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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-04-10 / Published by Activision

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2011 23:44
      Very helpful



      A great game for the over 18's

      By now, most people will have at least heard of Call Of Duty games. Well my partner introduced these to me, and the first one he actually bought was Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We are now up to Modern Warfare 2, and Black ops, with Modern Warfare 3 due for release in November, but the Original Modern Warfare is still a great game, and it is what started the madness of Call of Duty.

      Obviously being game 4 of the COD series, there is 3 other games before Modern Warfare, but these were for PC and never took off as big as Modern Warfare has done. I was never into 1st person shooters, or shooting games in general and when my partner bought this game, I didn't really pay much attention to it at first. I then saw him playing this online, against a team of other players as part of a team and I started to pay a little bit of attention.

      It looked like a lot of fun to play, and I asked to have a go. Ever since then I have been hooked on the games, and I even managed to play the story mode (or campaign) on this one. I thought that on the easiest level, the campaign mode was actually quite easy to play, as you go through different towns and levels (or maps as I have since been told!) completing different missions, and killing off the enemies. There can be an overwhelming amount of enemies at times, and I did find this game quite hard to start with, as I had never played anything like this before. Once you get to grips with the controls and what you have to do, it does get easier. I did find it difficult not to shoot my own team for a while though!!

      There are different levels of difficulty, and after I completed the game on the easy mode, I stepped it up a bit and went for the "regular" difficulty. I found this level to be a lot harder to play, but with a lot of frustration and anger, I finally managed to complete this level. I have not even tried the harder and veteran levels, as something may get broken and I can not be affording to replace my TV or Xbox 360!! My partner has completed Modern Warfare on the harder level but he struggles with the veteran and has since stopped trying lol!

      There is other multiplayer options on Modern Warfare for two players, but I never found these much fun and split screens can be annoying. I also found it too easy to cheat and watch where my partner was hiding so I could sneak up behind him and kill him! This is where the online multiplayer is an amazing thing to play!

      The online multiplayer is a whole world of its own, and I really love playing Modern Warfare online. In fact I first played online, before I even started the story mode! The basic idea of the online playing system is that you can join teams (or alone) and play with millions of other players around the world in different game types. There is a mass selection of things to play, including a Team Death Match, Domination, Free-For-All, and Capture The Flag.

      Team Death Match is where you are part of a team of 6 people, and you are against another team of 6 people. The first team to the kill limit wins, or if the time limit is reached, the winning team will be the team with the higher amount of kills. Domination is again a team of 6 versus 6, but kills are not what get you the win in this game type. There are 3 flags labeled A, B and C and you have to capture the flags for your team. Each flag you hold gets you more points and the winning team is the first to reach 200 points. If the enemy takes your flags, you have to fight to get them back. Free for all is 8 people, all against each other and the winner is the one with the highest amount of kills at the end of the time limit. Capture The Flag is another 6 versus 6 game, but in this one each team has a flag at their own base and you have to defend this flag, whilst capturing your enemy teams flag and bringing it to your base.

      There also other game types you can play, and there pretty much is something for everyone. There is a large choice of maps (which I call levels - when my partner isn't listening!!) to play on, and these are chosen at random by the game. There is one I love called Vacant, where everything takes place in a disused building similiar to an old office block. There is also one called Block, which is based in two flat blocks some where in Russia. There are many others, and all maps have their own little hiding spots, so when you get used to the maps you will learn how to play each one better.

      All the maps are based on the maps you have played during the main story mode, so you will probably recognise them if you have played the main game before playing online. During these online games you gain points for kills, and different challenges. These points enable you to progess to different levels of skill, which enable you to get better weapons, use better perks and have little extras for your game play. As you get further into the levels of skill, you will find it takes a little longer each time to get up to the next level, as the gap between the levels gets bigger the higher you go. When you get to level 50 in the skills level, you can chose to Prestige. This basically means you start all over again from the beginning, but you will be a prestige level and get a cool badge for it!

      There is a large selection of weapons, once you start going up through the skill levels. Each level you raise unlocks new weapons, and you can pick and choose which ones work best for you. The starting guns are not brilliant, but you soon get to pick your own guns and add extras like Grenade Launchers and Red Dot Sights. There are many things you can add to your guns to help you aim better at your enemy, and you can even be a sniper should you wish to be.

      The perks are a great help, and these get unlocked as you go as well. You can get things like extra bullet penetration, higher amounts of ammo and UAV free, so that scanners and radars can not see you on the ground. There are many to choose from, and you can have three different ones at any one time. I tend to stick with the same three now, as I have worked out what is good for me to use.

      But wait, there's more!! You also get killstreak rewards! Which ones you get are chosen by you when you set up your weapons and perks, and you can chose from things like Radar Planes (UAV), Helicopters, Air Strikes and Sentry Guns. When you get the predetermined amount of kills in one go (without dying) then you get your kill streak reward ready to use. These can be a great help in games.

      On the top corner of the screen when playing online, (unless in hardcore modes) you will have a Mini Map, which shows you where you are in relation to the map, where the rest of your team is (this is displayed with green arrows) and if you have a UAV, your enemies will show up as orange dots. Even without the UAV you can see where the enemy is positioned when they shoot, as this will also show them up as an orange dot, but only if their weapon does not have a silencer attached. Some enemies may not show up on the mini map with a UAV as they may have the perk that prevents them from being seen by UAVs.

      When you kill an enemy their name comes up at the bottom of the screen, so you know who has killed you. When you get killed, the enemy's name comes up so you can see who has killed you. There is also a small feed on the bottom left hand of the screen, which is a constant stream of who has killed who through out the game. This can be quite helpful in knowing when an enemy you were after has been killed.

      If you have the correct weapon (usually a Stinger Launcher) you can usually shoot down enemy Helicopters, UAVs and Airplanes. This is something I have found myself to be quite good at, and is a great help in winning a game as you take out the other teams advantages.

      Personally, I can see why this game caused such a massive influx of people playing it. It really is fun, and very addictive. I have even made some friends from this game, as you can chat to other players if you have a headset (or use Kinect as a microphone!) You do of course need to have online connectivity to be able to play this online, which can be done wirelessly from an extra bit of equipment for the Xbox 360 or wired through an ethernet cable. You also need to have an Xbox Live Gold Membership to be able to play Modern Warfare online, and this costs £15 for a 3 month membership, or £40 for a 12 month membership.

      I have spent many an hour playing this game, as has my partner and while it can be angering, it is a lot of fun to play and even though we now have the next load of games that have been released since this one, we still go back to the original Modern Warfare from time to time, as a way to have a different way of playing, and also for the nostalgia value of it all.

      The graphics and sound on this game are amazing, and I was really impressed with how sharp the colours are, the different sounds are quite realistic, the voices are great and the detail that has gone into this game is just outstanding. There is graffitti on walls, you can see the cracks in some bricks, seperate blades of grass - it really is amazing, and if you have an HD TV, you will really appreciate just how well made and detailed Modern Warfare really is.

      The game is truly not suitable for younger players though, as it does contain a lot of blood and violence. It is rated and I do agree with this age rating. Unfortunatley, not many people seem to agree with me, as a lot of young kids are playing online on Modern Warfare. I really do not think that this is a game for younger ones to see, as there are some gross and unsettling scenes, especially in the main story mode of the game.

      Modern Warfare is still available to buy in most stores like Game and Gamestation, second hand for a good price and it is still available on Amazon for £29.99. The price has not come down much since it was released, which does surprise me a little bit. If you can get hold of a decent, second hand copy, then I recommend doing so.

      I totally recommend this game to anyone over 18, but not if you can not handle scenes of violence and bloodshed, as this game may not be the best for you! I love this game, and I am sure I will continue to play it as long as there is others online to play against! I give this game a 5 out of 5 stars.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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