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Defiance (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2013-04-02 / Published by Namco Bandai

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    2 Reviews
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      01.09.2013 10:55



      good game needs to fix alot of bugs 6/10

      When i first heard of the game from one of my good friends he said, "this is the greatest mmofps ive ever played you gotta try it!" after along long conversion of talking about the game(also didnt realize it was in third person view till i bought the game), i decided to try it out, so i bought from my local Gamestop , i played the game for about 4 hours it was really good, once i got to past the tutorial i went off fighting random monsters like i always do :P, but i realised that the game isnt fun when your just killing random monsters, most of the fun comes from doing the missions cause you find alot of the good bosses on the main missions, now there al field bosses that randomly pop up on your map called ark fall, from my experience i fought mainly the same boss from ark falls but i stoped later on to do some more missions, by then i found out how to do pvp, the pvp system is the best in my opinion because, mission story was pretty boring al the way through but great game play and great boss fights, field bosses feel the same almost everytime but are massive and sometimes never get old, pvp is the best cause the maps are great detailed, you pretty much have no way of doing camp and kill (like in call of duty) witch is a great way to even out the game, now there is one problem with pvp that i dont really mind but can be a big issue in the future of the game, any player at any lvl can join a match say im lvl 100 and you are lvl 10 you join i kill you fast, now doesn't that sound fair?, ive managed to kill some pretty high lvl players at a low level because im a hardcore third person view player soo im pretty good at it, but for normal players this is a big problem, i hope they well fix this in a patch soon so we can enjoy pvp alittle more, oh and theres alot of bugs, hope you all liked my review, please leave a comment and like this review. :)


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      22.08.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      A fantastic MMO game with thousands of online players to play with or against.

      == DEFIANCE ==
      Defiance is a science fiction themed MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) developed by Trion Worlds. Defiance is also a third person shooter game and an action role playing game. The game is available on the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. Defiance takes place several years in the future on a new Earth where aliens have taken over. Defiance is a tie-in to the Syfy show of the same name. It has its similarities to the show but offers a lot more. Please note that you cannot play this game if you do not have an internet connection or Xbox Live gold membership. San Francisco is where the game takes place. Trion Worlds keep bringing several patches out for the game that must be downloaded but that is done automatically and usually involve new things added to the game.

      === STORY ===
      Following a disastrous war between the human race and alliance of extraterrestrial races known as Votans. The Votans came to Earth to live their lives after their solar system was destroyed. However the Votans didn't know Earth already had a race living on it, the human race. Shortly after the Votans and the Humans agreed to try and live in peace on Earth. The only downside being that not all Votans are willing to do this and want the planet for themselves. Now you must create your hero and join thousands of players in the open world and stop the threat of the Votans plus what other enemies threaten to take what is left of Earth.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Defiance is a third person shooter but is a little glitchy because its not been fully sorted yet. This isn't a massively bad thing because its an MMO game and its bound to have its glitches still. At the start of the game you are made to create your hero. You are given the choice of four different classes for your character which include shotgun, assault, sniper and light machine. All classes seem to find those types of weapons more frequently but can use different weapons. I'm not sure why you are asked to pick because it doesn't really alter much in the game. Now you have to pick an Origin. Origins do not limit what weapons, abilities or outfits the players can choose. The four origins are Veterans, Outlaws, Machinists, and Survivalists.

      You are then given a few choices on how you want your character to look and you're allowed to change their hair, facial expressions and features, clothing, add tattoos and even change whether your character is male or female. There isn't a whole lot of customization options which is a little disappointing but later on in the game when you get new outfits, it kinda changes your opinion on the customization. There are thousands of different outfits and bits of clothing that you can add and some of which look great. Outfits are gained from either vendors or doing episode missions.

      Episode missions are usually available for a limited time and usually come on after each show has aired. Along with episode missions are also other side missions such as time trials that let you use a certain vehicle to go around charging through each checkpoint as quick as you can. Also hotshot challenges which usually involve you blasting the hell out of enemies for a high score and there are more. All challenges in the game earn you rewards for each medal type. Bronze, silver and gold can be earned with gold offering the better rewards.

      Scrip is the currency in game which can be spent all over the place at vendors, special vendors and even hidden vendors. You can also offer scrip with other online players for their weapons or other items. There are thousands of weapons scattered throughout the game, most enemies drop weapons. Also weapons you find are the level you are and there are different coloured weapons. Going from white, green, blue, purple to orange with orange being legendary weapons and harder to find. You can also add mods to weapons. Each weapon has a maximum of four mod slots which can be added to make a much more powerful weapon. Also around are new types of grenades which can be used. You can also equip a first and secondary gun to make life a lot easier. Also on enemies will be scrap salvage which can be used as a currency to buy key codes and add mod slots to your weapons.

      Ark Falls appear on your map and are basically timed. You have to defeat all enemies and do what ever you are told to do which can be beating a massive sized enemy, smash bits of the Ark Fall to bits and so on. You don't do these alone as other online gamers join in. Ark Falls get harder when more and more people join in. These offer great rewards and a leaderboard. The leaderboard tells you who has done the most damage and killed the most. You are automatically given two items for finishing the Ark Fall.There are also events scattered throughout the world of Defiance which trigger when you get close. Experience can be earned all over the place. Leveling up is a bit strange in this game because it goes up in tens and other bits and bobs when you do certain objectives or complete goals.

      There is lots of things to do in Defiance and this isn't counting stuff such as pursuits which earn special currency to buy different weapons, titles and more. Multiplayer modes such as Shadow War which is hundreds of people trying to capture things (a little like capture and hold from most online games). Deathmatch and team deathmatch. You can also buy vehicles to use to get around the world of Defiance. Defiance is a massive open world game and offers a lot in terms of gameplay but whilst it sounds like a lot you always have to remember that its very repetitive after you finish the main story missions and side missions. There is a screen to learn a massive range of abilities. You also have one main ability such as blur to make you fast and blurry for a limited time which makes you harder to shoot, overcharge which makes you do double the amount of damage, cloak to become invisible and decoy to send out a decoy basically. Also there are hundreds of different enemies to kill and a lot more the game has to offer.

      Defiance graphics aren't the best overall but for a game like this they don't matter at all that much and its not the worst part of the game. The scenery and the Defiance world is actually quite good. The biggest let down are the glitches that happen and the characters because they look a little ordinary. The enemies are what stands out for the graphics because they look really well designed. The sound effects for the game are a lot better than the graphics and definitely stand out more. The music is fantastic and one of the best soundtracks to a game I have heard. Voice acting is okay but not the best ever. Enemies sound pretty good too. The action sound effects are what make the game stand out. Overall the graphics aren't the best but the sound effects are an improvement.

      The games difficulty really depends on what you're doing in the game. The story missions aren't that difficult but get harder as you get further in the game. However you can do most story missions with friends and this makes it a lot easier. Online play difficulty varies such as deathmatch and shadow wars and depends on how experienced the other online players are. Ark Falls difficulty changes depending on how many players are there. Overall I feel Defiance is an easy game and fun to play. The length of the game really depends on if you like repetitive things after the main story is finished because you will find yourself doing an awful lot of Ark Falls. Overall not a difficult game but a mix with the length of it.

      === PROS ===
      *A massive open world with thousands of online players playing at one time.
      *Thousands of different weapons, enemies and other bits.
      *A lot of different small enemies along with medium and huge enemies too.
      *Really good music and some top quality sound effects.
      *Great to play with friends.

      === CONS ===
      *Story mode isn't the longest and there aren't a lot of side missions.
      *Graphics are glitchy at times and not the best looking game ever.
      *Can be a very repetitive game and can become quite boring after playing for a while.
      *Cant play the game with other players in different countries.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Defiance is a pretty good game. At first it can be addictive but it does get very boring very quickly. This is one of the very few MMO games available on console so its definitely worth checking out. I would recommend the game especially if you like a good action packed third person shooter with quite a bit of variety in the enemies. Lots of weapons to keep you entertained.

      The game has an age rating of 18+ and all copies come with a code for a few extra bits. I bought the game when it first came out for £35 which is definitely worth it for a while. The game is much cheaper now as its been out a while. You can pick it up from Amazon for about £20 now and it still has thousands of people playing it. Definitely value for money. There is no fee to play like most MMO games which is another bonus.

      Overall one of a kind for the consoles and I would give it a reasonable 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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