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Dirt Showdown (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2012-05-25 / Published by Codemasters Limited

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2012 14:28
      Very helpful



      Not a great game really, i'm glad i just bought it for the Gamerscore.

      I did wonder why no one on my 57 people long xbox friends list has this game, and then it dawned on me after a couple races. This is rubbish. You don't even get a speedometer, rev counter, or any realistic driving aids, you just get some cheesy announcer who says the exact same things over and over again until, you finish each race, you get the same thick and pathetic AI cars which have absolutely no idea whether they're coming or going and the online gameplay is laggy, and incredibly annoying.

      The graphics are not great with a low FPS, poor lighting, bad replica's of real world cars such as the Ford Fiesta and environment objects such as boxes and barriers that would look more at home in a children's toy box than on a racetrack, it really is rather tragic.

      The sound is bad too, engine noises are fine but the announcer comes out with these cheesy, annoying and unnecessary comments about your driving and your score which just angers me. The in game music is terrible it's just some cheap generic dubstep and some random pop artists. The tyre squeal is good though and drifting around corners does sound good even if it isn't realistic.

      The races are quite short with most lasting under 2 minutes and it seems to be a mish mash of races rather than the traditional DiRT point to point rallies and fun head to head events. It's just full of nonsense ones like hard target where you have to escape being killed by a bunch of thick AI driving into you all the time, its boring and frustrating. Before you ask, no, there are no rallies what so ever. In fact, most of the game is on tarmac.

      So what we have here then is a game designed to be a fun, pick up and play, relaxed sort of game but what it actually is, is a tedious, annoying, frustrating, repetitive and somewhat pointless gimmick, whereby the only game i can relate this to, is Burnout, and we all now what that's about. Lots of crashing, bad graphics, designed for children and people who enjoy watching slow mo crashes of themselves every 500 yards they drive.

      Overall, not good. You can get at least 500G from this game just playing it through for a week or two but that's it, the achievements are somewhat difficult to obtain after that and there is one achievement worth 100G which is to complete the game get gold in every event and finish the dirt showdown tournament. That's not even worth getting into unless you take a couple months of work and play religiously.


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      05.10.2012 18:52



      Great fun with mates, or as single player. Best variety of racing on a single game!

      Dirt Showdown is the 4th Installment of the Dirt series and I would say the best!

      For a group of mates wanting a grown up, but fun racing game, here it is! It has many game modes to keep you interested.
      Career mode earns you money, money buys you cars and upgrades, better cars help you across the whole of the game. For instance to complete your career you have to complete 4 levels of difficulty, made possible by purchasing and upgrading your cars. With Races such as 8 ball (win the race, and knock opponents out), Knock Out (Knock you opponents out of the arena), Demolition (Destroy and score points by smashing into opponents), Domination (Track is split into 4 sections, be the fastest in all 4 across 3 laps) Standard Race, Gymkhana (Score points for tricks), Trick Rush (like Gymkhana however its a race to the line whilst completing the tricks)
      Freestyle mode means you can explore 2 areas split into 3 zones each. Each zone has tokens to find and roughly 20-30 tricks to complete. Where the tricks are easy at times, tokens are not all that easy to find, i spent 2 hours finding one before. However it isn't a race and completing freestlye is very simple, but rewarding when complete.

      Online/Mulitplayer mode is brilliant on Dirt, aswell as standard races you get fun little games such as:
      Transporter - hold on to the flag the longest, crash into others to obtain the flag, and transported to the highlighted destination.
      Hold the flag - Like transporter but hold on to the flag the longest.
      Then races from career mode are included, so the online/mulitplayer mode gives a better variety of racing.

      I would recommend this game to anyone wanting a game to play with there mates, or even on there own. It's so much fun, and with a smooth and accessible menu system and faultless graphics, i personally think that this is one of the best racing games of the year and would be a great Christmas/birthday present of anyone.


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