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Deadly Premonition (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2010-10-29 / Published by Rising Star Games

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2012 22:34
      Very helpful



      A Twin Peaks themed unique gem of a game.

      Deadly Premonition for Xbox 360

      Deadly Premonition or 'Red Seeds Profile' as it was originally called in its homeland Japan is a unique gaming experience that I can safely say I love to bits. I started out thinking it was a basic game with some irritating movements but when I put that all aside and got used to that it turned into a 'Twin Peak' lover's fantasy game.

      Deadly Premonition was released in Japan, the US and Europe in 2010 by Access games.

      It is now available as a budget game and can be picked up for 10 pounds quite easily online and maybe a little more in computer game shops. It is often (as I alluded to earlier myself) criticized for its low quality graphics (by today's standards), awkward controls, and weird musical interludes, yet, I promise you, if you get past all of that, then you will find a little gem of a game.

      Another aspect of the game is its references to real movies and bands which makes it feel more authentic than other games. The game plays like an interactive "B-Movie" and getting past its technical flaws it is such a throw-back to eighties horror movies and Twin Peaks that you simply forget everything else.

      As a result, Deadly Premonition has achieved cult status within the gaming community and has a massive following. Another reason for the cult following is the fact that the game is practically a honorary tribute to one of the best cult television shows ever aired and one of my own personal favourites, "Twin Peaks".

      The game was originally supposed to be released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and even had a trailer, when it was originally called "Rainy Woods", released in 2007. But the similarities to "Twin Peaks" was so strong that Access Games was forced to change a lot of things which caused a considerable delay and even came close to the games cancellation. I'm so glad that that was not the case.

      However, the limited budget wouldn't allow the games makers to upgrade everything to the level they needed to be for release on the next generation consoles and this is why we find many technical flaws within the game.

      Hidetaka Suehiro is the games maker and he had to make a massive decision. He had to decide whether to shelve the whole project or risk it looking sub-standard on the next generation consoles. So what he did was allowed it to go ahead but concentrated on the games story and characters and tried to give it that Twin Peaks feel, which as a fan himself he was aiming for.

      Many fans and followers of the game have created their own websites dedicated to it. "Welcome to Greenvale" and "Planet Redwood" are two really good ones. There are blogs and web pages dedicated to the character and story and helpful hints to completing the game. The one thing that everyone who loves the game is certain about is that it is unique and weird and a surreal experience and I have to agree with that wholeheartedly. I can safely say that has a fan of David Lynch, the3 creator of Twin peaks that this game is a must for any Peaks fan and ranges from laugh-out-loud funny to down-right unsettling.

      I love the music and the references to Peaks, which are obvious but also very subtle.
      So without further ado, let's take a look at the game and the back story.

      Deadly Premonition - The Story

      In the town of Greenvale a pair of twin boys, Isaach and Isaiah, are out for a walk with their Grandfather, Jim Green. The boys go out ahead and stumble onto a horrific sight - a young woman has been murdered and tied crucifix style to a large red tree. Jim catches up to the boys and identifies the young woman as Anna Graham. We then see some of the other residents react to the news of her death in a cut scene to scene format. The local law enforcement then gets involved. The death of Anna Graham attracts the interest of the FBI who then sends out one of their best agents.....Francis York Morgan, or 'York' as he likes to be called, to solve the case and a long list of unsolved murders on the FBI's cold case files.He finds out about an old story about a killer called 'The Raincoat Killer' and so begins a deadly game of cat and mouse and mysterious goings on.Agent Morgan talks to 'Zach' through his earpiece and leaves you wondering just who Zach is. A little reminiscent of Agent Cooper's 'Diane' in Twin Peaks.

      Deadly Premonition - Gameplay

      I will add a few hints and tips in to this or just some plain old advice for areas that were difficult or needed patience. I will include no spoilers in this review.In the game you play Francis York Morgan, the weird FBI agent who loves to tell people to call him 'York' because that is what everyone calls him. It is obvious that he is based loosely on Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks but believe me when I say that Agent Cooper has nothing on York. Some of his mannerisms and one-liners are priceless.The game contains twenty-seven chapters spread out over eight episodes.
      The main story itself is pretty easy to follow through and quite involving. However, there are 50 side quests to perform and these take time but are well worth it to make the main storyline even more intriguing and easy to play by gaining better weapons and objects that will help you on your way.

      The Main Screen

      Once the initial movie cut scene has played and you start the game proper you are in control of FBI Agent Francis York Morgan. You use the joy pad to move him around with the left analogue stick and manipulate the camera with the right analogue stick.

      In the upper left corner of the Main Screen are your Health Meter, which shows your current health and the Pulse Meter, which shows your pulse rate. If your Health Meter runs out for any reason then you will die. You will then be given a choice of continuing or ending the game which will put you back at the Title Screen. If your Health Meter gets very low then you will start to stagger and you won't be able to move properly, making you attack slowly. When this happens you should use a First Aid Kit. You can also restore your Health Meter by sleeping in any bed you find. Below the Health Meter is the Pulse Meter which displays your pulse rate. When you run, use the Siren (in vehicles), hide, or play Darts then your Pulse Meter will gradually increase. Playing darts makes you nervous of whether or not you will hit the required number. Hiding speaks for itself because if you need to hide it probably means there is something nasty looking for you. When your Pulse Meter reaches its maximum then you will exhaust yourself. You will move as if drunk or out of breath and must wait for your Pulse Meter to go back down to zero before you can run again. You can use Stabilizers to slow down your pulse rate for a while and even completely reset your Pulse Meter if you totally exhaust yourself.

      In the lower right corner of the Main Screen is where your current weapon and ammo is displayed. In the lower left corner of the screen is the map for keeping track of where you are in Greenvale. Places you need to go will be marked with either red or grey arrows and with the distance to them (in yards). Other places you can go will be marked by either purple (Other World Replays - explained later) or orange (special areas).
      The camera will be behind York most of the time but when he enters stairways or tight areas the camera pans out and it can be really tedious to move him around. The best thing to do here is to pick up a weapon and go to first person view by pulling the right trigger. This way you can negotiate the stairs or area easily. You can then switch back to normal viewing mode from behind York.

      The Pause Screen

      The pause screen is probably one of the most important elements of the game and you will visit it frequently.

      Item Bag

      This is where you carry all of your weapons and items. They are listed on four different pages, which you can flick through with the right and left bumper buttons.


      This is where you can view, switch and even discard your weapons.


      This is where you carry all of your other items. But you can only carry a certain amount of each item. If you cannot pick up an item then you can move it to your Toolbox (which I will talk about later).


      These are very important items that are used in the game and more often than not in 'Side-Quests'. You cannot throw away or place any items listed here into your toolbox.


      These are other very important items that are used in the game and side-quests. You cannot throw away or place any items listed here either.


      This is the Map that shows your current position within Greenvale and inside buildings and peoples houses. You can move the Map and zoom in. You can also toggle the Map to look at other characters and buildings, which is invaluable when you need to find a person or place. In addition, you can check the status of your current mission and Side-Quests by clicking the A button directly on the map. One of the major criticisms and flaws of this game involves the Map. Normally the Map remains stationary and the main character can be pointed in any other direction. However on the exterior Map you are always pointed north and the Map revolves around you. This can be so disorienting. What I do is point myself north before using the Map. That way I am always aware of which way I am facing and which way is north. It stopped being a problem once I started doing this. You don't have to come to the pause screen to directly access the map; you can just press the 'Back' button and it takes you there instantly.

      Key flag

      This allows you to view the Profile Pieces you have collected in the game. I will talk about profiling later in the review.

      Trading Cards

      This will allow you to look at all of the Trading Cards you have collected.


      This will allow you to go over all of the Profiling you have done.


      This will allow you to change various aspects of the game including saving, vibration, controller settings, sound, and graphics and the usual in game modes, such as skill levels.


      This will allow you to go back to the Title Screen.

      The Tool Box

      In your Hotel room and the Greenvale Sheriff's Department and many other places throughout the game world,) you will find a 'Toolbox'. This is where you store items that you cannot carry in your Item Bag or items that you don't wish to use immediately or don't want to discard indefinitely. Your Item Bag can only carry a certain amount of each different item so when you try to pick up an item that you have the maximum of, then you have the option of moving it to the Toolbox where you can retrieve it later. There is also a maximum amount of each different item you can store in the Toolbox but it is much larger than the amount that you can store in the item bag. To put away an item into the Toolbox then you use the 'Put Item Away' option and, likewise, you use the 'Take Item Out' for items you wish to retrieve from the box and place into the bag. Later in the game you will get another option called 'Panda Bear'. This will allow you to shop Wesley's gun store remotely at any time. This brings some relief to you in the game as you can stock up on bullets or weapons much easier than earlier on in the game.


      First Aid Kits

      There are three different sizes of kits: Small, Medium, and Large. The larger the kit, the more it will heal you.


      This item can lower your pulse rate and slow it down for a while. Useful if you need to run long distances or hide from enemies.


      These are various drinks that are used to keep from getting tired. They range from white coffees to black coffees, with the black obviously being stronger and keeping you awake longer. There are a variety of soft drinks and good old traditional American Root beer.


      There are lots of different kinds of food you will find to fill your Hunger Meter. Some of them fill the meter up to a large degree and some will only add a small amount to the food meter. Some foods have special properties and you find a myriad of different types throughout the game.


      From time to time you will need to speed up time to enable a place that was closed to open or to simply move the day forward in order to meet someone who is only available at a certain time of night or day.


      This is used to summon another Police Car if you write yours off or it runs out of petrol or gas as is the case in this game. You just launch the flare and a police car turns up for you instantly.

      Important and game changing Items

      There are many things to collect in the world of Greenvale and some of them make the game so much easier to play.

      The Radio

      This is a hugely important item and if anyone who is playing the game or has just started and wants to know how to get it then please feel free to contact me if you're stuck.It takes a great deal of time to travel from one side of Greenvale to the other by car. But there is a superb way of making this easier and to be able to warp from one place to another, providing you have already visited that place at least once in the game. By acquiring the 'Radio' you will be able to instantly warp from place to place when you use it. And it can be acquired quite early in the game to save you having to drive everywhere, because, believe me, it is a huge map and a large playing area to navigate by just driving through it. You click onto into your item Bag, select the Radio, and choose from the list of places that pop up on the list. You will then be instantly transported to the place you chose. The car that you are currently using will also go with you. If you wish to use a different car then make sure you swap cars before using the Radio. Like I said, you will only be able to warp to places that you have already visited on the map, so it is best to visit as many places as you can to make the use of the Radio even more important and beneficial.

      The Weather Doll

      You can gain special attributes to your Health and Pulse Meters by obtaining the 'Weather Doll'.At first glance the Weather Doll doesn't appear to do much. Each time you use it the doll flips around and suggests either sunshine or rain regardless of what the weather is at the time. There is a knack to this however and if you flip the doll to match the current weather situation you will gain the ability to slowly recover your health. This reduces the need to use the First Aid Kits. In addition, the Pulse Meter will go down much faster when you stop running or using the Siren in a police car. This, in turn, reduces the need to use Stabilizers. Each time the weather changes then you should flip the Doll over to turn on its powers. This makes the Doll very useful. You need to be fully immersed and quite far into the game to obtain the Doll. Well actually, a third of the way through maybe, but this is a long way into it as the game is a rather long one if you play it properly.

      The Improved Item Bag

      At the start of the game and early on you can only carry a maximum of fifteen different items in your Item Bag. You can increase that number to 44 by doing certain side quests and obtaining the larger Item Bag. This is essential if you want to carry more stuff as you will need a lot of items to progress through some of the harder chapters in levels.

      Agent York's Car

      The best vehicle to use by far is York's own car, which is the black sports car that York drives into town with at the beginning of the game. It is the fastest vehicle in the game and can't be destroyed by damage. However you will need to do five side quests to regain it as it is taken away at the start of the game to be repaired. It is well worth completing the side quests to get the car back.

      The Improved Weapon Bag

      When you begin the game, you can only carry four weapons maximum inside your Weapon Bag but you can increase the number of weapons you can carry, up to ten, by playing 'Darts' and doing a certain side quest. This is also essential if you want a wider range of weapons to fight with, especially if another weapon runs out of ammunition, it is good to have a lot of back up.

      Looking after Agent York

      It is paramount that you look after Agent York or he will die of hunger or fatigue. He will even smell if you don't wash and shave and have flies buzzing around his head. There are several factors you need to pay attention to.


      Another thing to keep track of is your Suit. During the course of your investigation it will get dirty. If it gets too dirty then you will become dirty and begin to smell and flies will buzz all around you. This doesn't really have a negative impact on the game but it doesn't look nice and the flies are really annoying. In order to change out of your Suit then you need to go into your 'Suitcase' at your hotel room or various other safe havens in the game, such as the Sheriff's department. When inside your Suitcase then pick a Suit and change into it. You can also have the dirty Suits cleaned, for a small fee, so you can wear it again later. It takes time to clean a suit so it is best to wait a while and get good use out of the new suit you are wearing. You start off with three Suits but can buy and earn other Suits during the course of the game. These Suits just change you appearance but there are a few suits that do other things which I won't spoil for you here.


      Inside your Hotel bathroom and in the Kitchen Room at the Greenvale
      Sheriff's Department you will find a 'Razor'. You can keep York clean shaven or you can let him grow stubble and eventually a beard. Again, like the clothing, this has no real bearing on the game and is just down to how you want York to look for the ladies or for his own well-being.


      This is one of the most important things that you need to keep track of. If you let Agent York get too tired, his performance will not be as good and his pulse rate will get higher a lot quicker when he runs. You can rest or sleep by using 'Beds' that can be found all around the Greenvale area as well as the one in your Hotel room. You can also drink Coffee, Soda and Root Beer as mentioned earlier to replenish your Sleep Meter without using a bed if you can't find one or are too far away from one if you don't have the Radio to warp with. A bed is the best way to replenish sleep through and it is also a good way of moving time forward while getting rest instead of just using a cigarette to forward time.

      Eating and Hunger

      The Hunger Meter is another stat to keep track of and is the most important in ensuring that you don't inadvertently kill Agent York. If it is depleted then your Health Meter will slowly go down until it is empty and Agent York will die. You can replenish it by eating food. There are lots of different kinds of food, with varying levels of hunger all throughout the game world. You can buy food at the Milk Barn but when they are closed then you can use any number of vending machines strewn throughout Greenvale. You can buy meals and food at the A & G Diner and eat a free lunch at the Sheriff's department, which comes in handy earlier on when you have little funds.

      Other Game Objects

      Time and Money

      Time is an important aspect of this game. More often or not you need to be at a specific place at a specific time to advance the story or side-quest. Greenvale is a real time artificially intelligent world so every person acts as they would do every day and you will find them at work or at home at certain times. This is why you use the cigarettes or sleep if you want to move time on. You can, of course, just mosey about doing other things until the time you were waiting for arrives but more often than not you will need to sleep anyway so may as well make use of that fact and move the time forward at the same time. The time is measured using the 24-hourso is easy to follow; i.e.: 06.00am or 18.00. You can locate the current time by the Map, which is at the lower left corner of the screen. It may do you well to take notice of your sleep and food levels before using the cigarette to forward time, because if you are too tired or too hungry you will be kicked out of smoking mode until you are awake enough or fed enough to continue forwarding time.
      As for money, you start off with $150 but can earn more money in a variety of ways during the game. Killing enemies and scoring headshot kills on them will net you money too.
      You can also earn money by doing certain things like shaving, peeking through windows, and travelling long distances. Your money does not automatically fill up in your money total meter. You are awarded your wages or salary and any special amounts at the end of a chapter, when the game saves. You also have to be careful when driving as causing damage to property or knocking over fences or street lights will not be taken lightly and will come out of your money or wages. You can also earn money by collecting 'Agent Honours'. These are blue and red medals strewn around the game world. You simply walk into them or drive over them to collect them. The blue ones are worth five dollars and the red ones are worth thirty dollars. You can also find Agent Honours, Money and Objects by breaking crates and boxes open with a steel bar or a knife.

      Transport and Getting Around Greenvale

      The driving in the game can be slow and cumbersome but you do get used to it and obtaining York's car makes it a little quicker and smoother. The gas mileage is pretty bad and there is only one gas station in Greenvale, so you will need to fill up from time to time or simply find another car. The gas station in Greenvale is called the 'Heaven & Hell Gas Station'. Here you can fill up with petrol or gas and have a car wash. The car wash also includes a damage repair on your car. If your Damage Meter goes to zero then the car is destroyed. If you destroy the car while you are in it then this will cause Agent York to die. Another easy way of solving the problem of running out of gas is to use the flare to summon a new police car. You can improve your car during the game by completing different side quests and gaining car related rewards. A good place to find police cars if you are near there is the Sheriff's Department. You can travel faster by using the siren but this drains your pulse meter at the same time.
      By far the best aspect of driving in the game is the 'Talk' option. Agent York will talk away to Zach about B-movies and renting videos and directors and actors. Some of the dialogue is really funny and suits a movie buff like myself down to the ground. It is quite a unique aspect of the game and one well worth messing about with.

      Collecting Trading Cards

      If you look at the map you notice that there are quite a few green coloured cards on it at random places. On the pause screen is a trading cards collection book. Any cards that you collect in the game can be viewed here. You can also acquire Trading Cards by progressing through the story, Fishing, Car Racing, Darts and many other variables. There are a total of 65 Trading cards to collect. You will earn $200 for each one so you can make some good money from them, especially early on in the game when you need it. You don't have to collect these in order to finish the game but there is an achievement for collecting them which I will talk about later.
      Now that we have spoken about most of the objects in the game it is time to look at how to use them and how parts of the game work and are set out.

      Combat and Weapons

      To attack and kill the Shadows and creatures from the dark side or 'Other World', which I will cover later, you must have a good selection of weapons to use or at least a weapon to hit with and a weapon that fires bullets. You can select a weapon by using the D-Pad Up or down and it will appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen. After selecting a weapon then you must enter Combat Mode by pressing the right trigger. You must hold down the Combat Mode button to remain in attack mode. The camera will then pitch up so you are viewing Agent York from behind his right side. You can then fire by pressing the A button and also reload. To move quickly away from an enemy you will have to release the right trigger to temporarily come out of combat mode. If you are using a Melee Weapon, like a Steel Bar or a pipe, then you can move around as normal with the left analogue stick. The movement is slow but can be priceless for evading an enemy while you work out your best form of attack. If you are using a Ranged Weapon, such as a pistol or a machine gun, you will not be able to move. Instead, your Left Analogue Stick is used to aim your weapon with a small red crosshair on the screen for aiming purposes. If the crosshair sweeps over the enemy's head you will see an indication that you have a chance at a headshot. The headshot will cause the enemy to die quicker and you will be rewarded more generously with money. You can also use the left trigger to lock onto the nearest enemy but this will cause you to be stressed and use your pulse meter even more than you would in the fight. You can sidestep left and right by using the 'Strafe Left' and 'Strafe Right' buttons, which are the left and right bumper buttons. It doesn't matter which weapon you are holding as you can strafe with any weapon.

      Melee Weapons

      These are the up-close weapons that you use against the Shadows and other enemies. They have varying levels of damage and durability. The problem is that most of the melee weapons are useless after a certain amount of hits or uses, whether this be attacking an enemy or breaking a fence or box. They are great for attacking enemies though because they cause more damage than normal weapons. There are some Melee Weapons that cannot be destroyed. These are known as the Infinite Melee Weapons. Again, you can obtain these weapons by doing side quests and playing through the main story. You also have to be very careful when using melee weapons because it means you will be close to an enemy and they have more chance of striking you or grabbing you.

      The Other World

      When you play your way through Greenvale you will notice that it is not a very dangerous place and it only gets dangerous when midnight comes around and the monsters seep through from the dark side. At six in the morning clarity is restored and it is safe again. The dark side or the place where the creatures come from is known as the Other World. The Other World is an alternate version of the real world but it is dangerous, dark and mysterious. This is where you will be mostly fighting creatures and enemies known as 'Shadows'. It is not just at midnight when the normality of Greenvale changes. The Other World can take over a part of Greenvale when York is close to finding out something with the investigation. It can turn a somewhat normal building or place into a hell like nightmare. When the Other World breaks through at midnight you can hide in dumpsters from creatures and shadows but you have to be careful of your pulse rating while you do this. Let it max out and you will not be able to hide again until it has filled back up. Shadows move very slowly and usually in a bent over back-breaking weird fashion but they can move faster in bursts of speed a little like the girl in the 'Ring' movies, which can be quite unsettling. A big part of the game is played in the Other World and the most difficult parts of the game tend to be there, so when you are about to enter it you know that something major is about to happen.


      Profiling is an important aspect of the game as it allows York to piece together the main clues he finds in order to get a clearer picture of the killer. York must also investigate the environment and take note of everything he finds on his travels. He is looking for clues to what has happened in a given place and hoping to find the clues that will reveal to him the identity of 'The Raincoat Killer'. When he finds a clue the game will go into Profiling Mode in which York recreates, in a dreamlike sequence, what has happened at the scene. Each of these clues is called a Profile Piece. You cannot advance forward in a level until you find the nearby Profile Piece. As if the shadows and creatures weren't bad enough to deal with, sometimes the Raincoat Killer will come out of nowhere and you must dodge his attack. The dodge comes in the form of a button appearing on the screen for you to copy. Do it to slow and he will kill you Press it quick enough and you will roll out of the way of the attack or dodge him. At other times he will chase you through the level and you must run by wiggling the Left Analogue Stick while climbing over obstacles or moving crates. This can be tricky at times but it is not too difficult. Then there will times when you will be trapped in a room and must hide from him. Every so often you will get a prompt on the screen to hold your breath. If you don't do it in time or fail to hold your breath long enough or keep the button pressed long enough, he will hear your breath and kill you. The on-screen prompts are rather like the famous eighties arcade game 'Dragon's Lair', which used to prompt you to make a move in the same way.

      Side Quests

      As you progress through the investigation then you can do various side-quests. This entails doing favours, errands or jobs for the local people of Greenvale. There are a total of fifty side-quests and many characters have more than one, so you get used to a person's movements or used to a particular location by returning there several times.

      Side Quests and Chapter Replays

      When you successfully complete a chapter then you can go back and replay it. This is done by clicking on 'Load Game' and then 'Select Chapter'. You can only replay chapters that you have already finished. Any weapons, items, and money you earn in the other stages of the game can be used in chapter replays. However you cannot save your progress during a chapter replay. You have to replay the whole chapter through and then save it for anything you did or found there to travel across to your main game. What is the point of that? I hear you ask. Well the best answer is the fact that replaying chapters activates certain Side-Quests and makes you privy to objects that were unobtainable first time round. As already mentioned, some characters have multiple side-quests but you must do one before you can activate the next. So, after you complete a chapter, then replay the same chapter again and the next side-quest for that character will activate. Once you have completed a side quest and it is saved, you will carry over Hunger, Health, Sleep, Money, Side Quest progress, New Weapons and Trading Cards to your main game.

      Major Game Glitch

      I have included no spoilers in this review but I felt I needed to tell you about a major game glitch to save you an awful lot of time and frustration. In some chapters you will need to find a key to finish the chapter. These are called 'Game Keys'. I will tell you now that if you find a game key then make sure you finish the chapter to its end and watch it save. If you save your game progress during the chapter, which you can if you wish then always make sure it is before you have a key. If you obtain the key and then save your game progress yourself, when you return the key will not be in your possession and will not be in the place you found it either. This means that you cannot continue your game and the only thing you can do is start all over again. This can be very frustrating and I am glad that it happened to me early on because if I had been twenty hours into the game I would've been devastated. It is a good idea to save regularly so if it does happen then you can go back to an older save. For this I would save three different games so you can always have different places and times to go back to in case of the glitch. As a general rule of thumb, when I play I tend to play a whole chapter.

      Graphics and Music

      The graphics leave a lot to be desired by today's standards but they are still pretty good and let's not forget that they weren't meant for second generation machines to begin with. For me it makes the game even more appealing and adds to its charm.
      The music is all over the place but it is enchanting in parts. Not quite up to Twin Peaks title track but nevertheless it still sounds quite haunting and mysterious and in its own way quite beautiful. When a new character is introduced for the first time is belts out and introduction sound that reeks of 'Dukes of Hazzard' and is a throwback to so many eighties shows.

      Final Thoughts

      I am currently deep into this game and am enjoying it thoroughly. I have written this review over the last month while I have been playing it and it has gotten me even more immersed.

      York is a great character and should go down in computer games history for me as one of the most unique. He talks to Zach through-out and I'll let you decide who that is and leave it open to your interpretation. I will also leave you to make your own mind up as to how much the female police officer Emily Wyatt looks like Naomi Watts.
      The story line is cool and the game is so different and out there that it couldn't fail to reach a cult status.

      I would recommend anyone having a go at this. Most people will be bored or get frustrated with the controls early on but I feel for them because had they stuck to it then they would have had an enjoyable experience with a difference.

      If you like eighties horror movies and B-movies you will love this and if you are a fan of Twin Peaks or David Lynch then I don't see how you can fail to love it. It can be frustrating at first and in parts of the game but I always say if you can pick a game up in five minutes then it is not worth paying for.

      This game is destined to go down in the annals of gaming history and always have a following. Surely the makers have to capitalise on this and make a modern up to date sequel. Whether or not they do or whether or not it would be anywhere near as good remains to be seen.

      I'm off to have some damn fine coffee.....and hot!!!!

      ©Lee Billingham


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