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Formula 1 2010 (Xbox 360)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for Xbox 360 / Release Date: 2010-09-24 / Published by Codemasters Limited

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    5 Reviews
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      03.08.2011 01:16
      Very helpful



      Awesome!! A must have

      F1 2010 is the most recent addition to the formula 1 franchise, and its been a long time coming. The last formula game was in 2006, which emerged on PS2, and to be honest was a little lack-lustered and tedious! However, F1 2010 is a completely different kettle of fish! From the boys who brought us GRID, Codemasters have created a masterpiece here and have done themselves well!! Games master awarded F1 2010 90% and is quoted as "brilliant"!

      So where to begin? F1 2010 contains all drivers, cars and tracks present during the 2010 season! So if your wondering, there is no DRS or KERS, as they are 2011 season features. However there is an adjustable front wing option! For those of you similar to Racedriver GRID, F1 looks and feels a whole lot similar. The main menu is very user friendly and is as easy to use as a disposable toothbrush!

      The Drivers Room

      This option allows you to start your own career. Frankly, from a developer who solely concentrates on driving game Codemasters sure do have a knack to create unique and dynamic career modes. Before you start a career, you have to choose how long you wish your career to be. The options are 3 year, 5 year or 7 year career, which ever option you choose, you will be forced to retire at the end of that season!
      When it comes to choosing a team, you are not giving the opportunity to race for McLaren in year one!! You have to work for that honour!! The starting teams are the likes of Williams and Force India! Which ever team you choose you will have specific objectives. For example, if you ever get to race for Ferrari, your objectives are to win the World Championship, however racing for Mercedes will only require a 6th place finish lets say!!

      The drivers room consists of your agent, leaderboards, helmet select and other options! your agent is there to offer guidance about other teams interest in you! When selecting a race, you have the option of a short weekend or a long weekend, completely at your own preference. There is also a large variety of difficulties you can choose from, making this game appeal to all ages!! For example, you can select a racing line to appear which allows you to see which racing line fastest and when to brake! it goes without saying that you can choose the AI difficultly, there are 4 difficulties!

      During a short weekend you will compete in one practice session, a single 20 minute qualifying and a certain race distance! During the practice session, sometimes you are given objectives to complete and if completed, you can unlock enhancements for your car! Before exiting the pit garage, you can change your car setup, look at your team mates stats and even change strategies. There is a strong emphasis on your team mate, the first driver in the team gets dibs on all the new upgrades, so it's in your best interests to out race your team mate!


      Racedriver: GRID incorporates a system whereby if you crash or go off track, you can use a 'flashback'. A flashback allows the racer to turn back time, prince of Persia style! A lot of hard core Formula 1 fans did not like the idea as it goes against the realism of the game, however I completely disagree and believe it is a welcome addition!! It provides another dimension into tactical racing! The amount of flashbacks you can use during a race depend on the difficulty setting you choose. However, like all the difficulty settings in this game, you can change the amount of flashbacks you want!


      Remember the days of Gran Turismo 2, where if you wanted to win a race the main objective was to crash into other cars? Well Formula 1 mulitplayer relives those days! To be honest what else can you expect? 9/10 online games I have played I have ended up looking in the round direction before i reach turn one! The grid positions are completely chosen at random, and it's sad to say but the best position to start is last!! So that you can avoid all the chaos at the first corner!

      Online play is far from a spectacle! However it does offer other race modes such as lap record, whereby you can't crash into each other, its simply fastest lap wins!! I often play time trails as there easy and you cant cheat, but its a little tedious as if you cut a corner the tiniest amount your lap gets invalidated!!


      The gameplay of Formula 1 2010 is superb. The graphics are something to behold, after watching a qualifying session on the TV I often have a quick blast and to be honest I struggle to tell the difference between game and real life! During wet weather conditions the realism is literally as real as real life!

      The gameplay is outstanding and it truly feels like your sitting in the car!! Although I have no idea what that feels like!! The flags and penalty system can be as real as you like, if you want to play with full penalties then be my guest. However the game offers a reduced penalty system which isn't so hard!! Ideal for all you cheaters who like to win by cutting whole chunks of corners!

      There are endless amounts of adjustments that you can choose on your car, ranging from aerodynamics to gearbox settings, allowing you to create your very own Formula One car!! I would recommended the game to any enthusiast, or maybe just for all you adrenaline hunters who want a quick hit and run! The game truly is a spectacle and an outstanding game in itself. It won the best sports game at the BAFTA Video Game Awards, out lasting FIFA11 and Football Manager 2010, which speaks for itself! I would recommend keeping hold of your cash for now though, as F1 2011 will be in stores in September!! Im counting down the days!!!


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        30.05.2011 01:03
        1 Comment



        fantastic game just buy it you shall see

        what a fantastc game first and foremost, i fell out of love with f1 about 7 years ago and have only gotten into it again last year.

        i picked up this game from gamestation pre owned unaware of this games release, purchased as pre owned xbox 360 game thinking that this game would be ok and not much better, i was so wrong, games of past have been good but thats about it.

        from the off the games menu was pretty good and once profile had been created i was ready to take to the track, you can customise your game modes by removing the assists that are set up from start, i have always been a fan of starting games at the highest difficulty so thats where i started, its on carrer mode so you dont get to pick the team you naturally support but i set off with Lotus, this was a bad move after practise, qualifing and races i had enough, i was beat thinking what a terrible game, no no back to drawing board so i set up on a less difficult setting to play, now i am happy the game looks fantastic better than any other F1 game, the game play just fantastic after first season i came 11 in drivers championship and got offers for the new season from williams and torro rosso so i accepted williams offer now £3m richer if only, finished that season third then went on next season with my beloved Mclaren.

        I was a bit shocked at end of season that my contract had not been renewed as i had been crowned drivers champion winning 12 races and delivering the constructors championship, was not pleased that i had to sign for Red bull, after each podium finish the game whisks you through to the press confrence which i might add that this part of the game more or less pointless due to the questions you have to answer being limited

        there is a lot of things i wish codemasters could incorporate to future games, in all the years of F1 games non that i am aware of give you the animation of you on the podium after a win, unlocking of past f1 cars or race circuits would be good, brush up on the press conferences would be good, starting off with your fav team would be great and to be able to retain that drive for more than one season.

        all in all this is a fantastic game easily one of the best racing games i have ever played and even if you are not a F1 fan this game would suit any driving game fan, for me 9/10 for graphics and game play 10/10.

        this game is so good that i am awaiting codemasters next outing for 2011 as i can only see it being even better than this version


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          19.12.2010 16:28
          Very helpful



          Best graphics I've seen for f1 game, gameplay is awesome, revolutionary

          I bought this game on release date, I had not played an F1 game in a long time.

          Since the PC version of Formula 1 2000, which I thought was not a very good game, as previous to that I had played Formula 1 '97 on the Playstation and it did not have that '97 version look and feel.

          So I put the game in and I was amazed at the slick and sexy look of the menu system, all very easy to understand and navigate through.

          I started my career with Virgin Racing. Team you start with can be any of the newer, less powerful teams. As you get better at driving and you start winning points and podiums you get offers from other F1 teams for next season.

          This is a great game for full on F1 fans, like myself, but even I find driving 78 laps of a race a bit much, so Codemasters have giving the option to do a cut down length of the race, 10%, 20% etc

          You can even do a full practice/qualifying session or cut that down too.

          I am on my 3 season, and I am looking at being world champion for a second time. The maximum seasons you can do is 7.

          There were problems with the gameplay on release but they have been fixed now, so anyone who has the game can download a free update to fix certain issues.

          The AI has been fixed/tweeked and does not give you a penalty when someone hits into you, for example.

          I usually play Formula 1 2010 with my Microsoft Steering Wheel, I finally have a great game to play with the Wheel, I bought it when Forza 3 came out and it didnt feel right when playing with that.

          Formula 1 2010 is great with a Wheel, and a controller! Lets hope for Formula 1 2011 they add a Kinect Mode :)

          The other game modes, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Online Multiplayer are great too, the online game play is the best of any console game out there, just imagine 24 drivers from all over the world, playing on one track, what a complex game that is?

          But the Xbox 360 and the F1 game can handle it! It truly is the game of the year for me.
          I cant wait for F1 2011, more of the same please!

          P.S The graphics are awesome! If you play career mode and go to Australia, just watch the video, of a rainy Albert Park and you will see some really photo realistic graphics


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          28.10.2010 23:08
          Very helpful



          The Most Realistic, Challenging Rewarding F1 Experience This Year

          Formula 1 2010, which is made by Codemasters (GRID, Dirt 2) is an official licensed game that accompanies the 2010 season.
          F1 2010 shows how racing games should be like, especially when bringing back F1 back to our consoles once again.

          It was awhile to wait, but with hard work though comes with great reward, by making the best motorsport game this year.

          There are many features to this game:
          Career Mode - When you start the game, you will begin at a Press Conference by answering The Golden Questions i.e. your name, nationality, the difficulty of the game, which team you want to join and how long you want to last in F1. All this helps kick start your first career in Formula 1, but the only catch to selecting a team is that you start with three new F1 teams which are Lotus Racing, Virgin Racing and Hispania Racing.
          The career mode is a very good feature to this as you get the experience on what F1 is like and how you manage the pressure with the media when you are in the Paddock Menu or at The Press Conference. However, it would have being better if you get to create your driver which would be able to blend with other drivers like communicating to them and the your team mechanics.
          You can customize your difficulty and the duration when preparing to start a Grand Prix. Short Weekend consists of just a single Practice, Qualifying and a Race. Long Weekend consists of Three Practices, Three Qualification Rounds (Depending Where You Qualify On Q1) and a Race.

          Grand Prix Mode - This enables you to choose a licensed team and driver and track/s of your choice and like Career Mode, you are able to modify how many laps you want (1 and 3 laps are featured), driving assists, damages, flag rules, fuel simulation and many more modifications.

          Time Trial - This feature shows how fast you are in a track and enable to be on the Online Leaderboard (If your on Live that is), be careful not to cut the track or go off the track or your lap will be invalidated, even if you do a flashback, very harsh, especially when you are only want to have a fun lap and see how fast you did.

          Multiplayer - Delving into multiplayer is a fun way to compete against 11 other gamers around the world and race. Sometimes, it is hard to compete because you either get kicked off the lobby or constant connection error. Twelve (including yourself) are allowed to race which would be better if the lobby was expanded to 24 which makes it fun and realistic as well. When you race online, you will earn Online XP which helps contribute to your online ranking. Earning this requires to complete various challenges or events. On Quick Mode Multiplayer, you can select a criteria on what you prefer i.e. is Endurance Racing your favour? Pole Position, Sprint and Online Grand Prix are other choices your get to choose which helps what type of race you want to play online.

          Graphics - Absolutely Realistic, on the Track and the Cars, Full Stop.

          Sound - Its good, but listening to the engines screaming like hell is annoying. There are a few chosen soundtracks that you can listen to, but is pretty redundant but Kasabian, Pendulum, Ian Brown and Delphic are a good bunch of Indies to listen to.

          Lifespan - 7 Seasons is your maximum career, but you can start from scratch and do it again.

          Price - It is ranged around £35, but once 2010 season is over, it will go down dramatically perhaps around the Christmas period or when the 2011 season starts.

          Reliability - F1 2010 can be unpredictable when it comes to Glitches, there are bugs around the Pit Lane where the Pit Crew are in their wrong positions and can ruin the whole race and it even occurs to AI drivers as well which is a shame. However, there will be a patch coming up which can hopefully sort out this reliability issue.


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          18.10.2010 14:41
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great game!

          I bought F1 2010 probably a day or two after it was released in September 2010, and right from the beginning I was stunned by the games unbelievable graphical performance. Realism is everywhere, from the cars, to the scenery, even sounds and vehicle physics have been designed to pinpoint accuracy.

          Without any doubt one of the best graphically designed racing games for Xbox 360. If you look back at some of the first games for this console, it's unbelievable the level of progress that has taken place - from a very basic base level of detail, to a complex structure of intense detail, all running through the same engine!
          The detail in this game, on cars and on the side-lines is high, and small things like car advertising can be seen from long distances, especially on a HD TV/projector.
          When damage between cars and scenery occurs, small pieces fracture and fly, wheels disassemble and suspension crumbles.
          But perhaps the best thing about this is the rewind button which allows you to view incidents in slow-motion using a range of camera angles. You can look back and (in limited use) jump back into the driving seat of the car before a collision.

          The cars have been individually recorded to acquire an absolute accuracy in sound quality and realism. This means a Lotus will sound different to a Ferrari, and a Force India to a Mercedes.
          Also accurately recorded are the tyre sounds, the car-to-surface sounds when encountering different road types, grass and gravel. The weather and collision sounds have also been recorded and incorporated to create the most realistic gaming experience possible, and they really have achieved this.

          The 18 or so races on the calendar have all been produced really well. Crowds in the stands increase in size gradually as the race weekend progresses and weather patterns transform a race from quick to slow, easy to extremely difficult. One thing I do love about this game is the level of different difficulty settings you can change the game to, meaning its never too easy or hard. The scenery in the pits (although generally automatic) is also very good, with pit crews assembling around your car to the formation of the real thing!

          Generally a fantastic all-round racer with great graphics and sound, as well as some very accurate and wonderfully constructed scenery.


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