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Dead Rising: Limited Edition Steel Case (Xbox 360)

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Manufacturer: Capcom / Genre: Action & Shooter

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2011 11:22
      Very helpful
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      A survival horror game featuring thousands of zombies. Kill them with almost anything!

      Dead Rising has been one of my all time favourite games. Its the type of zombie game that everyone has always wanted and then it finally came and didn't disappoint in the slightest. Dead Rising is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. Capcom are most famous for their other survival horror game Resident Evil. Dead Rising is only available for the Xbox 360. There are a couple of versions to this game and to be honest there isn't much difference with this limited edition to the original one. The limited edition comes in a sturdy steel case and doesn't feature the usual green cases Xbox 360 games come in. If you buy the limited edition new it comes with a T-shirt with 2 characters from the game and an outline of the mall. Also in the steel case version is a game soundtrack. Other than that there is little difference between the games.

      The story to Dead Rising is one of my all time favourites. You take the role as a photojournalist named Frank West who is sent to investigate a small town called Willamette in Colorado and see why its been sealed off by the state police and the National Guard. Upon Frank's arrival by helicopter he notices that zombies have taken over the town and he cant believe his eyes. Frank then decides to ask the pilot to land on the helicopter pad of a shopping mall. The pilot tells Frank that he'll return in 72 hours and will pick him up and any survivors if there is any. After he explores around he notices there is in fact survivors in the mall and decides he must do what he can to help them. He also wants to know what has caused the outbreak and plans on writing his story. Can you help Frank find out the truth whilst you battle against a mall full of zombies and psychopaths?.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Dead Rising is the perfect game for gameplay features and options. You can only play the game as Frank West but hes actually a really good character to play. He doesn't look much like a photojournalist except for the camera he carries around his neck. He also comes across as the type of guy not to be messed with. Use his camera to take in game photos of events and things that happen in the game. Take the right photos and it can heap big rewards. You also gain experience points from taking the photos which can result in gaining levels. Upon gaining levels Frank's health bar will increase and also his ability to carry more weapons/items. The health bar is split into chunks. For example if you can see four sections it basically counts as four hits. When your health has gone Frank dies and your game is over. Frank can use skills such as a flying kick, roundhouse kick, dropkick, clothesline as well as throw to defeat his enemies. Throw zombies into other zombies to help you through a group of them.

      Frank has the incredible ability to carry lots of weapons or items at any one time without him becoming heavier or running slower. Frank can use just about anything in the mall as a weapon against the onslaught of zombies. He can use weapons such as baseball bats, a paddle from a rowing boat, swords, guns, footballs, TV's, plants, toys and much more. What you find you can use. One of my personal favourites is the lawn mower. Use it to cut zombies into lots of pieces. If Frank is injured as your playing through the game all you need to do is find some food in the mall. There are a lot of different places to find food such as restaurants or even in bins. Eat the food to replenish any lost health.

      On Frank's journey he will encounter endless amounts of zombies and even after defeating 53,594 zombies for one achievement they still keep coming. However zombies are not Frank's only enemies in the game. He will also come face to face with psychopaths. The psychopaths are pretty normal at first until the zombies make them lose their minds. I have always loved the psychopaths for games like this because they are brought in the game really well. Dead Rising features some exciting psychopaths such as a killer clown or twins. There are lots of different psychopaths in the game and they all do different attacks so prepare yourself. Meet survivors in the mall and escort them to safety. There is a safe house you acquire soon as you land on the roof and this can be used for survivors as well as for saving.

      === GAME MODES ===
      72 HOUR MODE - This is the main mode in which everything takes place. The story is enthralling and will keep you entertained. You decide how to play this mode and if you want you don't even have to play through the story. 72 hours is supposed to be the length but thats the game time not actual time. It lasts about 8-10 hours in normal time. Do the story, do side quests, help survivors or just hide until its time to leave the mall.

      OVERTIME MODE - Overtime mode comes into play as soon as you finish the main story and do it right. This mode is like an add-on to the game. Also this starts on day 4 of the outbreak and it brings new missions, new enemies and a whole lot of action. Survive this and you will receive one of multiple endings. Doing it right will result in the best ending.

      INFINITE MODE - Infinite mode is a survival game mode in which you do as you please. There isn't a story mode and basically you play for fun and to see how many days you can survive. Frank needs food in this mode and once you've used the food it doesn't re-appear. So its always best to use it efficiently.

      RANKINGS - There isn't any multiplayer online game modes which is a huge disappointment but there is a leaderboard to check how you fair out of the worlds best in the overall rankings in the Infinite mode.

      Dead Rising does features some superb in game graphics. Frank West is designed really well and looks like a good character and he also fits into this game perfectly. Also all of the survivors look different to each other survivor and you can tell Capcom had worked really well on the characters in the game. The zombies in the game also look perfectly designed. They look how zombies should look which is silly but really scary. The psychopaths are designed really well and one of the best is the killer clown. He looks and acts absolutely crazy but all of this works well to the games advantage. By far the best thing about the graphics in the game is the way the shopping mall is designed and how everything fits into place. Overall the graphics are really good and do make the game more enjoyable.

      The sound effects are equally as good in my opinion. The music is brilliant to the game and each psychopath has their own music track playing so you know when your fighting one. My personal favourite is the first 3 psychopaths you meet in the game because the music goes well with them and makes the game feel more crazy. The characters in the game are all voiced by people but nobody extremely famous. Also the overall sound effects are great. Zombies make the perfect zombie groans and also when your killing the zombies with what ever weapons you decide to use it all sounds smashing. Overall I love the sound effects to the game especially the music. Luckily mine came with a soundtrack CD.

      The games difficulty does vary a little bit because at first it can be quite tricky but soon as you start to level up and get the ability to carry more items and your health bar gets higher the game does become slightly easier. It does however get a little bit harder when your in Overtime mode. In Infinite mode the game is really hard but thats how its designed and the aim of it is to survive even if it means running and hiding. The zombies aren't extremely hard to kill but after a certain time at night they do become a little stronger. Psychopaths can be difficult but there is always a way to defeat them.

      The overall length of the game is a little disappointing but don't let that put you off because it seriously has a lot to offer. The main mode excluding Overtime mode last only about 10 hours tops. However with Overtime mode your looking at about 15-18 hours depending on the gamer. This still isn't a lot of game time but the game does need to be played more than once. While the game is a little repetitive its still a bunch of fun. Infinite mode isn't exactly infinite. It last 7 days in game time but not many people can last the full 7 days. If you can well done.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      Dead Rising features a total of 50 achievements and some of them can be time consuming as well as really difficult to get. Some of the achievements will be acquired as you play through your story and save people. Others will require you to play the game on more than one playthrough. While others can take a whole lot of time to get. I remember when I first got the game I was a ill and was given a day off work so decided to lay in bed and try get an achievement for killing 53,594 zombies. Thankfully I did it but it took about 6 hours in normal time. All of the achievements are worth 20g (gamerscore) each. Overall I feel the achievements are really good for this game and it does make the game last longer.

      === GOOD BITS ===
      *Use anything you find in the shopping mall as a weapon and defeat countless zombies!
      *A great story line that will have you hooked for hours.
      *The game features some great graphics and some superb sound effects.
      *Three good game modes that will keep you entertained for weeks!
      *Fairly cheap for a fun game that also contains a leaderboard on Xbox Live.

      === BAD BITS ===
      *No multiplayer or online game modes let the game down a little bit!
      *The main game mode actually doesn't last close to 72 hours.
      *Lots of blood and guts could put some gamers off.
      *Can become hard in places and the achievements take forever to get.
      *Not a whole lot of difference between the normal game and limited edition!

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Dead Rising is one of the most action packed computer games there is. A mall full of zombies what more can you ask for?. Also with the ability to use anything and everything it makes the game fun, crazy and hectic. One of the main problems with this game is that there isn't any multiplayer options or online features but Dead Rising 2 does offer them both. However Dead Rising 2 is a better game but without taking anything away from the first because it still gets played when I feel like a change.

      Dead Rising does offer some downloadable content on Xbox Live and to be able to download the content you need an internet connection and a gold membership. Your Xbox must be connected to the internet and also you must use Microsoft points to buy the content. The content is anything special. Its just new clothes for Frank and a few other little bits. The Dead Rising game manual is very clear, easy to understand and offers a ton of information. The game is also rated 18+ because of the violence, blood and gore and some strong language.

      I would really recommend this game to just about any gamer. Zombies in a computer game is the biggest thing since sliced bread. It is a little similar to the old Resident Evil games but its based just in one big shopping mall full of lots of different shops. Dead Rising will always be one of my favourite franchises. There are also two downloadable games available on Xbox Live. Dead Rising 2 Case Zero which is before what happens in the second game and Dead Rising 2 Case West which features both main characters from the previous games teaming up with each other. Dead Rising 2 Case West is set after the events of the second game.

      I have only recently bought another copy of the game after wearing out the one I have had for about 3 or 4 years. I paid £8.93 including packaging for the limited edition steel case version and was very pleased with it. If your not to bothered about a special edition then the normal version of the game is available on Amazon for around £6. Overall Dead Rising is a fantastic game and I would give it a very solid 8/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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