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Dance Central - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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12 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Xbox 360 / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-11-10 / Published by Microsoft

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    12 Reviews
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      04.03.2012 18:40
      Very helpful



      A good purchase for anyone looking to see what their Kinect can do. And great exercise.

      Dance Central was the only one out of of the Kinect's launch titles that I had any amount of excitement for, given developer Harmonix's pedigree of excellence in making the first two Guitar Hero games and the Rock Band series. While Dance Central is an altogether different sort of game, it maintains the polish and style from those games and inserts it into the medium of dance.

      But anyway, to the game itself. You play by choosing a song and mimicking the actions of the dancer on-screen, using a series of flashcards that pop up to aid you in performing the moves as well as preparing for what's coming up next. I found this intuitive enough for the most part, and the Kinect usually did a great job of tracking my movements to make sure I was doing it right. Sometimes I did feel as if my moves were not being tracked properly though, although I felt it had more to do with the fact that my room isn't quite as large as it needed to be. One thing Kinect games need is a *lot* of space, and that is something that people really need to consider before purchasing a Kinect, let alone games for it.

      Besides simply dancing to a song, there are a few other modes in the game. The most useful is a "Break It Down" mode, which lets you practice each and every dance routine in the game step by step, even allowing you to slow the song down so you can concentrate on the moves you're having trouble with in order to perfect them. It's a little time-consuming, but the effort you put in practice really does have an effect in the dances proper. You can also unlock harder dance routines for each song (a "normal" one and a "hard" one) once you've completed the default "easy" routine to an acceptable level. This brings me to another thing I found favourable about this game; unlike some others, all the songs are available from the start. It's so frustrating to pick up a game that you might play with friends or at parties that requires someone to play it through first to unlock every song for the others to enjoy. The fact that this game doesn't need you to do, while also giving dedicated players other things to unlock (the harder dance routines and different costumes for the dancers) that shows a lot of understanding that is typically lacking in these kinds of games.

      There are maybe two things I found that might give cause for disappointment in my opinion. These games thrive a lot on their song choice, and if you like your party games with loads of cheesy, immediately recognisable tunes then this may leave you in the cold. There are a few, but Dance Central offers quite a varied mix of musical styles, but this gives more the impression that it takes itself a little more seriously than, say, the Just Dance games. There isn't much to offer in terms of additional songs for download either, and there probably won't be now that its sequel is released. The other drawback is the lack of participation for more than one player at a time. This may be out of necessity due to the sheer amount of space Kinect requires that it probably isn't practical to have two people dancing side by side, but it's still something to consider for party play. There is an option for two players, but crucially each player takes it in turns to complete each half of the song at a time. Since player two gets to sit back and watch, this gives them a rather clear advantage through having seen the routine first before having to perform it. While this game is surely fun to watch, and the game even invites everyone to mess around during the "freestyle" parts of a song, the lack of meaningful participation does bring it down a little as a party game.

      What I have enjoyed most about this though, is that I've found it a great way to keep fit. Dance Central nods at this by including a "workout" option, which simply asks your weight before keeping a running total of how many calories you're predicted to have burned in a play session, but it's not really that useful or even necessary. A couple of hours gyrating in front of the screen and you can feel the strain on your body as you try to keep up, resulting in aches you can feel for days if you're not careful! Dancing was always a good way to get in shape and this game certainly encourages it out of the gamer in me.

      Although the sequel (which I haven't looked at yet) is surely an improvement over this, I still found Dance Central to be a highly enjoyable game that is doing my fitness levels no end of good. Still a worthy consideration, especially at discounted prices that put it at around half the cost of its successor at this time of writing.


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      11.02.2012 14:23



      Great way to keep fit.

      I recently brought this game as it was on amazon at a good price, plus I had always wanted it since i got the Kinect. I have Just Dance on the Wii and really liked that game so wanted to give this a go as you didn't need a controller.

      After playing Dance central I realised how much better it is than Just Dance on the Wii, it is so much more accurate and more fun. There are loads of songs to choose some (ranging from kylie minogue to lady gaga), obviously some are harder than the others but there are 3 difficulty levels for each song along with a workout mode that tells you have many calories you are burning. Certain levels need to be unlocked by achieving 4 stars or more in each of the mentioned songs, you can get up to 5 stars for each song

      If you cant quite master the dance you are able to practice the dance by breaking it down which allows you to repeat the move until you get it right

      I will keep playing on just dance as I think the songs are slightly better on just dance and slightly more fun, but on the wii the dance moves aren't picked up very well which is very frustrating.

      I loved this game so much I want to get dance central 2! The only negative I would say is that the song choice on dance central is limited and i keep playing the same 3 songs which can get a bit dull


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      02.01.2012 22:00
      Very helpful



      An incredibly fun dancing game that also makes for a perfect party game.

      Dance Central is the first "proper" dance game I have ever played. Whilst there have been plenty before it-think of the Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage series for instance, but for me, this is the first time in which I've actually had to use my full body, rather than just the feet movements that the DDR series adopted with the dance mat.

      It takes a bit of courage to play a title like this in front of others, but once you've got over the embarrassment of dancing energetically to fully chroregraphed routines, this can actually be turned into a fun, and addictive party title. However, dancing along solo and completing the challenges along the way packs plenty of fun also.

      Created by Harmonix, the brains behind the Rockband series, Dance Central uses the Kinect to record the players complete body movements. Whilst the "Easy" difficulty may be rather forgiving in most dance moves, the later, more complex routines in the harder settings can provide a demanding, but still surprisingly fun, challenge. The player follows large on-screen "flash card" prompts, which range from simple side steps to much more complicated movements that require the use of both his or her legs and arms at the same time.

      Dance Central's track list includes more than 30 songs, which range from a variety of different genres, and provide a funky blend of modern and old songs. For instance, players will find themselves grooving along to "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang, or hip-swinging to the rhythm of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".

      As you progress through Dance Central, you'll realise just how incredibly difficult this game can get. The hard difficulty holds some true challenges, which even I, who exercises pretty much daily, struggled with at times. Unfortunately it's a little too tricky to get a 4 or 5 star rating on some of the trickier songs on this difficulty, which tarnished my enjoyment, but only slight. It's the same with Rockband-I could only get so far before the difficulty started to get the better of me. However, some people may find this an absolute cakewalk. I guess it depends on your gaming expertise.

      Thankfully though, Dance Central does have a "Break It Down" mode which helps those who are struggling master the moves one move at a time. Players also have the option to slow down the routine until they feel they have mastered the steps. An instructor talks you through each move as you try it out, which is also incredibly helpful. After working through a "Break It Down" version of your chosen song, it's time to try out the proper performance. Nine times out of ten I found that the tutorial mode was beneficial, and I was able to get a better score than I had on the previous try.

      For those wanting to use Dance Central as a fitness tool, the game comes complete with a Workout Mode. In this mode, players will enter their weight, and then the game will record how many calories they have burned during their dance session. This mode is simply activated by ticking the "workout mode" box, which I always include during my sessions. It's surprising to see that you actually manage to burn a significant amount of calories during dancing. For instance, on my last playthrough, I burned 240 calories in just 35 minutes. Not bad for someone who has been known to have two left feet in the past. As well as actually giving you a workout, Dance Central will leave you covered in sweat by the end. Of course, the more effort you throw into the routines, the sweatier you will become, but some of the faster, more complex songs are incredibly demanding in this respect. You'll definitely appreciate that shower once your dancing session has been completed for the day.

      Unlike my other recent dance game purchase, Just Dance 3, I actually feel that I can follow the routines on screen. There are not any particularly unfair moves, but there are definitely moves that require a considerable amount of practice. I found the routines incredibly fun, and quite easy to pick up on at times, especially after practising it in the "Break It Down" mode. Menu navigation, which is done entirely by waving your hand over your desired option, may seem a little tricky at first, but it soon becomes second nature.

      The only aspects of the game which disappointed me slightly is that I wish there was more variety in the styles of music. Dance Central is filled with plenty of R&B, Hip-Hop and dance tracks, but it would of been nice if some rock, or even some more pop tracks were included in the mix. The cheesier tracks, like "Jungle Boogie", held some funky disco dance moves, which I found some of the funniest and most enjoyable routines in the game. It seems a shame that more of this wasn't included, as they'd definitely go down well if used as a party game.

      The game caters for the party audience in it's "Dance Battle" mode, where two players take it in turns to make it through a song. Whilst their score is combined to create an overall star rating, there is also an element of competition added where players scores are shown separately at the end. I have had plenty of laughs trying out this mode with friends and family, so I highly recommend grabbing a dancing partner to try this out.

      Overall, Dancing Central is an excellent Kinect title. It's great fun, it gets you fit, and makes for a perfect party game. There's some great songs on offer here, and even if you're not a fan of the music, the routines are a joy to complete. The game manages to combine video gaming with dancing superbly, and definitely deserves a positive mention.

      -Also listed on 8-Bit Girl http://8-bitgirl.blogspot.com/2012/01/dance-central-review.html
      Also on Ciao under "MonsoonBaby88"


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        02.11.2011 18:02
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fantastic Kinect game - Dance Central!

        === The product ===

        This is an Xbox 360 game that is designed to be used with Xbox Kinect. You have over 30 songs, plus many more that can be downloaded, to learn dance moves to and with easy, medium and hard there should be a dance workout suitable for the whole family whether 5 or 55.

        === The cost & where to find this ===

        This can be purchased from numerous game stockists and mine was purchased from Sainsburys many months ago for £34.99, however, the price has dropped recently, due to the release of Dance Central 2 and this can now be found for around £25.00. Amazon.co.uk is currently stocking this for £23.49 (November 2011) with free super saver delivery.

        === The gameplay ===

        When you first set up the game you will need to calibrate Kinect so that you are standing in the right place to play the game effectively and so that the photographs the game captures of you will be accurate and show the full dance move you were trying to pull off at the time. Once you have done this you will be able to use your arms to control the menus and the game. Your right arm will allow you to select songs, difficulty level, switch on workout mode and other things also and you left arm will allow you to pause the game or return back to a previous menu if you need to.

        There are various game modes in this game including dance battle, where you can play against another person to see who can score the highest, workout mode, where you can enter your weight and turn on a calorie tracker and then the main gameplay mode. You can 'break it down' to learn the individual moves of a song or you can just jump in and 'perform it'. You will start off with the easier songs and then unlock the harder songs and the option to perform several songs together which helps you unlock a fair few of the achievements in the game.

        The game itself is fantastic fun. It's basic concept is to teach you dance moves, in time with a selected song, and I often ended up breaking a song down 2 or even 3 times before I would perform it and then after that I usually did not need to practice the moves again as I would learn them well in the 2 or 3 attempts and then they just seemed to stick after that! As some of the moves appear in other songs and some songs have unique moves that are only in those songs it is fair to say that there is a broad spectrum of moves.

        === The achievements ===

        As this is a full Xbox 360 game there are 1,000 points towards your gamer score that can be earnt.
        There are 50 achievements in total and there is a fairly good range of things that must be done to unlock these. With everything from perfecting certain moves to completing dance battles against friends or playing online via Xbox Live there is a wide mix of achievements, some of which take many hours of gameplay to unlock meaning this game is fun for many hours and these achievements have kept me playing even when I have become a little bored of some of the dance moves that I know.

        === Overall opinion ===

        It's fair to say that I am not the best dancer although I do really enjoy it, mainly in the comfort of my own home and this was the main reason for wanting to purchase this game. When the game was first released it is fair to say that there was a large amount of advertising, most of which made the game look amazing, and I found myself thinking about the game every day until my lovely husband purchased it for me as a gift!

        The song list was the main thing that attracted me to this game and with everything from Lady Gaga, No Doubt, M.I.A and many other amazing artists I just kept thinking about the game and how much I was going to enjoy dancing to the songs and all these months later it is fair to say that I still love the songs that I dance to, particularly about 10 of them that I seem to play almost over and over, sometimes several times in a session.

        There is a wide variety of moves in this game, some very simple and some very complex. As I have been playing the game for several months now I have moved on to playing some of the dance moves in the 'hard' mode which includes spins and quite fast paced robotic moves that are pretty hard to master but look very effective once they have been learnt.

        This game works incredibly well with Kinect, it responds well, it is fantastic as it means that I have to work really hard to ensure that the dance move is perfect. The only thing that I find to be a little over responsive is the hand movements when trying to select a song as on occasions I end up going past the song that I am trying to select and this can be a little frustrating.

        I love the music that is available on this game, there is a fairly wide selection of music and while I did not know all of the songs when I first started playing the game it is fair to say that I now know every song on this game and thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them.

        The different levels, easy, medium and hard really do offer a harder challenge each and every time and as you work down the song list each song is more and more challenging which is fantastic as it keeps the game feeling fresh.

        Whether you are just looking to dance for fun or to earn some achievements to help build your gamer score you will have great fun playing this game. You don't need to be a pro dancer to play this game as it is ideal for all dance capabilities whether you want to move from side to side and clap or do some popping & locking you will find something here to suit you.


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          02.11.2011 16:50
          Very helpful



          Great fun for students, grannies and children

          --Product Description--
          Dance Central is a music video game for the Xbox 360 which makes use of the motion peripheral Kinect. The game was made by the same developers as Guitar Hero and Rockband. This game was first released in the UK in 2010, and become such a great hit that during the EA conference this year, it was announced that Dance Central 2 would be released in October 2011.

          The game requires the user to interact with the game through the Kinect, which tracks the individual and represents them on the screen as an avatar which can be selected by the player. Within the game there are also 5 different modes of play which the player can choose from, these are:

          -Perform It: The objective of this game mode is to complete dance routines as a single player, aiming to earn a high score.
          -Workout Mode: The objective of this game mode is to see how many calories you are burning when completing routines.
          -Dance Battle- Two players can compete against each other in the hope of obtaining the highest score.
          -Challenge Mode: The objective of this game mode is complete four or five stars in each difficulty category to a level four star.
          -Break it Down: This game mode allows the player to learn advanced dance moves through a step-by-step process.

          --What I Thought--
          After buying my boyfriend a Kinect as a surprise christmas present it was difficult to decide what games to buy that would bring enjoyment and entertainment not only to himself but to me too. This game took my fancy after I witnessed some people playing it at my local Tesco store, and could instantly see the appeal for such a game within this industry. It is a game which I consider could appeal to a vast number of audiences, including children, teenagers and adults. Not long after purchasing this game, my views were confirmed.
          On boxing day, at a family dinner, the boyfriend and I decided to show off our new games, namely the Kinect and Dance Central. It was an instant hit with the mother (age 55), young cousins (varying from 4- 9) and ourselves (me-21, bf- 28). There is a variety of songs included within the game, ranging from artists such as Kylie Minogue to pit bull. Many songs become instant hits, such as, "Evacuate the Dance Floor", "PokerFace" and "Drop it Like its Hot".
          When purchasing the game as a christmas present, I was slightly worried that it may be a novelty that would soon wear off, however I frequently use the work out game mode, as a bit of fun which also lets me know how many calories I have burnt. This game has also been a hit during student nights in/out, whereby everyone has had a little drink and has the dutch courage to play certain songs on high difficulty, leading many young females to move very much in their own way!! These eccentric dance moves are also caught on playback during the do your own things moments throughout the game, which can later be viewed in the game menu!!


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          02.06.2011 14:07
          Very helpful



          Miles better than Just Dance. Kinnect is the way forward for gaming!

          I bought this as a gift for my husband as well as the kinnect for his Xbox. With the kinnect you do not need to use the control as you are the controller (as the advert says). I chose this game as we were always playing Just Dance on the Wii but complained about the song choices, as we tended to stick to the same 5 songs.

          We set the game up and the first song that we chose was King of Dancehall by Beenie Man. We were pleasantly surprised. Not only were the dancemoves on the same level as certain music videos I have seen, but the game was picking up on all the movements I was not doing. The body of the dancer will be highlighted red in the area that you are moving incorrectly. For example, If you are not raising your right arm, it will be highlighted red. I think that this is great because it encourages you to get the dance exactly right.

          There is a great song list to chose from and you can download more. The music I like is R'n'B and hip hop, however there are also many great pop songs on there from artists such as Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue.

          Each song allows you to practise the sequence first by breaking it down. If you get the move right first time it moves on to the next move. If you need more practise it repeats the move and also gives you the option to slow the move down. There is also a work out mode which allows you to enter some of your statistics and tells you what you have burned off at the end of the dance. There are three levels of difficulty for each dance. These levels are easy, medium and hard. The levels have to be unlocked by achieving stars. You are awarded up to five stars for each dance.

          After playing the game, I felt there was no point in keeping my Wii. Just Dance does not have all of these features and you can fool the computer by just moving the controller (which was great at 8 months pregnant!). The dance moves are much better on Dance Central and so are the songs, although I will miss Who Let The Dogs Out and New Kid's on the Block's Step by Step.

          The only downside to this game, and the kinnect in general, is actually controlling the game. I personally find that it is too sensitive to movement. Sometimes I try to select songs and my movement is lost meaning I have to select again or I select the song above or below - very frustrating!


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          20.04.2011 14:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great game for all the family

          Dance central in a game for the Xbox 360 using its Kinect technology. If you are not aware of Kinect it is a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" The Kinect sensor attaches to your Xbox 360 and can be used with any Kinect games. It is sleek black in colour and contains a VGA( Video Graphics Array ) camera with 640x480 pixel resolution @30FPS which allows for facial and body recognition so the sensor can automatically sense which user is playing at any one time. It also include a depth sensor allowing it to see the room in 3D and four microphones allowing you to talk to the sensor.
          The Kinect allows the player to be the remote, to change menu screens with one swipe of the hand and to play games effortlessly, using every part of their body in the action.

          Dance central is one such game to make full use of the kinects capabilities. Dance central is a one to two player game, suitable for normal and HDTV and takes up to 3 MB to save. The Xbox live feature is usable with this game as it includes online leader boards and additional songs and dances are also available to download. It has a pegi rating of 12 as includes mild sexual references and mild bad language.

          Dance central comes in box with a couple dancing in what looks like a nightclub on the front, with neon lights and other dancers in the background, Dance Central in white on pink in the top middle.
          The game includes 30 plus funk, pop, hip hop and dance hall songs including artists such as Cascada, Lady Gaga, M.I.A and Salt N Pepa..

          When it comes to actually playing the game the basics are that each song has three different skill levels (easy, medium and Hard) and the game includes three different modes:
          *Break it down, to rehearse a dance by watching a demonstration then copying the move correctly three times before moving on to the next move.
          *Perform it. To perform the full dance, with a break in the middle where the camera records then plays back you free-styling. In perform it mode there is also a workout mode which estimates how much energy/calories you have burnt.
          *Dance battle, which is the mulitplayer mode and allows players to take it in turns dancing to parts of the song to gain the highest score.
          The game includes Limb feedback in all modes which means your legs or arms will either have a green edge (you're doing the moves right) or a red edge ( you are going wrong somewhere) the music and pace will also slow down if you keep going wrong in perform it mode.

          My experience of the game
          First up I just want to express how much we as a family love this game, it Is fabulous. We have Just dance for the WII and enjoyed that, so when dance central was released we snapped it up. The menu can be a little tricky and long winded if swiping it with your hand but once you get to the actual game it is a laugh a minute. Its not like the WII where you can get away with just moving your arms to dance , with Dance Central you have to dance! The sensors work for both the arms and legs and any slacking will produce the red tinge to you character until the game pace slows then stops. The graphics are bu no means the best that the Xbox can manage but then again that is not really the point of this game, the point is to join in, get up and have fun.
          I am no slim Jim yet can quite happily manage to throw some shapes in the easy or medium categorises. My daughter manages the hard ones but then as she is 12 and loves dancing it is to be expected. Every time we play the game we come of it smiling and feeling like we have had a workout.
          The freestyle in the middle is a rather fun aspect as the camera records you doing any dance you choose then replays it at speed, so very funny watching my four year old boy dancing at high speed.
          To sum up, I love this game. It is helping me to loose weight with a smile on my face and I would happily recommend it to anyone.


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            15.03.2011 12:56
            Very helpful



            If your not afraid to look a bit daft then this is the game for you.

            Welcome to my first ever game review.

            Last weekend we were all a bit bored so we pottered off to blockbusters to buy a new game for the kinect and what caught our eye was Dance Central, a quick scan of the box and we decided this was the one for us.

            The game is suitable for 1-2 players, is classed as an active game and requires a kinect sensor, the game is rated pegi 12 as it contains nudity/sex (I've not seen any but the back of the box claims it) bad language and is playable online.

            ~*~*~*How to play~*~*~*

            Put the game in the Xbox and wait for the kinect to see you the best spot to stand in is between 6-10 feet away from the sensor, clear the area around you and make sure your not going to hit any light fittings when you get your groove on.

            The kinect menus are easy to navigate once you have got the hang of the hand gestures. You need to hold your right hand out to the side of you and lift it up and down to scroll through the options, once your choice is highlighted swipe your hand from right to left to select the highlighted button. This can be a bit difficult at first but a bit of practice and you'll soon have the hang of it. To navigate back through the menu's use your left hand to highlight the back button and swipe your hand from left to right to select it.

            You can also use an Xbox 360 controller to navigate the menus, lots easier but where's the fun in that?

            The game opens with a funky cartoon style video and Rihanna's Pon de replay playing in the back ground.

            First of all choose a song, there are lots to choose from including Poker face by Lady Gaga, can't get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue, Down by Jay Sean. My kids and I particularly like Funky Town by Lips Inc, the difficulty level of the dance is displayed on the left of the screen. I advise starting with the easy songs first even if you're tempted by harder tracks you'll spend most of your time laughing because you can't keep up. After selecting a song its time to choose how you want to dance it, you can either choose to break it down, perform it or dance battle. The break it down option does what it says, it breaks the dance down in to easy to follow moves, first of all watch the demonstration of the move then copy it three times to move on to the next move, if it's a move you already know you can do it while its being demonstrated and the game will move on to the next move. Each move also has verbal instructions, if you're struggling to follow you can select the slow it down option with your left hand and when you've got it you can speed it back up, you can also choose to retry each move till you feel like you've really got the hang of it. Next comes putting it together in the recap of what you've learned, try to keep up.

            In the perform it option you just go for it, copy the moves of the dancer on screen and use the flash card on the right of the screen to see what moves are coming up and how to do them. The better you dance the bigger the spotlight gets and the better your moves the more points you can score, if the limbs of the on screen dancer glow red it means you are not getting the moves right and it indicates which moves you need to work on. Before dancing you can choose your skill level, in easy the dance moves are simplified there are fewer moves and they are repeated more. In medium there are more moves and more variety and in hard there are a lot more moves and the dance switches between moves faster and more often.

            You can also change your venue before you dance some of the venues are 5th Period which is a class room setting, gridlock which is a road block setting you can also change the character you work with there is Miss Aubray a young trendy looking young lady her two looks you can choose from are school daze which is a sexy take on school uniform and princess which looks like a prom dress. Another dancer is Maccoy, he looks a bit geeky and his style is geek chic. There are seven other dancers each with two different looks, some of these dancers and there looks are locked at the start of the game but as you progress through the ranks you un-lock them.

            In perform it mode you can choose to turn on work out mode, you need to enter your height and weight and while you dance there will be a heart monitor in the top left hand corner giving you an estimate of how many calories you've burnt off and a display of the elapsed time. You can also choose to toggle the flash cards off if you think you're good enough to need no prompts.

            About halfway through each routine you get a chance to freestyle, this is lots of fun because you can mess around and the kinect films it and then plays it back to you straight after, it's slightly speeded up so looks really funny. During the dance routine a camera icon pops up and takes a photo so try and get the moves right for some funny photos. You can view your photos at the end of the dance routine.

            The stereo on the left hand corner of the screen shows you the score as you dance, the more moves in a row you get right the higher your score gets and the more stars you light up on the stereo, you can earn up to 5 blue stars in each dance, dance perfectly and you'll be rewarded with gold stars. I've never managed to earn these but I keep trying.

            In dance battle mode you take it in turns with another player and try to beat each others score, you also work together to earn as many stars as you can to unlock bonus content. In dance battle each player can choose there own skill level so if one of you is not very good you're not out of your depth.

            During your playing session you will gain more skill as a dancer and work your way up from wallflower to living legend. As the game progresses you will be able to unlock more content. Just select the locked content and you will see what you need to achieve in order to unlock it.

            In the game settings you can toggle the surround sound on/off, disable photos and the freestyle video, and alter the volume of the crowd and the sound effects. The game auto-saves through out and this can also be turned off if you so choose. You can also change the opening and closing sequences of dance central and look at the credits.

            If you have an Xbox gold account and some micro soft points you can buy extra game content from the Xbox live market place.

            ~*~*~*In conclusion~*~*~*

            My daughter, daughter in-law and I love this game, the dances are difficult but with the different levels for each ability you never feel out of your depth. I can imagine that if you had an hour on this each day you would soon be fit. I think this game is really one for the girls; I've yet to catch my husband strutting his stuff in the lounge. We are having a party in a few weeks and this will definitely be put on when we've had a few drinks. I think that you do need a lot of floor space my lounge is by no means small (15ftx12ft) and there is only just enough room for one of us at a time to have go. I think this game has got staying power and will be at the top of our games pile for a long time.

            In conclusion I whole heartedly recommend this game, just take care while playing, if you get tired or start to feely achy take a break.

            Thank you for reading my longest review ever Tracy X


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              05.02.2011 13:22
              Very helpful



              great fun game, reasonable price

              My husband has an XBox 360 and we also had another active console, which i i shall not name in which you can get away with jumping around the living room and have some fun, but the graphics on these games are pretty basic.

              After Christmas we were so sucked in by all the adverts for 'Kinect' that we decided to rade in the other console and buy a Kinect and i managed to convince hubby that Dance Central would be good fun!!

              I was not dissapointed!

              Firstly i should note that you need both an XBOX console and a Kinect which can be bought seperately or together. The Kinect itself is a rectangluar sensor with an inbuilt camera that you need to ideally place beside or on top of your TV arount 8 +ft from space where you can "do your thang". When you set up the game, the instructions will take you through where the sensor best picks you up. The Kinect sensor is black in colour and comes on its own stand. These kinect sensors retail at £129.99 at some supermarkets and all games stores.

              Now for the game, it is very accessible in supermarkets and games stores and retails at between £34.99 and £40.99.

              Packaging = The game comes in its own DVD style case which is purple in colour. All games that require a kinect sensor will say so on the top right or left hand corner of the game. The game advises an age of 12 on the packaging.
              On the back of the case you will find a selection of songs that you can dance too along with a few pictures of the screens you can expect when you are playing the game.
              Inside, along with the well decorated disc you will find an instruction manual for the game. Inside it tells you what to expect, how to find your way around the menu's, and how to go about buying new songs and dances through Xbox live. Also included is who you need to contact if there are any problems, and customer service details.

              set-up = When you are playing the game, initially it will need to calibrate your body in relation ot the sensor. It is very sensible and easy to use and all is explained as you go. The beauty of this game is that you become the sensor and you do not need a contoller. Again the game will highlight this and you swish your hand across the front of your body to decide on songs and difficulty levels. This takes around 5-10 minutes, but is needed to pick you up correctly. Your body shape will appear in a little screen in the top right hand corner of your screen, and once you start playing this will become even more apparent.

              Menus = When playing the game, there are various options, although this game is only for 1-2 players.
              there are different modes to play. Workout mode, Break it down, Perform it or dance battle (which is the 2 player feature).
              Once you have chosen one of the above by shishing your hands as stated before, you are able to choos your song, and i must say that the songs represent difficulty levels, so make sure you look below the little screen where the demo is to see how many of the 5 red blocks are highlighted for difficulty. You will also have the choice to go back and change your settings too.

              Game = the game itself i liken to something like the film step up, where there are dance battles. There are differernt avatars for the different songs, struttung their stuff, with a speaker system towards the bottom left which is what is keeping your score. There are 2 ways in which you can follow the dance. You can copy the avatar in front of you (which i find easiest), or you can use the 'jelper frame' on the right side which is a sequence of silhouette frames telling you how to do the current move and what move is next. Then ROCK YOUR BOOTY!
              If you are playing 2 player it is slightly different in that you do not dance together, but seperately , and player once will dance half the song, then player 2 will do the same, and then you switch back to do the second half. One of the funniest features on 2 player is that there is a small amount of time to 'freestyle', where you can do what you like, and this is recoreded by the sensor and it then plays it back to you, classic!!

              There is of course the obligatory leaderboard and all scores are automatically saved for next time!

              The graphics on this game are of the quality you would expect for Xbox and i feel surpass its rivals in similar games. There are a wide range of songs to choose also and very current songs included. Not only is this game great fun but is good for you too, and the workout mode allows you to work out while you dance. This screen tells you how long you have been dancing for and howmany calories you are burning too.

              All in all i think this is a good game, for th younger or older members of the family and either sex too. Ive had many fun evenings with dance central and a friend!!

              I strongly recommend this game f you have a kinect!

              Enjoy and have fun!


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              27.01.2011 20:18



              dance till you cant dance no more

              Having got a kinect for my birthday and bein a keen dancer there was no other game in mind that i really wanted.I had seen the advert on tv and thought it looked amazing and couldnt believe how easy and effortless it looked to use.
              With dance central there are over 20 songs/dances you can perform with 3 different leves easy-medium-hard.
              There is also a handy part called 'brake down' it shows you the moves that will be used during the dance and lets you practice before going onto the full dance.

              Most of the dances are easy but it does take a bit of geting used to the fact you can move around so freely without a control and get into the grove of things. The player is shown on screen nice and clear and you have to follow what moves they do with a time bar on the side (to show the nest moves) and a senser one the floor to show you where you are standing and should stand.
              You can play 1-2 player and i would recomend this game for ages 6ish upwards. My nans even had a go!
              Great for excersise!!!
              Its a great party pleaser and everyone can join in!!!!
              You could also use these moves on the proper dance floor!


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              08.01.2011 01:48
              Very helpful



              Dance Central wins for single play but Just Dance (Wii) is better for multiplayer/dance battles

              First things first, Dance Central for the Xbox360 requires a Kinect sensor and is for 1-2 players. Ideally you should be able to stand 6-10 feet away from the sensor in order to have optimal space (and a good bit of space either side of you) but the advice in the booklet is that you can always place the Kinect sensor slightly higher if you do not have that 6-10ft space.

              *What's it like*
              Well, anyone who has used a Kinect and instantly loved it, will probably also love this. The game features a good selection of songs, ranging from Cascada's 'Evacuate the Dance Floor' to Salt'n'Pepa's 'Push it' and, of course, more songs are available to download, at a cost. We did not feel the need to do this just yet though as there was a good mix to begin with.

              You can navigate your way through the screens of Dance Central without the need for a controller - your arms do the selections. Holding your right or left arm out to hilight a menu, and raising or lowering it to scroll through selections. Once you are ready to choose the highlighted option, you pull your arm across your body in a horizontal motion to select. Generally speaking the 'back' or previous menus use the left hand and otherwise it is your right hand.

              *Playing options*
              When you choose a song, you have three options:
              - Break it down
              - Perform it!
              - Dance Battle

              Break it down is pretty much as it sounds. It enables you to go through routines bit by bit in order to get the moves just right.

              Perform it. Again, does what you expect. This is the main option for single play. Get ready to dance! You will find yourself facing your instructor, whom you should mimic as if you were looking in a mirror (i.e. if they move to the left of your tv, you should be moving left - once you get the hang of this bit you're half way there!) To the right hand side you will see a series of helper frames. These are pictures of the upcoming moves - if you can spare concentration to look at these instead of the person dancing, you will see what the next move will be! Aim of the game? Get as many points as you can by getting as much right as possible! There is also a Workout Mode option which you can select, (and it will continue to be selected until you de-select it) which logs the estimated calories you are burning whilst dancing based on your activity and current weight!

              Dance Battle - they like giving these things obvious names don't they. Well, as you would expect, this is the part where you can do battle with a second player. You can both choose your difficulty settings individually, so it doesn't matter if one of you is a dancing diva and the other only dances at weddings, just set the levels so you can make the dancing diva work harder! Aim of the game? Get as many points as you can and beat the other player's score!

              *In my experience...*
              ON THE PLUS SIDE: I think this is a great game for the Kinect. It is visually very pleasing, colourful and the characters and backgrounds are attractive and well thought out. The menus are logical and easy to use. Each song has its own difficulty rating. The calorie counter is very nice as you're having fun and get to see how good it is for you!
              We had a group of 6 friends playing one evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The 'freestyle' moments which pop up during performances are recorded and played back at high speed, which is highly amusing for everyone to watch even if they are just spectating! The movement sensors are incredible and if you have so much as a foot wrong (or arm/hand/etc) the corresponding limb on the instructor/dancer on the screen highlights red to show you what you're doing wrong. This is of course the ultimate difference to the Wii - your whole body is being watched!

              ON THE DOWN SIDE: This really depends if you are a game fanatic or have played similar games on the Wii, such as Just Dance/Just Dance 2. If you have not played these games I would imagine it would be hard to fault Dance Central... however, if you have played these, you will probably be fairly disappointed with the Dance Battles. It seems you are limited to just two players and one form of play. We could only find the one option and the booklet only refers to one option. This involves Player 1 carrying out a set of dance moves while Player 2 sits out, then they swap... sadly though, Player 2 does exactly the same moves they have just watched Player 1 do; and so most of the time Player 2 wins, having had the benefit of seeing it all once already! Equally, the two players cannot play at the same time (let alone a team) and there is no 'duet mode' (which the Wii Just Dance 2 offers, i.e. where players can perform two complementing but different dances, i.e. being the male and female for a particular dance).

              All in all this is a fabulous game and we and our friends have had a great time playing it, it is just slightly let down by the lack of multiplayer options. Lets hope they rectify it for Dance Central 2 (if there is one) and then it will be the best by a longshot!


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                10.12.2010 18:18
                Very helpful



                A brilliant game for all on the 360

                I recently bought a Kinect for the Xbox 360 and it came with one game, Kinect Adventures, but I had seen the TV advert for Dance Central and I thought it looked really good so I bought this to go with it.

                The idea of the Kinect is that you are the controller and you use your body to play the game. The way to play Dance Central on the Kinect is to learn and copy the dance moves in time with the characters on the screen.

                At first, it does sound like it will be simple and easy to play, but you soon find out it is not as easy as you first thought lol. Luckily, once you get used to the game and you know what the dance moves are, you will find it easier.

                There is an option on the game to "break it down" which teaches you the moves for each song in small segments so that you can get them right before performing the song. This is great if you want to learn the moves before giving it a try, or if you are struggling on certain moves within a song.

                Each song has a difficulty level option as well. You can choose between Easy, Medium and Hard. The game starts on the easy setting, and when you dance your way to 4 out of 5 stars on a song, you unlock the Medium level and when you get 4 stars on the Medium level you will unlock Hard.

                There is also challenges on the game, which you get when you get certain scores on the songs before the challenge. These include mixing together moves from a selection of songs you will have already completed. These are also available at the three difficulty levels. I found the first challenge to be quite easy, the others are a bit more difficult but are manageable.

                I found the dances to be quite easy, once I got used to the moves and how the game worked. I have managed to complete two of the songs on 100% and the rest are pretty good scores but I still manage to miss a few moves, usually by using the wrong arm or leg!!

                The medium level is a bit harder than I thought it would be, I managed to do quite well and with a bit more practice I think I will do a good job on that level.

                My partner, my mum and my sister have all had a good go on this game, and they all love it too. It really is quite an addictive game, and we end up having battles on our scores.

                The song list is very impressive, I was expecting not to like many of the songs but there is a fair few I like. There is; Pon De Replay - Rihanna, Down - Jay Sean, - Just Dance & Poker Face - Lady Gaga and Evacuate The Dancefloor - Cascada.
                There is many other songs to choose from, and there is the option of downloading more songs. I have not looked into this option yet, but I am sure this option is not free and will probably cost you a fair few Microsoft points.

                There is also a choice of two player battle mode on this game, where you can pick a song, play against a friend and see who can get the better score. This is a great way to play and provides so much competitive fun.

                Another mode is workout mode. This requires you to enter your weight so that the Kinect can tell you how many calories you have burnt on average throughout your game play. This is great if you are looking to lose weight - and trust me this game will make you sweat. Im not going to lie to you, this game is hard work, and you will sweat, ache and be tired when you are done. But it is all so much fun that you just keep on coming back to play again and again.

                The graphics are like a grown up version of the Wii, with a few different characters that change for each song. There is a selection of "venues" too, which include rooftops, dancefloors and main streets. There is always a good crowd, the music plays loud and clear and all the instructional panels you need to show you which move is next are clear to see.

                If you have ever played Dance Dance Revolution (follow the arrows on the screen with your feet) then you will probably find this game quite similiar, just requires a bit more work. This to me is the DDR's big brother and is so much fun!

                I bought this game on Amazon for £33 and this is one of the best prices around for it. You can only play this game if you have the Kinect sensor. This game is available on Amazon and Play.com, as well as on the highstreet in places like Game, Argos, Gamestation, and other eletrical retailers. It may even be available in some of the major supermarkets.

                I totally recommend Dance Central 100% as there is just nothing I can find wrong with it, and it provides hours of fun in our house. If you have the Kinect sensor, or are thinking of getting it, then this is definatley a game you should buy to go with it.

                *this review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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