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Don King Presents: Prizefighter (Xbox 360)

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Genre: Sports - Fighting for Xbox 360 / Published by 2K Games

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2011 13:27
      Very helpful



      An average boxing game for the Xbox 360!

      Don King Presents Prizefighter is a 2008 boxing game for the Xbox 360 only. The game was devloped by Venom Games and it was also published by 2K Sports. The game is an average boxing game in my opinion and when the game was first released it was retailing at full price and thankfully it dropped a couple of months after. Boxing games are usually really good but this one is a huge let down compared to the Fight Night games. Usually with 2K Sports involved in a game its usually a good one but this one is let down in numerous ways. The graphics are atrocious compared to Fight Night Round 3. This game was released several years later than Fight Night Round 3 as well. The main reason I have this game is because there are a lot of options on the game and the fact its cheap to buy. Overall Don King Presents Prizefighter is a little bit of a let down.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The game does offer a lot in terms of gameplay but its not all good things. It is a normal professional boxing game that does take place in a ring, with so many rounds and a referee. Start from the lowest point possible and fight your way up through the ranks to become the best there is. Upgrade stats for your boxer by completing the training required. Fight in the ring where your fans can watch. Start of with small crowds which eventually start to become huge crowds. Pull of different punches from high jabs to low jabs and lots more. Knockout your opponents to win straight away or fight through so many rounds and win on the points decision.

      The game does offer over 40+ unique boxers. These boxers are proper boxers and most of them are from modern times but there are a few old classics. Unlock boxers and other bits in Career mode and use Fighter Factory mode to create boxers. Fighting is powered by a special adrenaline meter charged up by your notoriety and boxing finesse, use true 3D movement to create angles and openings to pummel and finish off your opponent. Full on commentary from Jim Lampley and Emanuel Steward, plus unlockable historic fight videos and interviews with boxing greats.

      If you get knocked down in a fight you have to get back your focus first by pressing a certain button but soon after that you have to button bash on that button to get up. This by all means isn't as easy as it reads because its all got to be done in 10 seconds. Also in a fight keep your ears open because your trainers will tell you what to do and what to aim for to help you out. At the end of a fight you receive your scorecard, and on the scorecard you can analyse and see what your weakness is so you can improve on it. Change the rules to suit you. There are different weight classes for each boxer. The classes are Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight and Classic. You can also select the venues you wish to fight at and most of them are actually designed to look how they do/did in real life. Overall Don King Presents Prizefighter does offer some good points in its gameplay but it doesn't offer enough.

      === GAME MODES ===
      CAREER - In career mode your aim is to start from the lowest rank and work your way up to become a world champion. You can start a total of 5 career modes and in each one a different boxer must be created from scratch. Pick the name for your boxer, the nickname, weight class, style, stance and everything else a boxer would use or have. You can only create male boxers. The mode starts with basic training to give you a feel for it and get you adjusted with the games controls but after that the road to victory is yours, if you can take it. This is probably the best mode on the game but its not as big as it should be.

      EXHIBITION - Exhibition lets you pick the rules and it also lets you pick everything from fighters, ring to other bits. Exhibition mode can be played against the computer or even against friends. I find it more entertaining against friends. First thing up is deciding the weight class of the exhibition fight about to take place. Then its picking your boxer and your opponent. The stats are labelled next to the boxers so you can see who is going to be a tough one to beat. Once thats done its the venue and the rules. Now your ready to fight.

      FIGHTER FACTORY - In Fighter Factory mode you can create up to 5 boxers. These boxer can be assigned skills, stat points and ring gear. You can use the boxers you create for online play or even any offline modes. You can even try and create boxers that aren't in the game and use them. Unlock bits from other modes to use in this mode.

      MULTIPLAYER - In this mode you can use a system link or play on Xbox Live. Xbox Live modes are simple, fun and effective. Pick a quick match for a random fight against anyone online. A custom match to pick your rules and invite friends or just fight against anyone. There are also ranked matches which result in points and a leaderboard to see where your ranked. Overall the online options are very limited and the game could do with a few more game modes.

      TRAINING - The training mode is fun. You can play so many mini games (training) to upgrade your created boxers. Jump rope, heavybag, focus mitts, speed bag and shuttle run are all the available training options to play. It can also be quite difficult as you progress further in the training. There are 3 different options when deciding which training to take. Amateur, contender and champion are the difficulty options available.

      OPTIONS & EXTRAS - In options you can find all the games options such as difficulty settings and a whole bunch of other settings you can change. In the extras menu you can find all unlocked items such as videos and interviews. Only good for a certain time and there isn't enough extras in my opinion.

      === GRAPHICS & SOUND ===
      The graphics to the game are a huge disappointment to be fair. They look really dated for a 2008 game. The boxers look really ordinary and look as if they're from a PS2 game and I mean that with no disrespect for the PS2 because most games still look good on that. In Fight Night Round 3 you can see all the facial expressions when you hit your opponent but in this game its like nothing has happened. The graphics aren't very impressive and this department for the game does let it down massively.

      The sound effects on the other hand are quite impressive. The music on the game is actually good music and it fits into the game well. One of the best bits to the sound effects is the way the crowd come to life and react when your fighting. For example if your a very well liked boxer the crowd will cheer you on if you do something good. If your a badly liked boxer the crowd will boo you. Also the sound effects when striking your opponent does sound realistic. Overall the sound effects are one of the better things about the game.

      The game is a fairly difficult one in many ways. The controls are hard to remember because there are so many of them. The fights are also tricky as you get further along in the game. The game modes are quite difficult to adjust to as well because most of them use different controls. The online play difficulty varies depending on how your ranked and what skill level you are. Also the achievements are fairly hard to get. There are a total of 39 achievements to get and most of them are time consuming and really difficult to get.

      The length of the game also varies. Career mode isn't as long as it should be. It took me about 12 hours to complete the career mode and thats winning every fight. One of the good points is that career mode can be played with 5 different created boxers and you can go through with each of them but the downside is that its all the same. Exhibition mode is just for fun but the online mode can last longer but it all depends on the gamer. However the overall length of the game is another massive disappointment.

      === GOOD BITS ===
      *Lots of different fighters including classic fighters from back in the day.
      *Quite a few different game modes available to play.
      *The sound effects stand out more than anything.
      *Great to play with a friend and lots of fun to be had.
      *The game is really cheap to buy.

      === BAD BITS ===
      *Very weak graphics for a 2008 game.
      *Career mode doesn't last long enough.
      *Online mode is fairly weak and lacks variety.
      *The game can be very difficult to get the hang of.
      *There are better boxing games available.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Don King Presents Prizefighter is one of the weaker boxing games. At times it feels like its been rushed because of all the bad points in the game. The game manual is pointless in my opinion. It offers very little help about the game and the only thing it does offer is interesting facts about real life boxers. The game manual is more like a boxing program. The game also has a rating of 15+ because it contains strong language and moderate sporting violence.

      Don King Presents Prizefighter is a really cheap game to buy now and that would probably be the only reason its worth getting. I bought the game recently from Amazon for a remarkable price of just £4 including postage. I do believe its worth owning for such a cheap price because the game still does offer fun. My copy was bought used but it came in brilliant condition. The game brand new will set you back roughly around the £5 mark. For just £5 its still worth it. However I would only recommend this to big boxing fans or fans of fighting games. Overall its not the worst game ever made but its far from the best. I would give Don King Presents Prizefighter an average rating of 5/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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    • Product Details

      Developed by Venom Games, the game focuses on putting together the realism of live action match-ups and the true tactics of the sweet science. More than just a night at the fights, players will be responsible for building a career by overcoming adversity, avoiding temptation, and balancing their commitments to train and promote, all while focusing on the goal of ultimately winning and defending the title belt.

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