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Destiny (Xbox 360)

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3 Reviews
  • Graphically Amazing
  • great enemy AI
  • expansions are overpriced
  • Buggy At Times
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    3 Reviews
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      30.01.2015 09:13
      Very helpful
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      Could of been GOTY

      Campaign and Story

      It's not bad, but I'm not a that big of a fan. The whole campaign feels and sounds like a medieval space war. I mean for Christ's sake we have the main guide and speaker refer to impending evil as the "Darkness", couldn't you have come up with something just a little more creative than that Bungie?

      And then there's lines like "there's a wizard on the moon" and "an evil more evil than all other evils" which really makes the story feel poorly written. Some levels even look like they're part of some weird medieval space theme (Hive bridges look like old metal rope bridges).

      Here's what I love, the integrated "Grimoire" cards. In a game that would otherwise be devoid of any decent lore, these bite-sized chunks are easy to digest and add a lot of depth to a rather ambiguous story and cliche trope.

      We were all expecting a lot from Destiny's story team(since they gave us Halo), but the campaign is far from a perfect 10. It makes me feel like I'm taking a trip to a distant past before humanity as we know it had ever existed rather than a vast, wide and encompassing with a solid future feel, like Halo.


      Some of the bests and worsts of Destiny are in its gameplay. The simplistic, enjoyable "two-tier tree" leveling mechanic you use to grow and upgrade you character is by far the best part of this game. You will max everything out sooner or later, but not without having a hell of a good time doing it.

      Destiny ties both the story and multiplayer customization to one tree which I find extremely convenient since it prevents me from having to replay the multiplayer to unlock "perks" that I had already unlocked in the campaign. Luckily, this system is also applicable for weapons; finding legendary and exotic weapons in the story is already a huge pain in the ass, I really wouldn't want to have to unlock them again in multiplayer.

      Questing feels intuitive but unfortunately repetitive as I often find myself on patrol missions redoing missions and hearing the same audio log twice. I understand there's a limited amount of data but, It wouldn't hurt to have different audio logs.

      Repetition is where this game really falls off. There a rinse and repeat method of facing bosses and doing strike raids, all resulting in the same tired mechanic of being trapped with a boss in a tiny room running in circle while doing pitiful damage. I get that bosses are supposed to be tough but all the boss fights feel the same. They need to vary this up with future dlc patches. For example, instead of just running around dealing damage give bosses some actual abilities that force players to engage and to think a lot more.

      The weapons system isn't perfect either, it's simplistic and intuitive, but, It feels dumb at the same time. You upgrade weapons and add stats to it by giving resources... that's all there is to upgrading weapons. This doesn't feel too great since I'm not customizing my weapon I'm just enhancing it with powerups making it feel like any other MMO. I wish Destiny had taken the Ghost Recon method of guncrafting and employed it in their game. Then it would have fit the theme and deepened the weapons systems.

      Overall the gameplay is pretty solid. Character classes all feel unique, with uniquely fun subclasses. Shooter mechanics are spot on and incredibly balanced although some weapons feel wholly overpowered in multiplayer "coughshotguncough".


      Wow. The graphics for this console exclusive game are just breathtaking. Definitely living up to the next gen hype.Water effects respond correctly and crisply. Textures are well done and models while limited are impressive. That's another point, the models are just so unbelievably limited. I've played the Destiny beta and thought "oh, okay, these are just the choices for the beta hopefully they'll have more for the live version", hell was I wrong. What we saw in character models from the beta was what we got in the live, the only changes being a few improvements to overall character design.

      Hairstyles are extremely limited to short styles with very little emphasis on "future", seriously, cornrows? I'm pretty sure we all evolved out of that hairstyle a long time ago. The facial animations are decent but the overall customization being limited so limited really made me upset. I was expecting to get something just a little less of Mass Effect level customization. Hell, we couldn't even customize the height of our character, how hard is it to implement that? On the positive side, none of the model animation breaks any of the characters and 90% of the time you don't even see your hair or face so it's alright.

      Environments feel varied and lush with nothing feeling overly repetitive (Thank the stars). Unfortunately "dungeons" are, but it actually ties in with the lore so I'm not going to be too critical of it. Enemy types and models are extremely well done with lots of differentiation and easily extinguishable characteristics.

      Giving us extremely well polished characters and environments while skimping out on some really good possible additions I give Destiny's graphics a solid 8/10. (Jason, I'll give you a better score if you give us more cosmetic options in future dlc, longer hair, more markings,etc...)


      I love the soundtrack. It brings me into each fight and makes me feel like I'm a certified alien-killing badass. Gun firing sound effect reels could use some more variation. (I'm hoping that will improve with more weapons via DLC). Environmental sound effects are amazing, Explosions sound powerful and commanding and all minute details for reloading are masterfully done.


      Overall the game as an entire package only scores a 4/5, still pretty solid if you ask me. With future dlc this score could change, especially if it fixes some of my stated issues. Despite the negatives Destiny is a definite must have for all next gen console owners. Waiting to see how it pans out over the course of the next "10 years" will be a pleasure all its own.

      Social System (Addendum)

      For a game that wanted people to do co-op and interact and as an MMO aficionado I find this area rather lacking, but I wont factor it into my score. It's incredibly difficult to communicate with other players and to find friends. Instead of being a social game meant to be played with others, I've found myself burning through the story alone. That in itself is troubling. There needs to be a some sort of social or communication system available for players to easily interact with one another, if not in the actual maps then at least at the Guardian's Tower (The main "town" in any MMO). This becomes more and more needed as the game gets harder and harder.


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        24.09.2014 14:22


        • "Captivating Story line"
        • "Graphically Amazing"


        • "Buggy At Times"
        • Repetitive

        Would recommend to friends to compare our thoughts on next gen gaming.

        I have been playing games made by bungie since halo, I would recommend any of the bungie games to anyone I meet who loves gaming. The game boasted its experience as being one of the first openly online RPG game for a gaming platform like Xbox and Playstation. This was the reason I bought the game but this gave me a huge disappointment as the game becomes very buggy when players load into your game and can get confusing to whether they are friendly or enemies. The story of this game can become very confusing as you have many missions around one single area and to try keep them in order is near on impossible. In my honest opinion I would give this game a 3 out of 5.


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        19.09.2014 01:55
        Very helpful


        • "great enemy AI"
        • "amazing graphics"


        • "expansions are overpriced"

        the best shooter yet!

        Destiny is the latest and greatest game for the Xbox 360, and is definitely worth the reviews it has been given, and worth every penny! The game is a first person shooter, which is one of my favorite types of games, and is brought to us by the makers of the massive games Halo and Call of Duty. The game has been expertly created by Bungie Software, and here is my review of the game for Xbox 360.

        Destiny thrusts players into the roles of Guardians of the last city on Earth, and is set on an ancient solar system. Players must battle the mystical creatures who are enemies of the earth. You will find yourself in the depths of the red planet mars, and battling your way through the cities of Venus with the ultimate goal of saving the earth! The adventures in the story mode of this game are brilliant, unlike other games of this type, there are lots of twists and turns to fight your way through, and special treasures to find at every turn. This is fast becoming one of my favorite games of all time!

        The online play is excellent with this game, it is a very social experience that you can play with people from around the world, and complete missions with your super characters. The graphics in destiny are brilliant, not even a single stone is left unturned when it comes to the great detail that has gone into this game, it truly is brilliant. I have always been a fan of sci-fi story games, and this breaks every expectation I had for this game. The enemies have great AI, some games have silly enemies that stand and wait to be shot, but the programming is excellent for them in this, which is very important!

        I was bought this game for my birthday, ( which is today) and I absolutely love it. The game to buy is £40 from Tesco at the moment, but they do go for up to £57 in stores like Game. The prices are roughly the same online, but I would suggest going to Tesco to get it simply because it is the cheapest I have seen it sold for yet.

        There are some expansion packs available for this game, but they tend to be really expensive. I had a glance at some of them, for extra maps and upgraded equipment, but some of them go for up to £35 each which I thought is too high. The expansions nearly cost as much as the game, so I think that is my only real fault with the game.

        if you have read reviews about this game already, or even heard about it from friends, you will already know that this game is the bees knees! If your in to shooters, and loved the Halo games, you are going to love this game. It is a game that will never get old, and is in my opinion worth every penny.


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