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Bullet Witch (Xbox 360)

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6 Reviews

Developer: Atari / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    6 Reviews
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      08.06.2011 16:04
      Very helpful



      An action packed third person shooter with a witch!

      == Bullet Witch ==
      Bullet Witch is a third person shooter/action game that was released only for the Xbox 360 console. The game is developed by Cavia inc and was also published by three different companies Atari, AQ interactive and Codemasters. The game was released back in 2007 and since coming out here in the UK it hasn't sold to many copies and isn't a very well known game. The game itself did sell well in Japan where it was first released back in 2006 and ever since releasing here in UK and other countries it just didn't sell close to what it did there. I enjoyed this game a little, the gameplay was actually quite good, the graphics I feel were pretty respectable and the sound effects aren't to shabby, however its a fairly pricey game, it is quite easy, its not got too many levels on and there isn't any multiplayer options except for an online leader board to see how you faired against the members of Xbox Live on rank for different levels. You take the role as an interesting character and one that I really enjoy. She is named the Bullet Witch or better known as Alicia Claus and the setting for the game is the year 2013 where demons and other deformed beasts have taken over the world and the only few survivors left in the town where your fighting is Alicia herself and a group of mercenaries that are also helping you fight against the invasion of demons. Can Alicia put an end to the demons and somehow bring peace to the world or is destruction inevitable. The basic plot to the game itself is actually rather interesting and does suit the game really well, however there's just not enough to the story to make this a brilliant game. Bullet Witch is way off being the best game ever, however its also way off being the worst ever, its an average game thats based on action and thats pretty much it.

      === Gameplay ===
      The gameplay to the game is actually rather good to be honest and feels like your typical action game with lots of pulsating scenes. You take the lead role of Alicia who is a witch that dresses all in black and I think she does look really good. She uses a gun rod as her choice of weapon, however this isn't your average gun rod because she can do a wide range of different things with it. Alicia uses it to change from a normal gun to a shotgun, machine gun and even a gatling gun. She can also use the weapon as a melee weapon like a sword and strike down her enemies with it. Also throughout the game you can upgrade this gun rod to make it fire quicker or make the bullets do more damage and other bits. Plus you learn magic through the gun rod and although the magic is few and far between its still quite effective and looks spectacular. Your health and mana does regenerate itself after a little while and also the camera angle you get is very similar to that of Gears Of War and Resident evil 5 where it is shot over Alicia's right shoulder. There are a total of only 6 levels on Bullet Witch but some are quite long and does involve back tracking on some but only to do certain things. After the completion of each level you gain points based on number of kills, the number of times you had to restart from a checkpoint, and the time it took for you to complete the level and after calculating and giving you your score you can upload it to the Xbox Live leader boards to see where you stand overall out of all the people that play/played the game but you can only do this if you have your Xbox 360 console connected to live via your internet connection. There is no multiplayer modes on the game or online modes, however there is some additional content to download on Xbox Live and most of these are new costumes for Alicia and strangely enough most are free to download, Also there are some additional missions to download but they cost MS points to get them and they're fairly similar to the other levels anyway. Another part I like is the ability to blow stuff up like buildings and gas stations and many other bits, there are some great sizable demons to destroy and some huge bosses. Overall the gameplay is quite good to Bullet Witch but could seriously do with a multiplayer mode or even some sort of online game modes to make this more entertaining and possibly worthy of keeping but because it doesn't its on my shelf collecting dust!

      === Graphics ===
      The graphics to Bullet Witch are actually pretty good for a game that had been released back in 2007, however most Japanese games have fairly decent graphics anyway. I was really impressed how the explosions and destruction of buildings and other bits was designed, they looked really good even more so when your not being attacked by something and you can actually sit back and admire the display. The actual design and layout of each level is also pretty good and do fit well into the game. Now for the characters, well they all seem normal looking and slightly plain and the only real character that looks awesome is Alicia, as she looks fantastic! The design of the bosses are in my view one of the better things about the game, some of them look really detailed. As an example one of the bosses you fight whilst being on the outside of a plane is brilliant, its huge and looks amazing. As for the normal monsters/demons to me they don't really stand out and don't seem to help the game. They look rather rushed and quite plain to be called demons but they do have a wide range of sizes. But overall I thought the graphics are pretty good so this aspect gets a double thumbs up.

      === Sound ===
      I was equally impressed with the sound effects. The music to the game is quite thrilling and fits perfectly into the game. The characters are voice activated which in the more modern games is becoming more and more regular. I did feel that the sound effects for some aspects like firing the gun rod did sound a bit weird, quite hard to explain but it doesn't really impress with the sound of it. Now as for the sound effects for the buildings falling down or for the explosions is really good, the buildings crash down with a hefty bang and it makes the game feel slightly worth while because of the amount of explosions and the ferocity of them. The main menu sound effects are okay as well, navigating the menu does come with some sounds that are basic and a little hollow. The sound when your on the plane is fantastic it starts raining and the big boss is coming for you at full throttle and the sound of it makes it a great level for some quality sound effects. Overall I actually did feel the sound effects were actually pretty good.

      === Difficulty & Longevity ===
      The difficulty and length of the game is a major let down in my opinion. 6 levels to go through isn't really long enough even though each level is quite thrilling. The levels are way to easy to beat and the demons are far too easily beaten, whilst the bosses are easily beaten as well. The controls to the game are fairly simple and quite easy to navigate and get used to. When I first completed the game it took me a little over 6 hours which to be fair is awful. I was at least hoping for some sort of hidden modes, but there was nothing. As for the longevity I think that pretty much covers it, 6 hours is shocking especially for the price of the game now.

      === Good Bits ===
      *There is a whole range of variety in the game that can entertain you for ages.
      *Bullet Witch has some really good graphics in places and some good sound.
      *The controls are fairly simple and easy to navigate all the way through it.
      *Some quality bosses ranging from all kinds of sizes.
      *Pulsating action all the way through fighting countless demons and creatures.

      === Bad Bits ===
      *Only 6 levels even tho they are pretty big there should be a few more.
      *Far to easy to complete, the game needed to be a lot more harder.
      *The normal enemies/demons look really similar to each other.
      *No multiplayer modes or online modes.
      *Only takes about 5 hours to finish and it can be quite repetitive.
      *Also there is only one ending and it is absolutely rubbish, this isn't like a Japanese game as they are usually great with the final parts to the game including the endings!

      === Other Bits ===
      Overall I am not to sure if I would recommend this game to anyone, don't get me wrong some parts are really good but the biggest let down by a million miles has to be the longevity of the game itself. It is terrible. Some parts of the game are probably worth while and make it a slightly decent game. However I don't think people buy games just for a few good things and I feel that the thing letting games down nowadays is the length of them. I complete my fair share of games and this one is way to easy to be even considered a game worthy of my collection. The game offers little in many places but to be fair to it, if your a fan of full on action games you might actually like this. I mean I did like it to some aspects but mainly for the constant onslaught of demons. The game has a rating of 16+ and to be fair I think its probably one of the things they have got spot on because it does have its fair share of blood, some fairly strong language and it does contain some ugly beasts. I bought my Bullet Witch for a decent price but this was a few years ago and I bought it for £5 but it was a used copy, thankfully it wasn't marked and it did fully work. However the game has risen in price since then and its no way near worth the price it is now. The game is on Amazon brand new for a staggering £13.49 which I feel is a bit of a joke. Overall I am undecided if I would recommend this and it would probably be more better if you decide on your own, however if you like action games, magic, constant shooting and action, great effects, witches, a pretty good storyline and a few other bits then maybe you'll want to check this out? I would give this game an iffy rating of 5/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987


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        14.08.2009 19:28



        An alright game though won't be for most gamers

        When buying this game I was a little too optimistic. A giant gun toting witch seems quite good in a game though the magic soon fades after the first play through. To complete the game the player can choose to start on hard for two even harder modes to be unlocked Chaos and Hell Mode. The developers are the real witches as for completing thr hardest mode only 1 gamerscore point is achieved. The modes are quite easily completed due to it being quite a quick game with only six short chapters Despite this there is a relatively good storyline. However the gameplay gets tedious with having to kill thousands of enemies which all look the same and bosses being the hardest due to very few check points in the harder modes. An alright game though a little repetitive as even the destruction engine gets a little boring though there are plenty more cheap mission to buy on Xbox Live.


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        20.05.2009 05:02
        Very helpful



        A Diamond in the Rough...

        There is a line in a song by the offspring that goes

        "Have you ever buried your face in your hands,
        Cause no one around you understands,
        Or has the slightest idea what it is that makes you be?"

        That sums up my feelings for this game, it's brilliant, fantastic, superb, and yet it will never get the acclaim it deserves... Ah well, on with the review...

        The game was released in 2007, it is a third person shooter in which you take the role of Alicia, A young witch who can use magic to try and stop the demons that have taken over earth in the year 2013. To aid her with this, along with her magic she also has a gunrod, a huge gun that resembles a broom which can flick between machine gun, rifle, cannon and gatling gun forms with a tap of the B button.

        There are only 6 levels to the game however they are each large and completing each gives you skill points to spend on upgrading your spells and gunrod as well as your health and magic.

        The genius of this game comes in your magic, you have moves such as ravens panic, which causes a swarm of ravens to engulf and confuse your enemies. Ancient wall which creates a temporary barricade and the great three...

        The great three are lightning, tornado and meteor, given at different points during the game and only usable with a full magic bar, they lay waste to everything around especially meteor which can level skyscrapers and literally turn the surrounding environment to ash.

        The other fantastic magic is called "Willpower" which allows you to push anything in front of you - Cars, Rubble, etc into enemies and around the stage. It is little things like this that make you appreciate how versetile this entire game is.

        The game is not without it's share of problems however, one shot kill sniper enemies, bland level design (although the ability to destroy the levels is ace) and repetitive generic enemies all bring down the fun, and make you feel that with a bit more love this game could of rivalled even the mighty devil may cry.

        The graphics are slightly bland as well, an awful lot of grey and darkness which could be brightened up, but it does go well with the tone of the game and it's story.

        The controls are simple enough with the analogue sticks to move and control the camera, back triggers being used to jump and fire, the B button controlling the different gunrod forms, X to reload, A to melee attack and the top two bumpers to go through your magic choices. It may feel odd to start with but you will soon pick it up.

        The music is forebrooding instrumentals and gothic type music with the enemies having catchphrases and horrifying wails, nothing great but nothing awful either.

        The achievements are few, there are only 14 and 12 of these involve completing the game on various difficulties, still they will take you a while and add replayability to the game, along with costumes which can be downloaded for free from the marketplace along with extra missions which will set you back a pound or two but make the game a tiny bit harder and more fun as you can use the great magics right from the very start.

        Overall I really enjoy this game, it is flawed but there is beauty if you have the time to look deep enough and given how it will only be a fiver now, it would be silly not to give it a glance!


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          24.08.2008 17:08




          Bullet Witch is in action third person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

          When you think of witches you do not think of brooms which double as guns, and the young ladies with perfect bodies.

          The gameplay in this game is quite fun as it is a mix of third person shooting, and the casting of powerful magic spells.

          The shooting is quite satisfying but really you could be playing any old shooting game. There is nothing that really makes the shooting stand out from the crowd.

          This spells on the other hand are really fun to use and you feel really powerful when you use them, there is even an instance where you use your magic to level a large building sending debris everywhere.

          This is a reasonable game and if you like shooting you should perhaps give this a look. You can find this game for around 10 to 20 pounds.


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          08.04.2008 12:09
          Very helpful



          Doesn't deserve to be on a next-gen system.

          2007 was arguably one of the best years in gaming. With titles like Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Super Mario Galaxy all being released around the same month! So, it's weird then that this mediocre mess of a game, Bullet Witch, was actually released in the same year as those big titles. It's a stupid concept-a witch who rather than have a broom holds a guitar like gun to fill evil demons with led and use her magic powers like call down a group of crows to attack or cause a lightning storm. From Japanese developer Cavia, the creator of bargain bin classics like WinBack 2 and Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance, Bullet Witch proves that even having great elements in a game doesn't make it great.

          -(The Story)-
          The premise takes place in 2013, where the human race is near extinct thanks to monsters that have appeared after some idiot opened a portal and let them out. Now, it's up to a witch called Alicia, a witch who has a large gun that looks like a guitar and can cast spells like thunder, to help the remaining resistance fight off these demons and save the human race. A couple of minor twists don't help what is otherwise a stale plot riddled with annoying characters and horrible acting and dialogue. Maybe it's the translation from Japanese to English. Maybe it's just because it was horrible to begin with.

          -(The Controls)-
          Bullet Witch feels like a shooter from the PC, hence the reason for the awkward controls. Aiming is a pain in the butt as enemies constantly move and it's hard to shoot them, at least until they stupidly walk into a wall. Even turning down the sensitivity didn't help much. It was just unwieldy to shoot in Bullet Witch. And there are some other issues with the controls too, mainly casting magic. You press one of the bumpers to enter the menu and press one of the face buttons to cast it. Sounds easy enough, but you have to keep scrolling if you want to choose certain magic spells, and because the game doesn't stop when you select magic, you can get shot while choosing magic, which leads to frustration. Plus, there are even more issues. Instead of putting the melee button to the left trigger and jump button to the A button; these moves are the other way around which is confusing to say the least. It's not hard to learn the controls, considering that the D-Pad isn't used, but awkward aiming and annoying magic choosing bring down the controls immensely.

          -(The Gameplay)-
          Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter which takes place behind Alicia. You can walk freely with her gun behind her and rotate the camera around her, and you enter gun mode by pressing the shoot button. Once in that, you can't adjust the camera so you can see her front and you can zoom in by pressing the right stick. She also has some graceful dodging moves which you can perform by pressing the left trigger, in which she can jump into the air and flip. It would have been nice if you could shoot while in the air, but it's good for dodging bullets. Unfortunately, as stated in the last paragraph, the game would have been better on a PC with mouse and keyboard controls. Enemies move a lot meaning it's hard to get a target on them, plus for some reason the aiming sensitivity increases when you zoom in. It means gunfights are a frustrating brawl of who can kill first. Thankfully, Alicia has recharging health so if you get to cover you can heal and then get back into battle.

          The game's structure is done via large, yet linear, levels. In the stages there are demons to kill, as well as people to protect. Every so often you come across a barrier, a la Devil May Cry. But unlike DMC, you don't have to kill every enemy to bring it down. Instead, there is just one weird, levitating brain to kill that can pick up nearby objects and throw them at you. While it might not sound like much, if a car hits you its instant death, so these foes are tough. Unfortunately, a majority of the game is polluted by the same grunt enemies, with rare 'I have no will to live so shoot my boob' giants that are easier to take down than an old lady. Except if they fall on you then you die, so watch out. The game gets repetitive after the first level, and there are five more after that. It's a shame, maybe fighting different enemies would have helped. Plus, because you don't have a map to direct you, you can sometimes get lost in the rather large levels which is annoying and boring.

          Alicia only has one gun-her rather large gunrod. At first you can only fire machine-gun bullets, but after you've completed a level you can upgrade your gun so you can fire other modes, including shotgun and sniper mods. Unfortunately, none of the forms are as useful as the default one. Using the shotgun is awkward with enemies constantly moving meaning that you can't get a good shot on them and the sniper rifle doesn't actually improve the range of which your gun can fire, as it fires about as far as the machine gun. Yes, it's easier to spend the points you earn to upgrade your health and magic. You essentially have unlimited ammo, as rather than finding ammo to put in the gun, Alicia uses magic to reload, which means if you keep your magic up high, you can always have ammo on you. It might sound like it makes the game easy, but it doesn't.

          The other weapon Alicia can use is magic. Because she is a witch, she has access to an array of magic and abilities. She can cast spells which heal downed people, create magic walls to protect her, cast lightning and meteor storms and more. Unfortunately there are about two that are cool-the meteor one where objects in the background are completely destroyed and Will Power, which is a telekinesis ability that lets you throw objects into the distance, though before you have visions of throwing enemies into pits of death, you can't use this move on anything except objects, meaning it's limited. Plus, casting spells is a pain as having to scroll through menus, all while getting shot, is a hassle. You can regain magic by killing enemies, which essentially gives you ammo as well.

          The magic works well together with the incredibly destructible environments. In Bullet Witch, most of the objects in the levels can be blown up, whether it is trees, buildings or more. This is shown impressively in the first level, when the game says you can take out multiple enemies by blowing up the gas station. It said throw a car, but it was quicker to use lightning. Anyways, I cast the spell, everything blew up behind me and enemies went flying. It was immensely satisfying and probably one of the best moments in the game. Unfortunately, this is also an annoyance, as when large objects hit you they kill you instantly. For example, in the third level there were three of those brain thingies, and you had to destroy one to take down another's shield. Just one problem, there were tons of vehicles in the level and they kept throwing them at me, which caused me immense frustration.

          In fact, Bullet Witch feels a lot like an endurance test. The game is quite unfair in its difficulty, as random death's constantly occur. The game tries to remedy this with checkpoints, but they don't come up as much as they should. If multiple enemies are shooting at you then it's hard to clear them all before they kill you. It's annoying when you can't find the right way to go, thanks to a lack of a map, and to be honest the game is so dull that you may struggle to finish the game. There are some quality boss fights, though, like when you're on top of a flying plane and a flying bird monster thing is trying to destroy the plane and you must kill it. It was intense, as one false step and you fell of the plane. It's a shame it felt like a rinse and repeat lesson as you basically had to use lightning, kill some enemies to get magic back and repeat.

          The game is rated 16+ for violence, and that is pretty much true. There is quite a bit of blood as you shoot enemies, especially when you kill the flying brains and they explode into balls of meat. It was a satisfying sight, though you'll be seeing a lot of those throughout the game. To be honest, though, kids wouldn't get into this anyways. There's nothing to draw them in and shout 'wow' or anything, and the difficulty will frustrate them. Adults could maybe handle the difficulty, though the other annoyances will grate them too. I'd say anyone over the age of 15 could play Bullet Witch.

          -(The Graphics)-
          Bullet Witch suffers from a dated graphical presentation. Maybe it's because it was released in Japan a year before, but either way the graphics in Bullet Witch are ugly. There are a couple of good things-the explosions and a couple of the spell effects look quite attractive, but that's not enough. Characters look slightly detailed, but there are only a few different looking characters throughout the whole game. You mostly fight the same looking demon throughout the game, except for a couple of variations. The animation is a bit mixed, as during cut scenes it is good but during gameplay it's on the stiff side. The environments are bland-you get your typical forest, military base and sewer levels. The physics engine suffers a bit too, with objects clipping, bouncing around oddly and more. There are also technical issues, with flickering shadows, texture pop-in, and objects popping into the distance as well as a choppy frame rate during intense moments. It could have been on the original Xbox to be honest.

          -(The Sound)-
          The sound is mediocre at best. The voice acting translation from Japanese to English is poor, and the dialogue is terrible too. This is shown immediately in the first cut scene, where a poor sounding demon tells a man he just killed that 'he should have said his prayers before' and it made me chuckle at how bad it was. The rest of the sound is okay, if a little absent. The score won't be winning awards, but it is great in the context of the game. The effects are standard, with the average machine gun, shotgun and other effects. But the acting holds back the sound entirely, making this sort of an ear bleeder.

          -(The Replay Value)-
          Bullet Witch might sound like a poor game, but at least it is over quickly. Five hours of gameplay and the credits will roll, but it will take longer if you are new to games thanks to immensely frustrating levels. The game encourages replay value by letting you use learned skills you've unlocked when you start a new game, but the game is so poor you probably won't want to. The achievements aren't the best, with only 14 of them in total. You'll get it for completing the stages, completing the game on certain difficulties and more. But there is only lame achievement-completing the game on the hardest difficulty only gives you one measly gamer point. That's encouraging. There is also no multiplayer at all, just leaderboards and downloadable content. You can download new costumes and levels for a cheap price if you want to, While the game may be one of the cheapest games available, that doesn't help when the game sucks!

          -(The Score)-
          Controls=6-Should be on a PC
          Gameplay=5-Repetitive and archaic
          Graphics=4-Looks like an Xbox game
          Sound=5-Awful acting and dialogue.
          Replay Value=4-Short, and you wont come back.
          Overall Score=4.8

          -(The Ending Comments)-
          Its one thing to try to capture the essence of an old-school shooter, but it's another to be so archaic that the game is total mediocrity. Unfortunately, Bullet Witch is in the latter category. The controls are a pain for fine shooting, one thing needed in the game, and are pretty awkward too as trying to cast a spell in the middle of a fight can cause you to be gunned down before you can perform the spell. But problems run deeper than that. While the open environments are nice, it's really easy to get lost and without a map or arrow to guide you, you may spend a lot of time wandering around until an event triggers. The gameplay is repetitive, with you fighting variations of the same guy throughout, and it's dull with little innovation. The magic spells are a nice touch, but the best come at the end and with poor visuals, mediocre acting and an incredibly short length, this witch is one worth burning. Do not play this game unless you are incredibly bored-Lost Planet and Gears of War are better options for third-person shooting.

          -(The Extra Info)-
          This was published by AQ Interactive and developed by Cavia-translated from Japan by Atari.
          This was released on March 6th, 2007 and is only on Xbox 360.
          This is available from Amazon for £17.99


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            05.09.2007 20:01
            Very helpful



            A good allround game, but truley lacks game length which leads to disappointment.

            Whoever thought that witches had to look ugly and wield old broomsticks with crazy plots to eat children, well, they'd be wrong. In this new game exclusively for the XBOX 360, there comes a new kind of witch, the Bullet Witch, aptly named for her being a witch, and using a hell of a lot of bullets. Bullet Witch takes full advantage of this Next Gen system with its' wonderful graphics, and impressive physics engine that allows you to wield masterful magic that could destroy the largest of buildings in one fell swoop.

            Though, there are some downsides to the game, there's not really a lot of game modes for you to play, and lack of story length doesn't really help either, but contrary to popular belief, I felt that the voice actors won't actually that bad, and that they suited the characters personality and their moods, but more about that later, for now, lets get one with the game features, and what the game actually offers you.

            At the start of the game, you'll be able to play Story mode, where you play as Alicia (the Bullet Witch) in the year 2013, who has some strange power, yet you have no idea how she became a witch. Your main objective is to clear the area of these crazed demon soldiers. These soldiers at start tend to have the basic of firepower, while you have the Gun-rod, which is shaped as a broom (i.e., the Witch's broom), where you'll be able to riddle your enemies full of lead. As you progress through 'stages', you'll gain rank experience. So say you killed a lot of bad guys, caused a lot of destruction, and did it all in a nice speedy time, you'll get a high rank (S, A, B, C etc), which determines how much spending points you get. With these points, you can upgrade already learned magic, or learn new ones (such as being able to command a flock of crows to slow/confuse your enemies). As you progress through the story, you will also unlock the 'super magic', which includes conjuring up a lightning storm, calling fourth a giant tornado, and summoning a meteor strike! Though having said that, the downfalls of these are, you get some so late in the game, you don't get a chance to use their full potential, yet it is always fun blowing up a petrol station with a giant bolt of lightning.

            Once you have completed the game, you will be able to play through the levels again (with the skills you unlocked through the previous playing of the game), which only real achievement from doing so is to increase your ranking on the levels (without gaining spending points). Also, if you do earlier levels, you won't be able to use your 'super magic' either, which is a real big let down, but being able to reply the levels is pretty good to have nonetheless.

            The game play is pretty decent, you control Alicia in 3rd person, where you can run around, pummel your enemies with your gun-rod, shoot them up or even cast magic on their unlucky souls. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, it was very fun for the few days it lasted, but its' replay value is pretty decent, especially if you have XBOX Live, with the download features, and the new levels that can be enabled. The game is fairly addictive, the game play gets rather repetitive after a while, but the game isn't long enough to actually cause too much bad effect. The story is kind of typical, good versus evil type thing, as soon as evil arises; God creates good, to fight it. But its' type of game, has never come across before, you have never been able to see fully fledged sorcery occur with devastating after-effects before!

            The graphics (as normal) are superb, now with the power of the new generation of consoles, and especially along with the High Definition TV's, it looks like your playing a giant FMV (full motion video). The soundtrack is awesome, one of the best parts of the game, it really fits how the games atmosphere. The voice acting isn't as appalling as most people think, I personally feel that the voices fit the characters very well, especially Alicia's voice, sounds just like it should be. The game can be quite difficult in places, but nothing that will lead you to frustration, or getting stuck repeatedly. Well the value for money is quite good, you can acquire this game now at a cheap price of £17.99 from Play.com, which I would say is a worthy price, but all in all, if your not sure, give it a rent, you'll probably complete the game within a few days, and that can dictate if you wish to buy it or not.

            Alright, that's' about it, again, sorry for the long delay in reviews, I've been very busy lately, but please, keep a look out for new reviews soon, as I'll have some more within September, and thanks for reading.

            Overall Rating: 6.2/10


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          • Product Details

            Developed by Japan-based Cavia, Bullet Witch is set on a bleak planet earth in the year 2013 with human kind on the brink of extinction and hideous demons creating a tidal wave of destruction and havoc. All hope of mankind’s survival rests with Alicia, a beautiful witch blessed with magical skills and a swift trigger finger. Players must guide Alicia in her heroic quest to prevent the decimation of mankind by wielding fearsome weaponry and using her unusual and spectacular powers to manipulate natural phenomena in her environment.

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