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Clash Of The Titans (Xbox 360)

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Manufacturer: Namco / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2011 13:47
      Very helpful



      A game created from the film but its yet another disappointment!

      Clash Of The Titans is an action adventure game based on the movie with the same name. The game is available for the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360. Clash Of The Titans features hack and slash combat and it works really well but the biggest problem with this game is the fact that its a movie made game and to be fair there isn't any that can compete with the best games around today. Clash Of The Titans is devloped by Game Repunlic and it is also produced by Namco Bandai Games. The story to the game is an intriguing one and its pretty much the same as the movie.

      The Isle of Paxos, home to a meek and impoverished people. One fateful day soldiers from Argos appear on its shores. They intend to destroy the Colossus that stands on the Mount Of Idols. The people wish to revolt against the gods but the gods themselves do not tolerate such insolence. The soldiers from Argos are struck down by a merciless hammer of the gods. Their rage even falls on the people of Paxos despite their refusal to harbor the soldiers. The peoples island now enveloped in flames, a young and special hero by the name of Perseus desperately tries to save his family as he uncovers the truth and attempts to save the world from total destruction.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Clash Of The Titans is quite good in terms of gameplay but it isn't enough to make the game great. You play as Perseus throughout the game. The game is shot in a third person perspective and like most hack and slash action games you can go straight along and into the action. In the game there are many side quests to do in which some are mandatory and some are not. There isn't a wide range of variety in the missions which is a bit of a disappointment. Most quests involve killing so many beasts or doing certain things in the allocated time. Perseus will encounter over 100+ different brutal beasts from Greek Mythology. Over 100 different beasts is a fantastic amount and there are a lot of variety in the different types of beasts there is. Plus you meet them in all different locations. Certain beasts use weapons in which you can disarm them and take the weapons for yourself. The game features absolutely loads of different weapon types and different weapons. For example there are swords, axes, clubs, bows and many more. Each beast has a weakness to a weapon. A flying creature would be weak to bow attacks etc etc.

      Along with so many weapons on the game comes the ability to use upgrade points to increase the stats of all your weapons. There are a couple of sections in the game where your weapons are unavailable and you have to fight hand to hand combat which does work okay sometimes but there aren't many different combos or attacks you can do when your not using a weapon. With weapons equipped you can perform light and heavy attacks using two different buttons. You can also unleash special attacks by holding buttons and releasing them at the right moment. These attacks look good but there aren't that many you can do. Plus most of them look like average attacks and lack variety in them. One of my favourite parts in the game is when you take on the Mythological bosses such as the Kraken and many more. There are more than 10 different mythological bosses to take on which is pretty good because most of them take a while to defeat. There are a total of 15 different environments to explore but some aren't very big.

      One thing the game lacks is game mode or options. At the main menu you have the choice of choosing New Game or Load Game and that's it. You can however play Co-op mode in New Game but its not at all different from just playing it alone and its not a game I consider worthy of having multiplayer options available. The Co-op mode works terribly with this game overall and its far better playing a normal single player game. As you progress through the game with Perseus, you will meet several allies that will come along with you on your quest as they do in the movie but they don't stay for long. Even these people can be annoying when your battling because they can get in your way. You will also meet many new people in places that require you to talk to them by pressing a button. I also have to mention the camera in this game because I think it works perfectly for once and is easily adjusted as you play. The game overall isn't terrible and it does feature some promising moments but in my opinion the games that are made from movies aren't that good. I do think that most games that get made into movies are much better. Clash Of The Titans does feature variety now and again but in different parts to the game. Overall its an average game nothing special.

      Some of the graphics in the game is spot on but there are many bad points about the graphics as well. A lot of the characters are really well designed and look like their respected characters from the movie. Sam Worthington who plays Perseus in the game also looks exactly how he does from the film. Sam is by far the best designed character in the game and sometimes he will change his outfits which makes it slightly better because he does in the movie. Also Gemma Arterton looks how she does in the film but in some places her character in the game looks a little wooden. Most of the other characters are a little bland and lack any real effect. Most of the scenery is really good in the game and sometimes the way the weather changes when you least expect it looks superb. There are a few problems about the graphics and one is the design layout of each level tends to look similar to other levels in the game. The game also has a couple of dodgy bits and one is the few glitches in the games graphics.

      The sound effects are better than the graphics. One of the best features is the characters are voiced by the respected actors from the movie. The only problem I had was the fact they sometimes sound different and I'm not sure why. Another good point to make is that when your stood near a fire, waterfall or anything similar to that then the sound really does come to life. You can hear the fire and other bits when your up close and it almost sounds real. I did however have one fault with the sound effects and that is when your running on the different ground types. The worst being on concrete and it sounds like your running on dirt. There are a few minor defects in the sound but nothing to make the game worse than what it actually is.

      The games difficulty varies depending what difficulty setting you choose, how much of a gamer you are and how long it takes for you to get the hang of the controls. The controls are a little dodgy on this game because there are so many and for some reason some of them are strange controls when a more simpler option would of been better. Its easy to navigate through the game because there isn't many places to explore other than where your supposed to go. By far the hardest thing the game has to offer is the mythological bosses and some of the creatures. The bosses take time and can be very challenging because you have to do certain things to defeat them and same goes for some of the normal Greek Mythology creatures. Some of the quests are far too easy but some can be a little hard at times. Overall I would say the difficulty of the game is mixed.

      The length of the game is a huge disappointment and this is what gets on my nerves the most about games nowadays. You pay a ridiculous amount of money for some games and find that 10-20 hours of gameplay and you've completed it and there's nothing more to be done on it. I believe most games should be at least 30 hours and even that's slightly short. If a game is going to be short then there should at least be a few different game modes or options available. Clash Of The Titans is really poor in terms of length as well. While there is a bit of variety in the gameplay the game is terrible in length and only lasts about 15 hours tops.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      This is one of the better points to the game because I was expecting there only to be about 20 achievements for this game but there are a total of 48 to achieve which is very impressive. Also the achievements have variety. Most will be collected in the story as you play through the game but there are some that require skill and determination to achieve them. There are a couple of secret achievements but most of these unlock as you get further in the game.

      === PROS ===
      *All the characters are voiced by the respected actors/actresses.
      *Lots of different weapons to collect and upgrade.
      *The game features over 100 different Greek Mythology creatures.
      *Quite a lot of variety in the gameplay.
      *Some stunning sound effects!

      === CONS ===
      *The graphics are a little weak in places.
      *The multiplayer option sucks and there is only one game mode available.
      *Controls are a little dodgy and the game can be challenging to say the least.
      *The length of the game is yet again an issue.
      *A few glitches.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      The movie is a lot better than the game in my eyes. I actually didn't mind the movie but mainly because Gemma Arterton is in it. This is usually always the case when movies get made into games. There is always one better than the other. There is always one that is good and one that is bad. In this case I would say the movie is better in so many different ways. There are a lot of points in the game that I did like but there are also equally as many that I didn't.

      I'm not that keen on games that only have one game mode and no other features. Maybe that's why this isn't a great game. I did however like the fact there are lots of different beasts to slay but that doesn't make a game great. I do like the way the game is presented at times and I also like the Greek Mythology which probably made me enjoy the game a little more. The game has an age rating of 16+ which is about right due to the strong violence, blood and some strong language throughout. Also the game manual is by far the worst I have ever read. Its split into different languages and the English part only has 4 pages of useless information.

      I'm not sure I would recommend the game it probably all depends on whether you like the film or not because it does have similar bits. I'm not even sure the game will stay in my collection because its fully completed and probably wont ever get played again. I bought the game really cheap from eBay on auction. It cost me £3.75 including postage which I probably cant complain at. The game is going for around £6 on Amazon and other places. I would say its value for money because most games are going at ridiculous prices and for what I paid is definitely worth it.

      Overall its an okay game but nothing special by all means. I would give Clash Of The Titans a mediocre 4/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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