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Forza Motorsport 3 (Xbox 360)

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40 Reviews

Forza Motorsport 3 is a racing simulator for the Xbox 360. The gameplay and handling is superb, making the career mode addictively fun. Whilst online multiplayer is poor, career mode makes up for it.

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    40 Reviews
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      20.04.2013 21:53
      Very helpful



      Good gaming experience, however very long winded

      Racing games have been around since the start of computer and console gaming, with the exception of very first consoles and computers, every major console has had its share of racing games, they seem to be the staple of the gaming industry as someone somewhere will always buy them, myself being a prime example, I am a sucker for racing games, and have had numerous on every console I've owned, so I'd make myself a subject matter expert.

      The Forza franchise has been around since May 2005 and is been created since then by Turn 10 Studios, a studio owned by Microsoft and dedicated in creating the Forza games for the Xbox console platforms the first 'Forza Motorsport' being created for the original Xbox console and if often seen as the Microsoft answer to the PlayStation exclusive and well known Gran Turismo series which has set the standard for all racing games since it was first released in 1997 for PlayStation.

      Forza Motorsport 2 was slightly ignored when it was released on the Xbox 360 when it was first introduced, however Forza Motorsport 3 got a big entrance with expensive advertising and a flash announcement campaigns it was hard to miss Forza being released.

      ---Game Modes---

      The title screen is simple for Forza 3, after all the developer and distributor logos finish coming up, you are shown the introduction video which is quite cool the first time you see it but after you traditionally skip to the splash page. You press start and load your game.

      You are presented with 3 choices -

      *Forza Motorsport 3* - This is the main game, upon entering this option you choose to do the 'career' of the game. Season Play allows you to progress with the game, every time you complete a season you get to do the next season in a faster class, essentially progressing from F class to R1 class, within 6 seasons, upon completing season 6 I'd class the Season Play complete, however it keeps going until I can only assume you've competed in every event, although no more achievements are to be gained from continuing the Season Play.

      In all, simply doing Season Play near religiously every evening, it took me about 1 and a half months, potentially less if I had a higher tolerance to boredom and sleep resistance. Considering the 'Main Events' in each season get longer going from about 3 races in F class to complete the Main Event to 13 races with 40 mile races in R1 class, it can get very exhausting playing it near the end.

      *Event List* - This is tied with Season Play, all the events features in Season Play can be played individually via Event Play, and you can even pick single tracks to race on within the each Event. This is a great way to go back and redo races if you didn't get the place you wanted in Season Play (in order to get 100% completion for instance). The best part is upon getting to Season 6, you'd have collected a good arrangement of cars for each class and for each Event requirement, which gives you an upper hand in most events.

      Getting Gold in every event in the Event List, you get an 80g achievement, although you get to do a few events via Season Play, completing every event in the list will add some considerable game play time.
      Multiplayer - This is for Online play and requires Xbox Live in order to use it. Having very briefly played it when I first got it, I wasn't all that impressed. It tends to be very empty most of the time (due to Forza 4 being released), however the rare occasion you get to race with another person the experience isn't all that exciting. Forza isn't really a game you get and expect an astonishing Online Experience. However the few people I did see had some interesting vinyl images on their cars and if anything, you'd go online to show off your Creator skills.

      *Free Play* - This has got nothing to do with the game completion, but simply gives you access to the complete game instantly to just mess around on, giving you 3 modes to get started quickly in; Quick Race to play on any track using any car available or Hot Lap, essentially a time trail. Split Screen being 'in living room' multiplayer.

      With the main 'Career' bit of the game all combined you are sure to get hundreds of hours game play out of it, as many people have said, "You don't complete Forza, you retire from it" as few have ever been dedicated enough to get 1000g on it.


      Upon release the Developers said that the Cars had more detail within them than any game before them, this was why the additional disc was required to allow you to install the additional content to get access to the cars (around 2 GB) but the game is playable without the additional content. However having played numerous racing games on the Xbox 360 (my favourite being Race Driver Grid), I see the modelling effort hasn't gone to waste as you can see the cars are quite well presented, especially on a 42 inch HD TV, however I feel the effort wasn't really required and was more of niche for the game to sell it, as it hard to make a realistic racing simulator unique.

      You get a large choice of cars within the game from your everyday Focus' and Land Rovers to the more exotic Ferrari and Lamborghinis and of course the race spec cars for the R3 to R1 classes, in all around 400 cars on the normal version of the game from 50 different manufactures.

      All cars have unique handling pros and cons, making car purchases at the beginning more of a science rather than just going for the fastest, as handling plays a major part in a lot of the tracks.

      Unlike the main competition, Gran Turismo, you can modify your car both stylistically and performance, with easy tools to do so in the Upgrades option. This can be quite useful for a lot of races and especially the Event List. Each time you use a car the experience you gain from the race get added to your car and after a certain amount you go up a level (up to 5), this gives you discount on parts in the Upgrades for that specific car/manufacture. However levelling up the cars doesn't really count to your progress (after the first car, where you get achievements).

      The best part I've not seen in any other game is the Paint feature. This allows you to style your cars with custom paint jobs and add personal vinyl's you can create yourself from different shapes. This really allows any creative person with an artistic flare to go mental, with the many tools available you can spend hours working on one car. A great feature, but often ignored.


      Unfortunately I've never had the privilege to go on any of the famous race tracks featured in this game, only seeing them from numerous angles during broadcasted races and other events I couldn't comment on how realistic the tracks are to drive on. However they are near photorealistic with lots of detail on the ground in particular, you can tell a bit of attention was spent to make the race track more than just a something the car moves upon, you if spend the time to look around rather than just at the road, you can notice minor details that the greater picture make it seem quite nice.

      However the blurb at the back of the game case states as a quote "Race on over 100 of the most renowned real-world tracks", which you could be blamed to assume 100 unique tracks? Further investigation would bring up the words "variations of tracks". By I mean that although, yes there are 100 tracks which are not all the same, the differences are not at all great. You will often find yourself on the same track over and over again throughout a small bit of the career or what at least feels like the same track as its either been reversed or a minor change added. It is more like 20 tracks with 5 versions of each track, which when attempting to complete the game can get amazingly repetitive.


      This in my eyes is where the game can really shine. You can make the career and individual races as easy as you want to almost impossible by adjusting the assists the game offers. There aren't any achievements to gain from playing the game in a difficult mode, so I tend to make it easy and relaxing. However attempting to play the game with no assists and no automatic, can prove a major challenge to a lot of people and is definitely something you've got to commit to master.
      If you are after the an easy relaxing racing experience you can pretty much have the game do everything and you steer.

      Each car in the game has its own driving style which can really effect how hard a specific race could be, so making careful choices can ease the experience feature.


      Once again, the fastest car I've ever driven was a Vauxhall Astra and this was around an old airfield (good times). The game does give you a good example of the challenge the sport provides (especially on hard difficulty settings).

      Performance wise the cars seem to all respond well, you go on the grass you slow down, receive damage and the car is handicapped in the damaged area as well as the damage is visible and quite well from a minor scratch to the panels being left on the race track.

      No game has yet applied external environmental factors such as wind and rain to effect performance of the vehicle, e.g. during a long race weather changes effecting driving style required, could be an interesting addition (that's a free on Turn 10).


      As unfortunately the money sponges which the distributors are have realised they can not only sell you the game but stuff later to make you spend MORE money as if potentially spending £40 isn't enough. Forza 3 through its life time got many car packs released on sale on Xbox Market Place, each pack providing you with some new cars to race in. Later the packs and everything created for the game was released in a Game of the Year (GOTY) style, called the Forza 3 Ultimate Collection. If you find it somewhere, it tends to be only a few pounds more and probably worth the few pennies to get the complete game.


      Lots of easy achievements are available for this game right from the start. Things like winning a race, getting up a level and levelling a car will get you easy points. It does increase in difficulty as you get further into the game (naturally). But in all not much thinking is required and on simply completing the game past Season 6, you're look at about 700g, the other few up to around 850g are easily gain-able by doing small bits around the game, nothing challenging.

      If you've got online, you're looking at an easy but very time consuming 1000g, as some achievements require you to get involved in the Storefront and Auctions, I haven't talked about it much because it seems something you really ignore and I only look once or twice.

      In all, if you are really dedicated you can get yourself an easy 1000g from this game, or simply run through some more interesting games and get the 1000g from them in the time it would you from this game.


      Forza 3 is a good game; it does exactly what you'd expect from a down to basics racing game. It has a lot of cars to try out and lots of tracks. However unlike a few others on the market currently and I'm not comparing this to the Need for Speed franchise but rather games like Race Driver Grid.

      In all the game could be much better and it would be interesting to see how Forza 4 has panned out, but I'm not hearing anything significant has changed.


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      25.03.2013 01:58
      Very helpful



      Recommended for any hardcore racing fans

      I am a huge fan of the Forza series, I love the longevity of the games (around 200 hours or more) and the achievements. I have the full 1000G on this game and have played it literally till the disc wore out.

      The game includes very realistic copies of real world cars, hundreds of them in fact. I think the artistic work is superb, a lot of polygons mean good looking cars and combined with a high FPS rate they look fantastic out on the track. The only problem is the shadows which I find slightly inaccurate. This is only a minor problem though so I won't knock any stars off.

      The physics are a lot better than the gran turismo series, the cars flow smoothly and turn in at the time you want them to, chasis's aren't too stiff and settings can fine tune your cars gearbox, roll cage and tyres. You can also upgrade your cars from stock parts if you want to get them faster or looking good.

      The specs are realistic and each car has a class so you can upgrade to fit within a field or race, thus making it eligible for entry into more than one race in the Event List in career play mode.

      Sadly there isn't any weather in this game, and there isn't even any night driving, so I will knock a star off this because its a huge problem that Gran Turismo still excels in. This might be to do with the high FPS but quite frankly I'd rather have weather than a smooth graphics engine.

      The tracks are all based on real life tracks and while they have accurately portrayed the main tracks, they haven't done so well with the gradients and bumps on the Nürburgring. There are missing bumps and dips here and there and you just don't feel that in the game.

      The engine noises all sound very realistic, especially the V8's with a turbo or super charger, they really have an excellent rumble to them which sounds excellent through a home cinema system with surround sound. There is no sound from the brakes though and when you go off road the sound of the dirt hitting your paintwork is nowhere to be heard sadly.

      The achievements are all offline and career based, many can be picked up in free play though such as drift lap, but this is mainly for tuned cars, which you have to progress in career to upgrade and tune yourself. I personally find it very easy to progress in career, and the achievements are very straight forward it just requires a hell of a lot of time off work to complete.

      Overall this is a great game but the lack of weather and night racing lets it down. Attention to detail is missing out on the track but the physics and graphics are still the best on any racing game on any platform, a firm 4 stars from me.


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        22.11.2010 23:29



        Great game for any casual gamer, perfect for racing pros

        I got this game as soon as it came out after really enjoying the previous game so much as this franchise has really pinpointed what a realistic racing game should be.

        I really enjoy racing on this game the graphics are superb and are very accurate to the tracks in real life and so to are the cars they use. While I enjoy racing there are times where it may get a bit repetitive and so I stop racing, but I do not stop playing. The customising that can be done it vast and that is not just changing the car parts it actually leads to paint designing what ever you want. This feature is such an improvement and tiding that with the marketplace and you have a enormous amount of cars available to buy off other players which are basically pieces of art. It amazes me what other people can other with the decal and layering tools in the paint booth, as some of the work you see looks so real, due to the back up of the immense graphics.

        While sometimes it can be boring racing you wont ever be tired of the tracks and events, there are so many different variations on every track that its hard to do the same thing many times in a row. To mix it up even more it is best to play with friends its countless fun drag racing with identical cars to see you can gear better or racing handicapped cars and tootle around playing dodgems.


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        14.11.2010 15:52
        Very helpful



        An all time gaming favourite, not to be forgotten!

        This game has been available to purchase for quite some time now, but loading it back into the xbox i still get that same buzz of excitement as the first time i did so. It is the follow up to forza motorsport 2 and has lots of updates, mainly better visuals and lots of nice new cars and customisation abilities.

        Ok on the whole this can generally be regarded as the xbox's reply to sony's much accalimed game gran turismo. Which i also highly recommend from playing earlier editions on the playstation 2. However i am not lucky enough to own a playstation 3 as well as the xbox so forza motorsport is a brand available to me. Made by producers at turn 10, it has a fully in depth carreer mode, starting small with cars that are likely to found on uk roads, you start on the test track road circuits, all named after snakes. On winning of course and finishing as far up the grid as possible you then earn prize money, with this prize money you can either save up to buy a better car alltogether or you can buy parts or upgrades to your current car. The upgrades really are huge from installing a whole new engine to adding a turbocharger or ripping out back seats and installing a roll cage the customisation really is huge, for instance you may start off with an f class car (the lowest class) but customise it enough to reach a c class. Of course each car has its own advantages and disadvantages and its most useful to change parts and settings before going into particular tracks.

        The tracks themselves are amazing, visually and in terms of the physics of the game. With lots of real world tracks being added in there, such as silverstone, laguna seca, road america and road atlanta. Including many more of which there are too many to mention including the fictional tracks such as the Nissan speedway and the new york circuit where you can race through times square and see many landmarks.

        The settings can also be finely tuned which depending how experienced you are at racing games can make the game much more interesting. For instance if you are a beginner or new to gaming you might want to turn on all the driving assistances on such as racing lines, abs, traction control and an automatic gearbox. But a more seasoned gamer might try his hand at turning most of these off so judging the racing lines for oneself and even adding a manual gearbox with the option of using one the shoulder buttons as a clutch for racing and damage, which is a personal feature which i really like, where real time damage to the car causes defects in the cars steering, acceleration, top speed and ability to drop up and down gears, this also shows visually with stunning effects such as broken windowscreens and mirrors.
        Fuel and tyres can also be made to have effect in some of the endurance races, where running out of fuel ends the game and poor tyres makes skidding and spinning out inevitable. So timely pitt stops are useful.

        In all this is a fantastic game and some what under rated i find in lots of cases with the game not recieving the credit it rightly deserves. This is possibly due to being overshadowed by its bigger brother on the playstation platform but for xbox users this series will one to remember and apreciate particularly with future releases! You might be wondering what seperates gran turismo and forza motrosport? well quite simply gran turismo is going to go one step further with loads more cars, the whole car license modes which are incredibly fun and the level of customisation which even betters that of forza. Including the promise of some extremely impressive life like gaming visuals in the new gran turismo which is due for late december.

        I would say this is a game for all ages due to the customisation, making it as easier or hard as you like. It is also important to remember than with xbox live it is possible to download huge amounts of DLC, from car packs to whole new tracks to race on. Providing even more hours of untold fun. This game could quite easily be found in most retailing stores and for no doubt a steal!


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        20.10.2010 15:49
        Very helpful



        Its been out since 2009, but its still top-notch!

        I bought Forza Motorsport 3 a few days its release in 2009, and right
        from the beginning I could tell I would be hooked on the game for the
        weeks and months which followed.
        You see Forza in many ways took me back to my childhood of playing
        racing games on the early play stations, it reminded me of the old Grand
        Turismo's and perhaps that's why I liked it so much.

        When you're actually in a race, in the game and playing, Forza is set
        out much like many other racing games. The controls are similar,
        the views (inside and outside the cockpit and at different angles)
        are similar, and the car sounds are most definitely similar.
        It's the level of detail, the computer UI intelligence and the sense
        of progression and achievement which distinguishes Forza from other
        racing games. When first logging in and beginning, you're asked to
        select a starting car (something like a Fiesta or Saxo) prior to starting.
        This acts as an introduction, and from here on out you gain the
        ability to buy, sell, modify and race (hopefully to victory) cars
        whenever you like. You enter into championships and leagues of all
        variety, earning money and gaining Xbox achievements along the
        way. Experience points enable you to progress through levels
        which both earns you achievements and gives you a huge sense of

        -CAREER MODE-
        Single-player career mode is basically everything involving racing
        through championships, leagues, gaining XP and buy/selling/
        modifying cars previously mentioned.
        You have your own area in which you can view all your cars, change
        their settings and even take them out on a test track of your
        choice to help make those performance modification decisions.
        Every 2-weeks you are given the chance to begin a new racing
        championship or endurance event, however events can be
        selected separately from another menu if you don't like the ones
        suggested. Each event is also personalised to accepting only
        a particular car type, and all cars are divided into types or classes
        which reflect their physical form. Similarly, cars are given an
        individual rating to reflect their level of performance, i.e. a ford
        focus base model might be 203, whereas a Lamborghini Diablo
        might be 507 in rating.
        All this becomes very simple once you begin the game, it also adds to
        the racers addictiveness!

        This is an area I tried several times but never managed to get into at
        the same level as career mode. Basically, you can race in different
        class areas against other people on Xbox Live in either free or rated
        events or races to gain XP points and to improve your online rating.
        It can lag (not depending on your connection, just the game its self)
        which gets very annoying, and players tend to leave and join races
        half-way through which takes from the overall experience.
        Generally, not a great entity to the game which could have worked
        a lot better.
        Another multiplayer aspect which does work however is the open
        online marketplace where players can sell vehicle skins and mods
        to improve your game play. These are purchased from player to
        player using in-game money or credit. It works really well and I'm
        glad Forza included this multiplayer aspect.

        The designers have spent a lot of money and attention on this area,
        and rightly so! In order to compete with other new racing games and
        games alike, you have to have a good graphical interface - This
        game doesn't disappoint!
        The scenery and cars themselves are top-notch, realistic replicas of
        the real thing and will amaze and impress most people who try the
        game. From the people in the stands and on the grass banks, to the
        smooth road surfaces and vegetation, to the physical damage you
        are able to inflict on each vehicle, the graphics and sound are very,
        very high-quality.
        Vehicle sounds have been individually recorded and put together
        beautifully. Surface and crash sounds are also very well designed
        and instigated into the game.

        Overall a 5/5 career game, just make sure you keep away from the
        disappointing multiplayer aspect and enjoy what work has been put
        into the proper racing side!
        I recommend the game for everyone aged over 7-years with a love
        for cars and speed!


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        18.10.2010 14:19
        Very helpful



        Great for car lovers, others may grow bored of it by a nice pickup at it's current price.

        Wasn't intending on picking this up originally, but found it a very nice price when it had first been released and I couldn't refuse. I'll start off by noting that this may well be the most realistic racing game released thus far - the graphics are nothing short than brilliant and speeding through wide open tracks is enjoyable. I've played games such as Burnout and although they provide for a fun type of arcade scene, something a little more realistic was worth trying out.

        The detailing of both cars and tracks is fantastic (around 400 cars, brilliant detail), the customising of cars is a satisfying experience with the huge range of add-ons and customising features that are included in Forza 3. I learned to really like the rewind feature, a great addition and very helpful in getting you out of a sticky predicament.

        I also wanted to add that the marketplace although a little tricky in understanding at first is a worthy addition, it allows you to buy cars that you may not necessarily be able to win - I soon left season by and decided to play multiplayer with a couple of friends - it's a blast - even if you're trying to ram into each other rather than race!

        A great, entertaining game - well worth the price asked for; made a real move in the racing simulation series and will keep avid car enthusiasts entertained.


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        20.09.2010 16:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An excellent racer, suitable for casual and serious gamers

        Let me get right to the point. Forza Motorsport 3 is simply one the best driving game ever made!

        Forza is an indepth, realistic racing simulation that has been opened up and made accessible to even the most casual gamer. Let's start with the important things, like the cars. There are over 400 cars waiting for you to take them for a spin. Each model has an incredible level of detail, especially after you've inevitably smashed one of them into a wall at high speed.

        Each car has a different feel about it too. Whilst you will race over the same tracks, as soon as you do it in a different car, it's like starting over and learning again which adds to the realism.

        The career mode has a good longevity to it, and is the best way to learn the game. It focuses around Class Races every fortnight with mini events inbetween the big races. This keeps the career mode varied as it forces you to race in different cars over different tracks. It also earns you credits to buy newer, faster, classier cars to fill your garage.

        It all sounds a bit intense, almost geeky doesn't it? The best part of the game is that it is fully customisable to your abilities. You can get the game to brake for you. You can have the racing line visible and you can have other functions such as ABS and stability to play with to give you the ultimate racing experience or to make it a little more arcadey and a touch easier. There is also a 'rewind' button that allows you to correct your mistakes and try a certain corner or overtaking move again.

        Throw in the expected Xbox Live options, featuring different kinds of races and also some challenges and games and you have a complete racing simulator and finally something to challenge Gran Turismo.


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          04.09.2010 23:11
          Very helpful



          An excellent driving simulator

          To my surprise, I actually owned both Forza Motorsport 1 and 2 without realising I had the original! I bought the third version to play over the summer but was at first a little bit apprehensive about buying the game as I thought it'd be too similar to the second version. After playing it now for a good couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that it's worth buying nevertheless - whether you want it for the new updated cars or the superbly improved graphics and gameplay.

          Forza Motorsport 3 is a driving simulator as opposed to some sort or arcade racing game such as Need For Speed. However the great thing is, you get the both of a realistic driving simulator and extensive modifications along with the ability to customise your cars with unique designs thanks to the paint option.

          There are loads of cars in this version including the Bugatti Veyron - the fastest car in the game, followed by the TVR Speed 12. There are loads of classics in there including some of the favourite racing cars such as the Subaru Impreza, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus RS and more. The Audi A8 maks an appearance in this game too and they are all upgradeable.

          There are plenty of tracks in the game too - some of which are fictional but you can also experience some real tracks including the Suzuka and Silverstone circuits from Japan and here in Britain! The graphics are superb, which enables you to enjoy the tracks and cars in their fullest quality. Everything from the people on the sides of the track to the grass and track is designed perfectly to the best quality. The cars look brilliant too and you can appreciate their detail when zooming in on them. When you leave the game in the main menu without touching the controller, it will automatically start displaying your car at a few different camera angles. The way the camera does this makes any car look fantastic and it enables you to appreciate the engineering and design of any car as it takes a close up on the shiny rims, unique side rims or the body itself.

          You can play through the game in season mode or by simply viewing the events list. I am still not sure of the point of this as I think all the events are listed anyway, but the season play just suggests certain races in your calendar for your current car to make it a bit more realistic as if you are a professional racer. There are loads of different events for every car class, type, drive, size and speed. All the cars are classed based on their overall performance, but they also have a more detailed breakdown called the 'PI' (performance index), which lists their speed, handling, acceleration, launch and breaking stats on an arbitrary scale. With this, players online tend to maximise their car's performance by reaching the maximum 'PI' without actually increasing the car's class. With the ability to tune every part of the car too, you can make the car your own and battle competitively in time trials to set hot lap times.

          The gameplay is quite brilliant. Every race starts off with the camera viewing your starting position as your car drives in and breaks sharply. It then focuses on the rims before a couple of angled views from either side as your car roars it's engines. Then just before the start, you are brought to the driving view of your choice. This game is much improved in the way every car has an interior view, which you can drive from. This makes it a lot more realistic and the interior views are excellent. You can see details such as the steering wheel, driver's arms, air conditioning and more on the dashboard. The graphics are very crisp in every respect. You can choose to drive your car manually or automatically and with ABS and traction control switched on or off. You can adjust more settings such as the opponent difficulty and other aids. Depending on these settings, your earnings from each race will be determined. You can increase your earnings by over 50% with the hardest settings applied! The guide line is a great aid for new drivers as it enables you to get used to cars and tracks by suggesting when to brake, accelerate and ease off the accelerator along with a line following the optimal path.

          The sound is quite impressive and all cars sound appropriate according to their stock version or upgraded ones with different engines, exhausts or other upgrades. The revs of the engine can be distinguished well as you fly through the gears and you get a lovely sense of speed whilst driving (as long as it's not an old banger) aided by the realistic graphics. When driving from the interior view, it's a driving simulator at it's best!

          The game has plenty of features similar to Forza Motorsport 2 but some have been further improved. You are now able to create your own 'vinyl groups' as opposed to trying to fit shapes onto a car to create an image. You can now use a blank canvas with a grid on the background to help you design whatever you like - whether it's simply a word or an image you have created from the many shapes available. You can use different shapes, letters, symbols along with colours, sizes and angles to create unique designs for your car, and you can add plenty of layers to make complex designs! With some talent, you can quite easily mimic real life car designs. You can also paint your car's body with standard or metallic or even special colours, which have a unique effect. You can also paint the mirrors, tint the windows and colour the rims and hood and wings separately. If you wish, you can customise every car of yours to be like no other!

          Once you're done customising your car, you can even auction it online. Other players can bid for your cars and you can buy others too. This is a great feature and makes the game very interactive. Along with cars, you can also buy and sell vinyl groups and tuning settings for cars. Xbox Live enables you to also race others online, which is quite enjoyable. The tournaments feature has been removed from this version of the game, where in Forza Motorsport 2 you could qualify for tournaments and then race in them later. This was a bit awkward as some of the racing times were at silly hours if you were in the UK for example, as a large portion of players were in the USA, who are a considerable amount of hours behind! Instead you can enjoy the standard circuit races along with some new options. Drifting has been exploited quite a lot in this game and there are races both in the single player and over Xbox Live where you can drift in order to gain points and win. It takes a lot of skill to build the right car and drive it correctly to drift, but it's great fun too! There are even 'playground' events online such as cat and mouse type games and one, which particularly impressed me where you literally smash up the other cars to gain points. It's quite enjoyable getting in your unique range rover and then taking a great big run up at your opponents to smash them off the track! It brings a bit more fun to the game and is unique to previous versions.

          The gameplay is fantastic and the replay value is certainly there as there are so many events to take part in and complete. The longer endurance races with the use of pit stops are still present, but as always you can hire drivers for such races (and others too) if you don't wish to sit there for a long time and race! Admittedly it can get a bit boring racing all the time, but the real fun is in expanding your garage from the hundreds of cars in the game and customising them and upgrading them. When you get bored of the single player, you can always take your skills online as no race is ever the same!

          For just £15.28 on Amazon.co.uk where I bought mine, you can get this game exclusively available to the Xbox 360. It's the very best racing game and I much prefer it to the Gran Turismo series, which I previously loved with my Playstation 2! It's a lot more realistic and the graphics are unbeatable along with the physics and gameplay. The choice of cars in this game is brilliant and it's pleasing to see some new models out there too. With the added bonuses of downloadable cars and tracks, you can always extend the gameplay further. A great recommendation from me for all racing enthusiasts!

          Thanks for reading!



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            28.07.2010 20:43
            Very helpful



            Dive into the drivefest now!

            Drive the dream!

            OVERVIEW -- Forza motorsport is an Xbox-exclusive racing simulator on the same lines as Gran Turismo is the Playstation-exclusive racing simulator. You could say they are strong rivals. Forza has set the standards high as the third installment is the best one yet. It is also one of the best racers I've ever played.

            GRAPHICS -- The people responsible for this delight said that the automobiles have 10x polygons than the second game. That can be confirmed by the sheer detail of them, inside and out. The circuits are just as inspired, especially those based around mountain ranges and/or cities showing the scale of the game's landscapes. Menu presentation is set up coherently. Most of the layout is a clean, modern white which suits the game very well.

            SOUND -- a mix of DnB, alternative and techno. The fast, furious nature of DnB easily adapts to the driving: makes the races sound more exciting than it already is. You can use the Xbox 360s custom soundtrack if you dislike the selections they've made. Handy! Cars sound realistic, maybe a little more than the other two additions. You can hear the power of a muscle car clearly and the slow wheezy effort of the Mini Cooper. Super in general.

            GAMEPLAY -- LT brakes and RT accelerates. A is handbrake and the select button allows you to rewind time so you can remove any mistakes you've made during a race. At first, I thought it was a stupid gimmick, but once I've got used to the game, I ended up using it constantly. You'd be wondering what you did without this feature.
            Campaign consists of 6 years. Each year you get to choose 1 of 3 randomly picked events. Complete all the races in that event and you'll participate in a race of a championship event. keep doing this until you've done all the championship event races. Then move on to the next year. Don't worry if you miss some of them in season play (the name of this mode). Go to the event list to play them all once you've reached the level required.
            You gain xp and money for each race you complete and the amount depends on how well you do. You can even raise the level of your car over use. Every car level reached gives you discounts on upgrades for that manafacteur. Customisation has been expanded on: more parts, painting and vinyl options and a larger sense of community with the storefront. These storefronts conveniently displays your creations and replays/pictures you've taken in one profile.
            There's more stuff in this robust, content-filled racing game like the Auction House which is the Ebay of the gaming world, so I'll let you see the rest of it for yourselves. After all, this game is an essential purchase!

            LIFESPAN -- Over 100 events, each with at least 3 races, means you'll be playing the campaign mode for months. Online mode is identical to it's predecessor, only with more variety in race types. Leaderboards to prove who's best in the world. Time trials with specific vehicles. Impressive customisation options. 400+ cars to test out and 15+ tracks (plenty of DLC on top of that). Satisfied? I was!

            OVERALL -- Beautiful graphics, nice choice of music and almost infinite replayablilty makes this a long, attractive racer anybody could pick up and play. Forza 2 wasn't necessarily broken, but the third game took it to a greater degree. Drive your dream cars here!!


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            04.06.2010 16:36
            Very helpful



            Worth the money you will spend on it

            When buying Forza 3 I think it is important to note that if you are buying this game to be a carbon copy of Gran Turismo then you are going to feel some what disappointed. Nevertheless it is as close as you are going to get on the Xbox 360.
            On merit though Forza 3 can hold its own in the world of racing simulation and can quite easily provide excellent value for money from the sheer amount of time you will spend competing against the AI or online. The expansive selection of cars and tracks provides ample amount of enjoyment whether you are wanting to have a quick blast or settle in for the long haul. One feature that is an absolute delight is the ability to create your own unique livery for each car you race, as well as buy or sell them online in the frankly excellent marketplace. It is very easy to look up at the clock in the small hours of the morning and realise how immersed you were in creating your own little labour of love.
            I would avoid Forza 3 if you want a novice/beginners level game as the AI is far too easy and the driver aids far too over powering at the easiest settings, However, remove all these and you are left with gently squeezing the throttle through the corner as you feel the back end of your car wanting to step out.

            Overall, an excellent game and one I would recommend if you are a motorsport or general racing simulation fan.


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            29.04.2010 15:34
            Very helpful



            If you liked Grid, Burnout or NFS Shift...then you'll love this game!

            Being an avid Racing fan and playing titles like GRID, Burnout and Need for Speed. I was looking for something new, easy to get into and bursting with extra marketplace content. Forza ticks those boxes.

            Given that I haven't played Forza 1 or 2, I was slightly reluctant on paying out £20 for the game to gather dust on a shelf if it didn't have the same driving experience as Burnout or GRID had. When starting the game, you will be asked to place in the 2nd disc which preloads a lot of the graphics and content from the game and improves the fluidity of the game when driving at high speeds!

            This game is brilliant for first time console racers right up to the seasoned pro. It is quick to pick-up and as you advance and feel more confident you can change the skill settings without having to restart in your championship. After a few races I started to turn on damage and up the difficultly level as the A.I on easy are extremely simple to pass and doesn't really give you any benefit in the long run.

            There are about 400 different cars to choose from, with most of the major manufacturers having at least 2 or 3 different cars, not just generic unlabeled look-alikes.

            Your racing calendar is determined by the different cars you choose to drive and also whether you'd like a challenge or stay safe in your cars class.

            Upgrading your car is by far the best part. Forza 3 has the most intricate setup that I have never seen in any other game, you are pretty much able to customise anything to increase your down force, speed and give the car a racing feel. Sometimes it can be all a bit to much, so from time to time I've used "Quick Upgrade" which works perfect and takes you up to the bhp threshold for the next race with your particular car.

            There are many different tracks, although you will notice many different events are raced on the same track, just the course has been slightly changed so make sure you check your HUD or you will be rewinding the race backwards until your back on the tarmac. The rewind feature itself is similar to that used in GRID, now if you've played GRID you probably loved the night driving of Le Mans something which Forza lacks.

            I would like to comment on the Online features of this title, although I haven't been on Xbox Live to try it as I'm too consumed in playing my own Racing Calendar!!

            If you like Racing Simulators, then this game will be worth the money!


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              24.04.2010 19:17
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A great game but they need to revert back to the original menus and online gaming options.

              As a huge fan of Forza 2, I must sadly admit that Forza 3 did not live up to my, slightly high, expectations. Perhaps I have put the game on a pedestal, or perhaps it took me time to love it. But, essentially, Forza 3 was not the game I hoped for.

              First of all, I found the menu's in Forza 3 to be the biggest flaw in the game. There is no flow between menus, they are difficult to understand and I remain bewildered as to why they have even bothered to alter the menu style from Forza 2 to this, a much less user-friendly style.

              As well as the lack of ease in using the menu's, the online gaming options for Forza 3 are really disappointing. When using Forza 2 online I was able to select the track that I wanted to play and the race that I wanted to join. Now, it seems, that these options have been taken away from me. Where is the fun in that? I am thrown into a race that I'm really not interested in being a part of and can't play the tracks that I know and love when I want to play them!

              On the plus side, the graphics on Forza 3 are truly immense! These graphics take high definition to a new level with some amazing landscapes (though this has disrupted my gaming...having crashed twice simply from being distracted by the pretty views!). The game play is also fantastic. There is more detail and more effort in the tracks. Everything seems to run that little bit smoother than in Forza 2, with tracks that are more challenging and interesting. Don't get me wrong, game play in Forza 2 was great but in Forza 3, they seem to have refined things just that little bit. Of course there is the occasional glitch but, let's face it, that's life!

              All in all, if I could have Forza 3 with the menus and online options of Forza 2 I'd be a very happy gamer! As it stands, the adjustments made to create Forza 3 annoy me just enough to keep me returning to my old friend Forza 2 while Forza 3 gathers dust on the shelf.


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                21.04.2010 01:56
                Very helpful



                Brilliant racing game, well worth the money

                Forza Motorsport 3 is the follow-up to 2007's phenomenal Forza Motorsport 2, generally considered the racing game of the year 2007 (IGN, Gamespot).

                Whereas games like Burnout and Pure are arcade racers, Forza is a mixture of a racing game and a realistic driving simulation. With the success of the Forza and Gran Tourismo series', realistic racing games featuring real-life cars, handling and accelaration have seen an upsurge in popularity.

                Forza Motorsport 3 takes this simulation element to the next level; featuring over 400 full upgradable cars, all of which exist in real-life, from world renowned makes such as Audi, Land Rover, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Volvo, Lotus, GM, Porsche, BMW and many more. It also boats a world-class physics engine featuring damage and roll-over, also giving the game spot on handling, tourque, acceleration and realistic responses.

                You can race on over 100 of the most renowned real world race tracks and road coarses, including Silverstone, the Nurbegring and the famed Le Mans Circuit de La Sarthe. Each of the tracks are reproduced and represented perfectly and the game really gives you a phenomenal feel of what it's like to race on some of the most famous race tracks in the world, in some of the best cars ever made.

                The most immediate and impressive feature of the game is the graphics, particularly when viewed on a HD screen. The cars and the scenery are beautifully represented and look nothing short of amazing. Some of the backdrops look unbelievably realistic and add to the real-world feel of the game.

                Criticisms of previous Forza games have been that they were very difficult, particularly for novice players. This has been addressed in Forza 3 with a completely personalised career mode and individual races. You can race with a driving line along the track showing you the optimal line, you can have braking zones showing you when you should be breaking or accelerating. Forza 3 also boasts new player assists such as One Button Control and Gameplay Rewind - the latter allowing you to rewind the race by as far as you want at any point. This allows even the most casual racing gamer to get the most out of this great game.

                The game is also brilliantly linked with Xbox Live, which allows you not only to race other gamers around the world but allows you access to online scoreboards, as well as the Auction House and Storefronts where you can download the latest car creations, paintjobs and videos from the best artists, tuners and directors around.

                If i do have one criticism of the game it's that the career mode feels a little one dimensional and some of the later races in the game are ridiculously long. Doing a 30 lap race of an oval circuit can get pretty tedious.

                Overall though, with the brilliant and rewarding online play and amazing graphics and gameplay Forza 3 has become one of the most played games in my collection.


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                24.03.2010 22:31
                Very helpful



                'Must-buy' is an understatement.

                Forza Motorsport 3 has raised the barrier in terms of driving games. Whilst the Playstation has the Gran Turismo series, Microsoft has Forza. I will admit that I was an avid Gran Turismo fan due to its high quality games and vast range of cars. But, after playing Forza 3 at a friend's house, I was convinced enough to make the switch to Xbox's competitive title.

                I will first start off with the choice of cars. Although, I'm not a big know-it-all on cars, I know my companies well and the cars in that specific company. But, I was blown away by the choice they give you including some special-class cars which gives the player a good range to work with.

                The game as a whole is helpful and a work of art. The graphics are absolutely stunning especially in HD and it makes it hard to distinguish from a TV image. All the cars are made to perfection and the lighting effects are quite amazing. In terms of being helpful, it has a wide range of options you can change. As it says on the back of the box, 'even the most casual player can drive like a pro', and it's true. The game allows you to change many options such as using autobrake if you are driving too quickly for example. These can be turned off if you feel that you need a challenge - so the game reaches out to all those gamers who have a soft spot for driving.

                As I said earlier, I used to be a big Gran Turismo fan. But, when I was on the last corner of the race and then just spun out of control therefore making me lose first place - it was frustrating, to say the least! The makers of the game, Turn 10, probably took that into consideration as they added an option allowing you to 'rewind' a race if you crashed or just lost control of your car at a certain turn.

                The only flaw that I know from the game is the loading times. I could probably make myself toast, tea and go toilet by the time the race loads. If only Turn 10 could improve that slight problem, then the game would be perfect.


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                05.03.2010 08:41
                Very helpful



                A must buy game for any xbox 360 owner.

                Forza 3 was one of my most anticipated titles of 2009. I have been an avid fan of the Forza series from the very beginning, so I was looking forward to playing this very much.
                I personally bought the limited edition of Forza which includes bonus codes for extra cars and tracks, VIP status in the game, a USB, and a keychain, which is well worth getting if you have the extra money lying around.

                Forza 3 has over 400 of the most sought after cars from all over the world, ranging from street cars, to full blown race cars; all of which are customisable with the latest performance and aerodynamic parts, from the best brands in racing such as Varis, Mines, Cragar and Spoon.
                All of the cars are playable right from the start of the game when you boot it up, so it really is an inviting experience for novice and hardcore gamer alike.
                There is a wealth of tracks ranging from short circuits such as Tsukuba and Sebring, right up to 10 mile + tracks, including Fujimi Kadio (Which has returned from the first Forza instalment). The livery editor is still a prominent feature in the series allowing the player to fully customise their paintjob with over 1000 layers to play with on each side of the car. As well as this there is online play which allows up to 8 players in a race which is a very cool feature. All that along with mind blowing graphics, sound and an unbeatable physics engine, a warm community, regular competitions AND regular downloadable content (DLC); what more could you want from a game?

                To start my review, I shall begin with the interface of the game.
                Right from the very off, you are greeted with a crisp and clean user interface, allowing you to easily see where everything is and how to get going. The orange highlights to the white menus offer a welcome contrast, although the white background can very easily cause eye strain.
                The soothing voice of the English narrator will guide you through the menus and give you various tips as you go along. (Luckily, his voice can be turned off).

                The graphics of the game are jaw-dropping. Running at a constant 60 FPS, the action on screen is liquid smooth. The environments and the car models are accurate, allowing you to immerse yourself into the Forza world very quickly. There are absolutely no flaws with the graphics. You have to see them to believe them.

                The car physics are very accurate. There is a real feeling of difference from car to car and the weight shift is very true to life. The HUD options monitor some of your cars statistics, offering you the ability to monitor how your car is performing on track and tune it to get the maximum potential out of your car.

                The sounds of Forza are exceedingly good. From the raw engine noises from an RB26 Skyline motor, to the in game soundtrack, there really is no comparison.
                The upgrades that you do affect the sound of the car which is a very nice feature and volumes can be tweaked in game, allowing for full sound customisation.

                The livery editor is one of the most useful features in the game. It allows players to create replicas of their favourite racing liveries or paint a portrait of their favourite star (If you have serious talent!). The layer tweaking is accurate, though sometimes when resizing a shape; it will carry on in either direction which is an annoyance.
                The paint booth also allows the player to choose from a variety of customisable colours which is handy if a player needs a specific colour.
                After creating a livery in the paint booth, the player can then choose to upload the design onto their own storefront, which allows players from around the world to view, rate, and purchase their design. The storefront allows up to 18 designs at once to be uploaded.

                The storefront also allows the player to upload not only designs, but tunes, photos and replays from other players to view and purchase. Purchasing a design for example will allow a player to put that design on their car, but not to edit it at all, or sell it on, which is another nice feature.
                After the player receives downloads, they get scoreboard point. The system is very complicated and needs an expert to explain it, so I will allow you to do research on that. Basically, the more downloads a person gets, the more points they receive, and the higher up the leader board they become.

                Season play mode spans over 200 events, each consisting over 3 - 13 races each. In season play, events are chosen for the player based on what car they are currently in. The player gets a choice of 3 events. The alternative approach to completing the events is called 'Event list'. This simply lists all events and races and allows the user to pick and choose what race they want to complete, and progress at their own.
                Each event requires a specific car or class. This can sometimes be annoying as early on, players will have to use their hard earned credits to purchase a car for a race that they don't necessarily want.
                After completing an event, the player receives credits for their virtual bank balance, XP points to level up, and discounts of parts for the cars manufacturer.
                The XP points that are gained in completing races are used to level up. After levelling up, the user earns a car to add to their collection. There are 50 levels in total.
                The events can get very tiresome and very repetitive, so it is important to take your time with this game, because you will need plenty of it!

                The online play of this game I have not experienced very much. From research on the Forza forums and my own personal play, there are a mass of options to choose from, offering the player almost unlimited options, ranging from number of players, to class of car allowed. Players can take online a car from the original 400+ choice, or they can take online their own personal creation that they have created, livery and all.

                In conclusion, Forza Motorsport 3 is THE racing game to buy for the Xbox 360 owner. The number of options and variables suits both the novice and hardcore gamer and can be enjoyed by all age groups. The aids that are offered to new players such as '1 button driving' allows anyone to jump in and play. This is the most realistic racing game to date, combining sheer luxury high definition graphics, with superior sound, and a comprehensive physics model that is the most complex and realistic to date. DLC add-ons are another plus side to this game, extending the life of the game through car and track packs. I have had this game since release and I have not put it down. If you are a car enthusiast or a just have slight interest in racing games, this really is the ultimate game to buy.


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