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Dark Souls - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

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7 Reviews
  • A really great RPG that many people will enjoy
  • No party chat or game chat
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    7 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 02:37
      Very helpful


      • "A really great RPG that many people will enjoy"


      • "No party chat or game chat"

      Noobs beware awsome game with those with RPG experiance

      Dark souls is the sprital successor to demon souls and is said to be a hard-core game and there saying is prepare to die I would say this is true for average players of games but people who are experienced with RPGs shouldn't have that much trouble with it but will still die from time to time I would say my most cause of death in this game is gravity this game will push you of platforms multiple times and one bosses whole gimmick is to do with just pushing you down a hole which really doesn't go with what the game was trying to do because they wanted the death to be your thought no one else's but that boss is pretty much you have the best armour and weapons in the game pushes you down the hole like what the hell but other than that the game is a masterpiece of an RPG.
      the story revolves around you being the chosen undead and you start of in a jail sell sounds familiar and you have to escape the asylum and after the story is told though hints on what you have to do by npcs in game which you can actually kill later in the game you find out that you mission as the chosen undead is to link the fire to help out the gods and so forth.
      The story isn't directly told to you like other games and if you want to find out more about the universe in were dark souls is set in your gonna have to read the items and certain ones give you a lot of lore which is a new way of doing things and I approve because of the way dark souls world is.
      The way the multiplayer works in this game is by the items there's a white soapstone a red soapstone red eye orb blue eye orb and so on the game has covenants such as the dark moon, dark wraith and the most famous of all the sunlight covenant where the phrase praise the sun comes from.
      The Sunlight covenant is the cooperative covenant where you can coop with people to earn extra souls and if you help people out while in this covenant you get something called a sunlight medal which helps you get further into the covenant each covenant has 3 ranks and unlocks special rewards for you character also while in this covenant your white soap sign is gold.
      The Dark wraith covenant allows you to be an ass by letting you invade other peoples games while they try to progress though the game and your job when in that world is to kill the host this is PVP if you succeed your get souls which is currency and 1 humanity that goes in the top left to advance though this covenant you must offer humanity to its leader also you can invade with the red soap sign if you want to fight with honour but what's the fun in that
      the Dark moon are the same as dark wraiths but instead you go after them for they have sinned by invading other peoples worlds and you must kill them so they never do it again and by killing these people you take there ears as a trophy and other it up to your leader.
      The only down side to the multiplayer in dark souls is that you cant have party chat this for atmosphere purposes but this why I cant give this game the rating it deserves it should of at least been when you complete the game for the first time you get party chat but no I don't think there's even a chat channel but if your playing with only 1 friend you can get away with private chat and the final rating I give Dark souls is 9/10 it is such a good game and I would recommend any one to pick it up.


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      14.09.2012 18:37



      AWEOMSE game, couldn't ask for anything more for how much you spend on it.

      I loved this game, a world where it is about Kill or be killed. Most of the time its be killed lol but in a sense it only makes you stronger and smarter in completing the up coming challenges. The bosses, the individual monsters are very detailed and scary they all have deadly combo's and can easily push you of a cliff or group up on you. The game has 100% Mystery about it, you are not taken by the hand at all you have to find your own way of becoming the true knight or mage. Graphics are awesome, story is not deep but its deep enough to get 100+ hours out of you. Mostly from this game it is about seeing the world, seeing its beauty and becoming a part of the world where other players can interrupt you on your quest for power.

      Greatest thing about this game is that there is always goin to be another one in the future and will only be better, i cant imagine how they will do that but thats what makes me ecited.

      Game play is very good, its all down to what sort of armour you are wearing to the swort off weapon you are swinging.

      In my opinion this is exactly what RPG is all about!


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      06.04.2012 11:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Have a go, if you think you can hack it.

      I am a big Xbox 360 gamer, and this game is certainly one of the hardest games I've played but it's not without it's charm!
      Be prepared to die a lot as you go through various stages in an undead world. Some enemies might prove too much, but as you level up, the hardest enemies become the pipsqueaks and so on. In this respect, the sense of accomplishment is massive. The first boss will have you sweating at its size, but later, he becomes a regular enemy.
      If you are patient and don't mind dying a lot (it's a necessity anyway), finally slicing and dicing that boss that gave you so much grief will leave you with the biggest grin and breathing a huge sigh of relief. Until the next boss :P
      This game has huge areas and you will spend hundreds of hours playing it.

      One great thing about this game is that anywhere you can see, you can PROBABLY go, if you can find your way to get there.
      You also have to be quite careful, as one of the main aims of this game is to make you die, A LOT, so you can just walk off the edges of cliffs, there is nothing to stop you from doing so.
      Also, as you make your way through the game, you will find orange notes on the floor. These ARE NOT guidance relating to the game, they are written by the other players, and sometimes can be very misleading. Notes such as "Invisible Path Here" in front of a seemingly empty space, are not to be trusted, and you will lose any accumulated souls should you follow their advice... like I did... ahem... once... or twice.

      Sometimes it can be quite frustrating to keep dying over and over again, but this game is one of the most 'hardcore' games out there, and perseverance and determination really must rule over a hot head in this game.


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        10.02.2012 16:24
        Very helpful



        Frustratingly Fantastic

        "Don't get yourself killed" says the blacksmith, easy for him to say, snuggled up to a furnace in his safe little corner, surrounded by freshly forged weapons.

        Dark Souls, a name that the majority of gamers have only heard about, the only inkling that its renowned for being a very tough game. But to be fair, this brief bit of talk doesn't do it justice. Underneath the difficulty lies a rich, classic fantasy land of giant castles, pitch black crypts, haunted churches and mysterious forrest's - all infested with hundreds of beastly enemies, mere target practice until the real boss's show up. Of course its gained its reputation for a reason though.. after a fantastic cinematic underling the story, its a baptism of fire for the player whose only help is little marks left on the ground, explaining controls and actions. Shortly after you've picked up the controls however, you are forced into your first boss fight, against a giant demon 50 times your size wielding a massive hammer. To take on at such an early stage is a learning lesson - some enemies just aren't worth the effort at this stage. A recurring theme throughout should you foolishly stumble into another boss, necessary or otherwise.

        The safe part of Dark Souls is the bonfire, an unusual menu/save health replenishing system that rapidly becomes a sight for sore eyes since they are sparingly scattered in the entrences of several locations as well as subtler halfway points. Again though, this is Dark Souls, such a helpful tool turns out to be a double edged sword, re-spawning ALL enemies previously dispatched. For the average gamer, such spiteful rules can be a complete turn off, but persistance eventually pays off and dedicated players will soon see and in time reap the rewards. Gaining souls (currency & experience points) play a big part, spent on raising a characters stats or buying/upgrading weapons and armour. A vast array of smithed items are available to choose from, each type with their own combat moves for better user preference, spears, shields, staffs, hammers, halberds, shields, swords short, long or great, most capable of further improvement with the likes of fire and lightning or even blessing of divine for holy damage and if melee's not your thing, you can always cast the old school fireball and be defensive with healing spells. Armour also varies greatly with choices like leather for dexterity, steel for endurance and special gear found by exploring. The combat system is incredibly well done, if minimalistic, it gives the user a chance to use whatever tactics they wish, or are persuaded to try by the several thousand gamer messages left before obstacles.

        Something that makes this game brilliant is the type of bosses you face. While I wont spoil any real surprises if you are considering this game, you must know that there will inevitably be dragons a typical medieval element in fantasy games, but some really fantastic, original bosses that make the special edition worth getting as its usually the same price but features the official soundtrack, making of documentary, mini guide, maps and the best of all an A5 artwork booklet with all the enemies found in the game. Negatives though are the massively flawed PVP system. When a game features exploits that allow players to level up in seconds, some unsporting individuals will inevitably take their chance. Since people can get randomly invaded or invade someone else, the chances of encountering such a loser seems slim.. you'd imagine. Not just that but most people go for the infamous 'backstab' for flawless victories and with the connection usually being unreliable, you'll be a second behind the other player and end up seeing them glitch behind you. Covenants seem pleasant at first glance, giving you free gear and rings etc but advancing through them bares little reward or relevance. Co-op is also very limited to most boss fights.. can't make it too easy for you, but co-op with friends is damn near impossible and not worth the time or effort. When complete, Dark Souls has yet another challenge for you, to take on the game again with the advantage of keeping all your weapons and armour, and the enemies being 3x as powerful. lovely. This choice effectively changes the way you progress, your first game will most likely be difficult to begin with then ease up, a new game+ is the exact opposite, breeze through the beginning, struggle later on.

        If all that wasn't a deterrent for you, you'll be in for a treat, a painful one, with 'gorgeous views', a haunting score and rewarding gameplay. With all the harsh elements involved, dark tombs enlightened by relinquishing a shield, slippery edges over endless caverns, blighttown blow darts, don't expect Dark Souls to give you a pleasant ending.. and there are two..


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        24.01.2012 21:34
        Very helpful



        Harder than a coffin nail. Sound like your kind of thing?

        "I can't take this"

        I feel your pain, friend.

        The text is scrawled on the floor, a digital message in a bottle left by a fellow Dark Souls player online somewhere out there. It's now the fifth time I've descended this darkened stairwell. Sword in one hand, shield in the other, I inch forward with the nervous gait of a dead man walking. Actually, if I fail this time, that metaphor will become a statement of fact (more on that later). If I can't emerge from this duel, I think I may have to give up for another night. Surely the sanctuary and welcoming glow of a bonfire must be around the next corner?

        I leave the stairwell and turn left onto the medieval gallery. Almost on cue, a ghostly re-enactment of some other players' grisly demise plays out just in front of me. Perhaps it was the same stranger who left that desperate message. While my stats have remembered my previous four failures, the enormous undead knight ahead hasn't. It still stands motionless, filling the arched doorway with the same silent menace as before. I look through my inventory one last time. Shall I go with the Spear this time? The Scimitar? Will changing armour leverage an advantage? These are important choices; I'm down to my last half-bar of energy, and I can't face fighting the long way back a sixth time. I have to be careful, as the game world doesn't stop while I make my decisions, and I'm vulnerable. If this were Skyrim, I'd be spamming the save function about now, but in Dark Souls, the game decides when I get to save. Damn you, Dark Souls.

        Scimitar it is. I creep along the gallery, shield readied in case it hears me. If I get close enough, I can surprise it with a cheap slice to the back. That'll learn it. I strike. The knight recoils, then turns on its heels and stares me down. My fragile looking avatar, with his skinny appendages and tatty scavenged armour, meets his gaze almost apologetically. It strides toward me, the ground trembling beneath each footstep. It lunges. I back off, avoiding the blades' point by inches, and deliver three consecutive blows in reply - enough to drain my stamina to nothing. I back off to recover while the monstrosity prepares to charge again. I must keep my distance, as it can skewer me with one blow. I know this because that's how I died the last four times.

        He charges. I make an absolute mess of it, diving back into the stairwell, narrowly avoiding certain death. Now's the chance - I excitedly mash at the attack button, flailing away in vain hope I'll manage a decisive blow. Finally it falls, its soul draining away while bone and metal sink lifelessly to the stone floor. Thank God. I turn the corner back onto the gallery. Through the archway the knight previously blocked, another two messages left by another two online strangers lay etched on the floor:

        "Bonfire Ahead"

        "I did it!"

        I share your joy, friends.

        The concept of death once had meaning in mainstream gaming parlance. We had no comforting panacea if a challenge proved too tough; no checkpoints, no save files, and no difficulty sliders to delineate your path to the end credits. A life was a life was a life, and games stubbornly demanded skill and patience to succeed. Failure was a tangible punishment - you could invest hours at a time grinding to the same point in the same game, only to perish in the same way at the same time, and have to start from scratch. Dark Souls is a title which holds true to these old values, and you'll either embrace or resent them.

        From your first attempts at escaping from the Undead Asylum (there will be more than one) it's clear there's a single agenda: You as victim, game as omnipresent tormentor. The Asylum is a tortured place occupied by an army of walking dead - the 'Hollow' - a last remnant of humanity imprisoned by the curse of eternal life. Having lost their minds through this mental prison, they forlornly wander its halls, waiting for some masochistic conscript to fight their way through Lordran to release them. That's where you come in.

        Initially, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a formulaic hack and slash medieval fantasy RPG, with its exploration-by-torchlight beginnings and stock sword/shield combat, but the brutal tutorial quickly realigns expectations. I use the word tutorial in the loosest possible sense, as Dark Souls punctuates its renowned difficulty by consistently concealing its inner workings from you. Yet it won't take long to learn some harsh lessons in Lordran. Combat demands patience and careful observation of enemy attack patterns, as literally everything and anything which moves can murder, poison, or curse you, and quickly. If you learn these lessons fast, and tough out your fledgling hours of total vulnerability, you might just get to see the rest of the game - or at least some of it. If you don't, you'll be missing out on one of the most rewarding games of the last decade.

        Dark Souls is the nightmarish antithesis to the safe, countrified familiarity of Skyrim's Tolkien-inspired lore. It's a land of almost unremitting oppressiveness, whether it be a dank sewer infested with mutated vermin, or a mysterious and rare moment of beauty which, at a stroke, could turn into a lethal trap. The lack of information forthcoming is isolating and the game's disposition curt, from the small morsels of plot which occasionally surface before fading into the background, to the scarce 'friendly' characters who talk in cryptic circles before mocking your seemingly hopeless plight.

        "Blacksmith Ahead"

        As you gather souls from slain enemies, your ability to purchase upgrades from merchants and smiths increases. Souls are the universal currency in Lordran, and so valuable are they, you'll come to treasure every looted corpse, slain sewer rat, and felled behemoth. Death will force you to relinquish all the souls you were carrying at the time; die again before you can return to the scene of your demise, and those souls are lost forever. The catch (and it's a big one) is that when you rest, level up, or respawn at one of the scattered bonfires, every enemy except bosses re-appear, meaning you'll often be confronted with agonising risk/reward dilemmas. Do you push on in the hope a bonfire is around the next corner, or backtrack to invest your souls and fight the long fight back to where you were? Death deals the double blow of your character becoming 'Hollow' by losing your accumulated humanity, your physical appearance fading back to the bedraggled skeletal frame you started with at the Undead Asylum. You'll want to stay human, as besides the obvious, it becomes essential for gaining pick-ups from enemies, and grants bonuses in combat. It's a dynamic that's always at play, with each success, however minor, a cue for fist pumping relief to counter the frequent knuckle-gnawing moments of failure.

        Even Dark Souls' online function manages to distinguish itself, as to overlay these features in an ostensibly single player experience is a risky concept, but even these retain a sense of mysticism and an inherent balance. In addition to leaving scattered hints (and often misinformation), by planting their calling card anywhere in the game world, other players can be summoned into your game for transient moments of teamwork, or 'invade' uninvited to steal your humanity - the result being a fight to the death with your silhouetted intruder. This can happen at any moment, adding tension to even the scarce benign moments in Lordran. On occasion, you'll rest at a bonfire alongside the apparition of another survivor, gaining health boosts from their activities and vice versa. There's no communication allowed outside the game's definitions though; each player you meet will be mute via the denial of voice chat.

        "Praise the Sun!"

        From the horrific shanty of Blighttown rising out of the swamps, to the murk of Darkroot with its Ents and Stone Giants, the interlinked open world of Lordran starts small then unfurls from the central hub of Firelink Shrine, plunging seemingly impossible depths populated by equally impossible foes. It's a grimly captivating world which demands you keep inching onward, the lone bell ring accompanying each new area underlining your grudging inquisitiveness. Whilst it's easy to be deceived into visualising Lordran as a collection of distinct pockets, a brief pause to absorb the horizon or glance over a castle wall will often surprise with a familiar and previously visited structure jutting out from the landscape in the distance. With load times non-existent (albeit cleverly disguised with transitions on lifts and suchlike) it truly is a seamlessly integrated environment. With the exception of its older sibling Demon Souls, it's been a long time since a game world boasted this kind of atmosphere and artistic consistency. The Japanese developer influence only adds to the other worldliness of the experience, with the occasionally off-target grammar and often bizarre dialogue adding another alien dimension to the Dark Souls universe.

        Games with this ethos are still finding a way to market, but they're palpably on the fringe; a niche carved out by the last children of Generation X for their peer group in homage to a much loved and bygone era. In this age of maximum market penetration, focus groups, and games which read like love letters to Michael Bay, few if any publishers enjoy risking their shirts on a title with the opacity of cement, and a difficulty level likely to scare off 90% of the people you'll find in a high street GAME store. Dark Souls is a triumph for those who believe games are not and should not be on the same plane as films or music. This is an experience which provides a sense of genuine achievement rather than spoon-fed cinematic, and it's a testing experience that, if you grew up with games which made you toil for that feeling, you're bound to love.


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          14.11.2011 12:52
          Very helpful



          One of the best games around

          I find myself with some spare time of late so thought it was about time I popped back to say hello. Alas, being dormant for so long has led to my points evaporating but serves me right.

          Anyhow, I digress, I recently purchased the PS3 version of the above game and sometimes wish I hadn't. The reason why I wish I didn't is because this damnable game will eat heavily into your time and before you know it, hours will have disappeared and you wonder just what the hell happened to your day.

          I've played From titles way back on the Playstation which fell under the banner of Kingsfield. They were pretty uncompromising, a bit basic but very rewarding. Dark Souls takes this to a whole new level. The main deal with Dark Souls is that it is very old school. You can't pause the game for one, so if you want to fiddle around with your inventory then best you find somewhere safe or be damn quick with the controller or you will die.

          Unlike some games you can only save at certain points. This can be so frustrating, especially when battling through hordes of beasts and only to fall when you decide to go that step too far. Result means you have to then trawl back through the level and hope you can claim back your souls. Now, souls are a pivotal part of the game, in fact they are the currency and this is where Dark Souls can be very cruel. When you fall you have one chance to get back to where you died and claim back your souls and any lost humanity (I haven't quite worked out the purpose of humanity yet but it seems to affect the items you discover and being able to summon help on rare occasions). If you should fall again before you get your souls then prepare to launch your controller at the screen because you've lost them for good.

          You also get bonfires where you do get to recuperate and more importantly level up. However, if you should decide to rest then all the creatures you have slain will re-appear. This gives you the dilemma of carrying on or banking what you've done so far.

          This is where the hard work really starts as you need to start levelling up before moving on. You can gamble and rush ahead but chances are you will end up a bloody mess at the foot of some skeleton or dark knight should you do so.

          Bosses? Oh yes, this game has plenty of them. In fact one of the first you will encounter appears very early in the game and is pretty damn tough and will almost certainly crush you until you work out a path to victory. It is also incredibly rewarding when you work out how to beat them after they've been jumping up and down on your carcass for the last half an hour!

          This game also introduces a real sense of foreboding when you come across the dreaded passage of white light. It could lead you to a whole new unexplored area with that heavenly bonfire nearby or you'll find yourself face to face with a dreaded demon who will laugh at your temerity to enter their realm. They're also beautifully created and can be a tad on the gigantic side compared to little old you.

          You get to select your main character from a range of classes yet you are not restricted to that genre. You may well start with a thief but decide you might want to up his sorcery as well as their brawn. I've a couple of characters on the go, one is a thief and the other a pyromancer and each one has their own method of dealing with this infandous realm.

          Sound also plays a key part in the game. A shuffle of footsteps can warn you of impending doom or the roar of a dragon above warns you not to climb those stairs. You might even jump ( I did when I first saw the red dragon flew above me the first time I played!). There is also an online mode which at present I haven't explored but I've heard it is extremely good where you can either help or annoy your fellow explorers. I may come back to this after I've completed the game but I'm wasting enough time as it is!

          For those looking for a quick fix this game is certainly not for them. You have to be prepared to be annoyed, to put in the hard work and you will reap the rewards. If you have the patience then you will find this game very enjoyable in the long run, others I would say steer well clear. Oh, and I'll remind you once again, you will waste hours of your life on this game once you get hooked!

          In short, a game that is definitely worth exploring.


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            18.10.2011 10:15
            Very helpful



            One of the hardest action adventure role playing games so far to date!

            At first I wasn't 100% sure what Dark Souls was but my cousin told me everything I needed to know about the game which made me purchase the game. Dark Souls is an action adventure role playing game and is available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls which was labelled one of the hardest games ever. Dark Souls was publsihed and developed by From Software and Namco Bandai Games. Dark Souls is possibly the hardest game I have ever played and definitely the most challenging. With a dark fantasy universe available to explore, countless traps scattered around the world, grotesque monsters and supremely powerful demons make Dark Souls one of the most challenging games so far to date.

            The main plot of the game is okay. You pick your class at the beginning of the game which can be from several types such as a Knight, Pyromancer, Thief and many more. After that you pick how your character will look throughout the game. You are then thrust into a world of darkness, a mysterious world of demons. Its a place where humans with the Dark Ring are sent to succumb and transform into the living dead. You are soulless to start with and in order to regain your humanity you must reach the land of the living in this epic adventure for survival. Can you help your chosen character escape the deep depths of what seemingly resembles hell?

            For the price of the limited edition I certainly couldn't complain. I don't think there is actually a normal version to this game and I'm pretty sure this limited edition is the only one available. It comes in a box the size of two Xbox 360 games and included in that is of course the game in a normal Xbox 360 case and there is also an art book which features drawings of demons and beasts from the game. Just inside the book at the front and back are two discs one is a behind the scenes look about the game and the other is a soundtrack which features 23 different music tracks from the game itself. Also included in the Xbox 360 case itself is a card which enables you to download exclusive content which includes a strategy guide and all you need to do is visit the web and enter the bonus content code to be able to receive it. Photos below to see what is with the limited edition.

            === GAMEPLAY ===
            Dark Souls features some of the most addictive gameplay ever. It reminds me of the Elder scrolls games but in a third person perspective and to be perfectly honest it works fantastically well with the dark fantasy world. In the game you can explore a lot of places but its NOT advised because the demons and other monsters are much stronger than you are. There are endless amounts of monsters in the game some big and some small but this doesn't mean the small ones are easier and the best thing to do is be prepared for the worst. You spend most the time on this game trying to find out the best way to kill certain creatures or bosses because it really is that hard. You also spend a lot of time dying but the good thing is that when you die it takes you back to your last bonfire. Bonfires are scattered throughout the world but are sometimes hard to find and these are used to rest and save your game. At the bonfires it saves automatically and replenishes lost health, stamina and it also replenishes certain items that you receive so many of. For example Estus flasks are used to heal your wounds and you only get a certain number of these but every time you rest at the bonfires they automatically get refilled again.

            Each character is effective in their own way. You can create a male or female character depending what your preference is. Some characters are good with magic while some are better with attacking straight up. One of the best things about the game is when you equip something like armor you can actually see the character with that item or items on. There are endless amounts of different equipment in the game and they can all be very useful at the best of times. Another thing to remember is that the equipment isn't indestructible and most of it can be destroyed. Destroyed equipment is useless and must be discarded. However if you notice your equipment is getting weaker and on the verge of breaking then you can repair it with the right things. Weapons can also break as can shields and other items like rings. Your character can equip two weapons if you like. Certain weapons like a sword and small axe can be duel wielded as can many other weapons. You can also turn weapons into two handed weapons. In Dark Souls there are thousands of equipment, weapons and armor with each having different attributes and effects.

            There are no end of places you visit in the game but nearly everywhere you visit is enemies. You barely do anything like side quests in the game or talking. You don't visit towns but there are shops scattered throughout. You can visit people such as blacksmiths or merchants but they are usually fairly well hidden. Instead of money on the game to buy things you actually use souls. Souls are collected every time you defeat a demon or any creature. The harder the monster the more souls you will receive when killing them. Souls can be spent on items, equipment and they can also be used to level up. There are a few bad points about the game which are things like you cant talk to people via headset when playing the game and that includes party chat or private chat. Its hard to actually play with friends via Xbox Live and most the times you will be playing with strangers. However one of the better things in the game is that you can write messages with a certain item for other gamers. These messages are then put where ever you write them and can result in bonus things for you if people like your messages. For example if there is a tough boss or enemy coming up then you can warn other gamers by putting a message saying tough enemy ahead. That way they can prepare for it. You can also warn them of other things like items, monsters or traps.

            Leveling up is easy and all you need to do is collect souls and use them on a skill point to increase stats and your level. Overall Dark Souls is a fantastic game which has a lot to offer. I'm not a massive fan of how Xbox Live and online features work for the game but its not entirely important and the rest of the game is brilliant.

            === GRAPHICS & SOUND EFFECTS ===
            Simply brilliant is the word to describe the graphics to Dark Souls. The bosses in the game have to get the first mention because not only are they absolutely massive they are also really beautifully detailed in every way. I have never seen any bosses look as good as they do in Dark Souls and they really do look amazing. The whole world is incredibly detailed in every aspect and it really looks astonishing. Its even better because I wasn't expecting much variety with the places you visit but there are actually a lot of different places with a wide range of variety. I was also impressed with how detailed the normal enemies looked. Overall the graphics are something special and are definitely one of the stand outs about the game.

            The sound effects are also really good for Dark Souls with the brilliant soundtrack and the way the songs are brought into the game. I also love the way the bosses are brought into the game with the music getting increasingly fast. The way it changes is brilliant. Also the sound each creature makes is phenomenal and definitely brings the game to life. There are a couple of little niggles about the sound effects but its nothing major and overall I was very pleased with the way the sound effects worked for the game and its definitely another strong point.

            === DIFFICULTY & LONGEVITY ===
            I cant stress how difficult the game is. I get slightly mad with this game because it is seriously the hardest game ever. You meet the first boss after 2 minutes of playing the game and it took me literally ages to kill the thing. The game has a few tricky jumping bits in but the most difficult parts are killing and surviving if you cant do either then your in serious trouble. Dark Souls is by far the hardest game and its even harder with all the secret items that you must find. Some items are needed to help the game a tiny bit easier and some of them are in ridiculous places. Everything else about the game is fairly easy and understandable.

            The length of the game is brilliant. If you know where your going through the game your looking at around the 50 hours mark but for a first time playthrough it can last a staggering 100 hours maybe more. I think that is fantastic for a game of this genre. Most of the time is spent killing bosses or surprise surprise dying but the game will last a lifetime. The game can also be played numerous times and different bits can happen so the time overall is excellent.

            === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
            Dark Souls achievements are about as difficult as the game itself. There are a total of 41 achievements and most of them are extremely hard to get or will take a long period of time to get. Some achievements are gathered as you play through the game and cant be missed but others can easily be missed. Some achievements require skill and determination whilst others require you to stick at it and grit it out. Killing certain enemies will achieve a couple of them. Also there are lots of secret achievements in the game that require patience because you might not be able to get them from one playthrough.

            === PROS ===
            *A massive dark fantasy world to explore.
            *Some absolutely HUGE bosses and a lot of different types of enemies.
            *Lots of items which include lots of equipment and weapons including rare items!
            *Beautifully detailed graphics and some fantastic sound effects.
            *Its challenging and I always like a challenge plus the length of the game is great.
            *Lots of freebies with the game which is always great!

            === CONS ===
            *Extremely hard all the way throughout the game.
            *Not an awful lot of bonfires to save your game and sometimes they can be hard to find.
            *The game can become very frustrating at times and addictive.
            *Not a massive fan of how Xbox Live works on this game.
            *Always dying on it!

            === FINAL THOUGHT ===
            Dark Souls is a great game and because its actually been challenging it has to go down as one of the best hack and slash action adventure role playing games I have ever played. It has so much to offer but if you don't like hard games then this must be avoided because that's exactly what it is. Dark Souls is definitely worth owning because of the beautiful graphics and all the stuff you get free with the game. I always try and get the limited edition versions of games because there is always stuff with them or some sort of bonuses.

            I would recommend the game especially if your a massive fan of role playing games at their best because this is at its best. I would also recommend if you want a serious challenge and maybe something different because it offers both. Not a fan of hard games? then this is definitely one to avoid but other than that I would say its worth getting hold of even if its to sell months later because I think its going to be rare here in the UK.

            I bought the game for a decent price of just under £38 which is really good for a limited edition game. I got it from ASDA and its actually selling for a little less there now. Other places price varies and Amazon have it for around £36. I do believe the price will sky rocket soon so probably better getting it before that happens. The game is a 16+ because of some strong language and violence throughout and its going to be a little too hard for younger gamers. Also the game manual is okay but the art book makes up for that because its fantastic.

            One of the best games this year and I would give it a solid and much deserved 9/10!

            Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987


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