look of the graphics that I saw on the back I thought oh no this looks a bit pants, and even after I played hafl of the one act I thought i was going to struggle with it , but I have to say I was pleasently surprised

      one thing that stands out that makes this game so memorable is the humour...its actually really funny, wehn you see the cut scenes they are mostly very humourous like when yuo are in between acts, two of the other characters will be playing rock, paper, scissors in the back ground as you discuss taking on another army !

      The other ingenious feature of this game is that as well as playing as 1st person shooter you also get to drive all manner of vehicles from a golf buggy- great if unstable fun, to a truck loaded with high explosives to a light armoured APC`s to main battle tanks. You also get to ride armoured boats and helicopters. Its this diversity which makes this game great. You get to use off manner of weapens from shotguns and assult rifles to sniper rifles (that do not have allot of ammo unfortunely) and grenades.

      The storyline is great too, you play preston, a newly transfered grunt sent to bad company for doing something...well bad...you get lumped in with the rest of the bad boys, sweetwater..the techy geek who hacked into the mainframe, haggard the pyro nut who just loves blwoing things up and doesnt really thinks about what might happen in 10 mins !! in one mission he goes runnig off to the enemy and the rest of your squad have to go and get him. And the sarge, who is a mean guy able to control these nutcases. The final mission sees you taking on a helicopter flown by the head merc - the legionaire, a slippery little rascal you have to shoot it with three bazoka rounds before it goes down, and you have to learn to be a bit swift with the rehealing medi-aid jab.

      You are sent in to take care of the nasty business and on the way you find out that a group of highly trained mercs have stolen the country of aspacastan ??? or somethng like that have stolen the countries reserves of gold and plan to use it to finance a coup. But you stumble unto some of it and you decide to go and hunt and steal the rest of it.

      Over 7 acts and multiple missions within these acts, like the bit when you are shot down and are on your own- quite hairaising.

      There are amounts of gold to find in each act as well as special editions of lots of different weapons like a gold plated AK47. The humourous chitter chatter is really funny too and the characters like haggard and sweetwater, as wellas the mad dictator are very funny.

      If there is one downer about his game it is that it is a bit too short, I dont play games a whole bunch, but I got through it steady in a couple of weeks. Another small point is that it is a little too easy to heal yourself , you can use the heal jab as many times as needed, so as long as your quick on the drawer it can be very dificult for the enemy to kill you.


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      14.03.2011 15:25
      Very helpful



      An excellent FPS, bringing innovative ideas to the market.

      # # # Welcome to Bad Company. # # #

      This installment in the Battlefield: Bad Company series is the second game produced by DICE, the company that brought PC classics such as Battlefield: Vietnam, Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 2 to the PC market (and which are still enjoyed to this day by an avid fanbase). The game addresses shortcomings from the first game in the series, and improves upon multiplayer, whilst still offering up a solid single player storyline.

      # # # Graphics and Sound. # # #

      Bad Company 2 boasts fantastic visuals reflected in the atmospheric effects, attention to detail in vehicles, weaponry and character animation and ballistics. In addition to this the sound in-game is incredible and was carefully recorded on location by the developers using real weaponry; this quality reflected in-game was clearly reflective of this effort.

      # # # Single Player. # # #

      The campaign follows Preston Marlowe, a member of the unconventional 'Bad Company', as they investigate an off-the-records mission. Cue the rag-tag neccessities of such a crew: the hard-ass, the captain so close to retirement, the nerd and the guy who just wants to blow everything up. The missions are varied and exciting making use of a range of gadgets and vehicles to annihilate the enemy and mostly every building in the company's path.

      # # # Multi-player. # # #

      At the beginning of a round, players get the choice of four different classes to play: Sniper, Engineer, Assault and Medic. Each of these classes gains experience separately, gaining their own unlockables exclusively. At the same time, the player levels up individually, unlocking different weapons from pistols to shotguns and assault rifles. These classes may use a combination of weaponry providing each part of their kit takes up a different 'slot'. For example, the assault soldier can use C4, like the sniper, but in such a case he would not be able to use the grenade launcher at the same time.

      Vehicles are possibly one of the finest aspects of the game that add something new to the same recycled forumla used by other games in the FPS genre. They vary greatly and include attack helicopters, tanks, APCs and even UAV drones with hellfire mounted missile launchers. These can be destroyed through a variety of means such as airstrikes called by a sniper, C4 charges, other vehicles or landminesplaced by an engineer (or even a grenade launcher if you have a massive stockpile of grenades handy!).

      Game modes vary between objective control, asset destruction squad deathmatches and onslaught, a mode in which players team up in a mode reminiscent of Gears of War's horde mode.

      # # # In Conclusion. # # #

      This game definitely brings some new elements to the market. The familiarity of vehicles as featured in the PC Battlefield 2 draws in nostalgic DICE fans looking for a graphically improved, console take on the old favourite, whilst offering newcomers something that other FPS games do not supply. The range of weaponry is extensive and impressive, with attention to detail; in addition there are a range of gadgets that enhance gameplay and once more bring new elements unseen in other FPS games which broaden the ability of each class.

      # # # Downloadable Content. # # #

      Since release, the game has been well supported by a variety of downloadable content, as with previous Battlefield games. There have been, to date, seven map packs that have added new maps to the multiplayer gameplay, whilst making existing maps available in game modes in which they were not previously playable.

      There has also been a Vietnam expansion pack released which adds a plethora of new content including numerous new weapons, new vehicles and new maps to play them on. These are not simple reskins of the same existing weapons, rather detailed degradation of older weapons to reflect the time period and condition of equipment in the Vietnam war.


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      22.10.2010 18:44
      Very helpful



      A very buyable game which suits an audience of over 12-years.

      Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first person shooter from the makers (EA)
      who brought us Battlefield, Battlefield 2, and the first Bad Company, as well
      as many other first person classics. Bad Company 1 however was a big
      letdown in my opinion. The graphics and feel of the game were limited by
      poor game engineering and an insufficient level of detail. So given this view
      of the first game, why did I go out of my way to buy the second?

      Unlike its predecessor, the second game has unbelievably detailed graphics which challenge every game designed for the Xbox 360 on realism. Smoke effects and vehicle manoeuvres are especially realistic, though the weapons, player bodies and buildings are similar if not identical in their level of detail.
      When a tank, helicopter, quad-bike or jeep (of which you can control) drives past, the ground can shudder, dust can cloud your vision, and a loudening engine noise can affect your hearing. Driving these vehicles has to be one of the funnest things in the game though. You really do feel like you're in control of a powerful war machine - and you are. The physics created for when a player operates each vehicle seems very close to the real deal.
      Similarly, the weapon effects when fired seem equally as realistic. The detail is so high that it's possible to grenade/rocket-launch/tank-cannon a building until it's a collapsed heap of rubble on the ground. Pieces of the building will split and damage until just the framework is left before collapsing. The sound quality in everything mentioned is spot on. Weapon firing especially seems as though they have spent a lot of money and time in the area.

      The campaign is very interactive - From missions where you're on the run in a jeep, shooting out the back and being chased by helicopters through tunnels, to missions in which you're a part of a unique squadron infiltrating a warehouse in central europe, the campaign is extremely fun.
      I feel they have developed the progression rate through each mission and the campaign on a whole very well too. The gradual introduction of weapons and vehicles is just right for players from a novice to experienced background. Most if not all of the maps used in the campaign are transferred to the online and general multiplayer side of the game, which helps with player familiarisation whilst simultaneously saving developers time and money!

      This is perhaps the funnest part of the game, playing online with friends through Xbox Live as a team against an assembled team of enemy players. There is a variety of game modes, such as team-death match, free-for-all, capture the flag, hold the area, etc... and their all fun different ways.

      At the start of each game after selecting your game type, you have to select your player class (medic, engineer, Assault, Sniper) which levels with the more kills, flag captures and general game objectives you acquire. As you level your classes, they give you more and more weapons to use which are specific to that class. Traits are also acquired, such as increased tank armour, extra ammo and extra medi-bags. These traits can be instigated however and whenever you like and help improve game play whilst adding a needed variety between each player.

      Altogether, campaign and online play is utilised by a fantastic level of detail and playability. The game modes, UI players, real-life players, weapons and maps work excellently together to give you best possible gaming experience.


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        18.09.2010 02:51
        Very helpful



        Online shooting fun. Best enjoyed with friends.

        One of the best first person shooters I have ever played was Battlefield 2 (BF2) on the PC. There have been many shooters since then but nothing, in my own opinion, came close to the fun I had with 4 - 5 of my friends on BF2...until now!

        Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2) has landed and it's not going to disappoint.

        I will be honest, I bought this game for the online multi-player and not the single player campaign. Although this is solid, if the single player campaign is the only reason that your buying the game, then you have missed the point a little.

        BC2 basically comprises of 2 games, the single player campaign and the online multi player game.

        The single player campaign places you back with the cast of the original Bad Company 1, and tasks you with a fairly standard plot of stopping a mad man and saving the world.

        Its good solid fun and you will enjoy the fast action as the story progresses. This will take you several hours to complete, though I can't imagine that anybody will then go back and play through it again. Not much re-play value to be honest, not right away anyhow.

        The voice acting and dialog are spot-on, and the humour is actually...well funny. There are times when you are between the action sequences and you will find yourself standing around, just so you can listen to the support characters that make up the bad company talk to each other :) A nice touch.

        The meat of this game though lies within the multi-player. This is worth the cost of the game all by its self. There are essentially 2 core modes, Rush and Conquest.

        Rush involves you eliminating a series of M-COM stations with the opposition defending them. Once they have all been destroyed your team wins the round and you swap positions, the opposition then tried to destroy them all whilst you defend.

        Conquest involves you capturing and keeping control of a series of flags for as long as possible. The game is won when you have depleted your team "tickets". These count down to zero as you take control of the said flags. The fun part is that flags can be re-captured by the opposition.

        The other game modes are just variants on the above, only more squad focused.

        In multi-player you can choose to work as a lone wolf or as part of a team. To be honest the game is a whole lot more fun if you play with a couple of friends as a squad. You can each choose a class of character that then compliments each other (assault, engineer, medic and sniper/recon).

        You are also rewarded with more personal points at the end of the round, these are used to unlock new kit and the total progression towards this is shown at the end of the round. However you are rewarded with more points for being a member of a squad and working together over being a lone wolf.

        I can't mention BC2 without talking about the completely destructible environment. Say hello to Destruction 2.0.

        Basically, if it's in the game then it can be destroyed. Think your safe hiding in that old building or behind that wall? Think again. Some structures can be shot through, and buildings can be totally levelled. This changes the tactics somewhat when your favourite hiding place is reduced to rubble. It also means that no place is 100% safe.

        Nothing beats collapsing a building on top of several members of the enemy!!

        Essentially this game is a slightly more modern incarnation of Battlefield 2, with a single player campaign added for good measure. Only difference is that it's on the Xbox and not exclusively the PC.


        If your after an excellent online shooter that gives you the option to work as a team or as a lone wolf, then this is your game :)

        It's also as closer game to the original Battlefield 2 for multiplayer that I have ever come across and is best enjoyed with friends. You owe it to yourself to play this game.

        Highly recommended.


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        28.08.2010 10:03



        Great game, but purchase Xbox Live because the missions come around too fast!

        Battle Fields Bad Company 2 is a great game, it has lots to do. Battlefield Bad Company 2 does not have split screen but it does have Xbox live which is fantastic and you can play your friends all over the world. This Is Also a great game because there is a wide range of guns like rifles and machine guns. This Game is complicated during the levels but they do have voices that play on the bottom so you can understand easier whilst playing. This Game is set some years ago so there is not modern things but there is tanks and helicopters. During Xbox Live you can jump in and get to drive vehicles like a car and a tank you can also control a mounted machine gun to shoot down helicopters and tanks. This Game is highly recommended for people who like a fun and gory games I would give this a game a 10/10 Must Buy!


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        02.08.2010 17:46
        Very helpful



        Fun as hell multi-player with reasonable single-player

        Once again we are thrown into a single-player campaign with the Bad Company, who we meet in Battlefield Bad Company(the first game in the series).

        To anyone who played the first game in the series, the single-player will feel very much the same, although there are some very fun missions along the way, such as running from building to building in the Arctic, trying to prevent yourself from getting from getting frostbite. Despite these entertaining periods, the single-player campaign does feel a little flat and you may find yourself a bit bored with the storyline.
        The multi-player is however where this game comes to life. This online experience is filled with explosions on a massive-scale, with huge realistic maps. The Frostbite game engine means the scenery can be blown up with an array or weapons,creating a unique atmosphere which no other game or developer has before. You'll have hours and hours of fun on the multi-player, levelling up, unlocking weapons and comparing your stats with your friends.

        Overall for online multi-player, it is the best on the market.


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        20.07.2010 02:07
        Very helpful



        Great alternative to Modern Warfare 2

        Initial Thoughts:

        I picked this game up a few weeks ago after I found myself growing weary of 'Modern Warfare 2'. My opinions of 'Modern Warfare 2' can be found in another review but the first thing that needs to be said about 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' is that it is not another 'Modern Warfare 2'. Instead it provides a deep single player campaign and brilliant multiplayer capabilities, both on your own or with friends.

        Single Player:

        I didn't pick up this game for the single player option but I found myself engrossed in the story telling and riveted by the fast-paced gameplay. The campaign follows a band of Special Forces soldiers during the Cold War. A story that has, admittedly, been told over and over again in First Person Shooters but 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' is not about the time period, it is about the characters and their progression. The soldiers are portrayed brilliantly and it easy to loose yourself in their humour and charm - by the end of the story you will find yourself caring about them. That is essentially what a single player campaign is about but 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' also has electric gameplay. The controls are essentially the same as any other First Person Shooter, and can be easily tweaked for personal preference. This enables players to quickly adapt to the slightly different graphics. The character you play is positioned to the right of the screen with the hands visible. This initially looks a little odd to say the least, but is easy to adapt to. The guns fire with precision, which enables accurate, fast killing of multiple enemies. Each gun in the game also has a verity of attachments which are unlocked as the game progresses but you will most likely find yourself sticking to one weapon that you feel comfortable with. The biggest downfall, in my opinion, of the single player is that you have to search for unlockable guns. For some this might be fun but I would much prefer to have all the guns by the end of the game; it would be easy to end the game without unlocking a large percentage of the guns and I didn't enjoy hunting for the ones I did find.

        A factor that lets many games down is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the characters, both teammates and enemies but this is not a problem in 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2'. Your teammates will take cover if fired and enemies will do the same. The characters do not play dynamically by looking for other routes but them sticking in one position provides you the opportunity to find different ways to flank the enemy.
        Overall the single player is easily one of the best single player first person shooters I have ever played. It combines exhilarating gameplay with in-depth characters. The only negative of the single player is the weak weapon unlocks system but this is a small blemish compared to the number of positives. The game has some replay value but only really to find the guns you didn't the first time round - knowing how the story ends, I found, limited the amount I wanted to replay the game.


        There is no doubt that 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' was predominately designed for the multiplayer. The multiplayer is the sole reason I picked up the game in the first place and is the reason I am still playing the game. The game is totally different to its main competitor 'Modern Warfare 2' but in my opinion this is why it is better. It is easy to be good at 'Modern Warfare 2' - you can just pick an overpowered assault rifle or choose a set of perks that make killing opponents unbelievably easy, and that's not to mention the simple ridiculous kill steak rewards! 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' has none of these and so is technically harder to play but that makes a kill so much more rewarding. The maps are huge in 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' which can be frustrating but the game modes try to focus the action to specific areas of the map. I have often been killed and spawned back at my home base which is a good minute of sprinting away from the action. New maps are constantly available from the Xbox Live Marketplace or if you have a VIP code (which comes with most new copies of the game) they are totally free.

        The two main game modes are Rush and Conquest, with others available. These are the two that occupy the majority of my time and are easily the most fun. Both are objective based game modes. Rush is where the attacking team attacks two bomb sites to try and plant a bomb while the defending team attempts to stop them and conquest is where there are three bases which have to be captured by either team. I personally prefer Conquest as the action is less focused around two specific points. You can play both of these games alone with a team of strangers but without a doubt the best thing to do is to create a squad and play with friends. Playing with friends, in any game mode, is why 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' has brilliant a multiplayer. The game is less about killing people and more about securing objectives and so if you have a few friends it makes everything easier. When I got the game not many of my friends wanted to get the game because they were too engrossed in 'Modern Warfare 2' but they too eventually grew tired of it and so now there are regularly up to ten of us online at literally any time of day (or night). With a headset to talk to each other, the game becomes a real game of skill and teamwork which is both satisfying and rewarding for everyone involved.

        There are four classes to choose from when playing 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' online. These are Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Each of these has specific jobs within a well organised squad but individually they have their own merits too. I personally prefer Recon but that is only because the large maps are perfectly suited to sniper rifles. To unlock new weapons and attachments in each class you need specific class points. You can get these from killing opponents with that class set up or even by taking objectives. The unlock system, unlike the single player, is perfectly suited to dynamic online gameplay. As you get more points in a specific class you unlock new sights, weapons and equipment. If you are bored of taking long shots with the 12x zoom sight on the sniper rifle, you can get in the action by equipping a semi-automatic 4x zoom sniper rifle and get involved in mid range action and that choice can change as the game progresses.

        Overall 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' has the best multiplayer in a first person shooter this year. It has none of the faults of 'Modern Warfare 2' and its own faults are easily forgiven for the fun gameplay. It must be mentioned that each game lasts roughly twenty minutes so you do need a bit of spare time to get really involved but that twenty minutes will be filled with ups, downs and depending on your skill, either a lot of deaths or a lot of kills.

        Final thoughts and opinions:

        'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' has a very solid, fun single player campaign. The single player was an unexpected bonus for me as I bought the game for the multiplayer. The multiplayer is extremely fun, if not time consuming, but the game really excels is you can get a few friends online to play with. The graphics I haven't mentioned much on but they are as expected for a game released in 2010, no better and no worse. I personally play this game on Xbox 360 but I have played it at my friend's house on his PS3 and can honestly say that there is no difference. Whether you are buying this game for yourself of for somebody you know, I can guarantee that the person that ends up playing this game will have immense fun as my friends and I have and continue to have.


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        04.06.2010 11:49
        Very helpful



        A game that will stay on my shelf for a very long time!

        This game very quickly replaced my copy of MW2.

        Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is what I see as a revolution in online FPS.

        I was very reluctant to play this over MW2 but am very glad of my purchase and have now traded in my copy of MW2.

        Again, a quick review of the basics.

        Campaign - A fairly good plot, nothing too mind blowing but good fun none the less and including the vehicles in the missions is a great laugh. The real joy in this game is the ability to destroy pretty much everything... Got a tank? Well why not shell the village your about to drive trough for a few minute before hand and just drive over the rubble, problems with RPG's in buildings? Level the building... Need quick entry into a building for cover? Go through the wall...

        A game that will forever be a classic, COD move over because BC2 has just lifted the bar!

        Online - This game is a must have for any FPS fan full stop. Add the excellent online gameplay and you have yourself a real experience!

        Online the maps are truly huge, snipers with ghillie suits can literally hide in soooo many places! The vehicles make the attack/defence lines very tactical at times and generally speaking all classes have their place on the battlefield.

        The maps span a range of different terrains, climates and weathers, ranging from the jungle to arctic warfare!

        The range of vehicles go from quad bikes to gunship helicopters and everything between!

        You can be in squads with your friends, they can join you in vehicles and can support you with their character class!

        Classes also with rank unlock new weapons and components, this keeps the game very alive online.

        All in all, a must have!


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        29.04.2010 00:40
        Very helpful



        This is the best FPS on the market and one to keep on the shelf!!

        Having played and loved Battlefield Bad Company, I was extremely eager to get hold of the sequel.

        My first thoughts were "Can EA match what they created in BFBC: 1?" The answer is yes! Offline boasts a story mode that you are accompanied by the same great characters, but given new vehicles, guns and terrain. By far my favourite thing is the ability to destroy a house enough to a point that it actually falls! Finally, something lifelike in a title!

        The AI are clever, sometimes too clever meaning if you get into a sticky situation you might find yourself ending up dead!

        Online gives the same style of play as the first iteration although beats COD over its server stability. It also has some of the highest volumes of players online, which gives the player more to shoot at!

        Call of Duty maybe cheaper in the current market, but just for the sake of 8 pounds more you could get a title that shows forward motion in today's gaming industry.

        For you people who are looking at the amount of gameplay time, I would estimate the Story mode (Collecting all collectibles) can be finished in under 5-6 hours of gameplay. Whereas the different maps and amount of players playing online will keep you entertained for a lot longer!

        So ready your weapon soldier, if you want the current No.1 FPS on the market!


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        22.04.2010 19:32
        Very helpful



        I would definitely get it if i were you

        Here we are again, back with bad company, and if you have read my review of the first you will know what it has to live up to in my eyes. so does it?

        Well ill start with the single player.

        Well the thing that attracted me to original game was the humour and the seemingly light-hearted approach to a shooter. However it doesn't seem to continue on this sequel. The cut-scenes, even though much more numerous and on the whole, just not funny. DICE (bad company's maker) have taken a much more serious tone with this one even though the original characters are the same.

        The other thing is the game has become alot more linear. In the original you could pretty much roam the map and find the best way into wherever you were going. however now in this game you do have abit of a corridor like feel to it.

        The game its self is same old battlefield. The enemy dont need 100 bullets to be taken down and the look and feel as realistic as they can. Also there are a good variety of weapons to choose from and find.

        The thing that sets this game apart from modern warfare is the fact you can control vehicles. These range from jet skis to apaches. They turn the tides of battles. If you can master these you can dominate. Speaking of dominate however, where the apache rarely appears the gunner's weapon has, in my opinion, been made too powerful and with a good pilot can win the game.

        Ok sorta touched on Multiplayer but lets go into more depth. There are 4 games modes. Rush (you have to destroy a series of comms stations/ defend them), Conquest (capture and hold various flags), Squad deathmatch (4 teams of 4 take each other on to first to 50 kills) and Squad Rush (Rush, just smaller with 4 players pair team).

        My personal favourite is rush. Its is fast and intense and to truly do well i believe alot of stealth and wits about you. A little tip, the most direct route is often the most defended and normally a 1 way ticket to becoming swiss cheese. The best is to team up with friends and work together to win.

        Conquest tends to be at a slower pace, but if your sat defending a highly sought after flag it sure wont feel like it. I find it abit harder to snipe on this game mode as the enemy's spawn points tend to change all the time and its quite easy to get a knife in your back.

        I Think the other 2 game modes are self explanatory.

        Now the maps. If your a Modern Warfare Veteran then you wont be used to the size of the maps. Theres not too many of the (just 6 per game mode. sounds alot but their all just different parts of the same few maps) But they are sometimes massive. alot bigger than bad company's closed competition. This does add alot of variety but i have found myself getting bored of the maps quite quickly. However more dlc maps have been promised.

        Well I say overall its a great game and one that should be bought. However it doesnt live up to the epic first. It does feel like it is trying to copy modern warfare. which you can get a feel of when you play the game.


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          11.04.2010 15:13
          Very helpful



          Overall the best shooter I've ever played

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 is evidence that evolution is real. The latest game in a franchise from Swedish developer DICE, Bad Company 2 has learned to stand up right and with it has beaten all other competition with a club. It stands out of the crowd with its unique features, intense gun fights and incredible graphics.

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 takes on the behemoth that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 directly. While it may have released 5 months later it's still clear from playing the game that they acknowledge their main competitor and throw punches at it. With quotes from the main story like "Snow mobiles are for sissies" as their quad bikes roar through the lush jungle path, and "pussy ass heartbeat monitors" as one member of Bad Company describes them. It's clear they are confident with their 'subtle' remarks. I will say right now, just to confirm, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is far superior than Modern Warfare 2.

          The first Battlefield Bad Company was an entertaining game, with its crudely destructible environments and cast of gold digging characters who probably represent the real army far more than other shooters do. It was great fun but the game still felt tentative and rough around the edges. It's multiplayer was classic battlefield which was great fun, but it needed more. It was DICE's way of squeezing its way back into the console shooters which had changed beyond recognition since 2005s Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

          The story starts with a rather lengthy prologue in WW2 Japan. You're part of an American squad sent to pick up a Japanese scientist, but soon find that the Japanese have a deadly super weapon. This establishes the threat in the game - a secret and devastating Japanese weapon - and also connects the old battlefield games with the new. The mission ends with an uncertain ending with a terrifying sight into what lays ahead.

          It then cuts to our times and Bad Company, who are out in the snowy mountains somewhere. What starts as a routine mission quickly becomes stealing a super weapon and a desperate escape.

          The improvements of the game are immediately evident, with the story and dialogue a lot more rich and meaningful. The first game, while still entertaining and fruitful, was nothing more than a gold hunt, which was never mentioned in its sequel. The dialogue is full of quotable gems and often refers to things in our time, like the Dallas Cowboys or Predator. The comical value of the story and dialogue results in you laughing out loud as you hold on to your control pad for dear life.

          The 13 missions are varied enough to keep you interested. Ranging from lush jungles to snowy mountains and bombed towns and deserts. One memorable mission has you descend down a snowy mountain top during a blizzard, darting from house to house in order to keep warm. Stay out in the cold too long and you'll die as the frost creeps around your screen.

          The firefights form the bulk of the game and it plays the strengths of the demolition system without it feeling forced or useless. It's just what you'd expect to happen when grenades and rockets fly around your ears. Destroying a few walls and watching a house crumble on top of your enemies as they attempt to flee feels satisfying in a way I should probably tell my psychiatrist about. Even on my second playthrough I was still surprised when enemies engaged me differently. The past few years of gaming has taught me that walls and chest high walls usually mean even rockets can't hurt me when I hide behind them, but in this game having my cover showered over me takes some getting used to.

          The game is arguably on rails, but the track is long and broad and not like a narrow linear corridor. With the vast arsenal at your disposal, and being able to engage any mission with your weapons you collect and the destructible environments means no two fights are the same. You can engage enemies differently and as you choose, be it snipe them from a distance, shoot them close up with a shotgun or collapse the roof on their heads. It never gets old.

          The enemy are not the smartest or threatening AI to appear in a shooter. They are not the dumbest either. They are likely not to trouble anyone expecting a tactical shooter. Even on the hardest difficulty their tactics are limited to darting from cover and firing wildly. The same can't be said for your AI companions, who seem to fight but leave a lot of the enemies for you, and they never die which seems odd when you're on the last thread of life in a motor strike as they skip along fine and dandy.

          The box art states "Defining Online Warfare". Now that is a bold claim in an industry filled with online warfare games, but I feel it lives up to it. The multiplayer is something else. The multiplayer, unlike the singleplayer, is far more of a tactical shooter due to the human players.

          The 8 maps available (10 if you use your VIP code), are crafted to perfection and make the players feel like they are free. Often in online shooters maps are made with certain playstyles and classes in mind, not in Bad Company 2. The maps feel natural and real, not like an arena. The huge maps allow for any style of play, be it jumping in a tank and blowing stuff up or hiding in a bush and sniping people from half the map away. It's full of amazing moments that can't be described, and are known as Battlefield Moments. The leveling system isn't as deep as Modern Warfare 2, as in that game you can be a sniper with a rocket launcher. In Bad Company 2 you are limited to 4 classes: Soldier, Medic, Engineer and Recon. You level them up individually, gaining new weapons and toys as you do. It's rather annoying for new players that the medic and the engineer have to level up a little bit before they can use their trademark items like medikit and repair tool.

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a superb game with sublime quality in every element of it. It entered a world dominated by MW2 and beat it. Maybe not commercially, and everyone has their opinion, but to me at least Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the better game. The multiplayer will keep you playing for hours and the singleplayer is a well crafted and entertaining experience. You have to own this game.

          Graphics: 10/10
          Gameplay: 10/10
          Story: 8/10
          Multiplayer: 10/10
          Overall: 9.9/10


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            06.04.2010 06:49
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            SImply put, if you are a fan of shooters, this is THE game you need to play. Right Now. GO. NOW!!!

            There you are, it's all in the title, there's really nothing more to be said.

            Somehow, I think I'd be right in saying that you'd like some evidence to support that statement, so let me say it again, and this time, in big letters, because we all know that big writing in big letters makes something true; BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 IS BETTER THAN CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2.

            Is that better?

            Still not enough? Really? Even with the irrefutable evidence of the big letters? Damn.

            Hmmmm, OK, well I'm sorry but that's the most relevant piece of information that this review will contain. The reality is that pretty much anyone who is reading this review with a real intent to buy it will have played Modern Warfare 2 at some point and THIS is what they'll be wanting to know, so I'm not going to beat around the bush, it's right there for everyone to see.

            However, in the event there are some people who will want more detail about WHY this is the better game, I will take the time to be more thorough

            Since the birth of the Xbox 360, the gaming market has become awash with First Person Shooter titles. In the last generation of games, Halo was the daddy, and indeed, it still has it's place, however it has been overtaken in the stakes by the Mastodon that is the Call of Duty franchise. However, the latest instalment in the CoD series, Modern Warfare 2 has met with mixed reaction and the shine on the series has been seriously worn down. Despite critical acclaim marking it as supposedly one of the greatest titles of this generation, a large number of players have been disappointed and angered starting with Activision (the publisher for the CoD games) choice to charge £55 rrp for the basic edition of the game, through the sub standard single player and the bug and glitch ridden multiplayer leaving the game at times utterly unplayable (which has still not been entirely fixed) to the most recent issue of them charging £12 for 5 multiplayer maps, 2 of which were ripped from previous games, and then upon release there was ANOTHER problem leaving these new maps unplayable. Straight fact, MW2 has been a monumental cock up from the start and consumers have been becoming increasingly fed up and looking for a change.

            In truth Battlefield: Bad Company 1 was an excellent title but was sorely over looked as Call of Duty was in it's ascendancy, it was incredibly tough for any other shooter to break that. However it was a fantastic platform for a continuing series of games within the franchise, and this is exactly what happened.

            Bad Company 2 ticks all the right boxes. It's campaign is longer than that of MW2 and is much more enjoyable from start to finish. From the opening level set during World War 2, through the Jungles of Bolivia and the Andes mountains, right to the very end of the game, the campaign is filled with a fantastic script and voice acting of the highest quality eliciting laughs a plenty.

            The game is visually stunning, superior to MW 2, your first glimpse at the jungle setting early in the game is breathtaking, and sets you up nicely for what is to come. It is an interesting dichotomy that there is so much beauty in the pristine settings of the Jungle when later in the game, and especially prevalent in the multiplayer it is the technical prowess of the games physics engine when applied to the real time destruction which takes precedence.

            As good as the visuals are, the sound is perhaps even more so. Dice, (the developers behind the Battlefield games) have taken the time to put some neat little touches to the audio. First of all is the sound in general. Excellent. Every gunshot sounds meaty and real, every footstep crunches or mushes suitably depending on the environment, every vehicle sounds suitably massive. But there is much more. The subtle sounds of the rustling leaves as you move through bushes, the soft or heavy splash of water depending on how you move all adds to the ambience that marks Battlefields audio above the competition. My personal favourite however is the difference your environment makes to the sound of your weapon. Out side you have a suitable boom, inside your weapon thuds and echoes accordingly. Beautiful. And yet there is still more. Dice has allowed us a number of different audio types depending on how we listen to our games. Options optimized for through the TV, headsets, and surround sound are all present, but the real daddy is the option called 'War Tapes'. The sound is enhanced to make each element, every gun shot, every explosion, every scream louder and more profound. The idea is simply to make you feel like you are within a real war zone, and in truth, there are no words to do justice to how good it is, all I can do is suggest in the strongest possible terms that you try it for yourselves. It is truly special.

            In terms of actually playing the campaign, you play through the campaign as part of a small company of soldiers (hence the name and subsequent game title 'Bad Company')and for me the true joy of playing came from the script and the character development. There is a real sense of camaraderie present in all the characters, as you play you can't help but feel part of the team, rather than an outside spectator or an individual within group of loosely connected soldiers, something CoD has never successfully managed. The script itself is at times hilarious. No opportunity to poke fun at the competition (mostly CoD) is passed up, from a passing line that says 'Snow mobiles are for sissies' right through to the last level which is a complete mockery of the infamous 'mile high club' mission from CoD 4. For gamers who have played these titles, and particularly for shooter fans in general, the references and little pokes toward other games come thick and fast and are always well received and entertaining.

            The game play itself is standard shooter fare, follow the path, shoot everything in your way, but what sets it apart is the choices the game presents you. Call of Duty fails to compete her because all it amounts to is a corridor shooter, you MUST follow the path laid before you, Bad Company 2 doesn't ask this of you. It tells you where to go, and it occasionally gives you specific mission parameters such as killing this guy with a knife, or the truly brilliant section where you have to snipe the guards under the cover of a thunderstorm, using the thunder to mask your shots. However, for the most part you are left to your own devices, and this is where the game sets itself apart, above and beyond the CoD games.

            Battlefields party piece is in its physics engine which is designed with only one goal in mind, complete and utter destruction of everything. Everything from buildings to trees, vehicles (military and civilian) everything can be shot to pieces, blown up and generally destroyed. The change this makes to the game play is huge. You can never rely on any type of cover to protect you, as any of it can be destroyed leaving you vulnerable, but it also means that you can create cover in a hurry by destroying something close by, shoot out the wall of this building to quickly get out of fire, or destroy this wall to make yourself a protected firing position, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. In the campaign this means that every section of combat is less of a corridor shooter, and much more of an open area pitched battle with the flow of battle always being dynamic and uncertain as you can never be sure what is going to happen. It keeps the game exciting and fresh, again something CoD sorely lacks.

            The destruction physics are not unique to the Battlefield series, many other games also use them, however few of them can boast the pure glee of seeing your enemy flee for his life as his well thought out cover position is summarily destroyed around his ears, or the laugh out loud entertainment value of crashing through a building in a tank a driving over a closeted group of enemies. This is something that is particularly prevalent in the multiplayer, and is subsequently even more satisfying knowing that it is a real life player trying his hardest to get away from your suicidal helicopter ride directly into their base. It can at times be unpredictable, I've seen moments where a quad bike took such a horrendous barrage that it flipped up into the air and managed to get stuck, perched upside down on a wooden fence, and times where a boat has driven too fast up a beach, over a mound and driven through air into a wall and got stuck in true Dukes of Hazzard style. Occasionally these can be glitches, the quad bike certainly was, but at other times it is just the nature of the physics that allows the unpredictable and the hilarious to happen.

            The game has an excellent difficulty curve, at no time is it too steep, rather it gradually increases as you become more acclimatized to the game, keeping the challenge consistent . Of course, playing on lower difficulties will make the game substantially easier, and the hardest difficulty will require a lot of your skills, but it is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. The AI that controls the enemy is smart, they are constantly looking for cover, and always looking for an opportunity to destroy yours, but your friendly AI is equally as smart and they too will search out cover and look for ways to reach the enemy.

            Without question though, the true highlight of Bad Company 2 is it's multiplayer, and it is here more than anywhere else that it truly shines and puts Modern Warfare 2 to shame.

            The first, and arguably most important thing to know about the Bad Company 2 multiplayer is that it is inherently different to that of the Call of Duty games. CoD focuses on death match game types. You either play solo, or as part of a team and it is the first to reach a set number of points from either kills or from capturing certain points on relatively small maps. That's it.

            Bad Company doesn't do this. The game is focussed on team battles, up to 24 players, 12 per team fight across huge open landscapes. You can choose to play solo if you wish, but the game really opens up when playing is part of a squad. Squads consist of 4 players and the game is set up to promote cooperation between squad mates. You earn extra rewards for assisting your squad, and a good squad will complement each other and learn to assist one another, make them a more effective team. Playing as an individual is not actively discouraged, and it can still be fun to do so, but where CoD has no benefit in team mate cooperation, and the game is set up to promote individual players being better then everyone else, Bad Company does not, it promotes and rewards cooperation, and the game is infinitely more fun because of it.

            There are 4 game types. The 'Conquest' game mode sees you capturing and holding set flag locations until the enemy team runs out of spawn points. 'Rush' is an attack/defend game type where one team is assaulting specific bases on a map with the objective of blowing them up, whilst the other team has to defend the points by disarming any charges set to destroy them and by continuing to kill the attacking team until they run out of spawn points. 'Squad Rush' is the same as 'Rush' except the maps are smaller and it only allows for 8 players, 2 squads of 4, one attacking and one defending. Finally we have 'Squad Deathmatch' CoD likes to pride itself on the quality of it's death match game types, but in truth it can't compete with Battlefield's. As I mentioned earlier, CoD promotes the individual surpassing everyone else, whereas Battlefield promotes cooperative game play, and its Squad Deathmatch mode benefits because of it. 4 squads of 4 players each fighting over the control of the single military vehicle and trying to be the first team to score 50 kills. Very similar to the death matches so typical to the CoD games, however the presence of a vehicle adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and the squad based cooperation adds a level of tactical thought and play unheard of in the CoD games. For my money, it is a far superior death match type than anything CoD has produced.

            The most noticeable difference between MW2 and BC2 is that MW2 allows you to pick and choose virtually any combination of weapons and items you like to take into the game, whereas BC2 does not. Instead, BC2 has 4 set character classes: Assault, Medic, Engineer, Recon. Each class serves a specific purpose, assault is your basic infantry type, Medic is exactly as it sounds, his primary job is to heal injured players and revive ones who have been 'killed', Engineer is a specialist at dealing with vehicles, he can repair friendly vehicles and destroy enemy ones swiftly, the Recon class is your Sniper.

            It sounds very regimented, but it is actually surprisingly varied. Yes each class has a restricted weapon preference, but there is also a pool of weapons that all classes can draw from, plus you are not restricted to a set number of 'load-outs' as you are in CoD. At any time during the game you can pick up the gear of any other class that happens to be lying around if you need to use it. This is especially useful if ,for example, your medic player has been killed, you can quickly snatch up his gear and revive him. It is also possible to change class after every death, and more, you can also take the time to choose the exact weapon selection you wish. So whilst it seems more regimented than CoD on the surface, during actual play, it works much better. The dynamic of the game is such that you don't NEED to play as an Assault class with it's selection of assault rifles, as every other class carries good weapons and are perfectly able to defend themselves, also the ebb and flow of the game creates situations where, at times, you may NEED to pick a specific class to deal with a situation, and the game allows for those situations.

            One area in which the Battlefield is similar to CoD is in it's use of experience points earned in game to reward you. As with MW2, as you play, you earn points, although as I've mentioned already, Battlefield rewards you far more for cooperative play than it does for solo valour.

            As you progress you earn experience on 2 levels, one to raise your general rank, which sees you unlock new weapons and items as you progress, the other to raise your rank with each specific class which sees you unlock class specific items and weapons, such as the medkit and defibrillator for the medic.

            One of the most rewarding elements of the game, and something that CoD just cannot compete with, is the use of military vehicles. Modern Warfare 2 introduces them as rewards for excellent play in the form of differing varieties of air strikes which you have little direct control over. In truth, they only serve to reward the better players, giving them higher kill streaks and increasing the gulf between the best players and everyone else. It is one of the elements of MW2 that many players are most disgruntled by. Bad Company 2 puts MW2 to shame by allowing all players access to any vehicles in the game, whenever they want to, and the reward for using them is in learning how be increasingly more effective at doing so. Nobody who plays the game begrudges anyone else using them, as everyone has the opportunity to do so. The vehicles bring a whole new level of enjoyment to this already stellar game. They are fun, and can be brutal and dangerous, but are not in any way over powered, it is just another avenue for the dynamic between players to venture down. It is entirely possible to take down a heavy tank by yourself, and indeed is very satisfying when you do so, but that is extremely rare and it is far more rewarding when you work with your squad to deal with the situation. The cooperation between players also benefits you when using the vehicles. A played a game recently where myself and a friend were in a small light tank, and between us took out 4 enemy tanks and 58 enemy soldiers before our tank was destroyed, and that was down to our simple use of tactics which had us drive to certain places on the map with my friend controlling the tank and the main gun, and I was using the secondary mounted gun and jumping out and repairing our tank frequently, with my friend quickly driving to a safe spot whenever we took a certain level of damage. It was simple, but our working together, and the distinct lack of cohesion between the enemy players made that game an absolute joy to play. Nothing Call of Duty has ever done can come anywhere near to the sheer level of enjoyment we got from that game.

            There is no question in my mind, nor should there be in anyone else's that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a total FPS package, and is THE shooter to own right now. It is in every way possible superior to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The more entertaining campaign, the beautiful visuals and sublime use of sound, the truly spectacular physics and the near perfect multiplayer, all of this combined makes this the ultimate FPS game. The perfect package for anyone who loves shooters, and is fed up with the endless waves of disappointment and irritation that makes up Modern Warfare 2. If you're in shooter hell, try this and you'll find your road to gaming heaven.

            Oh, and one final little tidbit of information. Activision (the publishers of the CoD games), as I mentioned earlier, recently released a map pack for Modern Warfare 2 that costs £12 to buy, contained 2 recycled maps from previous games, and didn't work properly. On the same day, Dice released a map pack for Bad Company 2. The cost? £0.00p. That's it. Nothing, the pack was free, and it also worked immediately without any issues. And just to rub it in a bit more, Infinity Ward (the developers of MW2) have come out and claimed that the £12 price tag on their map pack is good value for money, within a few days Dice released a statement saying that they will NEVER charge anything for their map packs.

            Makes you wonder doesn't it?

            So I have to ask, why play Modern Warfare 2 with it's inferior multiplayer that will continue to cost money when you can be playing Bad Company 2 with its infinitely more satisfying game play that will be supported at no extra cost to us?


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              29.03.2010 11:02
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              Cod Gets beat finally.

              As a battlefield veteran i have long awaited the return of this series to consoles and lord does EA do it better every time.

              The Gist:

              A modern day set First person shooter that excels highly in what it tries to be, BFBC2 is exactly what FPS fans the world over have been waiting for.

              Single player:
              With a solid single player mode with an all too similair Russian terrorist storyline it may be dismissed at first, but give it a chance and the comedy that was the first BC will shine through and set this title far apart from its competitors with you travelling all over the world killing things and with its amazing use of set pieces this story thrills from start to finish. (this reviewer preffers the multi player on almost every game ;D)

              Multi player:
              With a well extended ranking system compared to its predecessor this vet is happy to say that the longevity of the series has improved tenfold, retaining its 24 player matches.

              Ranking wise you can now worm your way upto level 50 which will take a hell of a long time for most people and unlike COD doesnt mean doing the same ten times over, you get there you stay there, easy.

              As always its a class based game with the familiar classes:

              Assault; Assault rifles with rifle grenades(or mounted shotgun, smoke launchers) and ammo boxes. your basic run and gun/Supply class.

              Recon; High powered, scoped rifles with a choice of C4 or a mortar strike. Also some motion mines for extra Recon power.

              Medic; Light machine gun with medpack and defibrilators, A healer but by no means a low combat efficient class.

              Engineer; Silenced Sub machine gun with a rocket launcher/anti tank mines and the repair tool(for fixing/destroying vehichles)

              Add to that the fact that each class has a choice of secondary weapon, one of the fine pistols or the tracer dart gun for assisting engineer rockets and the fact that there are now 9 or 10 new "all class" guns (shotguns,m14 and g3) and even though its class based it is a avery open system. There are also perk like choices called "specialisations available o each class, with two on foot ones and one vehichle one. These include more ammo, scopes, extra stopping power for your gun or explosives. Essentially further customising your class for what you want it to do.

              It has the two familiar gametypes of Rush (destroy a couple of sets of opposing teams stations or defend your own ones, whatever side you fall on) and Conquest(control flags on the map to deplete enemy spawns)
              with two new added modes, Squad deathmatch (four squads of four take on each other in a race too 50 kills) and squad rush ( a single set of stations for four vs four insanity) So all in all a good range of gametypes. Each gametype also has its own set of maps ranging from CCQ to vehichle based combat making each game a good bit different from the last.

              Returning once more is the squad system allowing four friends to team up and gain additional points for assistig each other and allowing each other to spawn on any live member after dying making this an invaluable tool for all modes.

              The gun count has been massively extended as well ranging from WWII weapons upto prototype weapons catering for all tastes.

              The range of maps are very versatile proving to be a different battle everytime you play and allowing millions of strategies for winning while offering huge amounts of fun to be had.(suicide quad bikes anyone?)

              The conclusion:

              All in all an amazing first person shooter with beatuiful graphics and amazing single/multi players to boot. MW2 fans say goodbye to your same ols game and come join the battlefield on the new best online multiplayer game.


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