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Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox 360)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2011-08-26 / Published by Square Enix

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    5 Reviews
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      01.06.2013 05:28
      Very helpful



      Watch the trailer instead- its much better than playing the game

      Having not played the original deus ex on PC I didnt know what to expect from this game, but I had seen the trailer and it looked brilliant.

      I liked the fact that it was blade runner-esque, truly the graphics and the rendering are fantastic, neon, mixed with a G-Police look of a dystopian, consumerarist future...and thats obviously where the effort went for the programmers. Square Enix have a good rep for making these type of games, look at Metal gear solid, in fact the main character Adam looks very much like solid snake, and they focus on doing things with graphics no one else will do, in this case it is the lighting and rendering.

      But the programming is shoddy, when you enter a room, the characters expecting you to come in, are either facing the door or sitting at a desk waiting for you, they are not moving, they are not interacting with their enviroment as normal people would be, its like they are robotic or something, and it was a constant source of annoyance...also being of japanese origin there is far too much annoying, pointles, adolescent chat, about what a great guy your character is etc etc.

      The grpahics and soundtrack are amazing, the weapons likewise are impressive and futuristic, the augmentations are great, but again its allot of hours spent working out inventories and augmentations and it could be time better spent on progressing through the game. There is also too much emphasis on hacking, you basically ave to hack security systems all the time and you have this smae puzzle, at differing levels of difficulty, but the puzzle is the same and you end up doing it hundreds of time in the game, it just gets tedious

      The storyline is also great and engaging , you can either progress through the game using pure stealth and hardly killing anyone, or go all out guns blazing, but it is more interesting this way.


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      26.12.2011 17:01
      Very helpful



      Deus Ex Human Revolution is a great action-rpg

      I was really excited about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, when I first heard of it. After all, I already heard the praise of the original Deus Ex. Deus Ex is constantly mentioned as one of the greatest PC games of all time. So, I right away knew I was going to buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution. My, only question was would it live up to the hype and expectations? The answer is a big yes.

      Human Revolution takes place in 2027, Detroit. You are Adam Jenson, a guy who works for Sarif Industries as the lead of the security department. Sarif Industries specializes in human enhancements. Recently though, they have been attacked by terrorists and Jenson has been injured. To save him, doctors have to give him enhancements. From there, you have to search for the people responsible for the attack. Along the way you will discover several conspiracies. The story really caught my attention and captivated me.

      Playing Deus Ex was loads of fun. It is an action-rpg and I love rpgs. The levels were non-linear meaning there was a ton of ways you could complete a mission. You could just blast your way through, shooting anyone in your path or you could take the stealth approach and silently move through the mission and kill people silently. The missions were really fun but the boss fights were just plain bad. The boss fights are non-linear and the only way you could beat the boss is lethally. You have a small area to move around and really can't do much. A shame because, the rest of the mission is great.

      There are quite a few weapons you can get Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They range from rifles to crossbows. You can upgrade your weapons to make them better and efficient. You can also upgrade yourself with augmentations. Augmentations help a lot as they let you do more advanced stuff. My favourite augmentation was the "social enhancer". It lets you persuade people, though it's not too important. Then there was the "Typhoon Explosive System", a favourite augmentation for many people. It blasts mini explosives and kills people instantly that are within 8m. I would definitely recommend using the Typhoon as it is very helpful during boss fights.

      The graphics in Human Revolution are just okay. They're not a negative but they aren't a positive either. The cities are good looking but nothing extraordinary. In addition, some characters look funny and not humanly.

      While the graphics may not be the best, the atmosphere is amazing. You get to travel to different cities and they all feel great, especially Detroit. You can feel the darkness. There are many cars and buildings that give the game a futuristic vibe.

      The sound for the most part in the game is great. Adam Jenson is a likeable character and is voiced nicely by Elias Toufexis. Most of the characters sound good but there might be the occasional extra that doesn't sound good at all.

      Overall, Deus Ex is a very nice game. It lets you have a lot of freedom and your choices have a lot of impact on the story. There are a few sour points but that should absolutely not take away the joy of playing this game from anyone. I would recommend Human Revolution to anyone who liked the original Deus Ex and to people who like action-rpgs. Just a super, super game.


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      02.12.2011 15:56
      Very helpful



      One of the best RPGs in recent years.

      Human Revolution is the 3rd instalment in the Deus Ex franchise. The first game was met with lauded praise, despite some limitations at the time. The 2nd game, while technically proficient, was met with mixed responses - some loved it, while others despised it. HR serves as a prequel to the first game. You play as Adam Jensen, who is some kind of bodyguard for a company called Sarif Industries. Before a huge congress meet, where Adam's ex-girlfriend Megan Reed is about to spill the beans on a huge discovery, the base is attacked by Mercenaries, and several of the scientists are presumably killed. Adam is mortally wounded, but thanks to the power of augmentations is brought back to life. Now, prepped with some badass modifications, he must travel through Detroit, Tokyo and more to discover what happened to the other scientists that night and why.

      There's certainly some surprises thrown your way throughout the game, and the story here is really engaging. It's helped by the good voice-work, which thankfully doesn't lean towards the corny side of sci-fi. The idea of choice is pretty heavy here, though the course of the game isn't changed by making different choices. I did think, however, the idea of the ending was kind of lame. You basically have to go out of your way, in a facility full of enemies which can easily kill you, and find several key characters who will basically give you the prospects to one of four endings which you then choose from after the final fight. A timely save can mean you will be able to watch all four endings, by the way. I just think that it would have been more exciting if the ending was completely affected by your actions throughout the game, but it's nice that there is choice at all.

      But choices simply don't stop at how you interact with people. Throughout the game you will enter dialogue with people and you can either be a gentleman or give them a taste of attitude. Sometimes, it can save your bacon in a situation with hostages, which you will encounter in the first mission of the game. But each level also has a choice on how you proceed through the mission and it boils down to two ideas - stealth or guns-blazing. You can take the simpler route, and simply shoot anything which is guarding the perimeter, or you can take the complex, but arguably more interesting, route and try to sneak your way into the mission site.

      The latter option is not actually as difficult as you'd think. The idea is make sure you stay out of sight - and if force is necessary, make sure you knock them out, rather than use the game's aggressive takedown moves. In the first mission, you can decide whether you want to ride with a weapon, or a much stealthier option of a stun gun or tranquilizer gun. These will prove useful in keeping tactical, but you can also pick up firearms from dazed guards, which is probably an idea (the reason for which I'll explain later). Using the level around you is also key - finding vents which can take you to an objective, rather than trekking through an area with guards, cameras or turrets is definitely useful.

      The more explosive option is valid too. Guns are powerful, and making mush of enemies is easily done. You can find a variety of weapons - pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, shotguns and even rocket launchers. Even if you follow the stealthy option, picking up these weapons is a useful idea, as there are a few scenarios where simply being sneaky isn't possible. And of course, it's nice to have a backup plan if you happen to get caught. The thing about Human Revolution is that one tactic isn't valid to progressing the story over the other - no matter what you do you won't fail Deus Ex. A couple of objectives require stealth, but most of the time, the game does not penalise you for going in guns blazing.

      Deus Ex progresses much like an RPG does. You are situated one city at the time - in the case of Human Revolution: Detroit, Tokyo, Montreal and Singapore, granted with a 2027 cyberpunk theme. You can feel the difference of the cities though - Detroit shows a gloomy, dark landscape with tall grey buildings and hidden alleyways, while Tokyo has bright clubs and tiny markets spread across the place. You do return to a couple of the cities in each game, and some side missions can be replayed when you return back. However, it is usually a good idea to clear any side missions before moving on to the next area, as you may find they become locked if you don't.

      Speaking of side missions, these are almost indistinguishable from main campaign missions. The difference comes in length, as while main missions take a good hour at least to complete, side missions probably take half that. Still, there's plenty of sneaking/shooting, character interaction and versatile objects to be completed. The game also should come with an extra mission, if you bought a brand new copy. If not, then you can download this off Xbox Live for 240msp. The mission revisits some old characters and ties in to the next story mission. It has been known to cause anomalies/glitches in the story however, so be wary of that.

      Completing missions and objectives will earn you XP. These build up to give you Praxis points, though you can also buy these Praxis points for about 5000 credits. You use these points to unlock and upgrade your augmentations. There are all kinds of upgrades for you to choose here. Some give major perks to stealth, whether it's the ability to see enemies through walls, move without making any sound or hack higher-level objects. There's also a cool parachute you can unlock, which means you can jump off a building of any height and take zero damage. There are other abilities too, such as thicker armour so damage is less potent (and trust me, even on normal difficult, you can die extremely quick on this game), more impressive speech abilities and more. It's hard to choose, mainly because there are so many options, but also because you probably won't be able to unlock more than half of these even on a playthrough with all missions complete.

      Probably the sore spot of Human Revolution is the game's boss fights. Though somewhat infrequent (there are about 4 of them I believe) these completely throw off the idea of choice. This is why you acquire any weaponry you can before these - if you take a sneaky route and don't, you'll find yourself completely unequipped for the fight. They can either be frustrating or mind-numbingly easy, as if you are ill-equipped it becomes a game of run and hope your puny weapons will deal with them, or your over-powered grenade launchers will end the fight in seconds. They feel completely out of place, throwing the ideas of choice and freedom outside the window. You could go through the whole mission being pacifist and not killing anyone, only to be forced to kill the boss at the end of the mission. The game would have been better without them.

      The problem with the last games is that the huge setting potential has somewhat been held back due to lacking technology, especially the first game. However, with 360 hardware Human Revolution looks amazing. Levels are immaculately detailed, characters are well designed and the takedowns are flashy and exciting. The only downer is that the facial animation is pretty lacklustre, with mouths moving either too slow or too fast for their dialogue, but overall this game is very pretty. This synchronises well with the music, with an epic sci-fi score causing some 80s nostalgia for good reason. And as mentioned, the voice-acting is good, with some terrific work making characters more enduring to attach to.

      Human Revolution stands out as one of the best RPGs to be released in a while. The freedom of choice into how you explore levels is great, the setting is fully realised, and the story keeps you engaged. It's definitely worth sucking in about 30 hours with, and with one DLC pack released already clocking in another 5 hours, there's plenty of value for your buck in this game. If you're a fan of the previous games, RPGs, or the idea of a cyberpunk setting, then this should be tantalising prospect for you.


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        20.09.2011 09:36
        Very helpful



        It did the original justice, but wasn't innovative or beautiful enough to be game of the year

        Well, it took me a while but it's probably time I wrote a review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The first point to note, something you might gather from the fact that it's now a few weeks since its launch, is that the game is substantial. In total it took me a healthy 26 hours to complete. Bear in mind, that this was a thorough play through talking to every NPC in the land, searching every nook-and-cranny for hidden goodies and completing every side quest I came across. I'm a little OCD when it comes to things like that. I'd stumble across a locker room and think 'oh great, now I have to open every bloody locker' - just in case there might be a nutrional energy bar hidden inside one of them (and there usually was), but I am NOT so OCD that I have to complete every achievement. In fact I find achievements a pointless waste of my time, so don't expect any mention of them here. Anyway, I'm getting carried away, the point is, it's a nice long game, much unlike the majority of games nowadays which you'd be lucky to make last more than a day. That's the first bonus. Now let me start from the beginning.

        Deus Ex: Human Revolution is actually the third in a series of the Deus Ex games. All set in the future and all featuring cybernetic implants known as augs (augmentations) and heavy amounts of conspiracy theory and evil dabblings of the illuminating. The name 'Deus Ex' comes from the Latin 'Of God' and gives you an idea of the theme of the game - using augs is playing God and is BAD. Or is it?

        The original Deus Ex was highly acclaimed, though I wouldn't recommend playing it now as it would look bloody awful. At the time though, it was thoroughly enjoyable, innovative and good fun. The world was large and you could interact with it in various ways. Cybernetic implants changed the game depending on what you decided to 'pimp' - stealth, agility, strength, hacking, rambo-gun-toting-goodness, it was up to you. Anyone who calls themselves a gamer will have played the original and if they haven't then they either a liar or they're 12.

        It is universally agreed that the second Deus Ex game (Invisible War) was awful and an insult to the memory of the first. So the announcement of this new incarnation lead to a lot of mixed feelings with those that cared. But unless you've been asleep for the last few weeks, you'll know that in general the new game did not disappoint. However, that doesn't mean it's game of the year either.

        Start from the beginning

        Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in the near future, that is, before the original game. You play a young JC Denton, an ex-swat officer who finds himself heading security for a large corporation known as Sarif Industries. Obviously, he gets into a bit of trouble and ends up (against his will) being implanted with augmentations to save his life. The now cybernetically-enhanced Mr Denton is tasked with finding out what the hell happened when the head office building was raided by armed mad men. And this is where the story becomes interesting. There's no denying the story is good and lengthy. It'll have you exploring Detroit and China, as well as other locales. Large expanses open (within limits) to your nosing.

        Pimp my Denton

        Playing the game, completing side and main quests, you'll slowly unlock XP which allows you to gain 'paraxis' points and thus augmentations. Obviously, in the same vein as the original game, whatever you unlock will change your game. As a simple example, pimping your arms will allow you to lift heavy objects and move them. This will help you find your way into locations you couldn't otherwise reach - moving large wheelie bins out of the way of air vents or positioning boxes to jump over a fence. Things like that. There are all sorts of things to augment. You can make yourself invisible, improve your hacking ability (highly recommended) to get through doors and into safes, improve your arms to enable you to punch through walls. Plenty of fun to be had. If you're not levelling up fast enough you can also buy paraxis kits from L.I.M.B clinics for a rather pricey $5,000 each.

        Obviously potential augmentations are limited. You won't be able to unlock everything before the game finishes, so you better choose wisely. Though some upgrades are pretty much essential - especially hacking which is impossible to function without. I can't help but feel that they could have made more of some of the augments, especially social interaction of which there is only one unlock and that's it.

        One of the frustrations I had with the game stems from melee combat. You can creep up on someone and give them a nice punch in the face (or other forceful attack) to knock them out and get them out of your way, but for some reason, even chinning someone like that is a drain on your energy. So you can probably punch about two guards before your battery is flat and you'll see 'Not Enough Energy' before getting discovered and shot in the face. I don't really get that. Suddenly, you've got bionic arms, but sorry, you can't use them very much or you'll get drained...what? This seems daft to me.

        Pimp my gun

        Weapons can be pimped too. Of course, the game heavily rewards stealth and if you can sneak your way through an enemy base or locale without being seen or setting off an alarm you'll get a special 'ghost' bonus and extra XP. There's also an achievement for completing the game without killing anyone (damn, I promised not to mention achievements) but it's much more fun to snap a few necks and pop a few caps.

        There are a nice healthy selection of weapons throughout the game, the bigger and meaner they are the more room they take up in your inventory - which is limited. At first this isn't an issue, but after a couple of hours you soon realise you'll either need to be very choosy about your weapons or use paraxis points to expand your inventory and the amount of stuff you can carry. I made the mistake of buying and attaching a silencer to my assault rifle early in the game, then couldn't find ammo for it for ages and didn't want to drop it and lose the silencer as a result. So the weapon of choice usualy ends up being the 10mm pistol. There are plenty of lovely attachments to buy and find, silencers, laser sights, ammo capacity upgrades, reload speed improvements, cooling systems, it all depends on what you're using.

        I spent a great deal of time with the tranquiliser gun, shoot enemies and watching them drop unconcious then creeping up to their fallen bodies and shooting them in the face with a silenced pistol to make sure they didn't come back to haunt me later - bit harsh, but effective.

        Otherwise there are plasma rifles, heavy machine guns, laser guns, carbines, stun guns and of course the swords built into your cybernetic arms.

        Sneaky, sneaky, vent creepy

        Deus Ex is all about finding the hidden paths to your objective. If you play the game as it should be played you'll be sneaking quitely past guards, dodging cameras and waddling about in air vents. New paths can be discovered and investigated depending on your abilities. As I said before punching through walls or lifting heavy objects will help you find new paths to rooms or areas. Similarly, hacking will get you through doors you couldn't otherwise open. Good old investigation might just turn up a password on a 'pocket secretary' littered about the land or on a guards corpse whcih will let you access a computer panel and turn off the cameras, robots and turrets in an area - or better still, turn them against their comrades. But mostly it's all about the sneaking. Despite the quality, I couldn't help but think that this game was made in the 90's as I found myself creeping through yet another air vent. It's air vent after air vent, which is very old hat and to be honest a bit boring. Yet it is part of the Deus Ex style so I'm not sure how they'd do it differently.

        There's the usual cover system which has been done to death in games ever since Gears of War. Hide behind objects, go into third person view and see your surroundings. Fire blindly around corners if necessary or pop out for a good clean shot. It's done well, but it's not original by any means.

        Mediocre graphics, immersive story

        In 2011, especially on PC, you'd expect good graphics. I can't help but feel that Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks dated and a bit naff in places. I'm not saying the graphics are awful, just mediocre. Apart from the cut scenes which are rather spiffing, it does feel like this game was built half-arsed in the graphics department to simply cater to the consoles without much effort or thought. The story and gameplay is immersive enough to make this forgiveable. One friend commented before launch that the graphics looked awful, but on playing it he said he didn't notice because he was so wrapped up in the story. I am inclined to agree, but it's still a niggle for a modern game, especially with beautiful games like Battlefield 3 on the way shortly and the visually stunning Dead Island just launched.

        There are some features which verge on innovative or extremely welcome which will make me remember this game fondly. The first of which is the cloak - not a new thing in gaming - invisibility, but the fact that you can go invisible and shoot people while invisible is different to the majority of games out there and a very welcome feature. Of course the cloak doesn't last long but it's very handy for short periods of gunplay or sneaking (with it activated you can also walk straight through laser fields).

        The ability to punch through walls is a nice touch, but it only applies to specific areas of wall, not every wall you come across for obvious (but boring) game convention reasons.

        One augmentation allows you to jump from any height and 'glide' to earth sorrounded by a yellow glow of power and awesomeness. Again, a nice feature, though not very subtle.

        In the end, it's a good, thoroughly enjoyable, immersive game that did the original justice but could have been better.


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          29.08.2011 13:52
          Very helpful



          One of the best and most beautiful first person shooter games with role playing elements!

          Deus Ex Human Revolution is the third game in the Deus Ex game series and its a prequel to the first Deus Ex game. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a first-person role playing game available for PS3 and PC as well as the Xbox 360. The game was developed by Eidos Montreal and was published by Square Enix. When I first heard that another Deus Ex game was coming I wasn't at all excited because I only had a brief go on one of the other games and to be honest I wasn't that impressed with them. My cousin told me more about the game as it got closer to release which did persuade me to buy the game and give it a shot. I have to say upon buying the game I was immediately blown away. Everything about the game literally shocked me. The game is brilliant in many ways and the fact that each scenario has a different outcome depending on your answers you give is fantastic. The story to the game is also the type of story that fits perfectly into the game and certainly brings the game to life.

          You take the role as Adam Jensen an ex SWAT commander in the Detroit Police Force who was fired due to not following orders. Shortly after Jensen was hired by Sarif Industries to be a private security specialist. Jensen is doing a routine security check one day but suddenly Sarif Industries is attacked by a merciless black ops team. Jensen gets critically injured during this and his life hangs in the balance. Adam later awakens with cybernetic augmentations and he begins a relentless assault to find who has done this to him and to find out who is behind the attack on Sarif Industries. The story to the game also leads to many different quests and missions and Deus Ex has to be one of the best stories to a game so far to date.

          === GAMEPLAY ===
          Deus Ex Human Revolution is a fantastic game. Its not just the story that makes this game amazing because it also has a lot of gameplay features. The only character you play as is Adam Jensen and to be fair you wouldn't need anyone else and you can tell this just by looking at him. Adam is one of the best characters I have played from a game and he is skilled in many ways. The year the game is set is 2027 which is 25 years before the first Deus Ex game. You visit five different cities in the game which include Detroit, Montreal and Shanghai and all of them are superbly designed. Whilst playing through the game you will learn many things about it. The game is a first person shooter and does feature role playing elements such as equipment, upgrading skills and leveling up. As you progress in the game you acquire points. These points are acquired when you level up or do certain quests and these can be used to add new abilities/augmentations. Jensen at first cant do many things but when you buy augmentations with your points you can buy abilities such as punching through walls, turn invisible for so many seconds, fall from unbelievable heights and not get hurt, jump a lot higher and there are many many more. This is a fantastic idea but the only downfall is that you cant acquire every ability and you must choose to what you would like Adam Jensen to be. You can give him abilities to be stealthy, all out action or a bit of both its entirely up to you.

          There are lots of different weapons on the game that Adam can pick up. Adam has an inventory that can only carry so much stuff but there are augmentations to upgrade how much he can carry. There are weapons such as pistols, revolver, shotgun, machine gun, crossbow, stun gun, sniper rifle, heavy rifle, plasma rifle and loads more. Again the downfall is the amount you can carry because some of those weapons take a massive amount of space in your inventory up but at least the game mixes it up every time you play it. There are also grenades and mines on the game which you can use. EMP grenades, frag grenades, timed mines and many more can all be used for different enemies. The game has a fairly open world in which it can be explored but only with what ever city your in. For example if your in Detroit then the whole of Detroit is accessible. Exploring places often is great because you can find lost of items that can be sold and you can also find credits and books. The books are used for experience and the credits are used as money in the game. Credits can be spent at shops that are run by gang members. They sell new weapons, ammo, weapon upgrades, healing items and a few other bits.

          Adam has a health meter at the top right of the screen but its fairly hard to notice at first but just underneath is his energy bar which can be used for his augmentations or for sneaking up behind an enemy to take them out. You can knock out an enemy from behind which uses an energy bar but in turn it refills over time. If you acquire the right augmentation then you can take out multiple enemies with one sneak attack. You can also kill the enemies if you want from doing this by holding the button but it may alert nearby enemies of your presence. A lot of the game does involve hacking terminals. You can hack computers, safes and even doors which could lead to bonuses as well as experience. There are a lot of civilians in the game and killing them can result into the police after your blood but its not against the games rule so basically you can do anything you please. The story aspect of the game is great. Whilst there is only on game mode available and a lack of multiplayer options the game still doesn't disappoint. In story mode you will come across many people that will also require your help. These are side quests and can bring your great rewards for doing them and are totally worth the hassle some of them give.

          Deus Ex Human Revolution is a fantastic game. The game has more to offer as well and the developers are working on bonus content available for download. There are numerous enemies in the game from enemy soldiers to war mechs and other robots. There are also turrets that will attack you if they see you and cameras that will alarm enemies of your presence so its always best to be careful. Another thing that is a brilliant idea in the game is that if you don't hide bodies of the people you've butchered and your enemies find them then they will look all over for you until they find you. You also get to question people and there are multiple choices but there are no right or wrong answers. Overall Deus Ex Human Revolution has to go down as one of the best games ever. Its brilliant a masterclass and definitely one of my all time favourite games.

          === GRAPHICS & SOUND EFFECTS ===
          The graphics to Deus Ex Human Revolution is possibly the best I have seen. The game is full with lots of characters and they are all detailed really well. Adam Jensen looks like the hero everyone wants in a game and he is really brilliantly designed. All of the characters are brilliantly fleshed out. The actual locations in the game are astonishing and beautifully designed. Each building in each city is designed really well and most buildings can be climbed someway or another. The detail of the game overall is unbelievable. Everything about the games graphics make the game amazing.

          The overall sound effects to Deus Ex Human Revolution are equally as impressive as the graphics. Adam Jensen (voiced by Elias Toufexis) is brilliant and his voice fits perfect into the game. I do at times think he sounds like Timothy Olyphant. All of the other characters in the game are also voiced and they all play an integral part in the games success. The overall action sound effects are phenomenal and definitely bring the game to life but one of the most impressive parts to the game is the ability to hear footsteps. Your enemies can also hear these and will be alerted if they do. Basically what you hear in the game your enemies hear as well and this works really well. The music to the game is equally impressive and definitely fits well into the game. Overall I was impressed with both of these aspects.

          === DIFFICULTY & LONGEVITY ===
          The games difficulty varies at times and it depends on how you choose to play the game. If your going through the game stealthy then the game can be extremely challenging and very difficult. If your going through the game all out action then it can also be as challenging depending on what difficulty setting you choose at the start of the game. The game does feature a couple of problem solving puzzles but nothing seriously hard. The combat is more realistic in this game than games such as Call Of Duty because you can actually be killed within one or two shots. In Call Of Duty you can be shot numerous times and hardly taken damage. Your health does gradually regenerate but that's only with the right augmentation. The controls to the game are quite easy and most of the game is easy to follow. I did find the hacking a little hard at first because I skipped the tutorials at the beginning of the game so its best to watch them.

          The game is really good in length in my opinion. There have been people that has completed the main story quest in 15 hours which doesn't sound to good but to be fair all of the side quests that are on the game will take your gameplay close to the 40 hours mark which is fantastic. Also you will have to go through the game numerous times to achieve different bits and there are 4 alternative endings available to get depending on what you do and how you choose it. Yes there is only one game mode available but with the downloadable content that's coming out and the fact you have to go through the game more than once or twice it makes Deus Ex worthy of being brilliant in terms of length!

          === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
          Deus Ex Human Revolution has a total of 49 achievements. This is fantastic because its impossible to get all of them on one playthrough of the game and its pretty hard to get them on 2 completions of the game. Some of the achievements depend on what answers you choose when given multiple questions. Other achievements include so many takedowns, upgrading equipment and upgrading augmentations. You also get some achievements for doing certain quests or certain bits in the main quest. Overall the achievements are fantastic for this game.

          === PROS ===
          *You choose how your story evolves and you choose what happens!
          *You can upgrade Adam's augmentations and learn new abilities to help you along through the game.
          *The graphics are absolutely beautiful and the sound effects really stand out.
          *There are a lot of different weapons, enemies and outcomes on the game.
          *Its a challenge and

          === CONS ===
          *Should be able to carry unlimited items!
          *No multiplayer options and that's about it for cons.

          === FINAL THOUGHT ===
          Deus Ex Human Revolution is a brilliant game and the best thing is the fact that you don't need to have played any of the other games to start enjoying this because its a prequel. Also the fact you can play how you want to play and do what you want to do is really appealing. I'm not usually a massive fan of these type of games but this one literally blew me away in every way possible. Stunning visuals, stunning sound effects and some top quality gameplay make this a possible contender for the Game Of The Year award.

          I would seriously recommend the game. This is by far one of the best games ever made. I was starting to lose faith because most of the older games are hard to beat but Deus Ex Human Revolution has calmed me down because its brilliant. I would recommend the game to fans of stealthy games, FPS games and to basically anyone who like games with stunning graphics.

          The game has an age rating of 15+ because it contains strong language and strong bloody violence throughout. The game manual is okay but not the best ever. There are different versions of the game available. There is the normal versions, collectors edition, augmented edition or a limited edition each with added content. There will be DLC availble for the game possibly from 29/08/11.

          For such a good game I was expecting the price of it to be around the £40 mark. Having seen Game and Gamestation selling the game at £39.99 I thought I would check my local ASDA and was pleasantly surprised they had it for £33.97. Its definitely worth the money because its guaranteed to last a long time.

          One of the best games ever made in my opinion and definitely worth owning. I would give Deus Ex Human Revolution a full on 10/10! Simply fantastic!!

          Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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