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Fight Night Champion (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2011-03-04 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 23:30
      Very helpful



      A must for boxing fans- great career storyline

      I first liked the fight night franchise when i played fight night 3 on the Playstation 2. I loved the way you could build up your own fighter and take him through career mode..here was a game where you wasnt just playing a fighter from real life and thats it.

      Fight night 4 massively dropped the ball, you couldnt control the punches that you wanted to do, I hated it. So whe I bought this game it was with some intrepidation.

      Im glad to say that I neednt of worried, the career mode no longer lets you make your own fighter, perhaps in your own image, but it gives you Andre Bishop, a promising middleweight that you take over on his championship winning fight of the olympics....you naturally progress to the pros and fight your way up. An alteration with a bent boxing promotor puts you in jail for 5 years, where you fight bareknuckle against skin heads, its great fun, latr you come out and move up to heavyweight pro, and face Isaac frost, the fellow heavyweight olympic chamion whose a it of a nasty bloke and the main antogonist in the game.

      You can also play the legends too against other legends - roberto duran, suger ray leonard, muhammed ali- all the greats are there.

      The graphics and gameplay are great, he punches are faily repsonsive although you have little or no chance of getting out of a survival mode once you get caught with a hard punch which is quite frustrating. Also if you try to slip and lean thats OK, but the same button pushed to the wrong side means that you head butt the opponant and get points deducted - do this in your amateur fight and the fight gets stopped , also very frustrating.

      Play legacy mode online and you can build your own fighter up and can play against other fighters, but I havent done this yet....I dont fancy getting my @ss pasted by some 15 year old in the US.

      I also miss the fact that you no longer tseem to do much training in champion mode to build your fighter up and increase your chances in the next fight, or that you can change the speed, agility, power or stamina of your fighter depending on what style you as the player might like to fight, so you are stuck with Bishop whose quite fast , but generally a power puncher in fighter, not my style.


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      13.06.2012 22:02



      Its a decent boxing game with a difference :)

      About - Fight Night Champions first punched our shops in 2011. It's very similar to all other fight night games but this one has a slight twist at the start.

      - Introduction- If I told you the introduction to the game. It would spoil it now wouldn't it....
      Game play- The game play is graphically superb. The characters look very good indeed and the beads of sweat glisten in the stadiums light.

      Fight Night Champions has a better control interface, than that of the pervious Fight nights. Being, that it's possible to change the controls in the options menu to allow the gamer to use the buttons rather than the sticks. This has the benefit of a more accurately timed punch. Which as we all know, can win or lose a round.

      The strength, stamina, and health bars again differ to what I believe is a much clearer view. The last thing you want when fighting, is to struggling to see what your fighter has left.

      There are plenty of boxing arenas to choose from. Not always the most glamorous of arenas as you'll find out.

      The story line to Champions is basic but interesting all the same. It gives reason to why you're fighting and to what it means.
      All in all, it is a boxing game. Good to play and overall enjoyable. If you're tempted. Buy it.

      Likes- Storyline, graphics and short loading times
      Dislikes- Some fights can be repetitive.
      Cool features- Button control rather than sticks.

      Hope this helps!


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