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DisneyLand Adventures (XBox 360)

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Manufacturer: Microsoft / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2012 00:07
      Very helpful



      Disney video game for the Xbox kinect - fun for kids and adults.

      I was shocked that just after Christmas there wasn't already a review written on Disneyland Adventures for the Kinect. It wasn't even in the catalogue when I first searched for it but the lovely people at Dooyoo HQ soon added it as I had asked them to.

      This is the first time that I have written a review about a videogame, most videogame reviews I have read are quite technical in content so sorry if mine isn't up to the same standard! Im simply gonna tell you how I have found the game.

      Well, I (I mean my daughter, Ahem...) was quite excited when this was first advertised on TV. Santa (a.k.a. hubby) bought it as a joint present for myself and my 5 year old for Christmas.

      We popped the disc into the Xbox and proceeded to be greeted by a golden ticket. He is your companion throughout the game. This will only work if you have the Kinect for the Xbox - you cannot control the game through a regular controller. Once we had rearranged the furniture (downside to living in a shoebox) so that we had room to play we chose an avatar to play us. This game can be enjoyed by either one or two players. Each avatar is a child and you can customise to look similar to yourself.

      My daughter started on her own, chose her avatar and started the game. When you begin you enter the park - It looks exactly how you would imagine Disneyland to look. I have been to Disneyland Paris and Walt DisneyWorld in Florida although not Disneyland which I beleive is in California? It looks pretty similar on the game to these 2 parks so I imagine its a great likeness to the original Disneyland. Its just as you would expect - clean and immaculately kept. The only difference is you are not in the baking hot sun and there are far less people in the comfort of your own living room! Its nice to have a look around without the crowds!

      Once you have been greeted by your golden ticket, he introduces you to Mickey Mouse and you are given various tasks to complete. Each task is set out by a different Disney Character. Mickey's first task is for you to collect some autographs for him. You can fully interact with each character by hi-fiving, dancing, hugging, collecting autographs and taking photos. For example if you bow, the character will dance with you but you can also simply say 'dance' as it also has voice recognition. Voice commands such as this are limited to 'dance' 'hug' 'high-five' etc but it was lovely to see my daughters face when interactign with the characters. (imagine the money we could save by visiting Disneyland this way!).

      As I already mentioned you have to complete tasks as set out by the characters. To do this you interact with the character (just wave at them or say hello) and it will tell you what to do. We have not yet completed the game so have not seen all of the said tasks but so far have had things like collect autographs for Mickey, find Donald Ducks hat and collect teapots for the Mad Hatter. To complete a task yo need to travel around the park which is easily done by holding your arm out infront of you and tilting it slightly in the direction you want to run. The kinect is pretty responsive and quite accurate although I have read reviews elsewhere slating it saying that it is sluggish and slow. I have not found this to be the case. None of these tasks are difficult to complete as you follow golden pixie dust to lead you to your destination. I'm sure most children are only too happy to help out their favourite Characters. I'm sure your favourite will be there whether its one of Mickey's gang, a Disney Princess or your favourite from Toy Story.

      In addition to the tasks and running round the park you can also ride some of the rides. While its not quite like actually riding them they are a series of mini games which are fully playable. You need to collect hidden mickeys, coins (so you can buy virtual stuff in the shops) and get good at them so that you are rewarded pin badges for your efforts. If any of you know about the Disney Pin Trading - its much like this! There are 4 levels for each game bronze, silver, gold and I presume platinum or diamond or something (I've not got past gold yet!). So far we have ridden the Peter Pan ride - this involved flying over a moonlit London and swashbuckkling with Captain Hook. Simply use your arms in a flying motion to fly and swoosh your sword as you would in a fight! Other attractions we have done include the Matterhorn Bobsled ride - oh my such fun!! You ride a bodsled and ski with Goofy, again all controlled by sking motions etc. There is also a fab snowball fight with some Yetis here! Pelt them with snowballs until they let Goofy go!!! Again this can be played alone or work with a friend as a team. A second player can join the game at any time by simply waving infront of the kinect. One of my favourite attractions though has to be the Alice in Wonderland ride which includes the Mad Hatters Tea Party. You get to do freestyle dancing and then you need to copy the Mad Hatter in a silly pose and hold it to get the points. This is great but the sneaky kinect takes photos of you doing it.... and your mean husband uploads them to kinect share.... or maybe thats just me!

      This game is a lot of fun for kids who can understand and read simple commands. Although I beleive it is aimed at kids its still a lot of fun for adults too. The whole family has enjoyed playing this so far and am sure we will continue to do so until we complete it. Tasks and games are simple so little ones 5/6 years are less likely to get bored quickly like with some of the more involved kids kinect games such as Kinectimals but thats a whole different review....... The game autosaves so you don't have to repeat things again and again and lose your place in the game.

      It is an average price for an Xbox game - it started around £40 and now you can get it for just under £30. Although this is expensive in my opinion for a game it will provide hours of fun and is quite good value for money. It is a must for any Disney fan and its made me really geared up for our Disney holiday at the end of the year!


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