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Fighters Uncaged - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2010-11-10 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2012 12:37
      Very helpful



      Okay if bought for the right price

      I bought this game as a Christmas present for my boyfriend.

      After looking online for the best fighting game around, this seemed to come up on top on most websites as being one of the best available at present.

      The game only cost £10 in a play.com sale, which made me wonder how good it would be, but I thought as a stocking filler it could not be that bad.

      When you first load up the game, you have to go through several training sessions, teaching you all of the fighting techniques, from punches, to kicks, to headbutts!

      You cannot completely skip the tutorial mode, which we found annoying. How hard can it be just to kick and punch thin air and beat an opponent! So we spent a good 15 - 20 minutes just skipping each individual tutorial section, before getting bored of doing that, and decided we may as well learn the moves.

      After 10 minutes of doing the "sparring" tutorial rounds, where your opponent doesn't even fight back, my boyfriend was shattered and had built up a sweat!

      We eventually got through to the real game play, and after a few rounds, he had had enough. Mainly due to being unfit and tired!!!

      The game itself is okay. The good points are that it is a brilliant full body work out, but the bad points are that the kinect sensivity on this game is not that great. Moves you make are delayed on screen, and some moves you do don't happen on screen at all.

      I think if you're looking for a work out this is a good game IF you buy it at a sale price. I wouldn't pay more than £15 for it, as I think it will get boring after a while, and annoying with the lack of sensitivity.

      It's a shame, as the kinect is capable of much better response rates to your movements, the game just hasn't had its kinks worked out before being put into production.

      So we're still waiting for the ultimate kinect fighting game! I'm sure some day, some one will get it right!


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      12.04.2011 21:45
      Very helpful



      The very first Kinect fighting games, but its a real disappointment!

      == Fighters Uncaged ==
      When I first heard about Fighters Uncaged coming out for the Kinect I thought wow this game is going to be something really special. At the time I didn't have an Xbox 360 Kinect sensor so with my hard earned money I started to save and by the time I had saved the money up I found myself looking all over for a Kinect sensor and this game. After finally finding one and paying a whole lot of money for them, I got home and put the game on after about an hours time trying to set everything up with the Kinect. After gradually getting it set up and the game on I had found myself really disappointed with the game itself. Fighters Uncaged is a fighting game with no plot or anything that resembles a story mode. All it is basically is a game where you cant pick a character (you have to use the guy you start with) and just constantly fight two rounds over and over again against a few different opponents. This game is even more so pointless if you don't have the room because like most Kinect games you need a lot of space to move about in. You stand on the spot to start with and when you fight you have to duck, dodge, punch and kick with your hands and feet, not using a controller and to be fair it sounds quite good from that but it is pretty dreadful. The worst thing about it is there isn't no story, every game that is created has to have a story. There isn't no room for games like this. If this was life like then we would be forever fighting random people. I was eagerly anticipating this games release as I have always been a fan of Ubisoft games and this is just not like them what so ever. The closest thing to a story is the first few missions where they teach you how to fight, other than that theres nothing.

      === Gameplay ===
      Now the gameplay to Fighters Uncaged is actually rather good and is actually a really good work out and you never know might get you more flexible. There isn't many modes on the game itself and the main mode is just a basic story mode but without the story. Its just constant fighting with a few breaks if you need them. Also I don't know if its because I didn't have much room but sometimes when I would kick or punch my character would use his head for some reason or the opposite if what I used. It is a promising game in some aspects it just feels rushed at times and feels like its missing a huge chunk of the game. Be warned though, I myself didn't have much space and I was fighting this big guy (cant remember his name) he was fast, powerful and I was swinging like made kicking like crazy and all of a sudden bang I full on whacked my TV off its stand and knocked it onto the floor was the best kick I had ever done just a shame it was on the TV (thankfully the TV is still working). This can be a rather dangerous game if you don't have much room as I found out the hard way. The game does lack multiplayer modes and single player modes and also the inability to change fighter is rather annoying as on the case or in the book I read somewhere that there are over something like 20+ fighters yet you only control one and that is in my opinion quite misleading! Another poor aspect is when you need to get your face recognized for the game itself because you either need a really bright light next to your face or have some brilliant sunshine shining right on you and all this just to get to the start menu. The main mode on the game starts off fairly easy teaching you the basic controls and the basic movies as you progress you learn combos and these can be rather difficult to execute because of the speed you have to do them in and due to the Kinect not picking up your exact command. Also your character does special attacks without you doing anything but this is only when you fill up your special bar. Also along with the combos you have to pick up the ability to block rather quickly because some fighters are very skilled and super fast. The basic gameplay is good for the game but its just let down by almost everything else.

      === Graphics & Sound ===
      Fighters Uncaged graphics are actually very good and are very similar to a normal Xbox 360 game. I was very impressed that all I had to do was move kick and punch and stuff and the character I was would almost do all these commands and it actually looked exactly like I was doing them. The scenery of the game is rather good, fighting in parks and on streets and other areas that actually do look rather well designed. The menu is designed almost perfect it is very easily to navigate but some of the text is actually to small and hard to read at times, but other than that its fine. The design of the characters is pretty good they don't look at all tubular and they do have quite a bit of variety the only downfall is the fact you cant change your characters clothes because all he has is plain trousers and a rubbish hoody. Now as for the sound effects to the game I was hugely disap[pointed with this part of the game. All the characters have pretty much the same voices just slightly deeper and as for when your punching or kicking, when actually striking your opponents with these moves it does actually sound like your hitting cardboard and not another fighter. The sound effects are really ineffective and a real disappointment. The only good thing about the sound that I can think of is the soundtrack to the game is actually not to shabby but without the proper fighting effects the sound is a huge let down.

      === Difficulty & Longevity ===
      Fighters Uncaged doesn't start of to hard to be fair and the first few fighters you fight are actually pretty easy but be warned after this and all the combos start to come into the game, then things get a little tricky. As you progress further in the fights and take on the much harder opponents you may find that you will be doing more kicking and punching. The game can get exhausting and tire you out remarkably quick it all depends how fit you are and your conditions your fighting in. I found it much more compelling but very very difficult with little space. It takes effort and commitment. All in all the game can be fairly difficult, combos are hard to master on it and also you will always need to look for a counter strike or block. Now as for the longevity of the game. Its not exactly the biggest game thats ever been released but it is actually one game you can keep going back on to play over and over again as its basically just fighting. There is always a different outcome to each fight and this makes these games that much different. Whether they are good or not is another matter. There are quite a lot of fights, you start on beginners and there are so many you have to fight to get to the next rank. there are also a few hidden fighters to fight against and some can be really tricky depending on the gamers skills. You can keep going back to the game so that is a good thing but it does get quite repetitive.

      === Other Bits ===
      There is one multiplayer mode called tag team mode. It isn't that great but at least its something right? well to be honest its hard enough having barely enough room for one person in your bedroom let alone two standing there trying to fight the computer. Your always clashing fists and legs and this is quite dangerous as well with not so much space. The multiplayer mode is probably just as good as the main mode. The game is good if you want to learn a bit of martial arts or even practice a flying kick on your TV like I did, however it is really tiring if played for too long but the game does offer you some breaks. Fighters Uncaged is actually quite good for a bit of exercise but for gaming? Not so much. Fighters Uncaged actually has a certificate rating of 16+ due to constant fighting and violence throughout the game. To be honest I wouldn't say this is value for money I bought mine in a bundle and saved roughly about £20, the game was meant to be £42.99 by itself and when i first saw the price tag I thought it had to be an awesome game and I couldn't of been anymore wrong. The game lacks effort. The gameplay is good and the graphics are pretty good in places, however that is where the good bits end and there are absolutely loads of bad bits about the game. The game can be rather hard and the controls are actually really complicated and a bit dodgy, the sound effects are really disappointing and make the gameplay really poor in some places. It is a fairly long game but it is far to repetitive and you always find your fighting the same guy over and over again. All in all i wouldn't recommend this at all unless your a huge fan of hitting TV's, getting tired really quick or using the same chav like character all the way through the game, also if your like a good story to a game this isn't the game you want because it has nothing to offer in that department. I would give this game, mainly because of the stupid kinect controls and movement system a 3/10 it is that poor.

      Review also on DooYoo under username: simon020187!


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