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Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox 360)

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8 Reviews

Published by: D3 / Genre: Action & Adventure / Release date: 2007-03-30

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    8 Reviews
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      09.11.2011 23:18



      Great game for ginders or just for blowing things up

      I only played global defense force before diving into this title, and honestly never even knew about the series until getting this game, as I only managed to play the japanese version of the old global defense force game.

      The game is just beautiful in terms of old style b movies with sci fi themes.

      Now this game has been out of release for some time now and you'll only really get it either via second hand stores or online at a slightly marked up price, as in most second hand stores you should be able to pick it up for less than £10.

      The controls are easy enough right trigger fires weapons, left analogue moves you character, right analogue controls you aim, brilliantly simple and nothing really is needed other than hours the spend killing ants, flies, spiders and robots.

      Thou there are quite a few missions in this game (75 i think can't remember the exact number) the levels or maps that are used really does not go over five, however thanks to to size of each map you really don't mind as you are more likely focusing on surviving the waves of ants coming your way and being very annoyed about the reload time or firing rate of your chosen weapon.

      The game has balanced the weapons very well in terms of range, damage, reload time, firing rate, you do get to pick two weapons to take with you on each mission and I tend to stick with a rocket or missile, coupled with a machine gun or turret.

      The only downer about the game is that it does not have a variety of characters to play, actually there is only one and you can't even chose gender. However this is mainly made up by the insane amount of weapons you can choose from.

      Gamers who enjoy fast and more agile characters may have liked the inclusion of the gulwing from the previous title, however this version of the game is more like monster attack from the PS2 with a slight update on graphics (only ever played monster attack once so can't say for certain)

      I would say that for fans of the older versions of the series to pick this up when you have the chance, for newcomers however you should only really get this game if you like shooting things and ragdoll physics.


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      02.11.2011 10:27
      Very helpful



      One of the most action packed filled games around with gigantic bugs!

      == EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2017 ==
      Earth Defense Force 2017 is a third person action shooter game that has some huge bugs and some nasty robots out for your blood. Earth Defense Force 2017 is the first game in what could be a great series because a follow up game was released recently entitled Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon. The game is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and isn't available on any other console. The game was first released in Japan and wasn't scheduled to be released in the UK but so many copies were released here. The game was developed by Sandlot and it was also published by D3 Publisher. Earth Defense Force 2017 is one of the most action packed filled games available on the Xbox 360. Earth Defense Force 2017 does feature a storyline but it isn't really that effective.

      === STORY ===
      Earth Defense Force 2017 doesn't have the best storyline but its not exactly the worst ever. You take the role of an EDF soldier who is part of the elite unit Storm 1. Suddenly in 2017 UFOs hover above every major city in the world and start attacking people and causing complete destruction. Now you and a team of elite squad members must take on these alien lifeforms in all of the major cities and you must take out these overgrown bugs and robots in an all out relentless assault. You must tackle over 50 different levels from cities to inside massive caves full of giant ants, spiders and much more.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The gameplay to these type of games is what always gets me hooked on them. It is the type of game that is based mainly on action and other aspects of the game doesn't look like its been worked on an awful lot. The game is set in a third person perspective but slightly higher above than most games but the camera angle can be change easily. Most of the game is set in cities but they all look similar to each other because all the buildings look the same as do many other parts of the environment. The main aim of the game is to clear out all alien lifeforms in each area whether underground or in the cities. You are basically told what to do and you must follow your orders. You can explore a fairly wide range of the level and a barrier will pop up to say you cant go any further.

      In Earth Defense Force 2017 there are absolutely hundreds of different weapons. Weapons range from missiles, shotguns, machine guns, rockets and many more. There are numerous different versions of weapons with different abilities such as bigger blast areas or quicker fire rate. You can find the new weapons in crate boxes that some of the aliens or robots drop after you destroy them. They may also drop health packs and armor packs that tops up your health and also adds a bit of extra energy so you can withstand more damage. Other than that there isn't an awful lot more you can find to pick up. Also the game features five different difficulty levels and the harder the difficulty you choose the better the rewards are from weapon crates. Also you have to complete it on different difficulty settings for secret bits. In the game you can also find and use tanks, helicopters, hoverbikes and bipedal mechas. All can be used for a certain time until the respected equipment is destroyed.

      This game doesn't let you pick any class or change your character like the newest version of the game but it does feature a lot more hectic levels. There is only one real game mode on this game but if you have two controllers you can play with a friend or family member in a co-op story mode. I recommend co-op more than single player because its more fun and gets very competitive when charging through the level to find more weapon crates than your so called partner. There are a ton of different bug like creatures that you will come up against such as overgrown ants, spiders and even wasps. You also must find many ant hills to destroy because ants keep on coming and coming until you get rid of them. There are also different types of robots from flying ones to massive ones that shoot lasers out. Earth Defense Force 2017 doesn't feature as many aliens as Insect Armageddon. On 2017 there are also numerous bosses that need to be killed including the major boss on the last level but I wont spoil it.

      In the game you can literally blow everything up from cars to buildings and much more. The game is complete destruction and to be fair and I think it works well. You are constantly firing at enemies or other bits and barely have time to think. There are a few little disappointing bits to the game such as lack of variety in the aliens and many of the levels are over within 5 minutes. There are a lot of massive levels and over 50 levels sounds a lot but its severely let down with certain levels like the caves and underground because they are just too short. Overall its a good game in terms of gameplay features but it would definitely benefit from more game modes and possibly some online play.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      The graphics are actually not the best on the Xbox 360 but it doesn't make much difference because the game is still fantastic. The basic level design is a little poor and most levels look the same especially the cities and caves because you cant really tell where you are or what level your on until it says. Also the main character who you play as incredibly poor and just looks like a normal EDF (Earth Defense Force) soldier. Most weapons also look the same until you fire the weapons. Explosions are very different which is good but that's as far as variety goes. The buildings look the same before they're destroyed and after which is also disappointing but it does look really well the way they are brought down. The scenery in the game doesn't look too bad and most of the aliens look okay. I was however very impressed with the massive ships and some of the boss designs and that definitely made up for a lot of the other disappointments. Overall the graphics aren't the best but I feel the game has enough elsewhere to make up for that.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The sound effects to the game are a little better than the graphics. I loved the way the full on sound effects takes effect in the midst of all the action and I think it sounds absolutely phenomenal. Music to the game is okay but there isn't an awful lot in terms of variety but I do believe it works and fits in well. The giant overgrown man eating bugs make the best sound effects as do some of the ugly looking bosses. I was impressed with most of the sound effects and only a few little bits were very weak and sounded slightly wooden. When buildings, cars and other bits are destroyed it doesn't sound at all that great and it should of been much better but other than that I was fairly pleased overall with the sound effects.

      The games difficulty basically depends which difficulty setting your playing the game on and I think its always best to start this game on easy because its extremely hard on Inferno difficulty especially when you first start because you don't have an awful lot of weapons. Easy is very easy and most gamers will whiz through it. Normal is okay and shouldn't cause many problems. Hard takes time but is definitely worth doing before even attempting hardest and inferno. The controls to the game aren't that hard to master or remember and there isn't a lot of controls anyway. Overall the difficulty to the game varies but I don't think its that hard and I do believe it will suit most gamers.

      The length of the game is really good and that's mainly because you have to go through the game numerous times to get the achievements. Also there are 53 different levels of different sizes which seem to last a long time overall. I would say one playthrough is about 20 hours long and I think that's quite good because of the five different difficulties available. It will probably take most gamers a lot longer on inferno difficulty because of the amount of times you may die and need to restart the current level from scratch. Overall Earth Defense Force 2017 is great in terms of length.

      === ACHIEVEMENTS ===
      This was a massive surprise to me because i was expecting a huge amount of achievements and most games especially action shooter games feature close to 50 achievements. There are a miserable total of just 6 achievements to acquire and none are secret. There are five achievements for completing the whole game on each difficulty setting and the final achievement is acquired for finding all weapons in the game (which is a lot). So overall a little disappointing but it does take time to get all of them.

      === PROS ===
      *Lots of non-stop action with lots of alien bugs and robots.
      *Hundreds of different weapons from rockets, grenade launchers to assault rifles and shotguns.
      *Over 50 levels with complete mayhem in almost every level.
      *Blow your enemies away, blow cars up and obliterate buildings completely.
      *Fun game and play with a friend using a second controller in a multiplayer co-op mode.

      === CONS ===
      *The graphics are fairly poor for this sort of game.
      *There are a few too many short levels in the game.
      *An expensive game and hard to find in local Game shops.
      *Sometimes lags when there is a lot on screen at once.
      *Doesn't have enough game modes and there is no online play!

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Earth Defense Force 2017 is a very good game in my opinion and has a lot to offer even to the fans of the newest game in the series it still can offer a lot. Earth Defense Force 2017 is probably the best action shooter game available for the Xbox 360 mainly because of the relentless assault your up against on every level.

      I would recommend the game especially if you like killing overgrown bugs and are a massive fan of action shooter games. It has its ups and downs and most gamers I feel would really enjoy playing this game as I did. The game manual that comes with it isn't anything special but it does list all relevant information needed. The game also has an age rating of 12+.

      I bought the game a few months after it was released back in 2007 and it only cost me around £18 from my local Gamestation. The game however is fairly rare as there wasn't an awful lot of copies released in the UK and its now retails around £30-£35 for a brand new copy. Used copies usually sell for around £15 on Amazon which includes postage. Overall its definitely worth owning a used copy and its worth its price but for a brand new copy at £30 for a game that's 4 years old is a little expensive in my eyes.

      Overall its a great game and i would give it a reasonable 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        14.03.2011 00:09



        A great budget title and I cannot wait for the sequel!

        This game is totally brilliant and totally recreates the experience of being in a B-movie!

        Story: Very clichéd, however an evil alien force only known as 'The Ravagers' has invaded planet Earth and it is up to the Earth Defence Force to kick their butts and send them back home! It is standard B-Movie fair that doesn't take itself too seriously!

        Gameplay: You can kit yourself up with a variety of standard and secondary weapon, before then embarking on a mission! This can involve Rocket Launchers to Turrets, which definitely helps when trying to kill the gigantic horde of on-screen enemies at one time! You have to fight everything from Giant Ants to Giant Robots (all the standard B-Movie stuff) and while being simple is extremely gratifying and fun when you destroy a Ravager mothership! The two player option lets you and a mate tackle the Ravager's head on and at no time does the gameplay diminish! You also have a variety of vehicles at your disposal (however they are quite useless) with the only exception being the helicopter!

        Graphics and Sound: While not having a great colour palette, the enemies are recreated very nicely and the framerate stays at a constant 60FPS (even in the most hectic of fights). The sound of all the enemies and giant ants coming towards you is great and gives you a real sense of being in a massive battle!

        Online: There is no online play!


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        08.07.2009 23:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun low end game well worth a purchase

        Having been a massive fan of obscure Japanese exports for years i was delighted to find this game in my local Gamestation. Given that there is alot of mixed reviews of this game on the internet i thought i would throw my 2 cent in as well.


        Upon starting the game you are filled in on the key aspects leading up to the events currently happening through onscreen scrolling text ( hey it's a budget title we don't need fancy things like talking and character development). Ok so in 2013 scientists discover communications in space indicating that we would soon have guests. By 2015 they give up trying to get a response and form the Earth Defence Force (EDF here after) just in case. 2017 the aliens, now know as the ravagers, arrive and the EDF is deployed. As for the game it's self there isn't really a story outside the whole repels the invaders arc. There are brief story points at the beginning of the mission, but these very rarely stray from the whole "we're getting pushed back, hold on/push back at all costs" deal. Another disappointment is that your character doesn't even have a name, and neither does anyone else although with the amount of times your allies are killed it would be a bit pointless. Despite this the story does have a sort of cheesy 70's b-movie charm and as soon as the game is begun these faults soon disappear.


        The game is a third person shooter and features a simple gun and run gameplay. The games greatest strength is its simplicity if you see an enemy, shoot. Most mission typically consist of killing all the enemies, or find where they're coming from, be it spaceships or underground tunnels, destroying these and then taking out all remaining enemies.

        The enemies are one of the saving graces of this game, in the first few missions you're limited to giants that can climb walls, but very soon you are greeted with a whole variety of camp b-movie oddities. You get to introduce your ammo to giant ants that spray acid, spiders that shoot web at you, giant robots with guns for arms, fast but weak gunships, a Godzilla type monster (well it is a Japanese game), a four legged walking fortress and after all that you have a showdown with the mothership. Also all of the enemies have stronger versions later on in the game, however they don't just have better stats, and they actually play differently. For example the advance red ants are faster and so instead of spraying you with acid, they overrun you and then proceed to take a bite out of you. However most can be overcome with a spray from your rifle or a well place missile. You also get some help in most missions in the form of small squadrons of other EDF troops however their ability is basic at best and the mission isn't dependent on their survival so you very rarely need to keep an eye on them.

        As you kill enemies some of them drop power up boxes, however they are fairly different from power ups in most other games. There are three different kinds Health, Armour and Weapons, of these only health has an impact in the current mission, replenishing some of your lost life bar. Armour take effect from the next mission and actually increases the health you start with, so if you had 300 hit points and you collected 10 you would start the next 310 hit points. Weapons unlock, yes you've guessed it weapons, although just because you pick up a weapon box doesn't mean you'll get a new weapon as you may already have that one unlocked, which can be annoying if you've traveled quite a distance to get it. There is however a wide variety of weapons available, 170+ if I remember correctly, these range from assault & sniper rifles to missiles & rocket launchers an include some sci-fi favourites like flamethrowers and acid guns. Despite this number it is likely you'll find 2 weapons, that's the max you can take with you I'm afraid, that suit you and not give the rest a look.

        The only other thing I can say about the gameplay is how much fun it is. Simply running around shooting enemies is something you don't really get now a days and I think new consoles are worse off for it. If you've had a hard day and just want to blast something way then this game is for you. The controls are simple but respond well and allow the game to flow at a fantastic pace.

        As for replayability well the game boasts 5 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest and Inferno), yes you read it right there is actually a level after hardest (once again it is a Japanese game and they sure love hard games). After you've completed a mission you will unlock it for replay and can play it at any of the above difficulties. Normal will test you, so it's best to play this first and get the power ups before going on to hard and hardest as you only have the same equipment and health no matter what difficulty you play the mission. As for inferno a friend playing co-op is a must as he has the same stats as you and so is superior to all other default allies in the game. Despite this me and my friend have only beat 2 missions out of 53 on inferno, and both of them took us to the limit so be patient and built your stats up before trying this mode. Now this leads on to my first major criticism of the game, the co-op mode is strictly local, there is no Xbox Live mode which may be the worse gaming tragedy since the Saturn, as this game would be great with a squad online. Alas we can but hope there will be downloadable content for this someday. As for local co-op, well the game plays out exactly the same the only difference being the decrease difficulty form having two instead of one buffed up character present on the battlefield.


        EDF is actually a follow up to Global Defence Force on the PS2 and it shows. While the graphics aren't bad, they're not what we've come to expect from the 360. Also despite all the different areas in which combat occurs they all feels the same and are instantly forgettable once that mission is completed. The animation of the enemies getting hit is pleasing with splatters of blood coming from where your shots landed and the robots have decent explosions, however it is stuff that has been seen a million times before.

        Now for my second major criticism, the voice acting in the game is awful, and this time it doesn't pull off the campy charm that is so prevalent in this game. There was one bit where someone was screaming about his armour getting melted of and the guy next to me turns round and said in the most bored voice I've ever heard "Does anyone fancy getting a bite to eat". Sadly this was probably the most memorable line in the whole game. The voice acting jumps from can't be bothered to over the top, the dialogue is dreadful, and the timing of delivery is pitiful at best, I really wish I hadn't slag off the lack of a voice on the intro page, oh well at least the guns sound good.


        This is a game that can truly boast to be more than the sum of its parts. For all the flaws I've discussed above in terms of presentation and storyline, I still can't convince myself it's a bad game. I've played 22 hours so far and I've only completed 2/3 of the missions (this is inclusive of all 53 missions at 5 difficulties) and no doubt I will keep playing it till I complete them all. Now it's never going to win any awards and it definitely isn't one of the best games on the 360 but in my opinion it is one of the funest especially if played in small bursts, so i'd give it 7/10. So if you like shooters give it a go, you can get it for less than £15 on Amazon and I got mine for £8 second hand out of Gamestation.


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          09.09.2008 02:54



          Definitely worth buying at it's price

          This is one of those games that just screams "bizarre japanese budget title," and it didn't exactly get a lot of praise from reviewers. The basic premise involves storming around with ridiculously powerful weaponry fighting equally ridiculous hordes of gigantic enemies, generally consisting of giant ants and robots. There are over fifty missions, each with the objective of obliterating everything on screen, and hilariously there are probably about ten different enemy and level variations, so it's just all copy-and-paste. A rather pathetic game you might think. However it's just pure crazy, unadulterated fun. There's even a co op mode so you can enjoy the mindless destruction with a friend. I've spent hours on this game; it has a strange relaxing quality to it where you can just sit back and destroy everything with ease. It even has a basic RPG element to it, where you increase your maximum health and range of weaponry with pickups from dead foes, to use in future missions, a very nice touch indeed and makes it a lot more addictive. What really sealed the deal for me however was that brand new, this was only £17.99 and is probably even cheaper by now if you look around.

          Written and submitted by me on http://www.gameolosophy.com


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            24.12.2007 15:51
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Loose game adaptation of the movie Starship Troopers

            I'm incredibly tight-fisted when it comes to games; I tend to wait six months from the launch of a console game so I can pick it up for around £15. This is not a boastful brag, I just figure why pay £40-£50 for a game when a few months down the line it will be considerably less than half. But not every game starts expensive, as I discovered with Earth Defence Force 2017, which you can pick up for £15-£25 for the X-Box 360.

            Loosely based on the movie Starship Troopers, you are teleported to Japan ten years in the future. As space ships fill the sky, the people of Earth are uncertain as to whether the visitors are friends or foe. We son find out as hundreds of giant ants drop out of the space craft's and start devouring the Earths people. Only one thing stands between the ants and their domination of the world, The EDF or Earth Defence Force.

            Earth Defence Force is very retro in its feel, the graphics are not phenomenal if you compare them to other 360 games, neither is the level of playability. Each level is pretty much the same as the last, although you're set specific goals; basically each level you need to destroy the bad guys. As an EDF soldier you simply run around the city shooting and destroying the alien creatures with a series of weapons that you can improve upon the further through the game you get.

            It's not just ants that attack there are also flying space vessels, red ants, giant hopping spiders, and a variety of other mechanical walking terrors. I must say because I'm a bit of an arachnophobe I get both creeped out and a certain amount of pleasure from killing the creepy crawlers.

            What is great about EDF 2017 (I can't keep saying the name) is the fact that everything is up for destruction. Fire your rocket launcher into building, and it will fall down regardless of whether it's a shack, or the most magnificent skyscraper. The same applies to overhead roads, and raised rail tracks, parks, streetlights, you name it you can destroy it (including if your that way inclined your own team).

            Another really nice touch about the game is you can choose between four difficulty levels between each level. So if you're finding things a bit tough, you can simply lower the level rather than walk away from the game in a huff, or start on a lower player scale. This I found really handy, because I generally start a game on the lowest level then on the second game (having completed the game in full) increased the level. With EDF 2017 the first 10 or so levels were really easy so I quickly raised my game a bit, trouble being no sooner had I than things got tougher, so I shot back to the baby levels again.

            While the graphics are nothing special, we are not taking like slipping back a few years. You're simply talking traditional Xbox graphics on a 360. Where i think the necessity for this being on a more impressive console comes in is due to its immense size. Some 20+ hours in and I'm still less than 50% through the game, with other games I'd have completed it by now.

            The game is incredibly playable despite its simplicity, although you do occasionally bash your head asking yourself why you're playing this sort of game while you could be playing something more exciting. As a result I tend to have bursts of playing this game, coming back to it after a few weeks rest. It's particularly satisfying to play if you're coming back to it after a more challenging title where quite frankly you're stuck, because you easily push through the levels here; although some can be quite hard to complete.

            There are a few failings with EDF 2017, firstly there is on online facility although you can have a friend round to play the two player option (although I don't do this because I fiercely deny playing games because I'm a grown up). The second issue which my annoying nerd work colleague would through a fit over is that there are no un-lockable or achievable points. The Xbox 360 has a sort of status symbol thing to it, where the most committed and best players are rewarded with points that show to others just how great they are (or how stupid they are with their money). Most games come with about 100 achievable points to pick up slowly as the game progresses. Unless you get any at the very end of EDF 2017 there are no un-lockable points.

            From a playability perspective as stated earlier it can be incredibly addictive, but I always find success addictive and usually each time I play I go through about 5 levels, moving closer towards the final battle. The ability to use some vehicles is also good and breaks up the monotony (if you can find them), there are planes, tanks and a strange walking device similar to that from the movie Aliens, all of which feature increased firepower, but are easily swatted by the alien perils. There are a couple of little glitches; sometimes you seem to lose the freedom of movement for a few seconds with your trooper's weapon leaving it fixed to the sky, and although this never puts you in peril it can be annoying and only happens once in a blue moon. You do need to bear in mind this is a shoot em up, and the game never varies away from this style of game playing, no puzzles, and no other activities.

            I give Earth Defence Force 2017 a full 5 stars simply because of the value for money and the time that the game will fill.

            Spencer Hawken 12/07


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              24.07.2007 21:00
              Very helpful



              Sevely underrated. Not a graphics and sound masterpiece, but depth and gameplay is fantastic.

              This games sees you as a soldier of the Earth Defence Force, and it's your job to fend off the massive hordes of giant insects, robots and spacecraft that you face in each level, before the world is overwhelmed and the human race consumed.

              Earth Defence Force 2017, is like that £2 coin you find at the bottom of your full piggy bank when you crack it open from the top. There are loads of almost worthless coins that represent the niggling but insignificant flaws in the game that distract you from the what really matters which the £2 coin, and this game have in common; depth, and lots of it.

              This is shoot-em up game that has so much of it that you actually spend about as much as a few minutes deciding what weapons are going to be best for the next mission you have, and this can be even longer in coop play when you have a partner helping you, because you have to ensure that you both select weapons appropriate for the next mission, and with the vast number of specialised weapons on offer, you're blatantly spoilt for choice. Teamwork is about as important as gears and certainly more important than Halo in co-op. You have to stick together to focus your fire on isolated clusters of the enemy horde. If you wander off from each other, you can't support each other and could provoke too many enemies on the map to attack you at once.

              Admittedly the graphics and sound aren't exactly top-notch, but they're not anywhere near as important as the actual gameplay, of course, as everyone should know and the poor music is a completely redundant critique because you can just take a £5 pen drive, put some better music on it, plug it into the back of the £360 and play that music instead, which you can even change over to while in a 360 game.

              The strange way that your character walks is an easily forgiveable flaw. You actually spend nearly all your time looking at the vast hordes of enemies of giant insects and robots that you face around you anyway, and to more than compensate for your main character's movement animation, all the enemies move around in a manner that's perfectly resemblant of their miniature, real world counterparts: giant ants crawl around buildings and charge you just like real ants, spiders jump around just like real-life jumping spiders, while walking robots move just like, well, walking robots do really, slow and methodical. The bosses in the game, although easy to beat, are still well-designed and fun to fight against due to the fact that they're all larger than the buildings which you fight amongst when defending cities in the game.

              Although it may seem repetitive fighting the same enemies over and over again, it actually isn't. Even though you do fight the same enemies in a whole level sometimes, this is either because they're new or because they suit the level, and missions are nice and fairly brief, each lasting around 20 minutes. Each mission also offers something new, because the scenario is explained before the mission and if you're clever you can use that to decide what guns you take with you on the mission before playing it for the first time. For example, you would take grenades as a weapon slot when fighting bugs in a tight group below you in the mountain levels, but you wouldn't use that weapon when facing bugs on the underground level above you. (You start below them in underground turns after going deep underground in the previous mission).

              As well as the missions themselves each bringing new challenges, the weapons you get from the previous missions are always interesting and fun to use, and because the game is an in-depth game, it gives you at least about half a dozen stats for each weapon such as range, accuracy damage, firing rate, reload speed, so you can take the game seriously and compare the weapons to find the very best one for the mission, and good weapon selection is essential because you only get to choose 2 guns for each mission.

              The game demands more markmanship skill for targetting individual enemies (not packed together) than both halo and Gears of War combined, as there is no target assistance. The perfect view-smoothing of the game though, makes it easy to shift your reticule over enemies, and aiming feels more challenging and enjoyable than in other shooters, such as Halo and Halo 2, where it almost sometimes feels as if the game is aiming for you.

              Although the game doesn't really have a decent story at all and it all, it has to be said, seems a little cliché, the game still has some of the best replayability of any 360 game, having 5 difficulty settings, 53 levels, and over 50 weapons to collect. Plus, the first level is almost impossible to complete on the highest difficulty unless you've played through the game and got the really
              good weapons, which encourages players to re-attempt the solid challenge of the early levels where each enemy in the hordes is about as powerful as you are.

              I bought this game early this year for only £25. It's one of the cheapest 360 games available that isn't in the classics range, being a relatively new game and is probably even cheaper now. It's a game that's very suitable for beginners who just want to have fun choosing whatever fun gun and blast lots of bugs and equally very suitable for hardcore gamers who analyse and compare gun stats and cooperate well with a coop player.

              If you want a unique shooter that will keep you occupied and you're under 18, go for this instead of Gears of War. It's cheap, it's easy to play, but difficult to master, and in a few ways it's better than Gears of War.


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              16.06.2007 22:29
              Very helpful



              A game that relies on purity rather than diversity to make its impact.

              Ten years from now, Earth is under attack from aliens. Your mission, as part of the Earth Defense Force (EDF), is to eliminate the invading threat before the world is completely annihilated by armies of giant ants, arachnids, robots and flying saucers. So, take to the streets of Japan, in over fifty unique missions, with reams of powerful artillery, to reclaim the planet for the human race.

              HOW TO PLAY
              Most good reviews would take the time to relay the intricacies involved in playing the title; the various modes, styles of combat and button alignments are all important when it comes to describing how a game works.

              However, when it comes to ‘Earth Defense Force 2017’ play can easily be summarized in a single word: “shoot”.

              And that’s all you’ll be doing; shooting anything and everything that looks like it might want to eat you for breakfast. Okay, so you’ll also be collecting a handful of items that are cashed in at the end of each stage for health increases and extra weapons, but essentially it’s still a by-product of the bug-squishin’ action.

              If you’ve ever played a simple ‘old skool’ shooter before you’ll be in the right mindset for understanding the simplicity of play – there’s even infinite ammo on offer, so there’s little need to remove your finger from the trigger, other than to aim at the occasional difficult-to-reach enemy!

              I would hardly describe the game as ‘visually impressive’; in fact, I’d go so far as to say that, other than the high definition textures, things are looking darn’ shabby. Pop-up is rampant throughout the landscape with an extremely poor draw distance; this undermines any sense of foreboding or tension, as by the time you can see the enemies crawling up the walls, you’ll be well-prepared to blast them away.

              The frame rate chugs along whenever more than half a dozen enemies appear onscreen (which is the vast majority of the time) and the character models move like broken plastic toys, hobbling around the play area in lifeless unison. All-in-all, things are looking rather rickety and featureless.

              Time to plug your ears folks! This is, by far and away, some of the most tediously dull music I’ve ever heard in a commercial game! It’s flaccid, repetitious and cheesy to say the least! You’ll be wanting to hit the mute button within minutes, or at least drown out the noise with a couple of your own tunes.

              Spot effects aren’t as bad; but whilst they do have a nostalgic overemphasis they aren’t exactly going to set the world alight. If you’re used to squealing monsters and magazine rounds hitting the deck, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed with the limited range of jingles emanating from your speakers.

              So you’ve reached this far and thought, “I can see where this is heading – awful graphics, terrible music and simplistic objectives; this game must be dreadful, right?”

              Well, yes and no… It all depends on your outlook somewhat as to whether this game ultimately transgresses its criticisms; you’ll either recognise the underlying genius, or you’ll despise it for everything that it’s not.

              The game relies on a model of purity that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Much in the same way that ‘Tetris’ is, essentially, only six rotating blocks or ‘Pong’ is a couple of crude bats and a ball, ‘Earth Defense Force 2017’ embraces its rudimentary shoot-‘em-up roots and uses them to create a clean, crisp gameplay experience.

              Fast paced, high-octane entertainment combined with over-sized, over-scaled aliens equals cheap fun and frolics, especially if you chose to play co-operatively with one of your friends.

              Acidic stomach flesh flies freely between mech-explosions and tumbling scenery, all whilst the ground shudders and shakes so vigorously that you won’t know where you are, encased in explosive debris, until moments later when you’re surrounded by machine-gun wielding spacecrafts!

              And just when you think it’s finally subsided, another wave hits that increases the madness and chaos by a factor of ten.

              Unlike, say, ‘Gears Of War’ that guides the player around passageways, tunnels and strategic stop-off barriers, ‘Earth Defense Force 2017’ knows that the alien war of the future will be an all-out, hedonistic assault drowning you in a sea of gigantic bugs. ‘EDF 2017’ is all about being the first to run into the fray, and not sauntering down alleys and tactically placing mines.

              Yet, for many, this will be the downfall of ‘Earth Defense Force 2017’; it isn’t as finely polished and tuned as the top-ranking 360 titles. It doesn’t have the spectacular soundscapes and intense development that, say, the ‘Halo’ franchise displays. Those permanently spoilt by refined gaming sagas are going to have a tough time forgiving ‘EDF 2017’ its limitations, and will probably feel their time and investment is best spent elsewhere.

              A reduced price point helps offset the lack of online play and an undeveloped ‘Battle Mode’, but those who like their games with a little more ‘spit and polish’ might find that no number of incentives will make up for a game without the level of depth they’ve become accustomed to.

              Those who appreciate panicked, frantic shooters and titles with a twist of madness and melodrama, however, will get all the excitement and pleasure they need – even if it’s slightly threadbare after several hours of play.


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              The Earth Defence Force needs you! Planet Earth is under attack from alien invaders and the Earth Defence Force (EDF) is the only chance for survival. This third-person shooter will have your pulse pounding as you wage war against non-stop swarms of literally hundreds of ravaging space invaders.

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