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Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)

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12 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2009-11-06 / Published by Atari

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    12 Reviews
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      22.12.2010 17:32



      This game is not just for fans its for everyone...who needs HE-MAN!!!!

      I have been a Ghostbusters fan from a very young age. I even fell out with my Uncle over the first movie, as he thought I was too young to watch it. I still do not like him and have not spoken to him since.

      As a child growning up, I had many heroes to look up to, Spider-Man, He-Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, The Ghostbusters, and of course Rocky Balboa.

      I have been waiting for a third Ghostbusters movie forever, and when I heard that the game was coming out, I set myself a goal.

      I bought an Xbox 360 after carefully choosing the console I wish to play this game on. The Xbox 360 controller felt the best to use all the functions of the game.

      I bought this game when it came out. I could'nt wait to play it. I bought an Xbox, and I even bought a new 22inch LCD monitor just so I can play this game.

      From the get go, this game takes you back to the movies, the music thats used in the menu and in the game.

      The idea of the game is simple, you are a new recruit and have to do on the job training.

      There are some jokes and dialogue built into the scenes and gameplay, which are unique to the characters, which I felt was a really nice touch.

      You have a main story (I wont spoil it) and you have to do little missions which gets you money and new weapons and features.

      "lets split up"
      "yes, we can do more damage that way"

      That is certainly true, you get money for destroying things around you.

      The proton pack is great, and with the controller it feels really good zapping a ghost.

      You learn how to wrangle them and stun them and it really makes you feel like you are busting some ghosts.

      The game brings back certain elements from both movies which is nice to see.

      After a few hours playing the game you feel like a child again pretending you have your own proton pack and busting ghosts here and there.

      The "Cut Scenes" are the video element to the game, they set the story or that part of the story up. And are very cinematic, its almost like you are watching a Ghostbusters movie.

      The multi-player is another great feature of this game, and is highly playable. You can have up to four players in a co-op style game.

      This is a truly enjoyable game, for me as a fan, and a life long Ghostbuster.

      Anyone who has seen this movie will love it, introduce someone to it and they will be left wanting more.

      Cant wait for a follow up game.


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      01.11.2010 18:10
      Very helpful



      The third movie...at last!

      Since the 1984 Ghostbusters game by Activision, there have been several attempts to cash in on the hugely successful Ghostbusters franchise with a video game but, like so many games based on films, these have left a lot to be desired. None have managed to replicate the look, feel, style and inherent character which made the films such huge hits. In fact, most have strayed so far from the original source material that very little resemblance can be seen.

      This is not something that "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" can be accused of. Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd has described the game as "essentially the third movie" and it possesses all the personality, humour and character of the two classic movies.

      Set in 1991 (two years after the Ghostbusters 2 Film), the game follows the four Ghostbusters training a new recruit (controlled by the player). After a large PKE shockwave hits New York, the team find themselves up against a variety of ghosts, including some old adversaries. They quickly discover there is more to these events than meets the eye. There are a network of ectoplasm-channeling tunnels beneath the City, powered by nodes located at several buildings including the public library and the museum of natural history. The Ghostbusters have to destroy these nodes and capture the guardians before the real world merges with the ghost world to bring about the return of The Great Destructor.

      The game is a nostalgia-fest, bringing back old favourites like Walter Peck, the Marshmallow man, Slimer and ECTO 1. Voiced in the main by the original characters, this very much feels like a Ghostbusters game should feel. It really feels like a labour of love from the games creators. The beauty is in the detail; from the painting of Vigo (from the second film) which can be seen in the Ghostbusters residence, to the whispering ghosts in the public library, all the nuances from the film are recreated in loving detail. There is another particularly nice touch, again to be found in the Ghostbusters' Firehouse; a monitor displays the message "Conglaturation !!! You have completed a great game.And prooved the justice of our culture.Now go and rest our heroes !" This is the end of game message in the afore-mentioned 1984 Activision Game.

      The game itself is a traditional third-person shooter. The player explores various locations (sometimes on his own, sometimes with other Ghostbusters), using the PKE meter to detect any signs of paranormal activity. This can come in the form of "haunted artifacts" or ghosts. Haunted artifacts come in various forms and, when found, can be sold to get cash for upgrades. Ghosts of course need to be caught, and there are various ways to do this, including a "slime-tether", or using the more traditional proton pack, which drains the ghost's energy before lowering it into the trap. For me, using the proton pack is the highlight of the game and quickly became my weapon of choice. Like in the films, the weapon creates a trail of noisy destruction wherever it goes and there is a really authentic feel to the way the player has to wrestle the ghost into the trap.

      There are certain basic puzzles to overcome and some limited tactics involved in beating the bosses as the player progresses through the game, but general game play is pretty basic. The game is rigidly linear, and the actual act of fighting the ghosts does come to be a bit repetitive. This is only a minor problem for fans of the franchise however, as there is a fair variety of ghosts and all the old favourites return. The quirky, humourous script and slick cut scenes keep the pace flowing and the relative simplicity of the game play means that the player never really gets bogged down for too long.

      There are roughly seven levels, each lasting about an hour, although checkpoints are frustratingly infrequent. This is about the right length for the game as it just about justifies the price without becoming too repetitive or boring.

      One of the main frustrations with the game comes in the form of the AI characters. When battling alongside them, they seem to do very little damage and are constantly being knocked out, meaning it is up to you to revive them. This means at times you feel more like Florence Nightingale that the fifth Ghostbuster and detracts somewhat from the enjoyment of the game.

      The game play is at times fast and frenetic, at others slow, tense and atmospheric. The graphics and sound are absolutely top-notch for a game of this sort, whether you're nuking the hell out of a demon librarian (and most of the library at the same time) or sneaking round a dark graveyard, you do feel like you've stepped right into the Ghostbusters world.

      The on-line play adds a few hours of entertainment. In this, you return to various locations and compete in various challenges, either alongside or against fellow players. For example, in one mode you face waves of ghosts, aiming to survive for as long as possible. In another mode, you have to destroy as many artifacts as you can whilst under constant attack. These "jobs" are fast, enjoyable and fun and contribute towards valuable experience points.

      Overall, this is a fun game to play for players of all ages, particularly for fans of the franchise. One can't help but feel, however, that it is a missed opportunity to a certain extent. There is so much more that could be done here; a chance to drive ECTO 1 maybe, or certainly a more flexible plot where you can explore New York and complete missions as they occur.

      Despite being thoroughly entertained whilst playing the game, there isn't enough variation to make me want to play it again. I brought the game for about £25, played it on and off for about three months before completing it, made it last another month playing on-line, then sold it on eBay for £15. In those terms, I would have to say it was £10 well spent and it's certainly a game I would recommend at a budget price. You can now get it for a tenner used on Amazon and about £15 new.


      Release Date - 2009
      PEGI Rating - 12 and over
      Ratings - 4/5 Amazon, 7.5/10 Gamespot

      My ratings:

      Graphics 4/5
      Sound 4.5/5
      Online 3/5
      Game play 3/5
      Entertainment 4/5
      Overall 4/5 for Ghostbusters fans, 3/5 for general players

      Most movie tie-ins are released relatively quickly after the original film. "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" took over 20 years. Luckily, the originally films are still held in such high affection that the time gap is irrelevant. This game is beautifully detailed, with authentic graphics, atmospheric sound and an interesting storyline that makes it a worthy successor to the franchise.

      Technically this is far from a great game. Whilst graphically quite strong, there's nothing really to take your breath away. The game play is repetitive and not really varied enough to make the game sufficiently challenging. For all that, however, there's more than enough here to provide a few hours of real entertainment, and spotting old friends and enemies is enough to delight any Ghostbusters fans. The funny dialogue, well crafted story and attention to detail are enough to paper over any cracks and make the game a real pleasure to play


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        04.09.2010 22:17
        Very helpful



        Very disapointing.

        Firstly I feel like I should probably note that I have never seen any of the Ghostbusters movies or comics thus this review is solely based on the merits of the game and not a love of a franchise.

        Having said that I had no previous knowledge of Ghostbusters this didn't leave me feeling alienated in the game. I was fully introduced to the characters, the primary base surroundings and I quickly gained an understanding of what 'Ghostbusters' were. This was all done through an opening movie type intro. It lasted for a few minutes and there are several more as you progress through the games 7 levels.

        There is only one playable character which is a new member to the Ghostbuster team. The playable character is never given a name, nor are you given any details about him (other than him being male) which makes it really easy to get involved and feel as if you're 'part of the team'.

        The game progresses in a pre-set manner - think climbing a ladder rung by rung. There is no diverting off this path and this I found this quite linear and at times boring as it meant player decisions were severely limited. You are simply along for the ride.

        The aim of the game, or the ride, is simply to capture ghosts. This is done through a few weapons. The only weapon really worth mentioning was the proton pack, this a culmination of a laser streams which have various effects on the bad ghosties. Primarily there is one to damage and another to capture and control. These are used in a shoot'em'up style, holding down the L button whilst you try hit the target. I found this hard to do even on the easiest of settings as the ghosts move around the screen very quickly; there are lots of them at any one time and to damage them in the slightest the laser beam has to be focused on them for quite a while concurrently. Oh... and did I mention the ghosts throw around objects in the room to knock you out?!

        There is also a pair of special goggles which you can opt to wear to track any recent ghostly activities. This is shown through a set of bars varying in both height and colours to mean different things.

        And so the game progresses in this fashion, you capture/kill a ghost and then you scan some goo with your goggles...
        The game never allows you to progress if you miss a singular objective out, and since it very rarely tells you the objectives, this makes the pace of the game very slow at times. I honestly found I was forcing myself to continue playing in the vague hope the game would become more interesting, introducing more factors or more interactive play. Disappointingly it never did and each level was the same as the last, just in a different setting and slightly more ghosts.

        Game controls are easy to remember, however difficult to make precise movements with - they are clunky and jumpy - precisely what you don't want when trying to hit a moving target continuously.

        However graphically this game does hit the right note (sometimes). The settings are detailed and true to life albeit slightly chunky looking. As for the slightly flat notes: there are times when you can move objects in your surroundings, such as running into them or moving them with the control laser. This is where the game comes unstuck. You can take your character and run him into a huge metal shelving unit and it will move as easily as a piece of paper. Not only is this hugely unrealistic in a backdrop which Atari have purposely tried to make as real as possible it confuses the player. There were several times when I simply did not try to move a whopping great heavy item as a human could simply not move by running into. This slowed the pace down even more and ultimately resulted in me, the player, running into walls, doors, kitchen work tops etc. etc. to try getting a reaction from the game to allow me to move forward in this very linear game. This simply does not create an immersive environment and renders this game for me as an utter failure. However the facial features of the characters was very impressive. All very impressive and detailed.

        As you play through the game you earn money ($). You gain this by trapping ghosts and it can be traded in to purchase upgrades for your weapons.

        You can die, as such, in the game and it simply takes you back to your last check point. Checkpoints however are few and far between and considering each level is around an hour long can step you back quite a way if you're unlucky. Your team mates and/or computer AI can also 'die' and they need to be revived each time they do so - another completely lacklustre aspect to the game. I'm meant to be the new kid on the block within the Ghostbusting team... NOT carrying them all through every single level!

        There is an Xbox live version of play. Basically all this is is a different map and you play with online players (4 max) to kill/capture all the games in that environment. You can also co-op play (2 players) through the campaign. Achievement wise, not much to shout about, 50 totally 1000 points. Including things such as 'Trap a ghost' and 'Earn More than $100,000 earned in Xbox LIVE.'

        An idea and concept which could have had so much potential has been left boringly repitive with a set structured game play which leaves me highly frustrated. It is fun for the first few times you capture a ghost, but the game never progress from this leaving you £30 less in your wallet and an A5 box only fit to forever collect en-mass within the pre-owned section of Game. The only good thing about this is that I always knew what was going on in the story line, but this was probably because it just repeated the same thing again and again, again and again, again and again AND again for 7 whole levels.


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          13.06.2010 15:04
          Very helpful



          a great idea but unles your a fan, its just a rental.

          Ghostbusters: The video game

          Platforms: Windows, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS.

          Developed by: Terminal Reality (Windows, PS3 and XBOX360), Red Fly Studio (PS2, PSP and Wii) and Zen studios (DS)

          Published by: Atari (All platforms except PS3, PS2 and PSP in Europe), Sony computer entertainment (European PS3, PS" and PSP)

          Platform version reviewed: XBOX360.

          Strap on your Proton pack and get ready to live out your childhood dreams as you become one of "The Ghostbusters".
          The story takes place 2 years after Ghostbusters 2 the movie and team have taken on a new recruit, (you) who they have named rookie, so they don't get to attached "after what happened to the last recruit"...

          The Plot.
          During thanksgiving, a massive Psycho-Kinetic Energy shockwave blasts through the city and the team soon find themselves thrown in yet another fight where it's them against the spirit world. As the travel around the city capturing spooks, they soon discover that after a few encounters with Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, who works for the museum, has been accidentally setting off "nodes" that merge the real world with a ghost one, and summoning another Great destructor.
          What she doesn't realize is, she is the bloodline of Gozer (remember her). They also discover that the architect who created 55 central park west, which was used for worshiping Gozer, Ivo Shando, has built tunnels under ground to transport ectoplasmic slime around the city, including to other buildings by the Shando which are used as the nodes.
          Whilst struggling to rescue the city, once again the team is hounded by Walter Peck, who this time is put in charge of Ghostbusters and is again determined to shut down them down, even if it means losing his job.

          Game play.
          Game play is very basic. The game sticks to a story format so there's really no exploration to be done. However you are free to look around the station which is very detailed. You also get to visit iconic landmarks including the Sedgewick hotel, the New York public library and the Museum of natural history, oh, and the middle of the Hudson river.
          You also get to see old favorites such as the stay puft marshmallow man, the grey lady and the big green guy himself slimer.
          As you progress through the story, you earn money to buy upgrades for your proton pack, PKE meter and your trap. This comes in very handy towards the end.
          You also have the chance to collect certain "possessed" items and scan spirits for the files. Each time you scan a spirit with your PKE it gives you all the info you need to either destroy it or capture it.
          The controls are very easy to get used to and theres 3 difficulty settings for you to try.
          As for achievements, you will need to play the game at least twice through to get them all.
          The multiplayer lets you team up with 3 friends to play co-op missions outside of the story mode.

          The graphics are pretty smooth and they have taken care not to move away from the films with certain designs. An example is at the station, they have the picture of Vigo from GB2, and although it has no part to play in the game, the detail is awesome.
          Although the characters look like their real life respective actors, the visual effects from the status stream and traps are a real pleasure to watch and look like they have been taken directly out of the movies, along with ecto1.
          Another great feature is the ability to scorch almost anything in the world. After you have beaten a boss, just step back and admire the damage you have done to the environment.

          The voice talent is done by the actual actors of the films themselves. Expect science talk from Egon and Stanz, Street talk from Winston and wise cracks from Venkman.
          The ghost sounds are also very well done, and if you happen to be wearing a set of turtle beech headsets, or you have surround sound, you're in for a treat.
          Again the music seems like it is pulled form the fims, but this is no bad thing as fans will instantly recognize some of the sounds and see that it adds to the feeling being in one of films.
          The only let downs I can see is the script and soundtrack is very limited. You will often here the characters repeat themselves over and over.

          Replay ability.
          Well to be honest, unless you're an achievement junkie, there's really nothing to draw you back into playing again...unless you maybe watch the films and feel in the mood.
          I took me less than 6 hours to run through the game on the casual level, and that was collecting half of the achievements. So the game is very short.

          Rating, 3/5
          Great idea, but something is missing, maybe a free roam element could have been added.
          For me this is a rental, unless you're a really big fan.


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          02.05.2010 00:59
          Very helpful



          Overall, a nice converted game from a movie

          I loved Ghostbusters when I was younger and it's extremely popular. I've played various Ghostbusters games on different consoles but this version on the XBox 360 for me is one of the best I've played. This is somewhat unusual as there are quite alot of times when video games don't live up to the movie itself. To be honest with you if you love this movie then you will love this game.

          The story in this game is set actually after the second movie and you play as a new novice Ghostbuster. You don't have a name yet as you're just starting out. It's not long before you find yourself totally caught up in the whole thing.

          The game starts off with a tutorial where you have a number of ghosts in the basement that you have to dispose of. This is very helpful as this tutorial gets you into the game and teaches you how to play while starting out the first level. I found after that the gameplay was much more smooth and the controls easier to master. You will learn all you need to know on trapping ghosts and getting rid of them.

          The good thing I found about this game is that you get to fight some of the old favourites from the movies like the giant marsmallow man who is always fun to take on. You will also get to visit some familiar locations like the library and hotel. Despite the fact that if you master the controls it's a bit easier, it's still pretty challening and some of the ghosts are hard to kill off.

          There are few different modes to this game like the survival type mode where you have to capture ghosts that come at you time after time. Then there is another mode where you have to try and stop the ghosts stealing artifacts.

          The graphics are very good in this game and seem to use the Xbox 360 capabilities to the limit. It is very realistic and well done. The ghosts are very lifelike and there is great variety of them to fight as well which adds to the interest. In addition to that the environments are great too and immense fun to explore and break things in. There are even certain objects you can lift with your proton pack and move around.

          I really think the only thing that lets this game down slightly is that some of the combat can be a little repetitive at times. But the fact that there is plenty of other things to do you forget about this soon enough. It's definately one of the better games converted from a movie and highly recommended.


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          12.01.2010 22:44
          Very helpful



          A worth addition to the Ghostbusters series!

          When it was first released, this game was billed as being as close to a sequel to the two films as we're ever likely to see. Big words considering the two films are amongst my favourites of all time; but words that came from Dan Ackroyd who, along with Harold Ramis, jointly wrote the script for this game. Boy has it delivered.

          This game has captured the drama and comedic fun of the films and combined it with interaction and gameplay that is not dis-similar to the Gears Of War series; one of the all-time great Xbox 360 games.

          Playing as an un-named rookie (Peter Venkman, voiced by Bill Murray, is quick to joke on this at the game's beginning), you are given the role as a trialist Ghostbuster and guinea pig for new technologies developed by the big brains of the outfit, Egon and Ray.

          As mentioned before, the gameplay is similar to Gears of War; an over the shoulder third person view with ghosts that often creep out of dimension holes (wormholes in GoW) and a requirement to often run for cover when chaos ensues.

          The controls are very easy to pick up and there's a certain satisfaction of firing the proton pack at a ghost, something I'm sure every 70/80's child wanted to do when they grew up. The additional technologies are a good addition, although the slime-tether is worthy of particular note.

          The Ghostbusters, ghosts and locations are graphically spot on. I didn't see one glitch during my crusade. It's also brilliant that you get to fight ghosts from the first films - Slimer, Marshmallow Man and the Library Ghost - with great new additions that lead to a final confrontation be-fitting of any Ghostbusters film.

          Away from the storyline, the online mode is equally as good, allowing you to team up with other players to take on a campaign career or seeing who can slam-dunk Slimer into a trap in limited time.

          My only criticism of this game is sometimes the chaos with the end-of-level bosses can prove too much and you often find yourself relying on the AI characters to recover you and vice versa. The story mode is also a little too short.

          Other than that, this is a worthy addition to the Ghostbusters series!


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            06.01.2010 13:13
            Very helpful



            An excellent accompaniment to the Ghostbusters films. Gameplay is enjoyable, and fans will love it!


            It is customary nowadays for most films to get accompanied by a game adaptation. Sadly, game adaptations of films rarely live up to the expectations the film had set. However, Ghostbusters changes this. Over twenty five years later, the popular Ghosbusters series finally earns themselves a decent game tie-in, in the form of a third-person shooter/platforming game.

            The game follows the newest recruit in the Ghostbusters team, a newbie who tests out the new equipment for the original four Ghostbusters during their ghost-catching work. The player will play this new recruit instead of the older Ghostbusters. The plot focuses on Thanksgiving Day, 1991, when a large shock wave engulfs New York City, resulting in a eruption of ghosts throughout the city. The Ghostbusters then have to find out what caused this shockwave, and put a stop to the consequences before New York City is destroyed completely. Principal cast members have returned, which is a great bonus for fans of the original films, and the game marks a return of the original Ghostbusters actors Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Dan Akyroyd, who not only leant their voices to the game, but their likenesses too. This game is a one-player, although co-operative online play is available to try too, but players must be aware that they need to have bought a membership to Xbox Live before they try this.

            The look and feel of the two successful eighties films have really been captured here in this game. The original musical scores return, including the ever-so-familar Ghostbusters theme tune. Fans of the films will enjoy the return of the ghostly characters in the films, such as the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, Slimer and the Library Ghost. However, the game makers have managed to inject some new aspects into the game, with brand new ghosts, new weapons and refreshing new dialogue.

            Luckily, it has not been modernised too much though. Ghostbusters: The Video Game is for the most part set in 1991, only two years after the release of Ghostbusters Two. This means the games setting looks familiar to the film, thus not enraging fans who do not appreciate too much change. Familiar settings such as the original Ghostbusters office [a converted fire-station] appear, with the player able to explore this place freely in between missions. This place is littered with little references to the films for those eagle eyed fans. Remember the sequel's antagonist, Vigo, anyone? Look out for a special reference near the receptionist desk. The famous Ghostbusters car, ECTO-1 also makes regular appearances throughout the game.

            The games story successfully manages work, and almost feels like this is the threequel some of us have been preying for since the second film had been and gone. The graphics are also very impressive, with the likenesses of the four Ghostbusters being very spot on in particular.

            As for the difficulty level, the game really is not that bad to get a hang of, although I suggest starting off on the "easy" or "normal" settings before advancing onto the hardest difficulty setting. This will allow you to get a feel for the controls, and generally enjoy the game before the real challenge kicks in.

            For those Xbox 360 gamers who enjoy unlocking achievements, the achievements in this game are overly not too bad. Most can be unlocked on the easier difficulties, although in order to fully 1000G this game, a play-through on the hardest difficulty is needed. Many of the achievements are unlocked through online play too. The Ghostbusters online play is actually very enjoyable, but sadly not many people tend to play it online. This makes playing Ghostbusters online quite frustrating, as you will face a long wait before three other players join you. Players are able to participate in a campaign with others online. This involves three chapters from the game with targets set in each. For instance, the winner of the round is the player who has caught the most ghosts. For those with a good internet connection, I highly suggest trying this mode out, and hopefully you'll be lucky enough to find some other players willing to play it online!

            Ghostbusters:The Video Game warrants more than one playthrough, due to the amount of achievements that can be unlocked. However, it is not all about the achievements. The game is very enjoyable, and seems a shame to just forget about it after one playthrough. A few playthroughs really will make you appreciate what a gem of a game this is.

            So those of you who are looking for a game adaptation of a film that is actually good, definitely go for this one. Even if you have never seen either of the Ghostbusters films before, you should find this enjoyable, especially if platform games are your preference. Not many film-to-game adaptations are that great, so when something like this comes around once in a while, it seems like a shame to miss it! Now....who you gonna call?


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            02.01.2010 00:03
            Very helpful



            This is essentially the closest to Ghostbusters 3 we'll ever get!

            Games with film licenses have never really been much cop - until now!

            Ghostbusters puts all those rip offs just designed to make money to shame, perhaps because those involved in making the storyline in the game were the original members including Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis & Bill Murray themselves.

            Essentially this is Ghostbusters 3. Graphically it is excellent, and the game includes all the tools you would expect such as PK meter, white hearse, firemans pole, traps, and the great title music! Favourite enemies return such as the Marshmallow man & Gozer.

            Gameplay can be a little niggly and is not perfect - the kids may enjoy this but get a little frustrated at times. Or perhaps i'm just not very good at this? I found the bosses very hard indeed, struggling for days to beat some of them.

            Essentially this is a great game for afficionados of the franchise who will have everything they want from Ghostbusters 3 but it also has enough in it to keep gamers interested.


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            30.12.2009 16:52
            Very helpful



            This is an excellent game and well worth a play if only for the nostalgia trip

            Having always been a fan of the hugely successful Ghostbusters franchise in all of its forms including the movies, cartoons, toys and of course the theme tune I was absolutely delighted when I heard that they were going to be releasing an all new game on the consoles that would bring together a new story and adventure whilst also staying true to the original films but was it really all just too good to be true?

            The game itself is put together stunningly well with the original characters being perfectly recreated and used for voice overs of the game itself which has led to the game having a real feel of deja-vu in that everything feels like it did in the films and fits together exactly as you hoped it would.
            This game sees you as one of the new recruits of the ghostbusters and working to get used to the equipment whilst joining the rest of the team in their battle to rid New York of the terrifying ghosts set on wreaking havoc. The control system has been well thought out and developed allowing you to quickly get to grips with the game and play the basics without too much difficulty. One of the major things I was impressed with about this game is that thanks to superb graphics and sounds you find yourself quickly immersed in the game.
            Simple yet fun game which involves team play even in a single player setting thanks to your need to work along with the other ghostbusters in order to defeat your foes.
            The game has a really nice feel and playability that makes you feel the nostalgia that you hoped for whilst also managing to deliver a good quality of high definition game that does not feel out of place amongst some of the other massive titles out there.


            - Stunning presentation
            - Stays close to the original feel and content
            - Excellent new story
            - Cast of the films have been heavily involved in the making of this game and it shows
            - Simple to figure out and learn controls
            - Good and fun gameplay


            - Some of the game does feel slightly far fetched with things like candles jumping from the wall and running to attack you in packs feeling a little too much

            This is a game which manages to deliver a lot but for me does not quite deliver it all in the way I had hoped. Still an excellent game which is well worth a try and one that does give you that nostalgia feel.


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            01.12.2009 16:51
            Very helpful



            If you're looking for a faithful Ghostbusters experience, look no further!


            I hate to start with a moan, but why? Why did it take a good five months to release the Xbox 360 version (as well as others) of Ghostbusters? I know, it's something to do with the fact that Sony own the rights to Ghostbusters films and wanted to make it a timed exclusive on PS3, but why only in Europe? America could still play it in June, which ticked me off a little bit. Still, it's finally here after the wait and considering the hype it got before its release, I've been carefully excited about this game because of its long development cycle, despite its jump in publishers. Is this a truly worth sequel/game to Ghostbusters or is it so bad it's scary?

            What's essentially a sequel to Ghostbusters 2, you take the role as a new Ghostbuster who's been recruited as an experimental equipment technician. In other words, you're the one who is testing the equipment which could go boom, meaning the crew 'probably shouldn't get to know you' meaning you are mute. This isn't a bad thing, as it's more like you're there listening to the other Ghostbusters talk about busting ghosts, or in the case of Peter Venkman, getting slimed continually. With Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson among others returning to act their roles from the films, you couldn't have a better story experience as the actors are fantastic. You'll always enjoy their quips at each other and sometimes, even laugh hard.

            Ghostbusters isn't a GTA style free-roaming game where you pick up jobs on the get-go. Awesome that would be, we're getting a pretty strict and linear level progression. There are 7 levels altogether with some brief periods where you return to the Ghostbuster's firehouse for a quick break before playing through the missions. Each mission takes a good hour, with some dipping or being longer than that. The gameplay's pace is its main strength and, sometimes, it's weakness. The game throws you through one setpiece battle to another, meaning the game is never boring. However sometimes the game fails to show youthe correct means of getting through the level, it can completely bring the pacing to a crawl, and ultimately, make the game bland. It's a shame because a good 90% of the time you'll be flying through the game because it's so fun.

            Ghostbusters is a third-person shooter/adventure because there is less emphasis on shooting and more on puzzling and watching the other Ghostbusters interacts with each other. The game immediately nails authenticity with the weapon you'll get, the proton pack. The first time you fire your proton stream, you'll be amazed how it feels so much like it did in the film, and it's probably the prefered weapon in the game. The slimer from the cartoons is pretty good too as you shoot streams of goop, but the secondary fire, the slime tether, is awesome as you can shoot it at ghosts then shoot it at the ground to yank them back to Earth. The other two weapons, the shotgun and assault rifle style weapons are flashy but secondary to the Proton Pack. You'll mostly enjoy using the proton stream and slimer weapons.

            Obviously just killing ghosts isn't the name of the game-you have to capture them too. This is where you'll feel like a true ghostbuster. What happens is that you'll use weapons to weaken them, with certain weapons packing even more of a punch against certain enemies. Once their weak enough, you'll need to place a trap with the tap of a button and them use your proton stream to capture the ghost using a special capture stream. Once you drag them to the trap with the left stick you must make sure they are placed in the trap and don't fly out of it. It feels like you're busting a ghost thanks to the vibration on the controller and you won't want it any other way. It's a shame there are a few too many enemies which explode after doing enough damage rather than the emphasis on capturing ghosts but it does add variety.

            The other elements of play come in the form of some scanning. You get to use the awesome PK meter from the films, and like busting ghosts, it feels like it should. As you get closer to paranormal objects the PK meter's arms start rising until they spring to the top as you are right in front of the object. There's also vibration in your controller, so if you turn it off it might be worth turning it on for once. You can also use this to aid your fight against enemies as scanning them will reveal their weakness as well as unlock achievements. It feels like it should if you were in the film world created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

            The boss fights, however, are a mix of excellent and downright crap. The best fights like Stay puft are different to the actual game and great fun, especially the end when you shoot it off the building and it disintergrates into small marsmellow pieces and Ramis, who is trying to capture it, says 'where's Stay Puft?'. Other fights, however, can be downright bland. Sometimes, they're just like normal, just more health, ghosts which you capture. Then there are the downright frustrating fights like the one against 'The Destroyer'. They're plain cheap, especially on the hardest difficulty where a few hits mean you're knocked out.

            Speaking of which, I curse the guy who created the friendly A.I. because quite frankly they suck. I believe they don't do much damage at all, and worse of all, they are constantly being knocked down. The problem is that if you're knocked down and they're down too, you'll have to restart from the checkpoint and, frankly, these checkpoints can be rather poorly placed in terms that they're too widly spread out. So you have to play medic and revive any other ghostbuster who goes down. And they said you're the one who's equipments going to explode. It's just not very fun having to run around a ghost filled battlefield to tap the A button to revive the poor friendly ghostbusters, though if you can't eventually the other ghostbusters with you will revive them.

            The campaign is around 7 hours or so, which is kinda right because the game does drag on a bit towards the end. However, if that's not enough, there are also 4 player online co-op/multiplayer modes. This isn't campaign however instead you can play around 6 random modes on maps designed around campaign levels. You can play either instant action or campaign where there are three maps played in a row. The six modes, or 'job types', include Survival which is a horde style mode of ten waves where you must survive waves of ghosts and creatures, Containment where you must capture as many ghosts as you can before the timer runs out and Thief where you must protect four artifacts from being stolen by ghosts. There's also a competitive mode called slime dunk where you must slime dunk the most ghosts before everyone else.

            There's always a competitive element however as the game places you in positions depending on who earns the most money. Money is earn't by capturing ghosts, and as you earn money you rank up and can earn new clothing to show your awesomeness. There are also Most Wanted ghosts which show up during games which if captured earns money and achievements. The multiplayer, in general, is better than I expected it to be with the money system keeping you coming back. However, it's let down somewhat by some horribly laggy matches and the fact that there aren't tons of people playing the game, and I believe the game needs four players to start a match.

            Where Ghostbuster suceeds is in providing a fantastic presentation. While the graphics aren't technically the best out there, with plenty of rough edges, it has fantastic style. Watching the levels transform is awesome, like when you're chasing a Fisherman ghost in a hotel and suddenly the entire floor floods with seawater and more and it's fantastic to watch it happen. Other details like the fully modelled Firehouse levels which look great and the small details like tombstones smashing and fire trails left by your Proton Stream. The character models, which look very close to the real-life actors, are a nice touch. And the acting is great too, and with the licensed music from the film being used, it feels like Ghostbusters. However the iconic theme from the film becomes irritating as everytime you die you must listen to it, and loading screens aren't short.

            Is Ghostbusters good, bad or ugly?

            Licensed games usually don't feel faithful to its source material, yet Ghostbusters couldn't be more faithful to its source material. The use of the main characters from the film, the way capturing ghosts and using the PK meter feels and other details like the fully modelled Firehouse levels combined with the general fun and humour of the game makes it feel like a Ghostbuster game. It's not perfect, some pacing issues, frustrating moments and lackluster extra weapons can piss on the games parade somewhat, but if you're even a relative fan of the Ghostbusters lore, then this is a must buy. And if not, then you should check out the films and buy this game. This, along with Batman and Riddick, makes 2009 one of the best years in licensing games yet.

            Controls: 8
            Gameplay: 8
            Graphics: 8
            Sound: 10
            Value: 8
            Overall: 8.4

            Ghostbusters was released on November 6th, 2009 for Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC and PSP. It was released on June 19th, 2009 for PS3 and PS2. It is rated 12+ for violence and bad language and is avaiable for £40.


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              03.08.2009 18:35
              Very helpful



              The Ghostbusters are back!

              Strap on your Proton pack because after more than twenty years the Ghostbusters are finally back!

              The game is set after the end of the second Ghostbusters movie and they have recruited you as a rookie Ghostbuster. The game is really good to the fans as its gets the original voices of the Ghostbusters in to record all the dialogue is well done and incorporates alot of humour, no surprise as the games script was written by the writers of the movies.

              If you are not a fan of the Ghostbusters you may be a little put off by the amount of dialogue in the game though.

              The game mechanics here are no let down either, the game has controls very well. You will have to do things like use your PKE meter to find where ghosts are hiding, solve some basic puzzles and then use your iconic Proton pack, which has many upgrades to make it better, to catch all those ghosts.

              The ghost catching is a little basic but it is very satisfying, you attack the ghost with your proton beams and special attacks and when it is weak enough you throw out your ghost trap, then you must use your beam to try and manoeuvre the ghost into your trap.

              They usually put up a good fight but you can use your proton beam to slam them into the floor to daze them a little! It is a little repetitive but each capture is very satisfying.

              The only downfall of this game is that it is a little bit short and you can complete it in a couple of sittings. Still it's a must have for if you are a fan of the Ghostbusters.


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                29.07.2009 15:47
                Very helpful



                If you grew up with ghostbusters as I did, buy it and love it!

                Ok I will start with the obvious, I am a massive ghostbuster fan. Ever since I was a kid with the proton pack with a yellow foam photon stream I have wanted to be a ghostbuster.

                Well if you are anything like me this is your chance, you assume the role of "the rookie" a little play on all those action games where you are a nameless entity! throughout this game you will get a lot of "sport", newbie" and "tigers"! First and formost this game is funny, well funny like the films, if you dont like the ghostbusters humor supprisingly you wont like the ghostbusters game humor. With the original cast returning for authentic voices and script this is quite easily "Ghostbusters 3".

                Ok so we know the voices and the humor is good, story wise it is very typical style, Gozer is back and wants to show the world who is boss...again! You will face familiar enemies like the stay puft marshmellow man and slimer and you will face new big bads like black slime monsters!

                So how does it play? well in essence it is a third person shooter (camera floats behind your character so you can see all around)Yu have a choice of 4 weapons all intergrated in to your proton pack (as your the rookie you have the honour of trying out all the ghostbusters "unstable" equipment!). Each of these weapons also has a primary and a secondary function so quite alot of toys to play with, you will find you will have to swap between weapons for certain types of enemies, for example book golems dont like to be hit with the stais stream (which slows them down) black slim monsters cant stand your slime thrower etc etc. The sime thrower is worthy of note because it also has a "slime teather" which you can shoot at two targets and draw them together. Makes for some fun ghost wrangling and environmental puzzles.

                Where would a ghostbuster be without his trusty trap? you can trow traps at will and a orange beam of light will shine out of it, use the wrangling beam from your protpack and drag the ghost in to the llight, the trap will open and after some time (you must keep the ghost in the light) the ghost will be fully caught.Wrangling is some of the most fun elements of ghostbusters as you do have a tangable feeling you are dragging them around the level and smashing them in to the floor/walls/celing/each other!

                Ok so we have great voice/story/gameplay ah well let me stop you there the game play isnt perfect! Firstly the game can be rather glitchy, if not all the team are in the right place at the right time certiain cut scenes will not trigger forcing you to replay the section previously (happened at least twice through my play through) and secondly the games difficulty level is VERY in consistant, most of the game is a walk in the park but there are some infuiriatingly difficult sections where you will die ALOT.

                Ok so you have decided you want Ghostbusters the game for xbox 360 but OH NO its not out in your region till the end of the year! Fear not my friends, Atari the beautiful publishers of Ghostbusters the video game have made the north american version of the game 100% region free so go ahead and import this bad boy, its worth every cent! Take that sony pictures!


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            • Product Details

              The game features an all new storyline but still manages to replicate most of the major scenes from the films, including the hotel-room capture of New York library ghost, Slimer, and the attack of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Almost all of the original cast are involved, including all four Ghostbusters, the mayor, and even Walter Peck.

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